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Chapter 59

Determination of Tordon 22-K in soil and plants by a biological method

Abramova, K.A.; Panasyuk, T.D.; Kalinina, E.A.

Khimiya v Sel' skom Khozyaistve 11(4): 298-300


Accession: 000058010

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Tordon 22-K picloram-potassium 24.9% was applied at 0.0036-0.0327 mg/kg to a 2:2:1 mixture of peat + soil + sand, in which French beans were sown as bioassay plants, in the glasshouse. The surface area of whole leaves was taken as a quantitative assessment of picloram residues in the soil. The sensitivity of the method was 0.003-0.004 mg/kg. Residues in the soil of 0.1 mg/kg reduced grain yields of wheat by 20% while 0.2 mg/kg almost entirely prevented grain formation.

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