Comparison of interline hybrids of maize with their parental inbred lines and with an open-pollinated variety in respect of the growth of the root system

Dorovskaya, I.F.; Kovalenko, V.F.; Konovalov, F.Y.

Tr Gorsk s kh in ta 31: 123-131


Accession: 000046365

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In a study of the midseason double hybrid VIR267, its parents, the midseason single hybrids Otrada [Joy] and Orel [Eagle] and the open-pollinated midseason variety Osetinskaya belaya zubovidnaya [Osetian White Dent], the interline hybrids had a faster and stronger root growth from early stages of growth onwards. On a three-year average, the root weight of the hybrids was 140.5% of that of the initial lines. Early evaluation by root system of interline hybrids is seen to be possible.