Control of annual dicotyledonous weeds and annual grass weeds in undersown winter cereals. Interprovincial trials 1969/1971, series 646

Baart, E.A.D.; Zonderwijk, P.

Gestencilde Verslagen van Interprovinciale Proeven, Proefstation voor de Akkerbouw, Wageningen 152: 29


Accession: 000050470

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Winter cereals (wheat, rye, barley) grown in 1969-71 were treated with 8 herbicides and undersown with grass or clover 10 days, 3 weeks or 5 weeks later. Crop yields were adversely affected by herbicides in the dry year 1970; the effect was least in winter wheat given 2.5-3 kg 70% methabenzthiazuron/ha, but this treatment did most damage to undersown crops. Wheat yields were increased by methabenzthiazuron where control of Poa annua and Aper spica-venti was good; crop growth of rye and barley was somewhat retarded. Afasit (linuron/dinitrophenylacetate) severely retarded crop growth and has been withdrawn as a cereal herbicide. The other materials tested were DNOC, ioxynil/mecoprop, ioxynil/buturon/cycluron, methoprotryne/simazine, bromoxynil/MCPA/mecoprop (not recommended), and bromophenoxime/mecoprop (tested in 1971 only). Effects of 8 herbicides on perennial rye grass, Italian ryegrass, red clover and Persian clover undersown in winter cereals (wheat, rye, barley) were investigated; herbage species were sown 10 days, 3 weeks and 5 weeks after herbicide treatment. The grasses were little affected by DNOC or contact herbicide/growth substance mixtures but were adversely affected by ioxynil/buturon/cycluron mixture, methoprotryne/simazine, occasionally affected by linuron/dinitrophenylacetate and seriously affected by methabenzthiazuron. Crop development was better where sowing took place 10 days after herbicide treatment. Red clover was extremely sensitive to all herbicides except DNOC, and it was essential to sow this crop at the recommended time. Herbicide damage to undersown crops was always a possibility.