Chromosome studies in the genus Trifolium. III. (T. leucanthum, T. smyrnaeum, T. lappaceum, T. bocconei and T. scabrum)

Angulo, M.D.; Sanchez de Rivera, A.M.; Gonzalez Bernaldez, F.

Boletim da Sociedade Broteriana 44: 13-26


ISSN/ISBN: 0081-0657
Accession: 000041840

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The species, all from Spain except T. lappaceum from Portugal, are described and details are given regarding the number and morphological characteristics of their chromosomes and their behaviour at meiosis. The number 2n = 16 is reported for T. leucanthum and T. smyrnaeum in subsection Stenostoma and also in T. lappaceum in subsection Probatostoma; in T. bocconei, also in the latter subsection, the expected number 2n = 14 was found, while in T. scabrum the number was 2n = 10. Differences between the species belonging to the two subgenera were noted also in the length of the SAT and other chromosomes and agree with the view that 2n = 16 is the primitive number