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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 53

Chapter 53 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jahrling, P.B.; Dendy, E.; Eddy, G.A., 1974:
Correlates to increased lethality of attenuated Venezuelan encephalitis virus vaccine for immunosuppressed hamsters

Tekhneryadnov, A.V., 1973:
Correlation 'pleiads' of wood properties of Scots Pine in the ribbon-like Pine forest of Kazakhastan

Worley, R.E.; Harmon, S.A.; Carter, R.L., 1972:
Correlation among growth, yield, and nutritional factors for pecan (Carya illinoensis W. cv. Stuart): correlations with yield, quality, and terminal shoot growth

Pranjic, A., 1973:
Correlation analyses of height increment, height, breast-height diameter and diameter increment in some silver-fir stands

Andonov, I., 1973:
Correlation analysis of generations of interspecific hybrids of spring barley

Johnson, F.L.; Risser, P.G., 1973:
Correlation analysis of rainfall and annual ring index of central Oklahoma Blackjack and Post Oak

Szalai, G., 1971:
Correlation analysis of yield components for evolving a yield estimation method for the winter barley Beta 40

Pundarikakshudu, R.; Rao, H.K.H.; Meenakshisundaram, P.C.; Seshadri, V., 1973:
Correlation and genetic divergence in fertilizer-responsive varieties of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Giriraj, K.; Mensinkai, S.W.; Sindagi, S.S., 1973:
Correlation and genetic studies in diallel crosses of castor (Ricinus communis L.)

Sanjeevaiah, B.S.; Joshi, M.S., 1974:
Correlation and genetic variability in Sesamum

Dhagat, N.K.; Patidar, G.L.; Shrivastava, P.S.; Joshi, R.C., 1972:
Correlation and genetic variability study in ragi (Eleusine coracana Gaertn)

Dhagat, N.K.; Joshi, R.C.; Sharma, D., 1971:
Correlation and heritability in kodo-millet (Paspalum scrobiculatum L.)

Mokeev, A.E.; Ivanov, V.K.; Bugaev, V.A., 1974:
Correlation and heritability of morphophysiological characteristics of the udder

Singh, A.B.; Yadav, V.N.; Singh, D.; Singh, S.P., 1972:
Correlation and heritability studies in arhar (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp.)

Coffelt, T.A.; Hammons, R.O., 1974:
Correlation and heritability studies of nine characters in parental and infraspecific-cross populations of Arachis hypogaea

Naphade, D.S., 1972:
Correlation and path analysis for some characters contributing to fodder yield in sorghum

Mahudeswaran, K.; Murugesan, M., 1973:
Correlation and path analysis in Eleusine coracana Gaertn

Singh, K.B.; Malhotra, R.S.; Singh, J.K., 1970:
Correlation and path analysis in lentil

Dangi, O.P.; Paroda, R.S., 1974:
Correlation and path coefficient analyses in fodder cowpea (Vigna sinensis Endl.)

Tomar, G.S.; Laxman Singh; Mishra, P.K., 1973:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis of yield characters in mung bean

Malhotra, R.S.; Singh, K.B.; Dhaliwal, H.S., 1972:
Correlation and path-coefficient analyses in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)

Mahendra Singh; Singh, R.K., 1973:
Correlation and path-coefficient analysis in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Shidlovskaya, V.P., 1973:
Correlation and regression relationships between main constituents of milk delivered to dairy factories

Rajale, G.B.; Khuspe, V.S., 1968:
Correlation and regression studies in Andrews cotton

Lal, T.; Padda, D.S., 1972:
Correlation and selection indices in french beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Scheibe, K.; Sinz, R., 1974:
Correlation and spectral analysis to study rhythms of activity in order to optimise conditions for intensive lamb fattening

D.P.K.; Furdas B., 1973:
Correlation between Atterberg plasticity limits and residual shear strength of natural soils

Chamberland, E.; Archambault, L.J.; Belanger, J.M.; Faust, N., 1972:
Correlation between N, P and K in the soil and the yield and foliar analysis of sugar beet

Matar, A.E.; Samman, M., 1975:
Correlation between NaHCO3-extractable P and response to P fertilization in pot tests

Maciejewska, M., 1972:
Correlation between age of ewe and certain wool characters in Polish Merinos

Ubertini, L., 1970:
Correlation between altitude and precipitation in the Chiascio basin

Kerr, W.E.; Blum, M.S.; Pisani, J.F.; Stort, A.C., 1974:
Correlation between amounts of 2-heptanone and iso-amyl acetate in honeybees and their aggressive behaviour

Wells, O.O.; Dinus, R.J., 1974:
Correlation between artificial and natural inoculation of Loblolly Pine with southern fusiform rust

Lee, Y.B.; Evans, A.A.F., 1973:
Correlation between attractions and susceptibilities of rice varieties to Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942

Baccari F.J.; Kuchembuck, M.R.G.; Barros, H.M., 1971:
Correlation between birthweight and age at the start of rumination in zebu calves

Simundic Bendic, B.; Sviben, M.; Pavlovski, V.; Balenovic, T., 1973:
Correlation between body weight at 28 and 154 days of age in Swedish Large White gilts born in the first quarter of the financial year 1969/70

Limanhadi, R.I.; Suhadi, F.X.; Tranggana, S., 1972:
Correlation between buccal smear abnormalities and serum protein levels in infants suffering from protein calorie malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency

Edgerly, C.G.M., 1974:
Correlation between butterfat per cent and protein, lactose and mineral (PLM) per cent in cows' milk

Drenyovszki, L., 1974:
Correlation between calving interval and meat and milk production

Marre, E.; Lado, P.; Rasi Caldogno, F.; Colombo, R., 1973:
Correlation between cell enlargement in pea internode segments and decrease in the pH of the medium of incubation. 1. Effects of fusicoccin, natural and synthetic auxins and mannitol

Marre, E.; Lado, P.; Caldogno, F.R.; Colombo, R., 1973:
Correlation between cell enlargement in pea internode segments and decrease in the pH of the medium of incubation. 2. Effects of inhibitors of respiration, oxidative phosphorylation and protein synthesis

Swiezynski, K.M.; Archaniolowicz, B., 1973:
Correlation between characters in potatoes and their significance for the determination of selection procedure

Swiezynski, K.; Archaniolowicz, B., 1973:
Correlation between characters in starch-rich potatoes, assessed at different rates of fertilization

Swiezynski, K.M.; Archaniolowicz, B., 1973:
Correlation between characters of high-starch strains of potatoes evaluated at different levels of fertilizers

Ong H.Ling, 1971:
Correlation between chemical bond and chemical weatherability of the common rock-forming minerals

Sheen, S.J., 1973:
Correlation between Chlorophyll and Chlorogenic Acid Content in Tobacco Leaves

Tomov, N., 1973:
Correlation between climatic and soil conditions and colour, size and weight of tobacco leaves

Marschang, F.; Tomescu, V.; Crainiceanu, E., 1974:
Correlation between climatic factors in piggeries and animal performance

Slawinski, T.; Jozefczuk, A., 1974:
Correlation between consecutive measurements of body weight taken within a 3-day period during different stages of growth in three lines of laboratory mice

Vlasov, V.I., 1973:
Correlation between economically desirable characteristics of cows at different levels of feeding

Schaewen H. von, 1974:
Correlation between fibrinogen time and fibrinogen concentration in the dog, horse and fowl, and correlation of fibrinogen content and coagulum elasticity in the dog

Dobrescu, Z., 1973:
Correlation between germination in the laboratory and emergence in soil for seeds of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies

Klitgard, K.; Joergensen, J., 1973:
Correlation between germination percentage determined in the laboratory and the field with the occurrence of Septoria nodorum infection of winter wheat seed

Zozulya, A.L., 1971:
Correlation between grain oil content and other economic characters in maize

Maslovskii, V.V., 1973:
Correlation between grain yield and protein content

Szirtes, J., 1973:
Correlation between grain yield and yield components in oats

Vora, A.B., 1973:
Correlation between growth centres and photothermic energy. 1

Bekesi, P., 1972:
Correlation between growth period and susceptibility to fungal diseases in plant varieties

Perenyi, M., 1970:
Correlation between growth rate and age of turkeys

Suranyi, D., 1974:
Correlation between gynoecium and androecium in Prunoideae species

Shapaksova, L.N., 1971:
Correlation between inheritance of oil content and other seed characters in cotton hybrids

Halasz, E., 1972:
Correlation between initial development and resistance to smut (Ustilago maydis Cda.) in maize

Iwarsson, K.; Nyberg, J.A.; Ekman, L., 1972:
Correlation between iodine supplementation and iodine concentration in milk from dairy cows

Gangopadhyay, S.; Chattopadhyay, S.B., 1974:
Correlation between leaf angle and incidence of brown spot disease of rice incited by Helminthosporium oryzae

Cooper, C.W.; McGuigan, J.E.; Schwesinger, W.H.; Brubaker, R.L.; Munson, P.L., 1974:
Correlation between levels of gastrin and thyrocalcitonin in pig thyroid venous blood

Dohy, J.; Kelemeri, G., 1973:
Correlation between live weight of the cow and its absolute and relative milk production in the Red Danish milk breed

Mariani, P., 1973:
Correlation between milk characteristics of the two breeds, Reggio and Friesian

Prozora, K.I., 1973:
Correlation between milk components in Russian Black Pied cows

Pyanovskaya, L.P., 1974:
Correlation between milk yield and milk components as a supplementary criterion for estimation of the hereditary value of sires in terms of progeny testing

Oliveira, L.B. de; Melo, V. de, 1971:
Correlation between moisture equivalent and microporosity in soils of north-east Brazil. I. Podzolic soils

Gavrik, P.A.; Nazarova, D.I., 1973:
Correlation between moisture retention and the physical properties of ordinary chernozems

Castro, A.F. de; C.B.rreto, W. de O.; Anastacio, M. de L.A., 1972:
Correlation between pH and base saturation in some Brazilian soils

Soerensen, P.E., 1974:
Correlation between parameters of analysis for dairy effluent

Randelovic, V.; Radojevic, R., 1972:
Correlation between personal incomes and nutrition with special reference to plant foods

Dvorak, J.; Macha, J., 1970:
Correlation between polymorphous types of milk proteins and the percentage content of proteins in cows' milk

Denisova, E.V.; Maletskii, S.I.; Biyashev, G.Z.; Ushkempirov, A.M., 1975:
Correlation between root weight and sugar content in diploid and tetraploid variety-line sugar-beet hybrids

Simintzis, G., 1974:
Correlation between sero-diagnosis of Wright and brucella contamination of the mammary lymph node in cows

Simintzis, G., 1974:
Correlation between serum agglutination tests and the presence of Brucella in the supramammary lymph gland in the cow

Gala, R.R.; Loginsky, S.J., 1973:
Correlation between serum prolactin levels and incidence of mammary tumours induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene in the rat

Srinivasan, C.S.; Vishveshwara, S., 1974:
Correlation between some characters associated with yield in Coffea arabica L

Crabo, B.G.; Graham, E.F., 1972:
Correlation between some laboratory methods for evaluation of boar semen after freezing

Gomez Alvarez, F., 1974:
Correlation between some nutrient levels in sugar-cane leaves

Koval' chuk, n Ya, 1973:
Correlation between some yield characters in soya-bean hybrids

Lewin, H.D.; Natarajan, S.; Govindarajan, K., 1973:
Correlation between sowing time and weather factors on the intensity of groundnut diseases

Ram, K.; Sachan, B.P., 1972:
Correlation between sugar and ascorbic acid content of different varieties of pea

Barker, S., 1972:
Correlation between sugar beet yields and available phosphorus values found by six chemical methods

Dissescu, G.; Dissescu, R., 1972:
Correlation between the apparent size of the crown and the total foliage area in Robinia pseudoacacia

Domanski, J.; Musialowski, A., 1972:
Correlation between the breeding value of boars, as estimated by the conventional method, and the breeding value of their sons, as estimated by a simplified method

Delforno, G., 1972:
Correlation between the composition of maize silage and of milk

Shih, C.F., 1974:
Correlation between the juvenile tree height or stem diameter and the adult tree height or stem diameter of Cryptomeria japonica in Taiwan

Makarov, Y.I., 1968:
Correlation between the laying capacity of Far East queens and the productivity of the colony

Mohamed, A.A.; Hussein, N.A.; Anis, A.O.; Habashi, Y.Z., 1969:
Correlation between the mice titre and the results of the guinea pig potency test in the L.E.P. rabies vaccine

Young, A.S.; Purnell, R.E.; Kimber, C.D.; Payne, R.C., 1975:
Correlation between the morphology and infectivity of Theileria lawrencei developing in the tick Rhipicephalus appendiculatus

Campos, M.S. de; Ragusa, A.L.; Miguel, O.; Ishizuka, M.M., 1974:
Correlation between the number of Eurytrema pancreaticum in the pancreas, and its weight, in naturally infected cattle

Oblisami, G.; Deiveekasundaram, M.; Balaraman, K.; Purushothaman, D.; Rangaswami, G., 1973:
Correlation between the presence of sugars and amino acids in the leaf exudates and the quantities of microorganisms present in the phyllosphere of healthy and mosaic affected greengram

Otenhajmer, I.; Mitic, S.; Stojanovic, L., 1974:
Correlation between the production of enterotoxins A and B and some biochemical characteristics of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from milk and dairy products

Mehdi, V., 1972:
Correlation between the ratios of shrivelled to normal grain by weight as well as by number, present in wheat

Assaf, R.; Marsolais, G.; Marois, P.; Payment, P., 1975:
Correlation between the serum neutralization test and the indirect immunofluorescent test for the detection of specific antibodies to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Gailis, Y.Ya, 1973:
Correlation between the stem dimensions of Pinus sylvestris mother trees and the height of two-year half-sib seedlings

Paik, W.H., 1969:
Correlation between the vector densities and the rate of potato virus infections (I). Number of flying aphid vectors of potato viruses in west Coast, inland and alpine areas

Boreiko, T.A., 1972:
Correlation between the weight of pupae and the number of eggs in Laspeyresia pomonella (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Dobrzanski, B.; Dechnik, I.; Turski, R., 1971:
Correlation between the yield of sugar beet and the reaction, resources of P2O5 and K2O, and valuation classes of soils in the Kielce Province

Maurice, J., 1973:
Correlation between total boron of cultivated soils and total boron of the rocks of the Armorican Massif

Cozzo, S.A., 1974:
Correlation between tracheid length and various growth conditions in Araucaria angustifolia plantations

Potemkowska, E.; Szykiewicz, M.; Swierczewska, E., 1970:
Correlation between weight of the day-old chick and weight at later periods of growth

Jain, R.P.; Singh, K.B., 1973:
Correlation between yield and its components in segregating populations of wheat

Mikheev, L.A., 1973:
Correlation between yield and the technological properties of the grain

Kumar, S., 1974:
Correlation between yield and yield components and their combining abilities in maize (Zea mays L.)

Wojcieska, U., 1973:
Correlation between yield, photosynthetic intensity and the activity of enzymes that take part in carbon fixation

Muthukrishnan, C.R.; Srinivasan, C., 1974:
Correlation between yield, quality, and petiole nutrients in grapes

Marko, J.; Cobanovic, K.; Obrenovic, D., 1971:
Correlation between yields of the main field crops and some production factors

Srivastava, L.S.; Sachan, S.C.P., 1974:
Correlation coefficient and path analysis in brinjal

Manzoor Ahmad A.B.luch; Karam Khan Kaleri, 1971:
Correlation in studies in soybean

Holmes, C.A., 1973:
Correlation of ASTM exposure tests for evaluating durability of fire-retardant treatment of wood

Earnest, R.D.; Benville, P.E., 1971:
Correlation of DDT and lipid levels for certain San Francisco Bay fish

Kappelman, A.J.Jr, 1975:
Correlation of Fusarium wilt of cotton in the field and greenhouse

Will, D.H.; Hicks, J.L.; Card, C.S.; Reeves, J.T.; Alexander, A.F., 1975:
Correlation of acute with chronic hypoxic pulmonary hypertension in cattle

Gangwar, M.S.; Vithal, K.P.R., 1971:
Correlation of available copper values obtained by different methods to copper uptake by maize

Srinivasamurthy, H.K.; Subramanian, T.R.; Sharma, C.B.; Shukla, V., 1974:
Correlation of available phosphorus in red soils with the response of cowpea

Chandra Bhan; Hari Shanker, 1973:
Correlation of available phosphorus values by different methods to phosphorus uptake by paddy

Bhan, C.; Shanker, H., 1973:
Correlation of available phosphorus values obtained by different methods with phosphorus uptake by paddy

Boitor, I.; Gellner, R.; Bogdan, A.T.; Muntean, M.; Mates, N.; Kadar, L.; Salomir, O., 1970:
Correlation of biochemical properties with fertility of bull spermatozoa from the Selection and Artificial Insemination Centre at Cluj

Khaberman, K.K.; Kirsipuu, A.I.; Laugaste, K.; Tammert, M.F.; Tell' , K.I., 1973:
Correlation of biological factors and production in Abramis brama

Tomov, N.; Slavov, N., 1973:
Correlation of certain biological characters in inbred lines of maize

Mohamed Ali, A.; Chandra Mohan, J., 1973:
Correlation of certain quantitative characters with yield in Gossypium hirsutum L

Sulyok, I., 1969:
Correlation of developmental phenomena with weather in lucerne varieties

Singh, R.; Brar, S.P.S., 1973:
Correlation of different soil tests with maize response to nitrogen and phosphorus at different soil fertility levels

Shevelukha, V.S.; Kovalev, V.M., 1973:
Correlation of diurnal periodicity of linear growth with photosynthesis, respiration and yield accumulation in winter wheat during ontogenesis

Lilly, F.; Duran Reynals, M.L.; Rowe, W.P., 1975:
Correlation of early murine leukemia virus titer and H-2 type with spontaneous leukemia in mice of the BALB/c X AKR cross: a genetic analysis

Miyamoto, Y.; Amemiya, Y., 1972:
Correlation of ectodesmata and plasmodesmata numbers with susceptibility of Nicotiana glutinosa leaves to initial tobacco mosaic virus infection

White, N.A.; Rhode, E.A., 1974:
Correlation of electrocardiographic findings to clinical disease in the horse

Mayland, H.F., 1972:
Correlation of exposure and potential solar radiation to plant frequency of Agropyron desertorum

Cavazza, L.; Comegna, V.; Linsalata, D., 1973:
Correlation of field capacity between open field and laboratory determinations

Mears, G.J.; Mendel, V.E., 1974:
Correlation of food intake in lambs with adipocyte glucose metabolism and NEFA release

Maggon, K.K.; Gopal, S.; Venkitasubramanian, T.A.; Murti, V.V.S., 1974:
Correlation of formation of wax esters and aflatoxins by Aspergillus flavus Link

Idris, M.; Fisher, F.L.; Trogdon, G.W., 1970:
Correlation of grain sorghum yield to nitrogen as measured by various soil test methods

Evans, D.L.; Patterson, L.T., 1971:
Correlation of immunological responsiveness with lymphocyte changes in chickens infected with Marek's disease

Brodey, R.S.; Fidler, I.J.; Bech-Nielsen, S., 1975:
Correlation of in vitro immune response with clinical course of malignant neoplasia in dogs

Lebenthal, E.; Antonowicz, I.; Shwachman, H., 1975:
Correlation of lactase activity, lactose tolerance and milk consumption in different age groups

McDonald, P.T.; Rai, K.S., 1970:
Correlation of linkage groups with chromosomes in the mosquito, Aedes aegypti

Kapas, S., 1971:
Correlation of maize yield with heat-sum and rainfall

Cicogna, M., 1973:
Correlation of milk yield with rib angle in Friesian cattle

Abrol, Y.P.; Daljit Singh; Uprety, D.C.; Singh, B., 1972:
Correlation of mixogram characteristics with percentage of protein, pelshenke value and loaf volume of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Gaikwad, D.G.; Bhapkar, D.G., 1973:
Correlation of morphological characters with resistance to blast in rice

May, M.A.; Nelson, T.S., 1972:
Correlation of nitrogen to the heat of combustion of rat urine

Stritzke, J.F., 1974:
Correlation of oak control with rainfall and tree growth

Laprade, J.C. (et al ), 1973:
Correlation of peanut seed-coat surface wax accumulations with tolerance to colonization by Aspergillus flavus

Miller, T.L.; Myers, O.J., 1974:
Correlation of pitch cell death with various stalk quality characteristics in two synthetic populations of maize

Dubey, S.M.; Khera, M.S., 1974:
Correlation of potassium soil tests with plant available potassium in black soils of Hoshangabad (M.P.)

Fick, G.N.; Zimmer, D.E.; Zimmerman, D.C., 1974:
Correlation of seed oil content in sunflowers with other plant and seed characteristics

Tomilov, A.I.; Tolstov, V.A., 1973:
Correlation of selection characters in cross-288 fowls

Ismail, Z.; Habeeb, H., 1971:
Correlation of several objective measures of growth of the grapevine

Ahuja, S.D.; Lachhiramani, S.; Bose, S., 1970:
Correlation of short period egg production (30 days, 60 days, 100 days and 150 days) to annual egg production

Espiloy, E.B., 1972:
Correlation of side hardness and strength in compression perpendicular to the grain of clear wood

Bhasin, H.K.; Ahuja, M.M., 1972:
Correlation of skin fold thickness to lipid content of serum, adipose and hepatic tissue in different clinical variants of Indian diabetics

Elmstrong, G.W.; Fiskell, J.G.A.; Martin, F.G., 1971:
Correlation of soil test and saturated extract determinations with watermelon tissue analyses, yield, and soluble solids

Kerbs, L.D.; Jones, J.P.; Thiessen, W.L.; Parks, F.P., 1973:
Correlation of soil test nitrogen with potato yields

Naphade, J.D., 1973:
Correlation of soil test with the response of rice to phosphate application

Agboola, A.A., 1973:
Correlation of soil tests for available phosphorus with maize in soils derived from metamorphic and igneous rocks of Western State of Nigeria

Srinivasan, T.R.; Satyanarayana, K.V.S.M.rthy, R.S.; Saxena, R.K.; Reddy, R.S., 1974:
Correlation of some alluvial soil series of the Sutlej watershed

Gupta, V.P.; Kaul, A.K.; Ramanujam, S., 1972:
Correlation of some quality characters and yield in chickpea

Kestner, F.M., 1974:
Correlation of some soil properties with variation in the Andropogon gerardi Vitman-Andropogon hallii Hack. complex in Nebraska

Livneh, M.; Kinsky, J.; Zaslavsky, D., 1970:
Correlation of suction curves with the plasticity index of soils

Jackson, B.M.; Reeder, D.D.; Searcy, J.R.; Watson, L.C.; Hirose, F.M.; Thompson, J.C., 1972 :
Correlation of the surface pH, histology, and gastrin concentration of gastric mucosa

Ferris, H., 1974:
Correlation of Tobacco Yield, Value, and Root-Knot Index with Early-to-Midseason, and Postharvest Meloidogyne Population Densities

Dholaria, S.J.; Joshi, S.N.; Kabaria, M.M., 1972:
Correlation of yield and yield-contributory characters in groundnut grown under high and low fertility levels

Chandra Mohan, J.; Narayanasamy, P., 1973:
Correlation of yield components and other metric traits with yield in tall and dwarf indica rice

Bykhovskaya, T.N.; Vlasov, O.N.; Melnikova, I.A.; Melnikov, N.N., 1974:
Correlation relationship of herbicidal activity with substituent parameters in the 2-chloro-4-alkoxyamino-6-alkyl-amino-s-triazine series

Karikari, S.K., 1972:
Correlation studies between yield and some agronomic characters in bambara groundnut (Voandzeia subterranea Thouars)

Nazir Muhammad Merchant; Zainulabedin Munshi, 1973:
Correlation studies in Arachis hypogaea L. Semi-spreading habit of growth and certain characters. Part II

Sancha, A.S.; Singh, B.V., 1973:
Correlation studies in Pisum sativum L

Stephen Dorairaj, M.; Kandasami, M.; Palaniswamy, S.; Varisai Muhammad, S., 1973:
Correlation studies in Ricinus communis L. I. Within inbreds and hybrids

Stephen Dorairaj, M.; Kandasami, M.; Palaniswamy, S.; Varisai Muhammad, S., 1973:
Correlation studies in Ricinus communis L. II. Between inbreds and hybrids

Atanda, O.A., 1972:
Correlation studies in Theobroma cacao L

Beohar, A.B.L.; Nigam, P.K., 1972:
Correlation studies in arhar, Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp

Yadava, T.P.; Singh, H., 1973:
Correlation studies in castor (Ricinus communis L.)

Adawi, M.K.; Nour, A.H.M.; Fayed, T.M.A.; E.G.affar, F.M.A.; E.M.nhaly, M.A., 1970:
Correlation studies in certain varieties of sugar beet

Patel, O.P., 1973:
Correlation studies in cowpea (Vigna sinensis L.)

Chattopadhyay T.K.; Mallik, P.C., 1971:
Correlation studies in different cultigens of banana

Bhardwaj, R.P.; Singh, I.B., 1972:
Correlation studies in gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

Kandaswami, M., 1973:
Correlation studies in niger (Guizotia abyssinica Cass.)

Ivanyi, S. ne, 1973:
Correlation studies in pea varieties for green fodder

Kohli, K.S. et al., 1971:
Correlation studies in peas

Thamburaj, S., 1973:
Correlation studies in ribbed gourd (Luffa acutangula L.)

Satyendra Kumar, Singh, S.P., 1970:
Correlation studies in some exotic varieties of linseed (Linum usitatissimum)

Phadnis, B.A.; Ekbote, A.P.M.nkar, A.R., 1973:
Correlation studies in some metrical characters in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Tandon, J.P.; Singh, S.B., 1973:
Correlation studies in space- and drill-sown barley

Asthana, K.S.; Rai, U.K., 1970:
Correlation studies in til (Sesamum indicum)

Misra, A.P., 1970:
Correlation studies in wheat

Shannon, C.W.; Cardwell, J.T.; True, L.C., 1973:
Correlation studies of milkfat content as measured by the Milko-Tester, Babcock, and Mojonnier methods

Sukanya Subramanian; Madhava Menon, P., 1973:
Correlation studies of plant stature, grain shape and yield in the hybrids of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Mehta, S.C.; Singh, D., 1971:
Correlation studies of soil tests for available nitrogen with uptake by hybrid jowar

Luckett, R.L., 1974:
Correlation studies of tenderness parameters in straightbred and purebred cattle

Hussain, M.K.; Khan, M.A., 1973:
Correlation studies on sorghum-Sudangrass hybrid forage

Sandhu, T.S.; Singh, N.B., 1972:
Correlation, path coefficient analysis and discriminant function selection in Cicer arietinum

Mishra, K.N.; Nanda, J.S.; Chaudhary, R.C., 1973:
Correlation, path-coefficient and selection indices in dwarf rice

Ivanova, R.M., 1975:
Correlational method in breeding oil poppy

Tekhneryadnov, A.V.; Shomanov, Z.S., 1973:
Correlational structure and coefficients of variation in the physical and mechanical properties and some morphological characters of Populus tremula

Eusebio, J.A.; Ruiz, G.D.; Gallo, J.T., 1971:
Correlations among age, sex, breed, body weight and backfat thickness in live pigs

Forsberg, R.A.; Youngs, V.L.; Shands, H.L., 1974:
Correlations among chemical and agronomic characteristics in certain oat cultivars and selections

Kester, D.E.; Raddi, P.; Asay, R., 1973:
Correlations among chilling requirements for germination, blooming and leafing in almond (Prunus amygdalus Batsch)

Baizhumanov, A., 1972:
Correlations among economic traits and their inheritance in crossbred sheep

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Correlations between chemical and biological methods of investigating the Mg content of soil

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Correlations between climatic features of the plant's environment and germination responses to temperature

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Correlations between grain number and other yield components in wheat-rye hybrids

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Correlations between grain yields of A strains and other wheat characteristics

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Correlations between inbred lines and variety-line hybrids of maize

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Correlations between production level and some fertility indices in Holstein-Friesian cows

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Correlations between protein and amino acid content of oat varieties

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Correlations between protein and aminoacid contents in oat varieties

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Correlations between quantitative characters in the principal exotic Abies spp. in parks in Slovakia

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Correlations between sexual dimorphism in weight and other quantitative characters in the fowl

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Correlations between site factors, morphological characters, physiological properties and chromosome numbers in meadow grass (Poa pratensis L.)

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Correlations between some meteorological factors and the occurrence of forest fires in the central Parana region

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Correlations between some milling and baking qualities in wheat

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Correlations between the blood picture of sows and foetuses in the last third of the gestation period and immediately after littering

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Correlations between the contents of phosphorus and nitrogenous compounds in wheat grain embryos

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Correlations between the development of industry and agriculture

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Correlations between yield components in the F2 and yield per unit area in the F3 in hybrids of Triticum aestivum L

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Correlations between yield, fat content and protein content of cow's milk and the use of these indices in breeding

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Correlations concerning nitrogen and mineral elements in red fescue, ribwort and meadow clover

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Correlations in carrot and beetroot mutants

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Correlations in multi-locus genetic systems: a mathematical model

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Correlations of body measurements, indices and slaughter characteristics in young Chiana bulls

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Correlative studies on cell wall enzymes and growth

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Corresponding taxa and their ecological background in the forests of temperate Eurasia and North America

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Corresponding taxa in North America, Japan and the Himalayas

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Corrosion anatomical studies on the foetal placenta of the elephant

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Corrosive chemicals

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Corrugated metal staples as wood connectors under changing loads

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Corrugation irrigation

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Corsican Pine - a suggested new method of crop management

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Corsican Pine, Pinus nigra Arn. var. corsicana(Schneid.)

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Cortaderia splendens Connor sp. nov. (Gramineae)

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Corticosteroid induction of an isoenzyme of alkaline phosphatase in the dog

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Corticosteroid-induced hypogalactia in cows

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Corticosteroid-induced parturition in domestic animals

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Corticosteroids in nocturnal blood plasma of cows in the field related to stage of lactation and plasma acetoacetate

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Corylus avellana L., the hazel

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Corylus colurna at the Mariupol forest experiment station

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Corylus iberica, and some aspects of growing it in northern Armenia

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Corynebacterium bovis - its role in mastitis and its biochemical activity

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Corynebacterium cyclohexanicum n.sp.: a cyclohexanecarboxylic acid utilizing bacterium

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Corynebacterium equi infection in the goat

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Corynebacterium nebraskense, a new, orange-pigmented phytopathogenic species

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Corynebacterium organisms in the udders of dairy cows. I. Laboratory diagnosis, survey of cases and seasonal occurrence

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Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infection of sheep: role of skin lesions and dipping fluids

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Corynebacterium pyogenes and bovine abortion

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Corynebacterium pyogenes antitoxin titres in cattle, with particular reference to vaccination

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Corynebacterium pyogenes. A biochemical and serological study

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Corynebacterium suis in pigs. II.

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Corynebacterium suis in swine. II

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Corynebacterium ulcerans mastitis in a bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata)

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Coryneform bacteria in cheese

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Corynespora cassiicola (Berk. & Curt.) Wei causing leaf spot on Ipomoea carnea Jacq

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Corynespora leaf spot of papaya (Carica papaya L.) in Puerto Rico

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Corynespora leaf spot of zebra plant

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Corynespora leaf spot, a new disease of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

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Coryneum blight and other diseases of apricot (Prunus armeniaca) in North-West Pakistan

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Coryneum blight of stone fruit trees in Iraq

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Corynosoma singularis n.sp. (Polymorphidae) a parasite of marine mammals from the Antarctic

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Cosmia trapezina L. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) in the Leningrad area

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Cosmocerca crenshawi n.sp. (Nematoda: Cosmocercidae) from Bufo latastii in Kashmir

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Cosmophorus capeki n. sp., from New York (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Euphorinae)

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Cossidae, lepidopterous pests of wood in Bulgaria, and their control

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Cost accounting and cost control in the South African sawmilling industry

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Cost accounting in agriculture

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Cost analysis and cost planning in vegetable growing by means of mathematical-statistical methods

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Cost analysis of water source and pumping units for irrigation

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Cost and benefit of controlling wild oats

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Cost and effectiveness of horn fly and face fly control programs in semi-isolated range herds in central Missouri

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Cost and efficiency of milk hauling

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Cost and profitability of agricultural production in Poland: in individually owned farms in the years 1970/1971

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Cost and returns analysis for contract commercial egg producers in Georgia

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Could you use heifers that produce an extra 1500 pounds of milk?

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Eschle, J.L.; Oehler, D.D.; Hogan, B.F.; Ivey, M.C., 1973:
Coumaphos on cable-type backrubbers: control of horn flies and determination of residues in milk of dairy cattle

Yook, C.S.; Ryu, K.S., 1970:
Coumarin components in the fruits of Angelica koreana

Kuzovkina, I.N.; Kuznetsova, G.A.; Smirnov, A.M., 1971:
Coumarin synthesis in Ruta graveolens root tissue cultures

Stallknecht, G.F., 1972:
Coumarin-induced Tuber Formation on Excised Shoots of Solanum tuberosum L. Cultured in Vitro

Szendrei, K.; Novak, I.; Petz, M.; Reisch, J.; Bailey, H.E.; Bailey, V.L., 1973:
Coumarins and alkaloids from Ptelea trifoliata spp. pallida var. confinis

Dreyer, D.L.; Huey, P.F., 1974:
Coumarins in Eremocitrus glauca

Vigorov, L.I.; Sumenkova, T.N., 1973:
Coumarins in the fruits of horticultural plants

Siddiqui, S.A.; Sen, A.B., 1972:
Coumarins of Peucedanum grande seed

Dobson, K.J., 1973:
Coumatetralyl poisoning in pigs and effectiveness of vitamin K1

Anonymous, 1975:
Council agrees new value for green pounds-sterling . New developments in Community policies for agricultural products

Mason, W.L.; Bird, J.G., 1974:
Counsellor training for agricultural extension workers

Vives, J.; Pares, R., 1975:
Count and identification of chemoorganotrophic denitrifying bacteria in an experimental grassland plot

Sharma, D.C.; Raychaudhuri, S.P.; Capoor, S.P., 1972:
Count down on the cardamom viruses

Limmer, H.D., 1973:
Count estimation in raw milk using a modified plate-loop method

Reginato, R.J., 1974:
Count-rate instability in gamma-ray transmission equipment

Morozov, S., 1974 :
Counter-plans for state farms

Tonkov, G., 1972:
Counter-plans in agriculture, a means of stimulating fulfillment of planned tasks

Bagdade, J.D.; Bierman, E.L.; Porte, D., 1972:
Counter-regulation of basal insulin secretion during alcohol hypoglycemia in diabetic and normal subjects

Burke, D.W.; Miller, D.E.; Holmes, L.D.; Barker, A.W., 1972:
Counteracting bean root rot by loosening the soil

Nagasawa, H.; Yanai, R.; Fluckiger, E., 1973:
Counteraction by 2-Br- alpha -ergocryptine of pituitary prolactin release promoted by dibutyryl-adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate in rats

Hurst, R.E.; Ito, Y., 1972:
Countercurrent chromatographic separation of catecholamine metabolites from urine

Ward, G.W.; Kohler, P.F., 1973:
Counterelectrophoresis as a rapid method for the detection of Aspergillus precipitins in pulmonary disease

Ryzhkov, S.V., 1973:
Counterfire - a useful method of localizing forest fires

Suenaga, H., 1973:
Countermeasures for pesticide residues in Fukushima Prefecture

Hori, K., 1973:
Countermeasures for pesticide residues in Kumamoto Prefecture

Koyama, S., 1973:
Countermeasures for pesticide residues in Niigata Prefecture

Bowbrick, P., 1972:
Counting heads can point the way to success or failure in future trading

Creemers, P.C., 1972:
Counting methods for low concentrations of trypanosomes in blood. I. Drop method. II. Accuracy of the indirect method

Seiler, D.A.L., 1972:
Counting moulds in the bakery atmosphere. 1. Seasonal fluctuation in mould counts

Seiler, D.A.L., 1972:
Counting moulds in the bakery atmosphere. 2. Comparison of sampling techniques

Soerensen, P.E.; Horvath, Z.M.eller Madsen, A., 1972:
Counting of somatic cells in milk

Tolle, A.; Heeschen, W.; Reichmuth, J.; Zeidler, H., 1971:
Counting of somatic cells in milk and possibilities of automation

Honda, K.; Higaki, S.; Notsuki, I., 1973:
Counting somatic cells in cows' milk using the Microcell counter

Barry, P.; Greathouse, G.; Boondiskulchok, K., 1974:
Country bank management of yield, risk and liquidity on agricultural loans

Anonymous, 1972:
Country brief The Algerian Democratic and Popular Republic

Tangri, O.P.; Zasada, D.; Tyrchniewicz, E.W., 1973:
Country grain elevator closures: implications for grain elevator companies

Waterhouse, S., 1972:
Country parks and the West Midlands

Panabokke, C.R., 1971:
Country report - Ceylon soil surveys

Rege, N.D.; Patnaik, N., 1971:
Country report - India soil surveys

Pradhan, M.L., 1971:
Country report - Nepal

Wai, S.L., 1971:
Country report - the importance of soil and land use investigation in Western Samoa

Anonymous, 1975:
Country reports: Arab Republic of Egypt

Banai, M.H.; Kowsar, A., 1975:
Country reports: Iran. Sandy soils: distribution, research and development

Mosluh, K., 1975:
Country reports: Iraq

Anonymous, 1975:
Country reports: Jordan

Osman, A., 1975:
Country reports: Lebanon. Reclamation and management of sandy soils

Anonymous, 1975:
Country reports: Morocco

Mian, M.A., 1975:
Country reports: Pakistan. Sandy soils in West Pakistan

Anonymous, 1974:
Country statement for the 32nd plenary meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee

Pohoryles, S., 1975:
Country statement on the organizational forms in European agriculture presented to the FAO working parties on agrarian structures and rural sociological problems of the European Commission on Agriculture

Anonymous, 1974:
Country's forest area - facts and fallacies

Ardern, R.I., 1973:
Countryside information: a liturature review

Anonymous, 1973:
Countryside plan. Four volumes

Ertl, J.; Meyer, O.; Schneider, O. (et al ), 1974:
Countryside planning - countryside development

White, J.; Dunn, M.C., 1975:
Countryside recreation planning: problems and prospects in the West Midlands

Campbell, M.M., 1972:
Counts of adults of A. melinus on Citrus trees before and after spraying with an emulsion containing 1% of a pre-emulsified oil in water

Lengauer, E.; Stumtner, E., 1974:
Counts of coagulase-positive staphylococci in raw milk

Downes, M.J., 1972:
Counts of the infective units of the take-all fungus in Co. Donegal oat soils

Walsh, M.; Lee, J.; Burke, P.J., 1974:
County Roscommon soils and their grazing capacities

Stotler, R.W., 1972:
County elevator use of futures markets

Chien, W.J.; Stevens, C.E., 1972:
Coupled active transport of Na and Cl across forestomach epithelium

Pickford, R.; Gillott, C., 1972:
Coupling behaviour of the migratory grasshopper, Melanoplus sanguinipes (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Reed, K.L.; Waring, R.H., 1974:
Coupling of environment to plant response: a simulation model of transpiration

Lipari, V., 1971:
Courgettes grown under cover

Buchmann, F., 1973:
Course and spread of leucosis in a herd in North Hessen

Zarnowska, H., 1973:
Course of Dictyocaulus viviparus infection in white rats

Marquie, G.; Agid, R.; Amiel, S.; Guilhem, A., 1973:
Course of activity of several endocrine glands in rabbits given a diet rich in cholesterol

Berthelon, M.; Rampin, D., 1972 :
Course of an outbreak of influenza due to the A/Equi 1 type of virus in a Thoroughbred stud.

Prochorow, M.; Gidlecki, Z., 1972:
Course of diabetes in children detected at preschool age

Vogt, K.; Waldschmidt, M.; Karg, H., 1972:
Course of excretion and residues of oestradiol in calves after intramuscular or subcutaneous implantation pellets containing adequate amounts of oestrogen

Hadlow, W.J.; Eklund, C.M.; Kennedy, R.C.; Jackson, T.A.; Whitford, H.W.; Boyle, C.C., 1974:
Course of experimental scrapie virus infection in the goat

Zajac, M., 1974:
Course of experimental udder infection with Streptococcus agalactiae and Streptococcus lactis

Khukhorov, V.M.; Zubov, I.V.; Murav' ev, V.K.; Onufriev, V.P.; Pronina, N.A.; Smirnov, V.I.; Filatov, I.P., 1973:
Course of foot and mouth disease in areas of large-scale vaccination

Barth, D., 1973:
Course of gastro-intestinal helminth infections in pastured cattle and their treatment with thiabendazole

Phillips, P.A.; Biggs, P.M., 1972:
Course of infection in tissues of susceptible chickens after exposure to strains of Marek's disease virus and turkey herpesvirus

Paulech, C., 1971:
Course of infection in wheat plants differing in susceptibility to Erysiphe graminis DC

Haupt, W., 1975:
Course of infection with Trichostrongylus retortaeformis in the domestic rabbit

Nemes, D.; Gamcik, P.; Schwarc, F., 1973:
Course of mastitis therapy as followed by some laboratory methods

Nemes, D.; Gamcik, P.; Schwarc, F., 1973:
Course of mastitis treatment, as investigated by various laboratory methods

Vrzgula, L.; Bartko, P.; Augustinsky, V.; Chyla, M.; Konrad, V.; Turkynak, A.; Donicova, K., 1972:
Course of mycotoxicosis in milk-fed calves

Suslov, I.M., 1971:
Course of the Bordet's phenomenon in guinea-pigs experimentally infected with ascarids and sensitized by large doses of BCG vaccine

Gommers, A., 1971:
Course of the coefficient of glucose assimilation with age in the rat

Haupt, W.; Nickel, E.A., 1975:
Course of the parasitic phase of development of Trichostrongylus axei in domestic rabbits

Sheiko, M.I., 1972:
Course of viral hepatitis in children also infected with helminths

Beijer, J.J., 1972:
Course of yellow disease caused by Xanthomonas hyacinthi (Wakker) Dowson in the leaf and bulb of hyacinth

Anonymous, 1973:
Course on immunofluorescent techniques applied to veterinary medicine

Anonymous, 1974:
Course on modern instrumental methods for analysis of milk

Anonymous, 1972:
Course on non-returnable containers for sterilized milk

Anonymous, 1972:
Course on veterinarians in rural management, 21st-25th February 1972

Plotnikov, V.V., 1973:
Courses of development of woody plants in relation to changes in their number in the community

Nation, J.L., 1972:
Courtship behavior and evidence for a sex attractant in the male Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa

Vinson, S.B., 1972:
Courtship behavior and evidence for a sex pheromone in the parasitoid Campoletis sonorensis (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Grant, G.G.; Brady, U.E., 1975:
Courtship behavior of Phycitid moths. I. Comparison of Plodia interpunctella and Cadra cautella and role of male scent glands

Assem, J. van den; Povel, G.D.E., 1973:
Courtship behaviour of some Muscidifurax species (Hym., Pteromalidae): a possible example of a recently evolved ethological isolating mechanism

Woychik, J.H.; Wondolowski, M.V., 1972:
Covalent bonding of fungal beta -galactosidase to glass

Verma, I.M.; Meuth, N.L.; Baltimore, D., 1972:
Covalent linkage between ribonucleic Acid primer and deoxyribonucleic Acid product of the avian myeloblastosis virus deoxyribonucleic Acid polymerase

Buker, R.J.; Alvey, D.D.; Nyquist, W.E., 1972:
Covariance technique using a moving average to reduce errors

Gallais, A., 1974:
Covariances between Arbitrary Relatives in Autotetraploids with Panmictic Disequilibrium

Gallais, A., 1974:
Covariances between arbitrary relatives with linkage and epistasis in the case of linkage disequilibrium

James, J.W., 1973:
Covariances between relatives due to sex-linked genes

Anonymous, 1973:

Blasse, W., 1972:
Cover crop mixtures for orchards

Gladkii, M.; Agal' tsov, V., 1972:
Cover crops and lucerne yields

Kauri Paasuke, M., 1973:
Cover crops as host plants for Pratylenchus penetrans

Arora, D.R.; Bhattacharya, A.K.; Rao, M.S., 1974:
Cover crops as they influence retention and runoff under rainfall conditions in Delhi Region

Yavors' kii, S.V., 1973:
Cover crops for lucerne

Anonymous, 1972:
Cover management in rubber

Gray, D.E., 1974:
Coverage of veterinary literature by the main journals. Brief communication

Hillebrand, W.; Lipps, H.P., 1973:
Covering of commercial vineyards with polyethylene film. Experience of the use of covers in autumn, 1972, at Bad Kreuznach

Hillebrand, W.; Lipps, H.P., 1972:
Covering of fruiting vines with polythene sheet - trial at Bad Kreuznach, Autumn 1971

Holm, S., 1973:
Covering of potato clamps with plastic

Burns, J.C.; Goode, L.; Gross, H.D.; Linnerud, A.C., 1973:
Cow and calf gains on Ladino clover-tall fescue and tall fescue, grazed alone and with Coastal Bermudagrass

Baker, W.L., 1972:
Cow controller

Anonymous, 1972:
Cow identification

Veeraswamy, R.; Rathnaswamy, R.; Palaniswamy, G.A.; Rajasekaran, V.P.A., 1972:
Cow pea CO.1 - a high yielding strain for Tamil Nadu

Buczek, J.; Krzyzanowski, J.; Majer, B.; Malinowski, E., 1974:
Cow teat inflammation due to a poxvirus

Sutedjo, 1971:
Cow's milk (lactose) intolerance among Indonesian doctors of the Dr. Tjipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital and Medical School, University of Indonesia

Gerrard, J.W.; MacKenzie, J.W.; Goluboff, N.; Garson, J.Z.; Maningas, C.S., 1973:
Cow's milk allergy: prevalence and manifestations in an unselected series of newborns

Anonymous, 1972:
Cow's milk intolerance and the gut

Krueger, C.R.; Moore, R.A.; Embry, L.B., 1974:
Cow-calf evaluation of native and tame pasture systems for six grazing seasons

Laforge, A.J.J.; Wiens, J.K., 1975:
Cow-calf production practices in southwestern Manitoba

Yadahalli, Y.H.; Rajendra, B.R.; Jayaram, G., 1973:
Cow-pea and black-gram could be profitably grown after paddy under tank Achkats

Cowan, S.T., 1974:
Cowan and Steel's manual for the identification of medical bacteria

Hinrichs, H.A., 1971:
Cowley and Maramec - two new pecan cultivars

Anonymous, 1972:

Anonymous, 1975:

Summerfield, R.J.; Huxley, P.A.; Steele, W., 1974:
Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)

Sene, D.; N.D.aye, S.M., 1974:
Cowpea breeding (Vigna unguiculata) at the National Centre for Agronomic Research of Bambey: from 1959 to 1973. Results obtained between 1970 and 1973

Youngblood, J.P., 1973:
Cowpea curculio resistance: an inheritance study

Chalfant, R.B., 1973:
Cowpea curculio: control in southern Georgia

Chalfant, R.B.; Gaines, T.P., 1973:
Cowpea curculio: correlations between chemical composition of the southern pea and varietal resistance

Anonymous, 1974:
Cowpea has a great potential as a plant protein source

Bruter, D.P., 1971:
Cowpea, a new, high-protein, leguminous crop in Moldavia

Anonymous, .:
Cowpea. Varietal experiment on deep peat

Linedale, A.I., 1972:
Cowpeas for Moreton and Rocky Point

Beil, R.E.; Hart, R.G., 1973:
Cowper's gland secretion in rat semen coagulation. II. Identification of the potentiating factor secreted by the coagulating glands

Gibbs, E.P.; Johnson, R.H.; Collings, D.F., 1973:
Cowpox in a dairy herd in the United Kingdom

Reis, R.; Figueiredo, J.B.; Pacheco, M., 1970:
Cowpox: clinical aspects, characteristics of the virus and observations on vaccination.

Lang, R.D., 1973:
Cowra Research Station. Meteorological observations 1942-71

Ricketts, R.E., 1973:
Cows didn't balance ration with liquid protein supplement

Leffers, G., 1974:
Cows in tie-up or cubicle housing systems

Janicki, J.; Pordab, Z., 1975:
Cows' milk and human milk composition and developments in the modification of cows' milk

Anonymous, 1972:
Cows' milk improvement

Anonymous, 1972:
Cows' milk. Requirements for purchasing

Enright, J.B.; Franti, C.E.; Longhurst, W.M.; Behymer, D.E.; Wright, M.E.; Dutson, V.J., 1971:
Coxiella burneti in a wildlife-livestock environment. Antibody response of ewes and lambs in an endemic Q fever area

Enright, J.B.; Franti, C.E.; Behymer, D.E.; Longhurst, W.M.; Dutson, V.J.; Wright, M.E., 1971:
Coxiella burneti in a wildlife-livestock environment. Distribution of Q fever in wild mammals

Enright, J.B.; Longhurst, W.M.; Franti, C.E.; Behymer, D.E.; Dutson, V.J.; Wright, M.E., 1971:
Coxiella burneti in a wildlife-livestock environment. Isolations of rickettsiae from sheep and cattle

Pathak, J.N.; Tanwani, S.K., 1971:
Coxiella burnetii antibodies in human serum and animal milks

Randhawa, A.S.; Dieterich, W.H.; Jolley, W.B.; Hunter, C.C., 1974:
Coxiellosis in pound cats

Lawson, F.A.; Johnson, M.E., 1970:
Coxsackie A-12 in Periplaneta americana-preliminary report (Blattaria: Blattidae)

Engel, R.E.; McVeigh, K.J., 1971:
Crabgrass and goosegrass control with several preemergence herbicides

Robinson, D.E., 1974:
Crabgrass and witchgrass susceptibility to simazine and atrazine

Johnson, J.A., 1973:
Crack initiation in wood plates

Sidwell, V.D.; Stillings, B.R., 1972:
Crackers fortified with fish protein concentrate (FPC)

Yamamoto, T., 1973:
Cracking and water relations of sweet cherry fruits

Nassar, Z.L.; Kamal, A.L.; Khalidy, R., 1971:
Cracking behaviour of tomato varieties under different soil moisture and nitrogen levels

Christensen, J.V., 1972:
Cracking in cherries. I. Fluctuation and rate of the water absorption of the fruits in relation to cracking susceptibility

Christensen, J.V., 1972:
Cracking in cherries. II. The effect of climate on susceptibility to cracking

Christensen, J.V., 1972:
Cracking in cherries. II. The influence of climatic conditions

Christensen, J.V., 1972:
Cracking in cherries. III. Determination of cracking susceptibility

Christensen, J.V., 1972:
Cracking in cherries. IV. Physiological studies of the mechanism of cracking

Christensen, J.V., 1973:
Cracking in cherries. VI. Cracking susceptibility in relation to the growth rhythm of the fruit

Christensen, J.V., 1975:
Cracking in cherries. VII. Cracking susceptibility in relation to fruit size and firmness

Barnacle, J.E., 1973:
Cracking in round timber: a discussion about causes with special reference to impact

Georgiev, S.; Milenkov, M., 1973:
Cracking of cherry fruits, its causes and control

Vittrup Christensen, J., 1973:
Cracking of sweet cherries

Hughes, D.R.; Lesser, D.; Renard, D., 1974:
Cracklean an experiment in branding pork

Anonymous, 1973:

Kuznetsova, R.Ya, 1972:
Crambe abyssinica

Horvath, J.; Juretic, N.; Milicic, D., 1973:
Crambe abyssinica Hochst. ex R.E. Frees as a new host plant for turnip yellow mosaic virus and radish mosaic virus

Asthana, A.N., 1972:
Crambe abyssinica, a newly introduced oilseed crop

Demoranville, I.E., 1974:
Cranberry fertilizer chart

Greidanus, T.; Dana, M.N., 1972:
Cranberry growth related to tissue concentration and soil test phosphorus

Davis, J.F. (et al ), 1972:
Cranberry production

Paglietta, R., 1975:
Cranberry: a red American bilberry for the utilization of marginal ground

Benes, J.; Chladek, G., 1972:
Crane runways in timberyards

Petrov, A., 1972:
Craniological study of a late neolithic and an early bronze-age horse from Bulgaria

Vries, H.W. de; Watering, C.C. van de, 1972:
Craniomandibular osteopathy in the dog and its treatment with prednisone.

Pathak, M.T.; Patel, A.S., 1974:
Crash scheme for rural employment in Gujarat

Apte, D.P., 1973:
Crash scheme for rural employment: evaluation of the programme in a district in Maharshtra

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