Section 1
Chapter 66

Ecological investigation of the Sahel savanna of northern Ferlo, Senegal: description of the region

Bille, J.C.; Lepage, M.; Morel, G.; Poupon, H.

Terre et la Vie 26(3): 332-350


Accession: 000065681

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Meteorological data for rainfall, maximum and minimum temperature and r.h. are reported for Fete Ole, Linguere and Podor in Northern Senegal, At Fete Ole in 1970 and 1971, annual precipitation was 208.7 and 202.2 mm, occurring mainly in Aug. and with an unbroken dry season lasting 9 months. The highest temperatures occurred in May and Oct., the lowest in Dec. and Jan. and the highest monthly average of 43 deg C occurred in Apr. Maximum r.h. was recorded in Sept.

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