Ecological research on a Sahelian savanna of northern Ferlo, Senegal: effect of the drought in 1972-1973 on the trees

Poupon, H.; Bille, J.C.

Terre et la Vie 28(1): 49-75


Accession: 000065725

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[Cf. FA 34, 2768] Describes the effect of the 1972 drought on the tree canopy of the IBP study site in Senegal. Compared with the usual pattern, trees came into leaf later, leaf production was less, and leaves were retained for a shorter time. Fruit and seed production were very low or nil. The commonest species (comprising 98% of the trees) varied in their resistance to drought in the order Boscia senegalensis (0.2% mortality) >Grewia bicolor (1%) > Balanites aegyptiaca (5.5%) > Commiphora africana (7.9%) > Acacia senegal (53.2%) > Guiera senegalensis (63%).