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Chapter 51

Control of Sirex noctilio (F.) with Deladenus siricidicola Bedding. Part 1 - 1967 field trial

Zondag, R.

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 1(1): 5-14


ISSN/ISBN: 0048-0134
Accession: 000050424

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Four methods were used in a trial to infect Sirex noctilio with Deladenus siridicola in 3 forest areas of South Island, New Zealand. The trees (radiata pines) used in the experiment were preconditioned to attack by Sirex. All methods gave some positive results, but the most promising and easiest to use was to extract Deladenus from wood, to place them in test tubes filled with wood chips and insert the contents into holes drilled in trees that had been successfully attacked by the woodwasp.

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