Ecological investigation of the Sahel savanna of northern Ferlo, Senegal: plant biomass and primary production

Bille, J.C.; Poupon, H.

Terre et la Vie 26(3): 366-382


Accession: 000065683

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The productivity of 3 savanna communities from a 1-km2 area in N. Senegal was studied. A community dominated by Aristida mutabilis, Blepharis linariifolia, Schoenefeldia gracilis and Polycarpaea linearifolia produced 81.6 g DM/m2 in 1970. An area with Chloris prieurii, Brachiaria hagerupii and Panicum laetum yielded 255.7 g DM/m2 and an area of Panicum humile, Andropogon spp., Echinochloa colona and Blainvillea spp. yielded 476.4 g DM/m2. Below-ground biomass was lowest for the 1st of these communities.