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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60

Chapter 60 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zeddies, J., 1973: Determining the optimum economic life of livestock

Dzieciolowska, D.; Sadlowska, J., 1974: Determining the optimum frequency of resin collection from cups with or without lids

Udod, V. E., 1972: Determining the optimum intensity of thinnings in Oak stands

Vasil' ev, M. E., 1974: Determining the optimum parameters of the design of shelterbelts for uniform deposition of snow

Sterlin, D. M., 1974: Determining the optimum schedules for drying comminuted wood in Progress drum driers

Polyakov, A. K., 1973: Determining the optimum stand density of Scots Pine on fresh, fairly infertile site types

Chiriac, S., 1973: Determining the optimum structure of the agricultural tractor and machine park in stations for mechanizing agriculture

Lookeren Campagne, P. van, 1974: Determining the optimum time of harvest

Varava, V. I.; Pomogaev, S. A.; Fil' kevich, I. V., 1973: Determining the parameters of longitudinal shock absorbers for logging machines

Morozov, S. I., 1972: Determining the permissible longitudinal force on narrow-gauge railways for timber extraction

Satsura, V. M., 1974: Determining the physical and mechanical properties of particle boards having multiple internal hollows

Bagdat' eva, A. P., 1972: Determining the physical thermal properties of particle boards

Stoev, K.; Pavlov, N.; Katerov, K.; Mamarov, P.; Nenov, S.; Bondzhukov, D.; Krumov, I.; Sedlarska, B., 1973: Determining the planting density for vines intended for high-stem cultivation

Yankoulov, Y.; Alipur, H., 1974: Determining the ploidy of Mentha piperita L. by the frequency of essential-oil glands

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059015

Zembery, A., 1974: Determining the potential fertility of the winter buds of grapevines

Stancu, E.; Rizescu, S.; Tatu, C., 1970: Determining the processing quality of some sugar-beet varieties from the ratio of sucrose and aminoacids

Rotaru, C.; Nastac, C.; Balanescu, E., 1973: Determining the ratio between volume and weight in coniferous pulpwood

Bergmann, E., 1974: Determining the recovery time in forest work: criteria, problems, and experimental examples

Novoselov, Yu M.; Sannikov, Yu G., 1974: Determining the resin content of fresh Scots Pine stumps from one cross-section

Voronchikhin, N. Z., 1971: Determining the resin yield of Pinus sylvestris in relation to the thickness and hardness of the coarse bark on the stem

Mukumov, Kh M., 1970: Determining the resistance of Cucurbitaceous crops to broomrape by digging out the roots

Mukumov, Kh M., 1970: Determining the resistance of cucurbitaceous crops to broomrape by excavating the roots

Belaya, N. M.; Prokhorenko, A. G., 1974: Determining the safety factor for skylines in forest cableways

Tonkunas, J.; Puodziukynas, J., 1971: Determining the seed rate of mixtures for sown meadows

Borisov, G. A.; Zemlyachenko, V. N., 1973: Determining the sequence of opening up large forest areas for transport

Kozelouh, B., 1974: Determining the shear modulus of wood-based panels from the bending test

Komin, G. E.; P' yankov, Yu A.; Shiyatov, S. G., 1973: Determining the similarity between tree-ring series

Kolenka, I., 1972: Determining the site of timber conversion with the aid of mathematical models

Baciu, A. D., 1974: Determining the size of spar trees used for forest cableways

Baranov, A. I.; Gurov, I. I., 1971: Determining the soil resistance forces acting on the coulters of tree-planting machines

Radu, A., 1973: Determining the specific resistance in wood boring

Champlin, A. K.; Dorr, D. L.; Gates, A. H., 1973: Determining the stage of the estrous cycle in the mouse by the appearance of the vagina

Samek, J., 1973: Determining the strength and elastic properties of panel materials on large test pieces

Sinjukov, M., 1974: Determining the structure of a farm's machinery and tractor stock

Tekerlekov, P., 1975: Determining the subtype position of an epizootic foot-and-mouth disease virus by means of the agar gel diffusion technique

Wehner, W., 1972: Determining the suitability of areas for neighbourhood recreation

Tereshchenko, V. I.; D' yachkov, V. P., 1972: Determining the surface area of wood particles

Stoikov, S.; Dimitrov, E., 1973: Determining the temperature at the soil surface in a stand with the aid of statistical methods

Knysh, V. A., 1971: Determining the temperature of the surface of veneer during radiation/convection drying at constant speed

Sturos, J. A., 1972: Determining the terminal velocity of wood and bark chips

Lyanii, O. D.; Nemirovs' ka, E. I.; Gavrilov, G. P.; Gubko, V. A.; Yatsenko, A. M., 1972: Determining the time for vine irrigation using leaf physiological indices

Herregods, M., 1972: Determining the time of harvest of Golden Delicious for storage with the aid of the colour chart

Herregods, M., 1972: Determining the time of harvest of apples and pears with the starch test

Dobrynin, S. V.; Kulakova, V. V., 1974: Determining the times of drying lumber in package stacks

Bogdanova, D. A.; Kolomiets, N. G., 1972: Determining the viability of Pinus sibirica by the oleoresin indicator method in a focus of infestation by Dendrolimus sibiricus

Khashes, Ts M., 1972: Determining the viability of the root systems of seedlings

Shaltyko, G. E.; Titova, N. V.; Grigorova, V. V., 1973: Determining the viscosity of oily coal-tar preservatives for wood

Erykhov, B. P.; Syrnikov, Yu P., 1972: Determining the viscosity of wood and other solid bodies

Golovkin, G. V.; Snegirev, V. F.; Aturyan, M. M.; Dovlatyan, M. M., 1974: Determining the volatility of 2,4-D derivative herbicides by gas liquid chromatography

Duser, R., 1972: Determining the volume of standing trees by the Duser 'Flori' formula

Bitterlich, W., 1974: Determining the volume of standing trees with the Tele-relascope

Leahu, I., 1973: Determining the volume of uneven-aged stands in the upper Argas, valley

Ghavami, M., 1973: Determining the water needs of the banana plant

Bredell, G. S.; Barnard, C. J., 1974: Determining the water requirements of sub-tropical fruit trees

Kochegarov, V. G.; Fedorov, V. V., 1973: Determining the weight of a grapple for chokerless skidders

Abaturov, Yu D.; Matveeva, A. A., 1974: Determining the weight of needles in young Scots Pine trees by the 'average shoots' method

Cherkasov, A. F., 1974: Determining the yielding capacity of wild berries

Grammel, R., 1973: Determining wages and selling prices on a rough-stem basis

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059061

Cogburn, R. R., 1974: Detia Ex-B for phosphine fumigation in sacked milled rice

Khramova, S. I.; Bokarev, K. S., 1973: Detoxication by plants of toxic substances from industrial effluent used for irrigation

Taimr, L.; Hanker, I., 1973: Detoxication of DDT-14C in field populations of Meligethes aeneus Fabr. (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)

Banerjee, N. C.; Mishra, S. S., 1973: Detoxication of aminopyrine in goat

Archer, T. E.; Hsieh, D. P. H., 1973: Detoxication of metal drums from emulsifiable concentrate formulations of parathion

Konishi, K.; Inoue, Y., 1972: Detoxification mechanism of pentachlorophenol by the laccase of Coriolus versicolor

Mahadevan, A., 1974: Detoxification mechanisms of plant pathogens

Dexter, A. G.; Slife, F. W.; Butler, H. S., 1971: Detoxification of 2,4-D by several plant species

Naqvi, S. N. H.; Muzaffar, S. A.; Ashrafi, S. H., 1970: Detoxification of DDT and its relation with inhibition of phosphomonesterases in desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal)

Menashe, J.; Goren, R., 1973: Detoxification of fluometuron by Citrus tissues

Heuvel, J. van den; VanEtten, H. D., 1973: Detoxification of phaseollin by Fusarium solani f.sp. phaseoli

Nikolova, G.; Bakalivanov, D., 1973: Detoxification of the herbicide simazine and its effect on soil microflora

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059074

Playne, M. J., 1974: Detrimental effects of phosphoric acid supplementation of beef cows in northern Australia

Ohta, T.; Cockerham, C. C., 1974: Detrimental genes with partial selfing and effects on a neutral locus

Anonymous, 1974: Detrimental human influences on forest ecosystems

Barnard, R., 1974: Deuba: economic change in a Fijian village

Schiegl, W. E., 1972: Deuterium content of peat as a paleoclimatic recorder

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059080

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059081

Dimitrovsky, K., 1973: Devastation of the landscape by coal mining, and its reclamation by means of afforestation

Anonymous, 1974: Develop a transport and storage container for flower bulbs

Li Feng, 1974: Develop industry - aid agriculture

Shand, F. L.; Ivanyi, J., 1973: Developed gammaM haemolytic plaque-forming cells in chickens

Burley, T. M.; Partadireja, A., 1973: Developing Indonesia's agriculture

Shehory, Y. , 1974: Developing Israel's agriculture for export

Barefoot, A. C.; Woodhouse, L. B.; Hafley, W. L.; Wilson, E. H., 1974: Developing a dendrochronology for Winchester, England

Bredmose, N., 1972: Developing a growing programme for Asparagus plumosus

Eriksson, B., 1974: Developing a mobile chipper

Campbell, R. W., 1971: Developing a pest population management system

Holmberg, R. E., 1973: Developing a product to make salads taste special

Spata, J. A.; Nelson, A. I.; Singh, J., 1974: Developing a soyabean dal for India and other countries

Hyun, S. K.; Ahn, K. Y.; Hong, S. H., 1972: Developing advanced generation breeding population for a hybrid breeding program

Burley, J.; Nikles, D. G. (Editors), 1973: Developing advanced generation breeding populations

Bazarja, M. P., 1975: Developing agriculture in the Non-Black-Earth zone: a very important task for the whole state

Johnson, I. J., 1972: Developing alfalfa with improved nutritional value

Pathak, M. D.; Dyck, V. A., 1973: Developing an integrated method of rice insect pest control

Levin, E. D.; Chuprova, N. A.; Belikova, Z. P., 1972: Developing an optimum regime for rapid pyrolysis of Larix sibirica bark

Liner, H. L.; Sobering, F. D., 1974: Developing and implementing an in-service education program in economics for county extension personnel

Csepely Knorr, A.; Szakonyi, L., 1975: Developing and subsidizing agriculture in the European CMEA countries

Morgan, F. D.; Stewart, N. C., 1972: Developing and testing a lure-trap for the woodwasp Sirex noctilio F

Anonymous, 1974: Developing bean varieties for Latin American needs

Fox, R., 1974: Developing centers of excellence in agricultural economics: the case of the University of Ceara, Brazil

Fox, R., 1975: Developing centres of excellence in agricultural economics: the case of the University of Ceara, Brazil

Lyons, T., 1973: Developing herbicide practices for wheat in Tunisia

Stringfield, G. H., unda: Developing heterozygous parent stocks for maize hybrids

Lance, A. N.; Triggs, R., 1974: Developing hill bogland to benefit both grouse and sheep

Suwantaradon, K.; Eberhart, S. A., 1974: Developing hybrids from two improved maize populations

Dissanaike, A. S., 1974: Developing larvae of Wuchereria bancrofti in the pulmonary vessels of a splenectomised hamster

Morozov, P.; Esaulov, P., 1975: Developing livestock farming in the non-black-earth region of the RSFSR

Meshcherov, E. T., 1972: Developing methods of breeding and seed production for heterotic hybrids of the Cucurbitaceae

Skachkov, P. I., 1974: Developing new methods of seedling production

McLoughlin, P. F. M., 1974: Developing objectives and justifications for an agricultural marketing project in low-income countries

Popov, P.; Tsvetkov, S., 1973: Developing of a primary hexaploid Triticale T-AD (2n = 6x = 42) through the hybridization of T. durum Desf. (2n = 28) and S. cereale L. (2n = 14)

Heagler, A. M.; Francois, C. F.; White, J. H., 1973: Developing profitable row crop systems in Louisiana. A graphic technique applicable to individual farm analysis

Douglas, J. E., 1973: Developing programmes and training personnel for seed multiplication and distribution

Pavlenko, S., 1974: Developing relations between agriculture and other branches of the economy

Stern, V., 1974: Developing rural settlements in the non-black-earth zone of the RSFSR

Ratikin, Yu, V.; Britikov, E. A., 1973: Developing seeds as auxin sources

Iyer, C. P. A.; Subramanium, M. D., 1973: Developing simpler methods for dwarfing mango trees

Labenets, V. F.; Synzynys, B. Z., 1974: Developing specialization and raising production efficiency in collective and state farms

Musiiko, A. S.; Kukina, T. I.; Lesnik, V. S., 1970: Developing tetraploid forms of maize with a view to breeding

Field, M., 1973: Developing the Nile

Shvydko, V., 1975: Developing the supply of material and machinery for agricultural production

Anonymous, 1973: Development Systems: Insects. Volume 2

Anonymous, 1974: Development administration panel seminar on rural local government and development administration in Southeast Asia April 4-6, 1974 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA

Anonymous, 1973: Development administration panel seminar, March 22-24, 1973, Asia House, New York, New York

Lindquist, S., 1974: Development aid to Kenya agriculture

Pirumov, Kh N., 1972: Development and achievements of medical parasitology in the Armenian SSR in relation to the formation of the USSR

Thatcher, L. P., 1972: Development and analysis of hay feeding requirements

Anonymous, 1974: Development and animal breeding

White, P. J.; Burgess, G. P., 1974: Development and application of a hydroponic technique to investigate moisture stress in plants

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059135

Abe, A.; Horii, S.; Kameoka, K., 1972: Development and application of cellulase hydrolysis for predicting digestibility of roughage. 1. Digestion of cell wall carbohydrates by cellulase.

Abe, A.; Horii, S.; Kameoka, K., 1972: Development and application of cellulase hydrolysis for predicting digestibility of roughage. 2. Influence of pretreatment of samples on cellulase hydrolysis.

Abe, A.; Horii, S.; Kameoka, K., 1972: Development and application of cellulase hydrolysis for predicting digestibility of roughage. 3. Application of two step method for predicting dry matter digestibility.

Konovalova, L. M., 1973: Development and application of new methods for serodiagnosis of cysticerciasis in man

Russ, K.; Boller, E. F.; Vallo, V.; Haisch, A.; Sezer, S., 1973: Development and application of visual traps for monitoring and control of populations of Rhagoletis cerasi L

Peters, H., 1973: Development and atresia of follicles in the immature mouse

Tzipori, S.; Spradbrow, P. B., 1974: Development and behaviour of a strain of bovine ephemeral fever virus with unusual host range

Shetscheva, S., 1972: Development and breeding trends in onion in Bulgaria

Esnaola L, M. A.; Rosa W, J. G., 1974: Development and carcass quality of pigs fed on unlimited amounts of whey with different degrees of restriction of concentrates

Wermke, M., 1973: Development and chemical composition of meadow fescue and perennial ryegrass with regard to conservability, digestibility and nutritive value

Ishii, K.; Yamagi, K.; Manabe, T., 1971: Development and chemical control of purple nutsedge in the forest nursery

Baird, W. M., 1974: Development and composition of the warty layer in Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)

Baird, W. Mc D., 1975: Development and composition of the warty layer in Balsam Fir

Atrashkevich, L. S., 1973: Development and cultivation of new fibre flax varieties - an important reserve for increasing fibre yields and quality

Dammrich, K.; Unshelm, J., 1972: Development and developmental changes in the femur of 205-day-old pigs of different breeds and size.

Gresshoff, P. M.; Doy, C. H., 1972: Development and differentiation of haploid Lycopersicon esculentum (tomato)

Martin, W. J.; Hernandez, Travis P.; Hernandez, Teme P., 1975: Development and disease reaction of Jasper, a new soil rot-resistant sweetpotato variety from Louisiana

Barker, I. K.; Ford, G. E., 1975: Development and distribution of atrophic enteritis in the small intestines of rabbits infected with Trichostrongylus retortaeformis

Antonowicz, I.; Chang, S. K.; Grand, R. J., 1974: Development and distribution of lysosomal enzymes and disaccharidases in human fetal intestine

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059155

Mengel, D. B.; Barber, S. A., 1974: Development and distribution of the corn root system under field conditions

Koblet, R., 1972: Development and dry matter production of grassland plants in relation to association of species and environment

King, K., 1972: Development and education in the Narok district of Kenya: the pastoral Maasai and their neighbours

Otzen, U., 1972: Development and effects of farm mergers; the example of group farming in France

Miscanin, E., 1974: Development and efficiency of industrialized livestock farming

Fei, J. C. H.; Ranis, G., 1971: Development and employment in an open dualistic economy

Toth, R. S.; Chew, R. M., 1972: Development and energetics of Notonecta undulata during predation of Culex tarsalis

Parvin, D. W, Jr; Smith, D. H.; Crosby, F. L., 1974: Development and evaluation of a computerized forecasting method for Cercospora leafspot of peanuts

McCarthy, D. F.; Seaman, W. G.; Costa, E. W. B. da; Bezemer, L. D., 1972: Development and evaluation of a leach-resistant fire-retardant preservative for Pine fence posts

Soles, R. L.; Gerhold, H. D., 1970: Development and evaluation of methods for selecting Pines for resistance to the White-Pine weevil

Dumas, W. T.; Trouse, A. C.; Smith, L. A.; Kummer, F. A.; Gill, W. R., 1973: Development and evaluation of tillage and other cultural practices in a controlled traffic system for cotton in the Southern Coastal Plains

Dissou, M., 1972: Development and exploitation of oil palm production in Dahomey

Brower, J. H.; Tilton, E. W., 1973: Development and fecundity of the Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hubner), reared on diets of irradiated nutmeats

Sviben, M.; Vinovrski, Z.; Rotar, I.; Herak, M.; Bajt, G.; Salehar, A., 1975: Development and fertility of sibling gilts differently fed after 127 days of age

Harvey, I. C., 1975: Development and germination of chlamydospores in Pleiochaeta setosa

Lahde, E.; Pahkala, K., 1974: Development and germination of the seeds of conifers: a review of the literature

Teisson, C., 1973: Development and growth of the inflorescence of Ananas comosus (cv. Smooth Cayenne)

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059173

Todorov, A.; Petrov, I.; Vanchev, T.; Rokhova, L., 1973: Development and histological structure of muscular tissue in chicks of different White Plymouth Rock and Cornish lines

Thomsen, J., 1975: Development and histology of galls on Tilia platyphylla caused by Eriophyes tiliae tiliae

Brathwaite, C. W. D.; Duncan, E. J., 1974: Development and histopathology of Rotylenchulus reniformis in sweet potato roots

Stamenkovic, V.; Miscevic, V., 1973: Development and increment of some conifer plantations in Central and East Serbia

Taris, B., 1972: Development and intensity of attacks in 1972 by some leaf diseases on ten cultivars widely distributed in France

Oliveira, D. de; Juillet, J., 1969: Development and life cycle of Diprion frutetorum F. (Hymenoptera: Diprionidae)

Lapierre, J., 1972: Development and maintenance of Trypanosoma cruzi in Ornithodoros moubata

Verhage, H. G.; Abel, J. H, Jr; Tietz, W. J, Jr; Barrau, M. D., 1973: Development and maintenance of the oviductal epithelium during the estrous cycle in the bitch

Kos, V. F., 1973: Development and meat characters of young Black Pied cattle and their crossbreds

Weintraub, D., 1973: Development and modernization in the Philippines: the problem of change in the context of political stability and social continuity

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059184

Devadas, C.; Beck, C. B., 1971: Development and morphology of stelar components in the stems of some members of the Leguminosae and Rosaceae

Dumont, R., 1975: Development and mounting famine: a role for women

Noda, K., 1972: Development and multiplication of Sagittaria pygmaea Miq

Steudel, W., 1971: Development and necessity of damage forecast and spray-warning schemes in sugar beet cultivation with special reference to virus diseases

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059189

David, M. H.; Mills, R. B.; Sauer, D. B., 1974: Development and oviposition of Ahasverus advena (Waltl) (Coleoptera, Silvanidae) on seven species of fungi

Rajendren, R. B., 1972: Development and parasitism in the genus Hemileia (Uredinales)

Ibrahim, I. K. A.; Massoud, S. I., 1974: Development and pathogenesis of a root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne javanica

Chhabra, R. C.; Singh, K. S., 1972: Development and pathology of Spirocerca lupi in experimentally infected kids and lambs

Gill, K. S.; Sandhu, R. S., 1972: Development and performance of Punjab Til No.1 variety of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Kratzig, P., 1974: Development and performance of high-starch potatoes

Wilson, W. T., 1971: Development and persistence of EFB in inoculated honey-bee colonies maintained at different elevations

Sell, C., 1971: Development and position of cattle insemination in the German Federal Republic

Trpis, M., 1972: Development and predatory behavior of Toxorhynchites brevipalpis (Diptera: Culicidae) in relation to temperature

Stamenkovic, V.; Todorovic, D., 1971: Development and productivity of Beech stands in Karaorman, Macedonia

Nikolov, G., 1973: Development and productivity of the root system in cotton as dependent on water supply

Kurth, H.; Schapitz, F., 1972: Development and prospects of herbicide production and usage in the German Democratic Republic

Nisen, A., 1974: Development and prospects of production of crops under shelter in Europe

Rogers, L.; Thomas, W., 1971: Development and prospects of the Columbia Basin livestock industry

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059204

Kroes, R.; Teppema, J. S., 1972: Development and restitution of squamous metaplasia in the calf prostate after a single estrogen treatment

Tuenter, J., 1973: Development and results during 11 years of milkability tests in the Netherlands

O' Leary, J. W., 1974: Development and reversal of plant responses to salinity and water stress

Griffing, W. J.; Todd, G. C., 1974: Development and reversibility of pancreatic acinar cell changes in the rat produced by tebuthiuron (1-(5-tert-butyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-1,3-dimethylurea)

Roginski, E. E.; Mertz, W., 1974: Development and reversibility of urolithiasis in rats by mineral mixtures

Smith, J. S., 1974: Development and rural conservation in Easter Ross

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059211

Dalrymple, D. G., 1974: Development and spread of high yielding varieties of wheat and rice in less developed nations

Auletta, F. J.; Zusman, R. M.; Caldwell, B. V., 1974: Development and standardization of radioimmunoassays for prostaglandins E, F, and A

Lutke Entrup, J., 1971: Development and structural change in Zambian agriculture

Pegler, D. N., 1973: Development and structure of the basidiospore in the Agaricales

Levine, N. D.; Todd, K. S, Jr; Boatman, P. A., 1974: Development and survival of Haemonchus contortus on pasture

Levine, N. D.; Andersen, F. L., 1973: Development and survival of Trichostrongylus colubriformis on pasture

Wijeyaratne, P. M.; Seawright, J. A.; Weidhaas, D. E., 1974: Development and survival of a natural population of Aedes aegypti

Onar, E., 1974: Development and survival of ovine Haemonchus contortus eggs on pasture herbage under the climatic conditions and seasonal changes in the Pendik area

Lerchenmuller, J., 1973: Development and technique of the Alpma-Fromat process

Lerchenmuller, J., 1974: Development and technology of Alpma-Fromat systems

Rothacker, D., 1971: Development and tendencies in resistance-breeding against the potato nematode Heterodera rostochiensis Woll

Andreevskaya, L. V.; Zabudskaya, L. F., 1972: Development and testing of a milk analyser

Girgis, M., 1973: Development and trade patterns in the Arab world

Gosselin, G., 1970: Development and tradition in African rural societies

Hale, S. M., 1975: Development and underdevelopment at village level

Lineweaver, J. A.; Spessard, G. W., 1975: Development and use of a computerised reproductive management program in dairy herds

Bowers, A.; Hawthorn, J. M., 1971: Development and use of an inverted cone tree releasing sprayer

Harris, H.; Davis, E. Y.; Mark, M. S. Van de; Rymal, K. S.; Spadaro, J. J., 1972: Development and use of defatted peanut flours, meals, and grits

Kung, F. H., 1973: Development and use of juvenile-mature correlations in a Black Walnut tree improvement program

Pen, C. L.; Schon, H.; Semmler, K. O., 1973: Development and use of semi-automatic milking machines

Williams, N. D., 1973: Development and use of wheat lines monogenic for resistance to stem rust

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059233

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059234

Voigtlander, G.; Madel, F.; Blaha, F. J., 1971: Development and yield of grass leys in comparison with permanent grassland over a 6-year cropping period

Petkov, P. S.; Zhelev, R., 1974: Development and yield of some maize hybrids grown in the Burgas and Sofia areas as affected by the planting density

Green, B. L.; Hawkes, G. R., 1974: Development as a multistage process

Hilhorst, J. G. M., 1972: Development axes and the diffusion of innovation

Heidtmann, W.; Stockhausen, M.; Altkruger, W. (et al ), 1974: Development centres in problem rural areas. Investigation of planning problems in dealing with such centres in regional unit 4 (Luneburger Heide)

Martin, E. M., 1973: Development co-operation. Efforts and policies of the members of the Development Assistance Committee

Williams, M. J., 1974: Development co-operation. Efforts and policies of the members of the Development Assistance Committee

Anonymous, 1972: Development co-operation. Efforts and policies of the members of the Development Assistance Committee. 1972 Review

Gilg, A. W., 1975: Development control and agricultural land quality

Correa, R. R.; Cavalcante, A. S.; Ramalho, G. R., 1973: Development cycle and developmental stages of Triatoma infestans vector of Chagas' disease (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

Gorbov, Yu K., 1975: Development cycle of Sarcocystis

Gutierrez, J.; Chazeau, J., 1972: Development cycles and life tables of Tetranychus neocaledonicus Andre (Acarina:Tetranychidae) and of one of its principal predators in Madagascar Stethorus madecassus Chazeau (Coccinellidae)

Behbehani, K., 1973: Development cycles of Trypanosoma (Schizotrypanum) cruzi (Chagas, 1909) in mouse peritoneal macrophages in vitro

Edwards, K. J. R.; Goldenberg, J. B., 1972: Development genetics of variation in flowering time in Antirrhinum majus

Anonymous, 1974: Development in AI bull evaluation

Landau, I.; Lainson, R.; Boulard, Y.; Michel, J. C.; Shaw, J. J., 1973: Development in Culex pipiens of Saurocytozoon tupinambi (Sporozoa, Leucocytozoidae), parasite of Brazilian reptiles

Dunlop, H., 1974: Development in Rhodesian tribal areas - a review article

Anonymous, 1975: Development in U.S. agricultural trade

Belen' kii, Yu S., 1971: Development in ascarids

Cockroft, D. L., 1973: Development in culture of rat foetuses explanted at 12.5 and 13.5 days of gestation

Soerensen, C., 1972: Development in farm prices

Anonymous, 1971: Development in house, public and agricultural building. Material and information collection of the CMEA standing commission on building

Bain, O.; Chabaud, A. G., 1975: Development in mosquitoes of three Oswaldofilaria from South American lizards

Meereboer, P., 1975: Development in the area of pome fruits planted in the Netherlands from 1963-1974 (I)

Guennelon, G.; Soria, F., 1973: Development in the laboratory of a permanent method for rearing the rice stem borer Chilo suppressalis Walker (Lepidoptera Pyralidae) on an artificial diet

Benda, K., 1975: Development in the wage structure of manual workers on co-operative farms

Naaktgeboren, C.; Vries, I. J. de; Stegeman, J. H. J.; Kok, K.; Beelen, R., 1975: Development influences on the composition of fetal fluids in sheep, with special reference to dysmaturity

Ward, R. J., 1973: Development issues for the 1970s

Herpay, B., 1974: Development objectives in cattle breeding on state farms

Herpay, B., 1974: Development objectives in cattle production by state farms

Toutain, G., 1972: Development of Bayoud (Fusarium wilt) in palm groves established on saline soil

Aparicio Ruiz, F., 1974: Development of 11 body measurements from birth to weaning in Andalusian Merino lambs

Anonymous, 1973: Development of Agricultural credit in Federal Germany

Madsen, L. R.; Johnson, A. D., 1974: Development of Alaria mesocercariae on the chick chorioallantoic membrane and in mice and chickens

Pleticha, P., 1973: Development of Alpine ibex, Capra ibex ibex (Linne, 1758), kids in zoos

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059270

Girt, M. V., 1973: Development of Ascaris lumbricoides ova in the Severo-Osetinsk ASSR

Sylk, S. R.; Stromberg, B. E.; Soulsby, E. J. L., 1974: Development of Ascaris suum larvae from the third to fourth stage, in vitro

Haseyama, T., 1974: Development of Asian agriculture and international co-operation in the coming decade

Schneider, M., 1974: Development of Austrian agriculture and forestry 1973/74

D' yaknov, L. P., 1970: Development of Babesia ovis in ticks and in vertebrate hosts.

Jafri, R. H.; Sabiha, H., 1974: Development of Bacillus thuringiensis in Galleria mellonella larvae exposed to gamma radiation

Iluba, W. B., 1974: Development of Basile agricultural structures (Mwenga area)

Kan, S. P.; Ho, B. C., 1972: Development of Breinlia sergenti (Dipetalonematidae) in the fat-body of mosquitoes. I. Fatty acid composition of the fat body

Kan, S. P.; Ho, B. C., 1972: Development of Breinlia sergenti (Dipetalonematidae) in the fat-body of mosquitoes. II. Ultrastructural changes in the fat-body

Ho, B. C.; Kan, S. P., 1972: Development of Breinlia sergenti (Dipetalonematidae) in the fat-body of mosquitoes. III. Mode of nutrition of the infective larvae

Lahiri, S. K.; Menon, P. K. M.; Vijayan, C. P., 1972: Development of Brugia ceylonensis Jayewardene infection in Anopheles stephensi

Terwedow, H. A, Jr; Rodriquez, P. H., 1973: Development of Brugia pahangi in male mosquitoes

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059283

Tainter, F. H., 1973: Development of Cronartium comandrae in Comandra umbellata

Horowitz, M., 1972: Development of Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers

Joppa, L. R.; McNeal, F. H., 1972: Development of D-genome disomic addition lines of durum wheat

Khromova, L. A., 1975: Development of Dacnitis sphaerocephalus caspicus (Nematoda, Cucullanidae)

Fytizas, E., 1973: Development of Dacus oleae during the pupal stage. III. General morphological and histological observations

Kennedy, B. H.; Galford, J. R., 1972: Development of Dendrosoter protuberans (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) on larvae of the smaller European elm bark beetle being reared on an artificial medium

Intermill, R. W., 1973: Development of Dirofilaria immitis in Aedes triseriatus Say

Marincek, M., 1973: Development of Eimeria subepithelialis, a parasite of carp

Ishii, T.; Onaga, H., 1971: Development of Eimeria tenella and E. brunetti in chick embroys.

Onaga, H.; Ishii, T.; Koyama, T., 1974: Development of Eimeria tenella in cultured cells from the parasitized chorioallantoic membrane

Itagaki, K.; Hirayama, N.; Tsubokura, M.; Otsuki, K.; Taira, Y., 1974: Development of Eimeria tenella, E. brunetti and E. acervulina in cell cultures

Hrubik, P., 1973: Development of Epiblema tedella on exotic tree species

Nadykto, M. V., 1973: Development of Eurytrema pancreaticum (Janson, 1889) (Trematoda: Dicrocoeliidae) in the Primorsk Territory

Anthony, M., 1972: Development of Gallacoccus anthonyae gall on the leaf of Shorea pauciflora (Dipterocarpaceae)

Misra, S. C.; Ruprah, N. S., 1973: Development of Haemonchus contortus eggs under outdoor conditions

Steele, A. E., 1972: Development of Heterodera schachtii on large rooted crop plants and the significance of root debris as substratum for increasing field infestations

Anderson, G. W., 1972: Development of Hypoxylon mammatum cankers on artificially shaded Aspen stems

Fayer, R.; Mahrt, J. L., 1972: Development of Isospora canis (Protozoa; Sporozoa) in cell culture

Helms, K., 1975: Development of Kabatiella caulivora in plants of Trifolium subterraneum 'Yarloop' of different ages

Friedmann, S. L.; Lomnitz, L., 1974: Development of Latin America - the rural poor; can the haves help?

Atwal, A. S.; Verma, N. D., 1972: Development of Leucinodes orbonalis Guen. (Lepidoptera: Pyraustidae) in relation to different levels of temperature and humidity

Kamm, J. A., 1973: Development of Lydina polidoides (Diptera:Tachinidae) in relation to its host Chrysoteuchia topiaria (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059306

Patrascu, I. V., 1973: Development of Marek's disease in vaccinated flocks

Castillo, M. B.; Russell, C. C.; Morrison, L. S., 1973: Development of Meloidogyne hapla in peanut

Svarc, R.; Zmoray, I., 1973: Development of Muellerius tenuispiculatus Gebauer, 1932 under experimental conditions in the intermediate hosts. I. Morphology of the larval stages of M. tenuispiculatus

Velloso, L., 1972: Development of Nelore and Lavinia cattle kept on pasture then in confinement

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059311

Lachance, D., 1974: Development of Odontia bicolor on artificially infected Abies balsamea

Lachance, D., 1974: Development of Odontia bicolor on balsam fir after artificial infection

Strakova, J.; Sevcik, B.; Dvorak, M.; Plisek, K., 1973: Development of Oxymykoin foam preparation for intramammary application. I. Study of local mammary gland tolerance and effect on milk yield

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059316

Vassilev, I.; Samnaliev, P., 1974: Development of Paramphistomum microbothrium in an intermediate host Galba truncatula

Klowden, M.; Greenberg B., 1974: Development of Periplaneta americana (L.) cell cultures and their infection with enteroviruses

Butler, G. D, Jr; Wardecker, A. L., 1974: Development of Peristenus stygicus, a parasite of Lygus hesperus, in relation to temperature

Lincoln R. C.; Anderson R. C., 1975: Development of Physaloptera maxillaris (Nematoda) in the common field cricket (Gryllus pennsylvanicus)

Slusher, R. L.; Sinclair, J. B., 1973: Development of Phytophthora megasperma var. sojae in soybean roots

Amman, A. G.; Amman, S. L.; Amman, G. D., 1974: Development of Pityophthorus confertus

Omar, M. S.; Collins, W. E.; Gwadz, R. W., 1974: Development of Plasmodium vivax in chemosterilized Anopheline mosquitoes

Savov, D., 1973: Development of Plodia interpunctella Hb. (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) in the optimum temperature range

Stoner, A.; Metcalfe, A. M.; Weeks, R. E., 1974: Development of Podisus acutissimus in relation to constant temperature

Anonymous, 1972: Development of Sao Paulo agriculture

Fayer, R.; Johnson, A. J., 1973: Development of Sarcocystis fusiformis in calves infected with sporocysts from dogs

Fayer, R., 1974: Development of Sarcocystis fusiformis in the small intestine of the dog

Magalhaes, I. A.; Carvalho, J. F. de, 1973: Development of Schistosoma mansoni strains from Belo Horizonte, MG and S.Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil) in Mus musculus

Shol, V. A.; Drobishchenko, N. I., 1971: Development of Setaria cervi in Haematobia stimulans.

Cunningham, R. A., 1972: Development of Siberian and Dahurian Larches after 10 years in North Dakota

Becker, C. D., 1973: Development of Simulium (Psilozia) vittatum Zett. (Diptera: Simuliidae) from larvae to adults at thermal increments from 17.0 to 27.0 deg C

Mills, R. B., 1973: Development of Sitophilus zeamais Motsch. in WURLD wheat

Schoonhoven, A. V.; Mills, R. B.; Horber, E., 1974: Development of Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky, in maize kernels and pellets made from maize kernel fractions

Mann, W. F, Jr; Enghardt, H. G., 1973: Development of Slash Pine regeneration beneath overstories

Ikeyama, M.; Maekawa, S., 1973: Development of Spanone for the control of rice stem borers

Sylwester, K.; Chmielowski, W., 1973: Development of Staphylococcus aureus in milk stored at different temperatures

Cuba Cuba, C. A., 1972: Development of T. rangeli metacyclic forms from Triatomid bugs' salivary glands ingested by Rhodnius ecuadoriensis

D' yakonov, L. P.; Godzhaev, A. N., 1971: Development of Theileria annulata in Hyalomma anatolicum.

Purnell, R. E.; Young, A. S.; Payne, R. C.; Mwangi, J. M., 1975: Development of Theileria mutans (Aitong) in the tick Amblyomma variegatum compared to that of T. parva (Muguga) in Rhipicephalus appendiculatus

Dobrynin, M. I., 1974: Development of Thelazia leesei, a parasite of camels, in the intermediate host, Musca lucidula

Jafri, R. H.; Chaudhry, M. B., 1971: Development of Tipula iridescent virus (TIV) in Galleria mellonella larvae exposed to gamma radiation

Jafri, R. H.; Chaudhry, M. B.; Khokhar, M. T., 1972: Development of Tipula iridescent virus in the tissues of greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella (L.) larvae

Jewell, M. L.; Frenkel, J. K.; Johnson, K. M.; Reed, V.; Ruiz, A., 1972: Development of Toxoplasma oocysts in neotropical Felidae

Hogan, G. R., 1972: Development of Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in media supplemented with pyrimidines and purines

Srivastava, B. K.; Gokhale, V. G.; Sharma, M. M., 1973: Development of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) on the flours of raw and autoclaved pulses and wheat

Ustinov, I. D., 1973: Development of Trichuris ovis in the host (sheep)

Lapierre, J., 1972: Development of Trypanosoma cruzi (Tehuantepec) in Triatoma megista

Meis, K., 1974: Development of Westfalia curd separator and quarg production lines for fresh cheese factory

Wergin, W. P., 1973: Development of Woronin bodies from microbodies in Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici

Press, J. W.; Flaherty, B. R.; Davis, R.; Arbogast, R. T., 1973: Development of Xylocoris flavipes (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) on eggs of Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) killed by gamma radiation or by freezing

Nikolov, R., 1972: Development of a Bulgarian dairy-type ewe in Sofia region and district

Nash, P., 1973: Development of a Pasteurella bacterin for bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis)

Abrahamsson, L.; Forsum, E.; Hambraeus, L.; Hofvander, Y.; Thoren, I.; Vahlquist, B., 1974: Development of a Swedish emergency diet

Miller, L. I., 1973: Development of a Virginia isolate of Meloidogyne arenaria on eighteen inbred lines of Zea mays

Evans, C. A. N.; Reynolds, J. M.; Reynolds, M. L.; Saunders, N. R.; Segal, M. B., 1974: Development of a blood-brain barrier mechanism in foetal sheep

Zakamyrdin, I. A., 1974: Development of a chemical method for protecting farm animals from blood-sucking flies

Saksena, C.; Perti, S. L., 1970: Development of a chemically defined diet for studies on the nutritional requirements of the cockroach, Periplaneta americana Linn

Tan, A. M.; Lim, T. M., 1971: Development of a collar protectant dressing against Ganoderma pseudoferreum

Huitema, H., 1973: Development of a comparative test with equal concentrations of avian and bovine PPD tuberculin for cattle

Neitzke, A., 1974: Development of a computer model for milk collection

Cotte Martinon, M. G.; Yahiel, V.; Ducet, G., 1974: Development of a cytochrome of the P450 type and of peroxidase during aging of potato tubers

Kawarabata, T.; Hayashi, Y., 1972: Development of a cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus in an insect cell line

Hayman, R. H., 1973: Development of a dairy cattle breed adapted to tropical environments

Hayman, R. H., 1975: Development of a dairy cattle breed adapted to tropical environments

Lenker, D. H.; Adrian, P. A.; Inman, J. W., 1974: Development of a deleafer and destemmer for brussels sprouts

Debuchy, V., 1972: Development of a desert region: the example of the Negev

Syrnikova, N. P., 1974: Development of a disinfection procedure for staphylococcosis in rabbits

Little, A. D.; Reis, M. R.; Moletta, P., 1973: Development of a distribution system for frozen foods in Brazil (preliminary appraisal)

Walker, R., 1974: Development of a dryland feed system for a subtropical environment

Hunter, J. E.; Kunimoto, R. K., 1972: Development of a field bioassay and evaluation of fungicides for control of Phytophthora blight of Macadamia racemes

Webster, D. B., 1975: Development of a flexible timber-harvesting simulation model

McKinnon, J. D.; Nicholson, J. H., 1974: Development of a forest nursery on peat land

Zimmerli, B.; Marek, B., 1972: Development of a gas chromatographic method for determination and confirmation of hexachlorobenzene residues in fats and oils

Pillai, S. P.; Muthu, M.; Majumder, S. K.; Sharangapani, M. V.; Amla, B. L., 1970: Development of a gas-proof strip-pack of ethylene dibromide for use in small-scale fumigations

Plarre, W., 1972: Development of a gene centre in East Africa. A contribution to the gene-centre theory

Ertl, J., 1974: Development of a general broad plan for Europe. Conference of the Federal German Savings Bank and Giro Association on Agricultural Credit, Bonn-Bad Godesberg 14th November 1974

Bowie, W. C.; Semafuko, W. E. B.; Somaiah, K. T.; Adams, R. R.; Hawthorne, E. W., 1974: Development of a heart-lung machine used during open-heart surgical operation in horses and calves

Kleinschmit, J.; Muller, W.; Schmidt, J.; Racz, J., 1973: Development of a large-scale method for vegetative propagation of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.) by cuttings

Coppock, G. E., 1974: Development of a limb shaker for harvesting Florida citrus

Sokolov, A. A.; Koneva, O. I.; Kheinshtein, G. Sh; Perepechko, A. V.; Yankunas, V. A., 1975: Development of a line for continuous production of crude casein based on in-line coagulation and washing

Anonymous, 1971: Development of a macro-economic method of calculating indirect fiscal changes bearing on the inputs of farm holdings in each of the six countries in the Community

Abington, J. B., 1975: Development of a maize breeding programme in Zambia. I-Formation of Zambia Composite A and description of the breeding system adopted

Abington, J. B., 1975: Development of a maize breeding programme in Zambia. II - Evaluation of introduced material and formation of Zambia Composite Z

Kollmannsberger, K.; Diercks, R., 1974: Development of a mechanism for the application of plant-protection spray-treatments with particular reference to the systemic insecticide dimefox (bis(dimethylamide) of fluorophosphoric acid) in hop gardens

Anonymous, 1972: Development of a method for international cost comparison between dairy firms

Voropaeva, V. S.; Radaeva, I. A.; Martynova, K. G.; Ryakhovskaya, I. V., 1973: Development of a method for the manufacture of stable evaporated milk

Kleinschmit, J.; Muller, W, Schmidt, J.; Racz, J., 1973: Development of a method of large-scale propagation of Picea abies by cuttings

Bashkeev, B. D.; Burov, G. A.; Maryushin, V. D., 1972: Development of a method of regulating the oestrous cycle in pigs

Emel' yanov, A. S.; Emel' yanova, L. G., 1974: Development of a method of selection of cows resistant to mastitis

Slavik, M. F.; Switzer, W. P., 1972: Development of a microtitration complement-fixation test for diagnosis of mycoplasmal swine pneumonia

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059392

Zubkova, V. I.; Tverdokhleb, G. V.; Kostenko, T. A., 1974: Development of a mixture of fats as a substitute for human milk

Anonymous, 1973: Development of a modified pellet freezing technique for the bull semen, 1967-68

Supryaga, V. G., 1972: Development of a nematode, Porrocaecum crassum, in the intermediate host, earthworms

Volobuev, V. V., 1974: Development of a network of infant feeding centres, based on creche catering units, in the Dzhankoy district of the Crimean region (1966-1972)

Szilas Kelemen, M.; Stark, L., 1972: Development of a new method and instrument for the measurement of the water-vapour and gas permeability of the packaging materials used in the milk industry

Radomanskii, V. M., 1970: Development of a new milking machine for mares

Farrell, I. D. , 1974: Development of a new selective medium for the isolation of Brucella abortus from contaminated sources

Blair, A. M.; Taylor, W. A.; Tottman, D. R., 1975: Development of a new small-plot sprayer and some predictions of the field performance

Setti, D., 1974: Development of a new technology for lactic acid production from cheese whey

Ianconescu, M.; Hornstein, K.; Samberg, Y.; Aharonovici, A.; Merdinger, M., 1975: Development of a new vaccine against turkey meningo-encephalitis using a virus passaged through the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Jones, J. W.; Hesketh, J. D.; Kamprath, E. J.; Bowen, H. D., 1974: Development of a nitrogen balance for cotton growth models: a first approximation

Grunert, E.; Horstmann, G., 1973: Development of a non-cyclical corpus luteum after chorionic gonadotrophin therapy in the cow

Jenkins, S. F, Jr; Dukes, P. D.; Thompson, S. S, Jr, 1973: Development of a normal tobacco plant from a false broomrape tumor

Paladines, O.; Alarcon, E.; Hilton, J.; Spain, J. M.; Grof, B.; Perez, R., 1974: Development of a pasture program in the tropical savannah of Colombia

Johansen, C. A.; Eves, J. D., 1973: Development of a pest management program on alfalfa grown for seed

Lipatov, N. N.; Fridenberg, G. V., 1974: Development of a plant for the continuous production of tvorog (curd-cheese)

Murdie, G., 1973: Development of a population model of cotton red bollworm as a basis for testing pest control strategies

May, R. G.; Bula, R. J.; Garrison, C. S., 1973: Development of a predictive red clover seed yield model from morphological components of seed yield

Strakova, J.; Sevcik, B.; Dvorak, M.; Plisek, K., 1973: Development of a preparation for intramammary use: Oxymykoin foam. I. Local tolerance in the udder and effect on milk yield

Koch, P.; Coughran, S. J., 1975: Development of a puller-buncher for harvesting Southern Pines with taproot attached

Vogl, M.; Tzschacksch, O.; Enderlein, H.; Bortitz, S.; Haedicke, E., 1972: Development of a rapid test to determine SO2 resistance in Picea abies

Roth, L. O., 1972: Development of a roller-brush pesticide applicator

Fenn, P.; Durbin, R. D.; Kuntz, J. E., 1973: Development of a seedling system for studying Oak wilt

Heil, G.; Haussmann, H., 1974: Development of a selection index for boar progeny testing. I. II

Efthymiou, C. J.; Joseph, S. W., 1974: Development of a selective Enterococcus medium based on manganese ion deficiency, sodium azide, and alkaline pH

Prows, B. L.; McIlhenny, W. F., 1973: Development of a selective algaecide to control nuisance algal growth

Karganilla, A. D.; Buddenhagen, I. W., 1972: Development of a selective medium for Pseudomonas solanacearum

Kappelman, A. J, Jr; Sappenfield, W. P., 1973: Development of a set of upland cotton lines for comparisons of Fusarium wilt-root-knot nematode data from several tests

Goering, C. E.; Foster, R. A.; Bode, L. E.; Gebhardt, M. R., 1972: Development of a shielded, spinning disk atomiser

Farooqi, M. A.; Agha, N.; Ansari, S. A., 1971: Development of a simpler technique for determining maturity of cotton fibres

Willig, B., 1973: Development of a standardized method of housing disinfection using parasiticide disinfectants

El Gayar, F. H.; Gawaad, A. A. A.; Watson, W. M., 1972: Development of a standardized technique for rearing larvae of Anopheles pharoensis Theo. (Dipt., Culicidae), and preparation of dosage-mortality curves for five larvicides

Lear, B.; Miyagawa, S. T., 1972: Development of a strain of the sugarbeet nematode as a potential pest of tomato

Gerrits, J. P. G., 1974: Development of a synthetic compost for mushroom growing based on wheat straw and chicken manure

Salova, T. M., 1970: Development of a technique for improving the resistance of recommended varieties of fibre flax to fusarial wilt

Fabig, F.; Nowak, M. E., 1972: Development of a test method for determining the incompatibility constitution of Brsssica oleracea L

Ignoffo, C. M., 1973: Development of a viral insecticide: concept to commercialization

Dendy, D. A. V.; Timmins, W. H., 1973: Development of a wet-coconut process designed to extract protein and oil from fresh coconut

Bak, J. B.; Yamamoto, H.; Azuma, R.; Nakajima, Y., 1973: Development of actinomycotic abscess in mice

Daengsuang, S.; Sermswatsri, B.; Youngyi, P.; Guname, D., 1970: Development of adult Gnathostoma spinigerum in the definitive host (cat and dog) by skin penetration of the advanced third-stage larvae

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059434

Baraniecki, S., 1974: Development of agricultural co-operative farms in 1970-1973

Buck, J. L., 1973: Development of agricultural economics at the university of Nanking, China, 1926-1946

Kocsis, K., 1972: Development of agricultural electric energy management

Rahman, K. M., 1973: Development of agricultural marketing in Bangladesh

Anonymous, 1972: Development of agricultural science in the constituent Soviet Socialist Republics

Perkins, D. A., 1973: Development of agriculture

Veer, J. de, 1973: Development of agriculture in Benelux countries

Florentjew, L., 1975: Development of agriculture in the non-black-earth zone (of the USSR)

Buzdalov, I., 1974: Development of agro-industrial integration

Samios, T., 1974: Development of agronomic practices under unfavourable dryland conditions

Salam, M. A. A., 1974: Development of agronomic practices under unfavourable rainfed conditions in the western Mediterranean coastal region of Egypt

Jakher, U. S.; Chatterjee, S. R.; Das, H. K., 1974: Development of amino acid imbalance in wheat proteins : part 1 - changes in amino acid composition of proteins in endosperm and embryo during grain maturation

O' Leary, P. R.; Wolfe, R. R., 1972: Development of an electronic automatic vacuum release milking unit

Roitman, M. I.; Mel' nikov, V. N., 1973: Development of an enteral method of immunization against botulism. I. Efficacy of enteral revaccination

Burschel, P.; Martinez, M.; Perez, C., 1973: Development of an experimental plantation of Pinus radiata in the first three growing seasons

Hanna, R. B.; Threadgold, L. T., 1975: Development of an in vitro technique for cytological investigations of slices of Fasciola hepatica: evaluation by morphological criteria

Threadgold, L. T.; Hanna, B., 1975: Development of an in vitro technique for cytological investigations of slices of Fasciola hepatica: evaluation by physiological criteria

Kluz, I.; Szefer, K.; Zalewska, S., 1973: Development of an index for determining the wool clip

Chawla, S. K., 1974: Development of an inexpensive cell culture medium for the production of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

Granados, R. R., 1971: Development of an insect poxvirus in the nervous system of Estigmene acrea larvae

Hans, A. S., 1972: Development of an instrument for assessment of stem straightness

Dvorak, M.; Plisek, K.; Sevcik, B.; Svobodnikova, M.; Rektorik, Z., 1971: Development of an intramammary aerosol for the treatment of mastitis. II.

Plisek, K.; Sevcik, B.; Dvorak, B.; Svobodnikova, M.; Rektorik, Z., 1971: Development of an intramammary aerosol for the treatment of mastitis. III.

Plisek, K.; Sevcik, B.; Danek, J.; Dvorak, M.; Reichel, F.; Svobodnikova, M.; Rektorik, Z., 1971: Development of an intramammary aerosol for treatment of mastitis. IV

Webb, B. K.; Hood, C. E.; Jenkins, W. H.; Veal, C. D., 1973: Development of an over-the-row peach harvester

Anonymous, 1973: Development of an overall approach to trade in view of the coming multilateral negotiations in GATT

Tartour, G.; Adam, S. E. I.; Obeid, H. M.; Idris, O. F., 1974: Development of anaemia in goats fed with Ipomoea carnea

Defrance, C., 1972: Development of and prospects for Chad's livestock sector

Wojcik, P., 1973: Development of animal production dynamics in the Zulawy region

Blankovskaya, T. F.; Vorob' ev, A. I., 1972: Development of anthers and pollen in two forms of wheat with male sterility

Billot, J., 1974: Development of anthocyanin pigments in Jacaranda flowers

Bulling, E.; Stephan, R.; Sebek, V., 1973: Development of antibiotic resistance in Salmonella bacteria of animal origin in the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin. I. Comparison between the years 1961 and 1970/71

Stephan, R.; Bulling, E., 1973: Development of antibiotic resistance in Salmonella bacteria of animal origin in the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin. II. Annual Report for 1971

Franklin, A.; Persson, L.; Glatthard, V., 1975: Development of antibiotic resistance in salmonella strains isolated from animals in Sweden, 1955-65 and 1973-74

Mensik, J.; Pokorny, J., 1971: Development of antibody response to swine influenza virus in pigs. I. The influence of experimental infection of pregnant sows on serum antibody production by their progeny during postnatal development

Gowin, T., 1972: Development of apical buds of Scots Pine (Pinus silvestris L.) seedlings of different provenience

Baker, J. E.; Lum, P. T. M., 1973: Development of aposymbiosis in larvae of Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) by dietary treatment with antibiotics

Martinek, V., 1974: Development of applied sylvicultural Dipterology in the post-war period; the present situation and tasks. Part I. Conifers

Martinek, V., 1974: Development of applied sylvicultural Dipterology in the post-war period; the present situation and tasks. Part II. Broadleaved trees

Anonymous, 1975: Development of arid zones, I

Kalev, G.; Minchev, P., 1974: Development of artificial insemination and the problem of infertility

Peter, W., 1974: Development of artificial insemination in the German Democratic Republic

Suzuki, Y.; Ogiso, K., 1973: Development of ascorbate oxidase activity and its isoenzyme pattern in the roots of pea seedlings

Yampol' skaya, V. D., 1973: Development of aspergillomas in pulmonary cavities of diverse genesis

Blokha, A. D., 1973: Development of assimilating surface in potatoes with fertilizers

Nesterov, V. G., 1973: Development of automatic control systems for objects of the 'industry/nature' type

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059483

Jones, D. R., 1974: Development of axenic cultures of the carnation rust fungus, Uromyces dianthi

Brnetic, P.; Bakovic, D., 1974: Development of baby food technology based on milk

Makhalova, M. R.; Kraevoi, S. Ya, 1972: Development of back-cross interspecific hybrids of tomato

Lemattre, M., 1973: Development of bacterial diseases in flower crops

Young, J. M., 1974: Development of bacterial populations in vivo in relation to plant pathogenicity

Holmes, B.; Day, N.; Haseman, J.; Good, R. A., 1972: Development of bactericidal capacity and phagocytosis-associated metabolism of fetal pig leukocytes

Lassoudiere, A., 1972: Development of banana production in the Ivory Coast

Doom, D.; Luitjes, J., 1972: Development of beetles (Scolytidae) in bark and wood of felled conifers

Chakravarti, B. P.; Hedge, S. V.; Gupta, D. K., 1974: Development of black rot caused by Xanthomonas campestris in rooted detached cabbage leaves

Bouchalova, M., 1972: Development of body type in young children

Sanz Arias, R.; Ovejero, F. J.; Zorita, E., 1975: Development of body weight in Churro lambs from birth to 20 weeks of age

Romanova, L. V.; Vasiliskov, V. F., 1973: Development of brome grass and contents of endogenous growth substances in it under different photoperiods

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059496

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059497

Reynolds, H. Y.; Thompson, R. E.; Devlin, H. B., 1974: Development of cellular and humoral immunity in the respiratory tract of rabbits to Pseudomonas lipopolysaccharide

Govinda Rajan S. V.; Datta Biswas N. R., 1971: Development of certain soils in the subtropical humid zone in south-eastern parts of India, genesis and classification of soils of Machkund Basin

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059501

Choi, Y. S.; Good, R. A., 1972: Development of chicken lymphoid system. I. Synthesis and secretion of immunoglobulins by chicken lymphoid cells

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Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059525

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Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059542

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Sinclair, W. A., 1974: Development of ectomycorrhizae in a Douglas-fir nursery: I. Seasonal characteristics

Sinclair, W. A., 1974: Development of ectomycorrhizae in a Douglas-fir nursery: II. Influence of soil fumigation, fertilization, and cropping history

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059554

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Misono, Y., 1974: Development of evaluation of family labour in peasant farms. I. Evaluation of family labour corresponding to social wages

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Cassou, R., 1972: Development of fertility rates in terms of age of semen

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Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059586

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McDowell, J., 1973: Development of high-protein/high calorie biscuits in Uganda using indigenous protein sources

Lust, G.; Geary, J. C.; Sheffy, B. E., 1973: Development of hip dysplasia in dogs

Spiker, S., 1974: Development of histone electrophoresis as a tool for studying plant phylogeny

Dorobantu, R., 1971: Development of histopathological changes in the lungs and bronchial lymph nodes of pigs with enzootic pneumonia.

Choudhury, S. H., 1974: Development of human skill relating to Green Revolution

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Rakovan, J. N.; Kovacs, A.; Szujko Lacza, J., 1973: Development of idioblasts and raphides in the aerial root of Monstera deliciosa Liebm

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Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059611

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Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059613

Esau, K.; Hoefert, L. L., 1972: Development of infection with beet western yellows virus in the sugarbeet

Gorskov, M., 1974: Development of inter-collective farm co-operation

Vidalko, N., 1975: Development of inter-kolkhoz co-operation in Bukovina

Steene, M. van de, 1974: Development of international trade from Belgium's pig sector

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059618

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059619

Chaturvedi, A. C., 1974: Development of irrigation in Rohelkhand

Veeraswamy, R.; Kunjamma Hrishi, V. K.; Palaniswami, G. A.; Rajasekaran, V. P. A., 1973: Development of lab-lab Co.6, Co.7 and Co.8 - three short term varieties for all seasons

Morgan, D. E., 1974: Development of laboratory methods of estimating the digestibility and energy values of forages

Svoboda, K., 1974: Development of labour productivity as compared with that of remuneration in agricultural co-operatives

Veaux, M.; Accolas, J. P.; Vassal, L.; Auclair, J., 1974: Development of lactic acid bacteria and propionic acid bacteria during manufacture and ripening of Gruyere-cheese

Hatt, A.; Weil Halpern, F.; Rapoport, D.; Saudubray, J. M.; Boisse, J.; Mozziconacci, P., 1974: Development of language in a group of phenylketonuric children

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Burleigh, J. R.; Eversmeyer, M. G.; Roelfs, A. P., 1972: Development of linear equations for predicting wheat leaf rust

Weissen, F., 1973: Development of litter in a stand of Fagus sylvatica after fertilizer treatment

Coleou, J., 1972: Development of livestock production and world food problems

Rudenko, N., 1974: Development of livestock production is to be accelerated

Ramanathan, L. A.; Pitchamuthu, P.; Bhatia, B. S., 1972: Development of long keeping bread sandwiches

Scheller, W.; Zemp, H., 1975: Development of low-volume application of herbicides with aircraft

Kordian, H. J., 1973: Development of lymphoreticular tissue in pig foetuses treated with erysipelas vaccines, with special reference to the lymph nodes

Salminen, J., 1973: Development of maintenance and repairs of heavy forest machines

Coleby, A. W. P.; Bascom, L. A.; Wyk, J. H. van, 1974: Development of malathion (formulation B) for control of red scale on citrus

Philbrick, D. J.; Hill, D. C., 1974: Development of malnutrition in rats

Wakasugi, N., 1973: Development of mammalian eggs and implantation

Elliott, D. S.; Maurer, R. R.; Staples, R. E., 1974: Development of mammalian embryos in vitro with increased atmospheric pressure

Sud, S. C., 1974: Development of mammary tissue in the guinea-pig under oestrogen-progesterone influence and the effect of adrenalectomy on survival and mammary growth in treated animals

Pandey, S. M., 1974: Development of marginal farmers and agricultural labourers

Torrealba, J. P., 1974: Development of marketing in Latin America and current problems

Sarker, K. R.; Sudha Panke; Sachan, J. K. S., 1972: Development of maternal-haploidy-inducer lines in maize (Zea mays L.)

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Szaloczy, B., 1973: Development of meat production

Ilyaletdinov, E. N., 1972: Development of meat production in crossbred sheep

Pande, B. P.; Shukla, R. P., 1973: Development of metacercarial cysts of the common liverfluke of Indian domestic carnivores in guinea-pig and rabbit

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059652

Denisov, V. F., 1974: Development of methods for early diagnosis of winter hardiness on the basis of electrometric studies of electrolytes extracted from seeds and shoots and on the basis of seed swelling

Maier, V. P.; Brewster, L. C.; Hsu, A. C., 1971: Development of methods for producing nonbitter Navel orange juice

Potskhverashvili, B. S.; Murguliya, L. S.; Panozishvili, K. P., 1972: Development of methods for the production of pulp and semichemical pulp by the sulfite method from Alderwood

Mustafaev, S. A., 1971: Development of methods of shortening the vegetative period of cotton in Azerbaijan

Oh, J. H.; Hume, I. D.; Torell, D. T., 1972: Development of microbial activity in the alimentary tract of lambs

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059658

Kalasa Balicka, M., 1973: Development of microsporangia in di- and tetraploid Trifolium Melilotus, Medicago and Trigonella species and forms

Zajicek, D., 1974: Development of miracidia of Cotylophoron cotylophorum (Fischoeder, 1901) and Calicophoron calicophorum (Fischoeder, 1901) under conditions of Cuba

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059661

Bryan, W. W., 1973: Development of mixed pastures on the Wallum

Rao, B. U.; Datt N. S., 1971: Development of modified strains of foot-and-mouth-disease virus in mice and testing of their virulence

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Smyth, J. D., 1971: Development of monozoic forms of Echinococcus granulosus during in vitro culture

Matsumoto, S.; Wada, H., 1973: Development of morphological characteristics of subsurface horizons of paddy soil. Part 6. Oxidation of the adsorbed ferrous iron and its effect on subsequent retention of ferrous iron in subsoil

Wada, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Takai, Y., 1970: Development of morphological characteristics of the sub-surface horizons of paddy soils. 1. Interaction between leachate from surface soil and the subsoil

Wada, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Takai, Y., 1970: Development of morphological characteristics of the sub-surface horizons of paddy soils. 2. Mechanism of adsorption of iron eluviated from waterlogged surface soil

Matsumoto, S.; Wada, H.; Takai, Y., 1971: Development of morphological characteristics of the subsurface horizon of paddy soil. 3. Mechanism of subsoil adsorption of iron eluviated from flooded surface soil (11)

Wada, H.; Matsumoto, S., 1972: Development of morphological characteristics of the subsurface horizons of paddy soils. 4. Comparative studies on the behaviour of iron and manganese (1)

Delespaul, G.; Gueguen, M.; Lenoir, J., 1973: Development of moulds on the surface of St Nectaire and Tomme de Savoie cheeses during ripening

Beyer, G.; Zeilmaker, G. H., 1973: Development of mouse and rat zygotes following transfer to non-synchronized rat and mouse oviducts

Bellve, A. R., 1973: Development of mouse embryos with abnormalities induced by parental heat stress

Lum, P. T. M.; Baker, J. E., 1973: Development of mycetomes in larvae of Sitophilus granarius and S. oryzae

Low, A, McMahon, J. P., 1973: Development of narrow row, high density cotton in Australia. 1. Effect on yield. 2. Effect on fibre quality. 3. Effect on mechanization and cultural practices

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059677

Kostyuk, N. A., 1973: Development of nematodes of the genus Aphelenchoides

Munck, L., 1975: Development of new beverages

Gillies, A. J., 1971: Development of new dairy foods in Queensland

Anonymous, 1972: Development of new dwarf durums

Sotorres, A. M.; Suldrup, N. A.; Itten de Entizne, E. L., 1971: Development of new fish meal concentrates in the Argentine. 1. Chemical composition

Sotorres, A. M.; Hormann, H., 1971: Development of new fish meal concentrates in the Argentine. 2. Solubility and fractionation of proteins

Krivanek, M., 1974: Development of new milk products

Bakhshi, J. S.; Gulati, S. C., 1973: Development of new plant type in barley and its impact on yield potential

Mukade, K.; Kamio, M.; Hosoda, K., 1975: Development of new procedures for accelerating generation advancement in breeding rust resistant wheat

Ruschel, A. P.; Reuszer, H. W., 1973: Development of nodulation and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soyabean cultivars at different growth stages

Matthysse, J. G.; Jones, C. J.; Purnasiri, A., 1974: Development of northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus sylviarum (Canestrini and Fanzago), (Acarina: Dermanyssidae). Populations on chickens, effects on the host, and immunology

Budny, J.; Wasilewski, R., 1973: Development of objective tests for cheesemaking. VIII. Experiments on determination of degree of moisture loss from curd by an electrical method

Dojmi di Delupis, G.; Palmieri, C.; Piccione, G., 1972: Development of oocysts of Plasmodium gallinaceum in two strains of Anopheles stephensi differentially selected as regards susceptibility to the parasite

Terskikh, I. I.; Akhundova, E. D., 1972: Development of ornithosis agent in ticks A. persicus and O. coniceps

Krzeminska, A., 1972: Development of ovaries and fertilisation of females of Musca domestica under the influence of chemosterilising agents

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059694

Vidakovic, M.; Jurkovic Bevilacqua, B., 1971: Development of ovules after interspecific hybridization of Austrian and Scots pines with gamma-irradiated pollen

Swiezynski, K. M., 1971: Development of parental lines for breeding early potatoes

Piotrowski, W.; Osinska, M.; Swiszczewska, J., 1971: Development of parental lines for breeding potatoes resistant to late blight

Jastrzebski, K.; Werner, E., 1971: Development of parental lines for breeding potatoes suited to the requirements of mechanization

Werner, E., 1971: Development of parental lines for breeding potatoes with good qualities for cooking

Sawicka, E., 1971: Development of parental lines for breeding potatoes with high starch contents

Makuch, M.; Sas Piotrowska, B., 1971: Development of parental lines for breeding potatoes with increased protein contents

Sieczka, M. T., 1971: Development of parental lines which combine disease resistance with other useful qualities

Martin, C. L., 1974: Development of pectinate ligament structure of the dog: study by scanning electron microscopy

Poltarsky, J.; Majerciak, P., 1973: Development of performance of Slovakian White pigs

Dumazert, G.; Margulis, H.; Montreau, F. R., 1973: Development of phenolic compounds during ripening of Mauzac, a white variety of Vitis vinifera

Bowden, L.; Lord, J. M., 1975: Development of phospholipid synthesizing enzymes in castor bean endosperm

Henningsen, K. W.; Boardman, N. K., 1973: Development of photochemical activity and the appearance of the high potential form of cytochrome b-559 in greening barley seedlings

Tabentskii, A. A.; Mechetnyi, N. S., 1974: Development of photosynthetic apparatus of maize plants and its productivity in ontogenesis

Kirk, J. T. O., 1973: Development of photosynthetic induction transient in greening leaves of wheat and French bean

Pope, C. E.; Day, B. N., 1972: Development of pig embryos following restriction to the ampullar portion of the oviduct

Franz, W.; Tack, D.; Bacher, J., 1975: Development of pig meat production - an expression of the successful realisation of agrarian policies in the German Democratic Republic

El Gindy, M. M.; Raouf, S.; El Manawaty, H., 1972: Development of pigments during maturation of grapes in relation to chemical constituents

Soldatkin, I. S.; Rodnikovsky, V. B.; Rudenchik, Yu V., 1975: Development of plague epizootic as a statistical model

Langholz, H. J., 1974: Development of planned breeding of cattle in Norway

Meijer, E. N. C., 1974: Development of planting machines for pre-sprouted potatoes

Csaszar, J.; Rajki, E., 1972: Development of pollen number in flowers of Triticum aestivum L

Chira, E., 1973: Development of pollen with more than n chromosomes in Pinus silvestris L

Ravoavy, J. A., 1972: Development of populations of Gastrimargus africanus Sauss. and Cyrtacanthacris tatarica tatarica Linn. on the Betioky plateau (Madagascar)

Talatschian, P., 1974: Development of populations of phytoparasitic nematodes on catch crops with special consideration of oil radish

Lucam, F.; Peillon, M.; Dannacher, G.; Coudert, M.; Fedida, M., 1972: Development of post-vaccinal immunity to influenza in the horse, estimated as a function of antibody kinetics

Svensson, B.; Naglicka, I., 1975: Development of potato stands in relation to stand density

Svensson, B., 1973: Development of potato stands in relation to their density

Tomov, N., 1971: Development of potential ears in certain inbred lines of maize

Rao, N. N.; Rao, T. N. R.; Shanthamma, M. S., 1972: Development of predigested protein-rich food based on oilseed meals and pulses. 2

Blerkom, J. van; Manes, C.; Daniel, J. C, Jr, 1973: Development of preimplantation rabbit embryos in vivo and in vitro. I. An ultrastructural comparison

Hlerkom, J. van; Manes, C., 1974: Development of preimplantation rabbit embryos in vivo and in vitro. II. A comparison of qualitative aspects of protein synthesis

Burdenyuk, L. A., 1973: Development of primary root system and productivity of winter wheat cultivars

Harris, F. A., 1973: Development of principles for managing insect populations in the cotton ecosystem as related to Mississippi

Reynolds, H. T., 1973: Development of principles for managing insect populations in the cotton ecosystem-California

Bottrell, D. G., 1973: Development of principles for managing insect populations in the cotton ecosystem: Texas

Bijok, F.; Sienkiewicz, Z.; Wajnert, T., 1974: Development of procedure for 'Liliput' cheese manufacture

Bijok, F.; Sienkiewicz, Z.; Markowicz, E.; Kazimierczak, W., 1974: Development of procedure for Pulawski cheese manufacture

Tkacuk, M. A., 1973: Development of processing factories of specialized state farms in the suburban zone of Kiev

Anonymous, 1974: Development of production and exports of some important agricultural products

Broussole, C., 1973: Development of production structures and demand for livestock products in a co-operative

Hansen, J., 1973: Development of productivity in different types of farming

Hansen, J., 1973: Development of productivity within different types of agricultural enterprise

Durr, R., 1974: Development of psychrotrophic bacteria in refrigerated raw milk at French dairy farms

Aire, T. A., 1973: Development of puberty in Nigerian and White Leghorn cockerels

Aire, T. A.; Akpokodje, J. U., 1975: Development of puberty in the White Fulani (Bos indicus) bull calf

Brincker, H.; Hansen, P. B., 1974: Development of pulmonary aspergillomas coinciding with induction of remission in acute myeloid leukaemia

Anderson, G. B.; Foote, R. H., 1975: Development of rabbit embryos after storage at 10 deg C

Kajjari, N. B.; Puttarudrappa, A., 1972: Development of rabi jowar hybrids for the scarcity tract of Mysore State

Gamet, A.; Guillon, J. C.; Levaditi, J. C.; Vallee, A., 1972: Development of rabies in France from 1968 to 1971: incidence in animals which might infect man

Scifres, C. R.; Halifax, J. C., 1972: Development of range grass seedlings germinated in picloram

Kovacs, A.; Rakovan, J. N., 1975: Development of raphide idioblasts in the aerial root of Monstera deliciosa Liebm

Vasenius, L., 1973: Development of rat strain adapted to metabolise erucic acid

Cruz Landim, C. da; Rodrigues, L., 1971: Development of rectal glands and Malpighian tubules in bees of the genus Melipona in relation to the humidity of their natural habitat

Markus, F.; Kapeller, K., 1971: Development of red pepper varieties suitable for mechanical harvesting with special reference to pigment content, earliness and disease resistance

Rondelaud, D., 1974: Development of rediae of Fasciola hepatica L. in Galba truncatula Muller, in the Limousin

Eschmann, K. H., 1972: Development of reference methods and standards for microbiological examination for the Swiss food code

Blazheevich, N. V.; Spirichev, V. B.; Pozdnyakov, A. L.; Isaeva, V. A.; Gazdarov, A. K., 1974: Development of renal and aortic calcinosis in rats with different proportions of Ca and P in the diet

Evans, R. M.; Scholz, R. W., 1973: Development of renal gluconeogenesis in chicks fed high fat and high protein carbohydrate-free diets

Syarov, I., 1974: Development of replacement sows and their embryos with an increased proportion of protein in the diet

Chhabra, R. C.; Singh, K. S., 1972: Development of resistance in Spirocerca infection

Pickens, L. G.; Miller, R. W., 1975: Development of resistance in house fly adults and larvae pressured with stirofos

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059759

Drobozina, V. P., 1971: Development of resistance to DDT in Musca domestica as a result of sublethal doses of sodium arsenate

Alekseev, A. N.; Samarina, G. P.; Shiranovich, P. I., 1974: Development of resistance to DDT in the rat flea Ceratophyllus fasciatus Bosc. in the laboratory

Ahmad, I., 1974: Development of resistance to apholate in Dysdercus cingulatus Fabr

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059763

Brown, A. W. A., 1974: Development of resistance to insecticides

Yoda, H.; Nakagawa, M.; Muto, T.; Imaizumi, K., 1972: Development of resistance to reinfection of Bordetella bronchiseptica in guinea pigs recovered from natural infection

Cagampang, G. B.; Dalby, A., 1972: Development of ribonuclease activity in nine inbred lines of normal and opaque-2 maize

Yamaguchi, T., 1974: Development of rice blast control techniques in Japan

Anonymous, 1972: Development of rice growing in the Rewa river basin, Fiji. Agronomy and production economics, based on the work of F.B.Brown and M.Laure

Martinez, C.; Pineda, A., 1972: Development of rice varieties resistant to hoja blanca

Portas, C. A. M., 1973: Development of root systems during the growth of some vegetable crops

Bergersen, F. J., 1974: Development of root-nodule symbioses. Formation and function of bacteroids

Appleby, C. A., 1974: Development of root-nodule symbioses. Leghemoglobin

Libbenga, K. R.; Bogers, R. J., 1974: Development of root-nodule symbioses. Root-nodule morphogenesis

Quispel, A., 1974: Development of root-nodule symbioses. The endophytes of the root nodules in non-leguminous plants

Lee, C. I.; Tukey, H. B, Jr, unda: Development of root-promoting substances in Euonymus alatus 'Compactus' under intermittent mist

Danil' chuk, P. V.; Yatsenko, G. K.; Novitskaya, N. A., 1974: Development of roots in spring forms of wheat, barley and oats grown in S. Ukraine

Hayashi, H., 1973: Development of rumination in the young dairy calf fed soiling crops from birth

Shinoura, H., 1972: Development of rural co-operatives

Pohl, P.; Thomas, J.; Laub, R., 1974: Development of salmonella infections in cattle in Belgium. Clinical, bacteriological and epidemiological features

Oteng, A. K., 1972: Development of schizonts directly from the blood piroplasms of the Australian Theileria mutans

Hearn, C. J., 1973: Development of scion cultivars of Citrus in Florida

Lenkov, L., 1969: Development of second ears in some maize hybrids

Speer, C. A.; Hammond, D. M., 1973: Development of second-generation schizonts, gamonts and oocysts of Eimeria bovis in bovine kidney cells

Hinz, E., 1972: Development of secondary Echinococcus multilocularis in the experimentally infected mouse. A quantitative analysis

Griggs, S. H.; Iwakiri, B. T., 1973: Development of seeded and parthenocarpic fruits in mulberry (Morus rubra L.)

Griggs, W. H.; Iwakiri, B. T., 1972: Development of seeded and parthenocarpic fruits in mulberry (Morus rubra L.)

Blumenfeld, A.; Gazit, S., 1974: Development of seeded and seedless avocado fruits

Kluczynski, B., 1973: Development of seedlings of selected tree and shrub species in a pot trial on post-flotation zinc sand from the Orzel Bialy smelting works

Kluczynski, B., 1973: Development of seedlings of selected trees and shrub species on ash from the Halemba power station in a pot trial

Basik, J.; Pribyl, F., 1973: Development of semen preservation techniques in cattle breeding

Louw, A. J., 1973: Development of semi-arid bushveld to its full potential. 1. Transvaal

Toit, P. F. du, 1973: Development of semi-arid bushveld to its full potential. 2. Eastern Cape

Surynek, J., 1974: Development of serum lipase activity in calves in the early postnatal period

Multon, J. L.; Poisson, J.; Cahagnier, B.; Hahn, D.; Barel, M.; Santos, A. Corte Dos, 1974: Development of several characteristics of arabica coffee during experimental storage at five relative humidities and four different temperatures

Anonymous, 1973: Development of sheep and horse breeding in the semi-desert zone of Central Kazakhstan

Dvorak, L., 1972: Development of sheep numbers and production

Gorshkova, A. A., 1972: Development of shoots as related to vital activity of steppe vegetation in trans-Baikal area

Zaluska, J., 1973: Development of simple methods of post-slaughter evaluation of crossbred lambs

Robertson, G. W., 1973: Development of simplified agroclimatic procedures for assessing temperature effects on crop development

Goto, Y.; Yamamoto, K., 1972: Development of small windrower harvester for sugar cane

McWatters, K.; Heaton, E. K., 1972: Development of snack-type chips from peanuts

Dimovski, V., 1971: Development of social and economic relations in socialist agriculture

Wangin, J., 1973: Development of soft cheese production in the next few years

Lindsay John F., 1972: Development of soil on the lunar surface

Pizer, N. H., 1975: Development of soil profile examination as a technique in crop production

Baier, W.; Mack, A. R., 1973: Development of soil temperature and soil water criteria for characterizing soil climates in Canada

Ui, T., 1973: Development of soil treatment chemicals and control measures for root diseases

Persson, H. E., 1973: Development of somatosensory cortical functions. An electrophysiological study in prenatal sheep

Migchels, A., 1972: Development of some of the larger all-grassland dairy farms in the Netherlands

Singh, R. A.; Pavgi, M. S., 1973: Development of sorus in kernal bunt of rice

Muller, G.; Foerster, E., 1974: Development of sown pastures in the flooding area of the Rhine near Kleve

Goodchild, D. J.; Bergersen, F. J., 1973: Development of soybean nodules

Muscoplat, C. C.; Thoen, C. O.; Chen, A. W.; Johnson, D. W., 1975: Development of specific in vitro lymphocyte responses in cattle infected with Mycobacterium bovis and with Mycobacterium avium

Henderson, D. M.; Prentice, H. T., 1973: Development of spores of Phragmidium

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059816

Heide, G. von der, 1973: Development of standardized laboratory test methods for parasiticide disinfectants

Tukunov, M., 1973: Development of state farms working under marginal natural and economic conditions

Sipos, M., 1973: Development of state support for agriculture in some West European capitalist countries and its main characteristics

Lownsbery, B. F.; English, W. H.; Moody, E. H.; Schick, F. J., 1972: Development of stem cankers in peach trees inoculated with ring nematodes, Pythium spp. and Pseudomonas syringae

Santoso, M.; Cheung, D. S. M.; Willetts, H. J., 1973: Development of stem rust on susceptible and resistant wheat

Ansari, M. A., 1973: Development of sterility through pupal treatments in Musca domestica nebulo Fabr

Pant, D. D.; Kidwai, P., 1972: Development of stomata in Lactuca sativa L

Kliejunas, J. T.; Kuntz, J. E., 1972: Development of stromata and the imperfect state of Eutypella parasitica in Maple

Tovbis, B., 1973: Development of subsidiary plants in agriculture

Chartier, J. C.; Devillers, P.; Loilier, M.; Chablay, R.; Guyot, J. Y.; Mesnard, G.; Wilde, C. de, 1971: Development of sugar losses during storage of beet

Chartier, J. C.; Devillers, P.; Loilier, M.; Chablay, R.; Guyot, J. Y.; Mesnard, G.; Wilde, C. de, 1971: Development of sugar losses during storage of sugar beet

Negovskii, N. A.; Orlovskii, N. I., 1972: Development of sugar-beet breeding in the USSR

Hecker, R. J.; Ruppel, E. G.; Gaskill, J. O., 1972: Development of sugarbeets with resistance to Rhizoctonia root and crown rot

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059830

Wilson, L. A.; Lowe, S. B., 1973: Development of supplementary translocatory tissues in intact and Megastes-infested 'tuber stalks' of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam)

Tao Wiedmann, T. W.; Loor, F.; Hagg, L. B., 1975: Development of surface immunoglobulins in the chicken

Mersmann, H. J.; Goodman, J. R.; Brown, L. J., 1975: Development of swine adipose tissue: morphology and chemical composition

Wight, P. A. L., 1971: Development of sympathetic innervation of the pineal of the domestic fowl

Newell, L. C., 1973: Development of synthetic cultivars of perennial grasses from germplasm of known geographic origins

Linna, T. J.; Hu, C. p; Thompson, K. D., 1974: Development of systemic and local tumours induced by avian reticuloendotheliosis virus after thymectomy or bursectomy

Oxelfelt, P., 1972: Development of systemic tobacco mosaic virus infection. III. Metabolism of soluble proteins in systemically infected leaves

O' Callaghan, E., 1974: Development of techniques for measuring four parameters in milking machines

Guerra, H.; Gough, M.; Williams, R. P., 1972: Development of techniques for obtaining viable radioactive brucellae and detecting them in tissues of infected guinea pigs

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059840

Anonymous, 1973: Development of the Common Agricultural Policy. 1. Memorandum from the Commission to the Council; 2. Reflections of COPA and COGECA

Wellington, K. E.; Mahadevan, P., 1975: Development of the Jamaica Hope breed of dairy cattle

Anonymous, 1973: Development of the Jamaica Red Poll breed, 1965-1970

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059844

Boshoft, W. H., 1972: Development of the Uganda small tractor

Green, T. R.; Baisted, D. J., 1972: Development of the activities of enzymes of the isoprenoid pathway during early stages of pea-seed germination

Dvorak, M., 1973: Development of the adrenal gland in pigs during the perinatal period. Growth rate and ascorbic acid content of the adrenal

Parmelee, J. A.; Corlett, M., 1973: Development of the aecium and the nuclear condition of Roestelia brucensis

Anonymous, 1974: Development of the agricultural and horticultural economy (1972-1973) Government report

Anonymous, 1973: Development of the agricultural and horticultural sector, 1971-1972, government report

Stern, W. L., 1973: Development of the amentiferous concept

Uecker, F. A.; Staley, J. M., 1973: Development of the ascocarp and cytology of Lophodermella morbida

Freeman, B. M.; Vince, M. A., 1974: Development of the avian embryo. A behavioural and physiological study

Franquin, P., 1974: Development of the basic structure or morphogenetic development of the plant

Frerking, H., 1975: Development of the blood picture in the bovine foetus during the second half of pregnancy

Caputa, J., 1974: Development of the botanical composition of pastures sown as pure stands or as a complex mixture

McClintock, W. L.; Frye, J. W.; Hogan, W. D., 1974: Development of the bottom placement technique for Hydrilla and eelgrass control

Aguirre, G. D.; Rubin, L. F.; Bistner, S. I., 1972: Development of the canine eye

Shol' , V. A.; Drobishchenko, N. I., 1971: Development of the causal agent of setariosis of marals in the body of Haematobia stimulans

Tkachev, V. A., 1969: Development of the cestode Tatria decacantha Fuhrmann, 1913 in the final host

Cruz, M. V. de la; Munoz Armas, S.; Munoz Castellanos, L., 1972: Development of the chick heart

Scarascia Mugnozza, G. T.; Porceddu, E., 1973: Development of the coleoptile and its relationship with adult plant characters in mutant lines of durum wheat

Wezyk, S.; Rozycka, B.; Juszczak Haik, M.; Luberda, B., 1972: Development of the commercial value of a flock of Rhode Island Reds at Rossocha Experiment Station

Dumont, B. L.; Roy, G.; Desmoulin, B., 1973: Development of the composition of the ham with increasing slaughter weight in Large White boars

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059865

Henry, J. E., 1972: Development of the crystalline-array virus (CAV) in cultures of dorsal vessels from Schistocerca americana (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Macko, G., 1974: Development of the dairy industry in Slovakia

Anonymous, 1972: Development of the dairy industry in the constituent republics of the USSR

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059869

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059870

Gorshenin, M. M.; Krinits' kii, G. T.; Savich, I. P., 1972: Development of the dominant species of the herbaceous vegetation on felled areas in the Carpathian Beech forests

Stanhope, W., 1974: Development of the duck meat industry

Baskerville, A., 1972: Development of the early lesions in experimental enzootic pneumonia of pigs: an ultrastructural and histological study

Bannikova, V. P.; Khvedynich, O. A., 1974: Development of the embryo in hybridization of barley with rye

Barrau, M. D.; Abel, J. H, Jr; Verhage, H. G.; Tietz, W. J, Jr, 1975: Development of the endometrium during the estrous cycle in the bitch

Vedenin, N. N., 1973: Development of the extent to which state farms are subject to the law

Barthelemy, D.; Boinon, J. P., 1973: Development of the family farm and peasant land ownership in the Chatillonnais

Karpenko, L. V., 1972: Development of the fat body in preimaginal stages of the house-fly, Musca domestica L. (Diptera, Muscidae)

Oprea, C., 1971: Development of the female flower in the walnut

Kots, Z. P., 1972: Development of the female flower of Populus pruinosa (subgen. Turanga)

Limanskaya, A. P., 1971: Development of the female gametophyte in maize forms with cytoplasmic male sterility and in their fertile analogues

Ram, L. C., 1973: Development of the fertilizer industry in the seventies

Horan, A. H.; Bedford, J. M., 1972: Development of the fertilizing ability of spermatozoa in the epididymis of the Syrian hamster

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059885

Zolotova, S. I.; Yakunin, B. M., 1973: Development of the flea Pulex irritans L., 1758 in experimental conditions

Rauk, J., 1972: Development of the forest cover of Saaremaa

Tiwari, G. P.; Jamdar, M. N., 1970: Development of the forestomach wall in buffalo calf

Timbal, J., 1973: Development of the forests and countryside of Lorraine

Marchand, H., 1973: Development of the forests of Guiana : pipe-dream or reasonable aim?

Langholz, H. J., 1971: Development of the genetic potential of cattle in the tropics and subtropics and methods of achieving it

Taylor, M. J.; Short, R. V., 1973: Development of the germ cells in the ovary of the mule and hinny

Adamesteanu, I.; Adamesteanu, C.; Danielescu, N.; Rotaru, O.; Moldovan, N. A., 1974: Development of the glucose and urea content in the blood with increasing age in normal piglets and runt piglets in intensive pig farming

Jost, A.; Vigier, B.; Prepin, J.; Perchellet, J. P., 1973: Development of the gonad of freemartins

Redelonghi, R. B.; Trumper, S. J.; Bilbao, A. R.; Bosch, R. A., 1970: Development of the gonadotrophic activity of the pituitary gland in cockerels from 15 to 260 days of age

Schultz, R. D.; Wang, J. T.; Dunne, H. W., 1971: Development of the humoral immune response of the pig

Hammond, C. T.; Popham, R. A., 1970: Development of the hypocotyl and first internode of soybean

Cooper, M. D.; Lawton, A. R, II I., 1974: Development of the immune system

Kent, J., 1975: Development of the infantile mouse uterus: the effect of stilboestrol

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059900

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059901

Araujo, P., 1971: Development of the larvae of Ascaridata: observations on the first ecdysis of Ascaris lumbricoides, Ascaris suum, Toxocara canis, Ophidascaris sprenti, Polydelphis quadrangularis and Hexametra quadricornis

Macarie, I.; Cure, C., 1971: Development of the lesions in pigs experimentally infected with Aujeszky's disease virus.

Carles, R., 1974: Development of the main agricultural production systems 1967 to 1970, and income disparities

Carles, R., 1974: Development of the main agricultural production systems between 1967 and 1970 and disparities in income

Duhoux, E., 1973: Development of the male gametophyte and formation of gametes in vitro in Juniperus communis (Cupressaceae). First results

Razmologov, V. P., 1972: Development of the male gametophyte of Cupressus sempervirens on an artificial nutrient medium

Sibani, M., 1974: Development of the market for livestock and meat

Rahn, R., 1971: Development of the mating potentialities of the males and females of Acrolepia assectella Z. (Lepidopt. Plutellidae)

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059910

Poisson, J.; Cahagnier, B., 1972: Development of the microflora of moist maize grain treated with propionic acid

Hairy, D.; Perraud, D.; Saunier, P.; Schaller, B., 1972: Development of the milk production and processing sectors. Nature and significance of the surplus phase

Annenkov, V., 1973: Development of the mixed feed industry

Glass, R. H.; Calarco, P. G.; Lin, T. P.; Florence, J.; Oh, J. O., 1974: Development of the mouse blastocyst following injection with Newcastle disease virus

Jastrzebski, M., 1973: Development of the myelin sheaths of the cranial nerves in the bovine medulla oblongata

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059916

Broekhuyse, J. Th, 1974: Development of the northern Mossi plateaux

Luyken, R.; Wijn, J. F. de; Zaat, J. C. A., 1974: Development of the nutritional state of Dutch adolescents and young adults in 1960-1970

Terskikh, I. I.; Akhundova, E. D., 1972: Development of the ornithosis agent in the ticks Argas persicus and ornithodoros coniceps.

Corring, T.; Lebas, F.; Courtot, D., 1972: Development of the pancreatic exocrine enzymic apparatus in the rabbit from birth to 5 weeks

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059921

Pavlok, A., 1974: Development of the penetration activity of mouse epididymal spermatozoa in vivo and in vitro

Mussen, E. C.; Chiang, H. C., 1974: Development of the picnic beetle, Glischrochilus quadrisignatus (Say), at various temperatures

Fechner, G. H., 1972: Development of the pistillate flower of Populus tremuloides following controlled pollination

Sternlicht, M.; Goldenberg, S.; Cohen, M., 1973: Development of the plum gall and trials to control its mite, Acalitus phloeocoptes (Eriophyidae, Acarina)

Germershausen, K.; Kastner, A., 1974: Development of the population of Heterodera avenae Wollenweber in experimental plots treated with plant-protection substances

Murray, V. I. E., 1974: Development of the posterior spiracles in Hypoderma (Diptera: Hypodermatidae) lineatum and H. bovis

Candy, R. A.; McAdam, L. M. , 1974: Development of the pumice in the Taupo area

Bastos, J. A. M., 1974: Development of the pupal stage of Chalcodermus bimaculatus Fiedler, in some types of soils with different moisture contents

Rikhter, A. A.; Mitasov, I. M., 1972: Development of the root system in almond seedlings

Zolotov, V. I.; Fevralev, V. S., 1973: Development of the root system in hybrids differing in earliness

Kitin, B., 1973: Development of the root system in some promising varieties of Poplar

Karamalishoev, A., 1972: Development of the root system in wheat in relation to seed size

Hallik, J., 1973: Development of the root system of plantations on levelled oil-shale workings

Shatilov, I. S.; Safonov, A. F., 1973: Development of the root system of winter wheat and uptake by it of nutrients from different soil layers

Godizov, T. N., 1972: Development of the root sytem in some leguminous grasses introduced into the North Ossetian ASSR

Kalchev, K., 1974: Development of the rural cooperatives in Bulgaria under capitalism and socialism. Part II. rural cooperatives under socialism

Rigaudiere, N., 1973: Development of the secretion of androgens in the male guinea-pig from 3 to 24 months of age

Section 1, Chapter 60, Accession 000059939

Koch, P., 1974: Development of the shaping-lathe headrig

Deshpande, B. P., 1974: Development of the sieve plate in Saxifraga sarmentosa L

Fotakieva, E., 1972: Development of the soil cover in Bulgaria during the Quaternary

Tomlinson, P. B., 1974: Development of the stomatal complex as a taxonomic character in the monocotyledons

Salama, H. S.; Tolba, R. A., 1971: Development of the sugar cane borer Sesamia cretica Led. on a semi-artificial diet

Makhinya, M.; Dolgii, L.; Mar' yantsik, V., 1975: Development of the sugar industry in the Ukraine

Hiremath, R. V.; Pavgi, M. S., 1974: Development of the telium in Sphaerophragmium acaciae

Busenko, A. T., 1973: Development of the testes of young cattle

Christ, B.; Jacob, H. J.; Jacob, M., 1974: Development of the thoracic wall in chick embryos

Konovalov, Yu, N., 1974: Development of the ticks Ixodes kaiseri A. and Ixodes crenulatus Koch in laboratory conditions

Busch, E., 1974: Development of the trade in agricultural commodities in Schleswig-Holstein

Beckett, J. L., 1973: Development of the trial procedures and presentation of results for cauliflower varieties. Preliminary report on research project in progress. 1. Statistical analysis of plot variation

Kirby, E. J. M.; Rymer, J. L., 1974: Development of the vascular system in the ear of barley

Baiguzina, L. L., 1973: Development of the vegetation cover in the Trans-Volga region of the Mari ASSR in the Lower Quaternary era

Pila, V. I., 1973: Development of the wood-processing industry on the basis of integrated utilization of wood

Anonymous, 1973: Development of the world population of sheep

Rosche, I., 1972: Development of the yields of different crops on light soils as influenced by the rotation

Hassan, M.; Maher Ali, A.; El Sawy, M. S. E., 1970: Development of tolerance of the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis Boisd., to currently applied insecticides

Padmanabhan, C.; Gurunathan, M.; Jambulingam, R.; Rangasamy, S. R. S., 1974: Development of tomato plants from shoot tips

Uspenskii, I. V.; Levikov, V. B., 1974: Development of toxic effects in Ixodid ticks (Ixodes persulcatus, Dermacentor silvarum, Haemaphysalis concinna) after DDT treatment

Canamas Mendoza, R., 1972: Development of treatments against Ceratitis capitata in the Province of Valencia

Upton, M., 1973: Development of tree crop production in Southern Nigeria

Bhati, J. P.; Moorti, T. V.; Singh, L. R., 1974: Development of tribal agriculture in U.P

Sanchez Monge, E., 1974: Development of triticales in western Europe

Ricardo, C. P. P.; Sovia, D., 1974: Development of tuberous roots and sugar accumulation as related to invertase activity and mineral nutrition

Bailey, R. L., 1973: Development of unthinned stands of Pinus radiata in New Zealand

Peterken, G. F., 1969: Development of vegetation of Staverton Park, Suffolk

Cardona, U.; Eugenio, B.; Velandia, J.; Rocha, J.; Gutierrez, A., 1971: Development of vesicular diseases (FMD and vesicular stomatitis) in Colombia.

Sutton, J. C., 1973: Development of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in crop plants

Skowronek, W., 1973: Development of wax glands in worker bees of different races

Olney, V. W., 1971: Development of weed control in Hawaiian sugarcane fields

Sinclair, W. A. , 1973: Development of weight variation in Douglas-Fir seedlings

Meredith, P., 1971: Development of wheat grains

Stumm, G., 1974: Development of wine production and storage for wine in the GFR in view of the rise in wine stocks

Meillassoux, C., 1974: Development or exploitation: is the Sahel famine good business?

Anonymous, 1973: Development plan for agriculture

Dalisay, A. M., 1972: Development planning: concept and experience in the Philippines

Schumacher, A., 1973: Development plans and planning

Healey, D. I., 1972: Development policy: new thinking about an interpretation

Tandiono ; Sabaruddin, M. K., 1974: Development possibilities of the Pine-tar project in Tanjungsari

Berry, M. J.; Laurence, J. F.; Makin, M. J.; Waddams, A. E., 1974: Development potential of the Nawalparasi Area of Nepal

Ryan, M., 1973: Development potential on the hills in the South-East (of Ireland)

Schmitter, E.; Schafer, K.; Kunze, D., 1973: Development problems of agrarian economic regions

Schmeljew, G. I., 1973: Development problems of agriculture in the socialist countries of Europe

Rohm, H., 1973: Development problems of part-time farming

Anonymous, 1973: Development programme for Lower Saxony 1985 - position as at summer 1973

Araujo, V. de P., 1973: Development project for beekeeping in the central highlands of Angola 1973/1974

Broders, M., 1973: Development prospects for beef and veal, taking into account the enlargement of the Community and incentive measures at Community level

Vartiainen, A., 1975: Development prospects for milk collection methods in Finland

Sobczyk, S., 1975: Development prospects for the Polish food sector

Ebel, F., 1972: Development prospects of family dairy farms in grassland areas

Chesneaux, M. T., 1972: Development rhythm of a series of spring and alternative barley cv. in artificial conditions

Urff, W. von, 1974: Development strategy for rural areas

Zsoldos, J., 1974: Development supports in agriculture

Ust' yantsev, V. V., 1973: Development times of the cestode Lateriporus teres in the definitive host

Weihs, O., 1973: Development trends and future aspects of the Austrian milk market

Deuringer, L., 1972: Development trends in agriculture and dairying in Allgau, Federal Republic of Germany

Langholz, H. J., 1974: Development trends in animal production in the CMEA countries

Stawinski, B., 1974: Development trends in cattle breeding

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