Contribution to the study of the control of weeds in crops of garlic (Allium sativum) , shallots (Allium ascalonium) and onions (Allium cepa)

Trunkenboltz, M.; Prin, M.

Compte Rendu de la 7e Conference du COLUMA Comite Francais de Lutte contre les Mauvaises Herbes: 670-678


Accession: 000049845

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In tests on sandy soil near Paris following up experiments near Dijon (see WA 11, 1019 and WA 14, 1749) methazole applied post-em. at 1.5 kg and linuron applied pre-em. at 1 kg/ha were compared with various mixtures and sequential treatments to find a formula for complete chemical weed control in onions, shallots and garlic. Linuron at 0.75 kg + dinoseb acetate at 1.3 kg/ha post-em. caused a serious drop in yield in one test in onions grown from sets. In garlic, linuron at 0.75 kg + DNOC at 1.5 kg/ha used as a reference product gave marginally lower yields than hand-weeded controls. Prynachlor at 4.5 kg and ioxynil at 0.625 kg/ha used post-em. following an application of 0.75 kg/ha of linuron at emergence or pre-em. gave good results, though used alone they were unsatisfactory, as were pronamide at 1.5 kg and propachlor at 4.55 kg/ha. Methazole showed promise, as did dibutalin at 1.5 kg + pronamide at 1.5 kg and pre-em. applications of dibutalin at 1.8 kg + monolinuron or + linuron at 0.45 kg/ha.