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Anonymous 1974: E.E.C. standards for flowering bulbs, corms and tubers etc. EEC standards for flowering bulbs, corms and tubers etc: 5 + 5appendices
Anonymous 1973: E.E.C. standards for fresh cucumbers. EEC standards for fresh cucumbers: 12
Anonymous 1973: E.E.C. standards for fresh tomatoes. EEC standards for fresh tomatoes: 12
Warren, P. 1973: E.E.C. subsidy boost to herbage seeds. Euro Farm Business 2(3): 19-23
Anonymous 1974: EBS milk cooling plant for milk collecting centres. Molkerei Zeitung, Welt der Milch 28(21): 575-577
Anonymous 1974: EC cereals market under new influences shortage after surplus. Newsletter on the Common Agricultural Policy 10: 1-19
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Tontz, R.L. 1972: EC's Common Agricultural Policy slows U.S. farm export growth. Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States (March): 6-29
Anonymous 1972: ECE Timber Committee plywood course & study tour, UK, September 1972. Timber Trades Journal (Suppl): 88
Anonymous 1975: ECE standard for stress grading of coniferous sawn timber. Timber Bulletin for Europe 27(Suppl 4): 17
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Anonymous 1974: EEC agricultural prices: the last ten years. Agra Europe 569: E/3-E/5
Thiede, G. 1973: EEC agricultural production: regional location and trends in development. Agricoltura e Regioni, Societa Editrice il Mulino 8: 129
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Anonymous 1973: EEC and world trade in agricultural products. Cahiers du BAC 1: 72
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Anonymous 1973: EEC budget 1974. Agra Europe 537: E/1-E/3
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Anonymous 1973: EEC draft budget: enormous potential UK contribution indicated by duty returns. Green Europe 75: 11-17
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Baar, A.H. de 1975: EEC farm finance: inflation and tax hit UK hardest. Euro Farm Business 4(1): 4-8
Anonymous 1974: EEC farm fund grants pounds-sterling 5m for modernisation. Background Note (ISEC/B27/74): 3
Ellison, S. 1972: EEC fertilizer producers still in trouble. Euro Farm Business 1(4): 31-35
Anonymous 1974: EEC food industry statistics. Federal Republic of Germany: food and drink distribution. EEC Community Statistics (10C): 17
Anonymous 1973: EEC food industry statistics. Food statistics for the enlarged EEC. EEC Commodity Statistics 10: 25
Anonymous 1973: EEC food industry statistics. France: production, turnover, investment and structure of the food and drink manufacturing industry. EEC Commodity Statistics (10F): 20
Anonymous 1973: EEC food industry statistics. Germany - major food manufacturing companies. EEC Commodity Statistics (10A): 16
Martin, C.R.A. 1973: EEC food law. Process Biochemistry 8(12): 7-8, 20
Anonymous 1973: EEC fruit and vegetable market organization undergoes a new overhauling. International Fruit World 31(2): 61-92
Strecker, A. 1975: EEC guidelines for packaging in bottles and other packs. Guidelines for packaging of specified liquids by volume, and for bottles as calibrated containers. Brauwelt 115(8): 201-204
Anonymous 1975: EEC herd conversion premiums brake growth in deliveries to dairies. Agra Europe 606: E/1-E/4
Anonymous 1973: EEC hill policy may replace national aids. Euro Farm Business 2(2): 10-12
Dutschke, G. 1975: EEC import regulations governing meat hygiene. Fleischwirtschaft 55(4): 511-514; 517-520; 523-525
Anonymous 1974: EEC land prices. Green Europe 84: 19-20
Anonymous 1975: EEC liquid milk - the current situation with regard to harmonization of legislation and possibility of imports into UK. Green Europe 114: 39-42
Verschuer, F. 1973: EEC measures for marketing and processing. Ernahrungswirtschaft 5: A96-A99
Anonymous 1974: EEC policies for improving farm structures. NFU Common Market Publication (4, New Series): 64
Gach, A.A. 1975: EEC price decisions for the year 1975-1976 and their effects. Molkerei Zeitung, Welt der Milch 29(15): 385-390
Anonymous 1974: EEC regulation 2940/73 of 29 October 1973 amending EEC regulation 756/70 concerning production of casein and caseinate from skim-milk. Bollettino dei Laboratori Chimici Provinciali 25(2): L53-L57
Anonymous 1973: EEC regulations, directives, decisions on commercial transport. Milk Industry 72(3): 18-21
Anonymous 1975: EEC relations with East Germany on a new policy. Agra Europe 608: E/1-E/3
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Anonymous 1975: ENBE brings new coating machine onto the market. Zuivelzicht 67(20): 476-477
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Samuelsen, R.T. 1973: Earliness, yield, quality and storing ability of edible turnip varieties, and the history of North Norwegian varieties. Forskning og Forsoek i Landbruket 24(6): 639-666
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