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Chapter 55

Cytogenetic studies on the artificial polyploids in the genus Oryza. V. Sterile amphiploids, sativa-officinalis (AACC)

Watanabe, Y.; Ono, S.

Japanese Journal of Breeding 23(2): 67-70


ISSN/ISBN: 0536-3683
Accession: 000054853

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Six amphiploids were obtained from four combinations between induced tetraploids of O. sativa and O. officinalis. One amphiploid was obtained by colchicine treatment of a diploid F1 hybrid. The amphiploids were completely male sterile. The ovaries were normally shaped, if smaller, and pollination with 2x or 4x pollen of O. sativa produced a few seeds. It is suggested that the sterility of the amphiploids is caused by the interaction of genomes A and C, as these are involved in all the sterile amphiploids synthesized by the authors so far, i.e. O. sativa X O. minuta sativa-minuta (AABBCC), O. sativa X O. latifolia (AACCDD) and O. sativa X O. officinalis (AACC).

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