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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 67

Chapter 67 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Keetch, D.P., 1971:
Ecology of the citrus red mite, Panonychus citri (McGregor), (Acarina: Tetranychidae) in South Africa. 1. The seasonal abundance of P. citri in an orchard under natural control

Keetch, D.P., 1971:
Ecology of the citrus red mite, Panonychus citri (McGregor), (Acarina: Tetranychidae) in South Africa. 2. The influence of temperature and relative humidity on the development and life cycle

Truett, J.C., 1972:
Ecology of the desert mule deer, Odocoileus hemionus crooki Mearns, in southeastern Arizona

Subra, R.; Hebrard, G., 1975:
Ecology of the larvae of Culex pipiens fatigans Wiedemann, 1828 (Diptera, Culicidae) in an area of high filarian endemicity (Mayotte, Comoro Archipelago)

Rioux, J.A.; Lanotte, G.; Croset, H.; Houin, R.; Guy, Y.; Dedet, J.P., 1972:
Ecology of the leishmaniases in the south of France. 3. Comparative receptiveness of Phlebotomus ariasi Tonnoir, 1921 and Rhipicephalus turanicus Pomeranzev & Matikashvili, 1940 for Leishmania donovani (Laveran & Mesnil, 1903)

Rioux, J.A.; Croset, H.; Aboulker, J.P.; Papierok, B., 1972:
Ecology of the leishmaniases in the south of France. 4. Infestation of a natural population of Phlebotomus ariasi Tonnoir, 1921

Rioux, J.A.; Lanotte, G.; Croset, H.; Dedet, J.P., 1972:
Ecology of the leishmaniases in the south of France. 5. Comparative infectivity of different forms of canine leishmaniasis for Phlebotomus ariasi Tonnoir, 1921

Rioux, J.A.; Lanotte, G.; Perieres, J.; Croset, H., 1973:
Ecology of the leishmaniases in the south of France. 6. First record of natural infection in Phlebotomus ariasi Tonnoir, 1972

Thoen, D., 1970:
Ecology of the mycoflora of some forest associations of the Picardy-Brabant, Meuse and Ardennes districts of Belgium

Strebler, G., 1975:
Ecology of the parasites of animals reared on pasture

Anya, A.O., 1973:
Ecology of the variegated grasshopper, Zonocerus variegatus, (Orthoptera:Acridoidea, Pyrgomorphidae) on the Nsukka Plateau, Nigeria

Couteaux, M.M., 1975:
Ecology of thecamoebae in some forest mors : the species in the dynamic equilibrium

Palaniappan, V.M., 1974:
Ecology of tin tailings areas: plant communities and their succession

Murthy, M.S., 1971:
Ecology of upper catchment area of River Narmada . Climo-vegetational relationships - I

Wada, Y.; Omori, N., 1971:
Ecology of vector mosquitoes of Japanese encephalitis, especially of Culex tritaeniorhynchus summorosus. 4. Development of immature stages of Culex tritaeniorhynchus summorosus with particular reference to temperature in spring and autumn

Wada, Y.; Oda, T.; Mogi, M.; Suenaga, O.; Miyagi, I.; Omori, N.; Ito, S.; Nishigaki, J., 1973:
Ecology of vector mosquitoes of Japanese encephalitis, especially of Culex tritaeniorhynchus summorosus. 5. Overwintering of Culex tritaeniorhynchus summorosus and Anopheles sinensis

Anonymous, 1973:
Ecology of viruses (collected papers). Part I

Tesh, R.B.; Chaniotis, B.N.; Peralta, P.H.; Johnson, K.M., 1974:
Ecology of viruses isolated from Panamanian phlebotomine sandflies

Gebhardt, L.P.; Jeor, S.C.; Stanton, G.J.; Stringfellow, D.A., 1973:
Ecology of Western encephalitis virus

Caballero, G.A.R., 1972:
Ecology, agronomic and nutritive value of species and varieties of forage interest for Spain. 3. Genera: Hedysarum, Lotus, Medicago, Melilotus and Onobrychis

Biliotti, E., 1971:
Ecology, basis and support of biological control. General introduction

Kiener, A., 1972:
Ecology, biology and possibilities for better use of Madagascar's mangrove swamps

L.Houerou, H.N., 1973:
Ecology, demography and agricultural production in Mediterranean Third World countries

Brovdii, V.M., 1972:
Ecology, distribution and economic status of Galeruca pomonae Scop. (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in the Ukraine

Krebs, C.J., 1972:
Ecology. The experimental analysis of distribution and abundance

Bonham, C.D., 1971:
Ecomap. A computer program for mapping ecological data

Teaci, D.; Burt, M.; Voiculescu, N.; Munteanu, M., 1974:
Ecometry as a basis for farmland assessment

Dykyjova, D., 1971:
Ecomorphoses and ecotypes of Phragmites communis Trin

Tsyganov, D.N., 1974:
Ecomorphs and ecological trains

Oliveira, A.J. de, 1972:
Econometric analysis of fertilizer trials with wheat grown in Alentejo (Portugal)

Francois, P.J., 1972:
Econometric analysis of food demand in rural areas of Malagasy

Just, R.E., 1974:
Econometric analysis of production decisions with government intervention: the case of the California field crops

Muller, G.P., 1973:
Econometric analysis of structural changes in the agricultural labour force

Chern, W.S., 1973:
Econometric analysis of the consumer demand for orange juices in Canada

Ladd, G.W.; Karg, G., 1973:
Econometric and programming analyses of the beef-pork marketing sector

Handschur, 1973:
Econometric investigations of the Austrian pig market

Kravcenko, R.G.; Popov, I.G.; Tolpekin, S.Z., 1973:
Econometric methods in organization and planning of agricultural production

Khlonenyuk, N.G., 1973:
Econometric model of optimizing the production structure in annual planning

Misra, V.N.; Radhakrishna, R., 1971:
Econometric models for acreage response: a study of groundnut and bajra in Gujarat

Roy, S.K.; Johnson, P.N., 1973:
Econometric models for quarterly shell egg prices

Hartia, S., 1973:
Econometric models of the process of zoning argicultural production

Snyder, D.W., 1974:
Econometric studies of household savings behaviour in developing countries: a survey

Ossard, H., 1975:
Econometric study of the effects of urbanization on farms on the urban periphery of Avignon

Erdeljan, V.; Zeremski, D.; Stankovic, J.; Mikelic, M.; Pavlicevic, A.; Krstic, B., 1971:
Econometric study of the feeding of dairy cows and the possibility of cheaper milk production

Gadd, J., 1975:
Econometrics - a new word in pig feeding

Topalov, D.I., 1975:
Economic accounting activities in collective and state farms (balance of accounts)

Esin, A., 1975:
Economic accounting and inter-farm co-operation

Schtonov, D., 1974:
Economic accounting and new economic measures in Bulgarian agriculture

Shakirov, F.K., 1975:
Economic accounting in (crop production) brigades and (livestock production) farms

Snowdon, E.L.; Roberts, W.N.T., 1973:
Economic accounts for agriculture

Hajdu, M., 1974:
Economic activity of co-operative farms, and its relation to the size of technical administrative staff and the training of experts

Miller, T.A., 1973:
Economic adjustment research for policy guidance: an example from agriculture

Abbring, F.T.; Taylor, R.W.; Rhykeard, C.L.; Noller, C.H., 1971:
Economic analyses of nitrogen-fertilized orchardgrass and smooth bromegrass

Malek, J., 1972:
Economic analyses of silvicultural costs on the basis of forest typology

Hughes, H.G., 1972:
Economic analyses of sugar cane production in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Fornecedores 1968/69)

Burzynski, S., 1974:
Economic analysis for selecting the method of transport in wood depots

Gonzalez Villafane, E.; Pringle, G.E.; Hernandez, M.I.; Espinet, G.R.; Hernandez, D.V.; Santini, J.E.; Muler, L.; Calero, R., 1972:
Economic analysis of 151 estates through a survey of farm workers' households

D.T.rrontegui, A.M.; Tonina, T.A., 1972 :
Economic analysis of 42 vineyards in the Carpinteria area (San Juan Province)

Shumway, C.R.; Bentley, E.; Barrick, E.R., 1974:
Economic analysis of a beef production innovation: dairy-beef crossbreeding

Tresorukova, Z., 1973:
Economic analysis of agricultural procurement is to be improved

Norman, D.W., 1973:
Economic analysis of agricultural production and labour utilization among the Hausa in the north of Nigeria

Lance, G.C., 1973:
Economic analysis of commercial layer production decisions for family farm operators

Lee, G.; Jack, R.L., 1974:
Economic analysis of controlled atmosphere apple storage

Anonymous, 1972:
Economic analysis of dairies in the James Craik zone of Cordoba (Argentina)

Narayanan, A.S.; Lee, M.T.; Guntermann, K.; Seitz, W.D.; Swanson, E.R., 1974:
Economic analysis of erosion and sedimentation. Mendota west fork watershed

Larson, D.K., 1972:
Economic analysis of farm firm growth in a semi-arid area of Montana

Oliveira, A.J. de, 1972:
Economic analysis of fertilizer experiments with wheat in Alentejo (Portugal)

Vadlamudi, Y.R.; Thimm, H.U., 1974:
Economic analysis of fertilizer trials conducted in Kenya on maize

Bartunek, J., 1972:
Economic analysis of forest enterprises

Robertson, C.A., 1973:
Economic analysis of groundwater irrigation in Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Patel, R.J.; Gabani, L.J., 1973:
Economic analysis of hybrid bajra seed production and marketing in Gujarat

Hellemans, R.; Villers, A., 1973:
Economic analysis of intensive bull beef production

Whitson, R.E.; Lacewell, R.D.; Shipley, J., 1973:
Economic analysis of irrigated wheat and stocker grazing alternatives in the northern High Plains of Texas and Oklahoma

Gastal, E., 1971:
Economic analysis of livestock production data

Ruiz, N.I.; Franco, P.I.; Jahn, B.E.; Klee, G.G.; Figueroa, R.M., 1974:
Economic analysis of meat production systems for the South-Central zone of Chile

Quevedo, C.R.I., 1972:
Economic analysis of pig farms in the central zone of Venezuela

Anonymous, 1970:
Economic analysis of rice experiments

Brown, R.E.J.; Skinner, R.E., 1974:
Economic analysis of selected sprinkler irrigation systems

Irias, L.J.M. (et al ), 1972:
Economic analysis of the model farm for the Vicosa region, Minas Gerais

Devisch, N.; Kempenaers, A., 1972:
Economic analysis of the Belgian fruit sector after six years accounting

Gomes, G.C.; Seraphim, J.B.C.; Alvarenga, S.C. de, 1974:
Economic analysis of the application of nitrogen and phosphorus to a maize crop in the Barra Mansa municipality, Rio de Janeiro State

Moss, R.B.; Saunders, F.B.; McCormick, W.C., 1973:
Economic analysis of the beef cattle enterprise at the Southwest Georgia Branch Experiment Station for a 5-year period, 1967-1971

Pizarro Villanueva, J.B., 1972:
Economic analysis of the costs and returns of porker production

Makaveev, A., 1973:
Economic analysis of the effect of plant protection measures on labour productivity

McCay, R.E.; White, W.B., 1973:
Economic analysis of the gypsy moth problem in the Northeast. I. Applied to commercial forest stands

Payne, B.R.; White, W.B.; McCay, R.E.; McNichols, R.R., 1973:
Economic analysis of the gypsy moth problem in the northeast. II. Applied to residential property

Blas, J., 1973:
Economic analysis of the influence of resources restrictions on farm output and total income in a region of Spain

Anonymous, 1974:
Economic analysis of the traditional and improved production systems in the basalt area of Uruguay

Lundgaard, S., 1975:
Economic analysis of tomato production

Ahmed, R.U., 1973:
Economic analysis of tubewell irrigation in Bangladesh

Lance, G.C., 1973:
Economic analysis of turkey production costs in Georgia

Orlov, P.T., 1974:
Economic analysis of veterinary measures to control non-infectious diseases of animals

Swanson, E.R., 1971:
Economic analysis of water use in Illinois agriculture

Kuber Ram; Lahiri, A.N., 1974:
Economic analysis of wheat production with fertiliser under adequate and limiting irrigation water

Yoshida, T., 1974:
Economic analysis on the marketing system of the poultry industry

Bojanowski, K., 1972:
Economic and agricultural problems of the cereal sector

Miller, S.F.; Bauwin, G.R.; Guazzelli, R.J., 1972:
Economic and agronomic evaluation of a common bean experiment, Uberaba, Minas Gerais

Miller, S.F.; Bauwin, G.R.; Guazzelli, R.J., 1972:
Economic and agronomic evaluation of an experiment with common bean at Uberaba, Minas Gerais

Kriventzov, Y.M., 1972:
Economic and biological characteristics of Russian Black pied cattle and their relationship with beta -lactoglobulin types

Shakhmedov, I.Sh, 1972:
Economic and biological characteristics of Triticum sphaerococcum Perc

Vereshchaka, A.I.; Maznichenko, V.I., 1971:
Economic and biological characteristics of a collection of sanfoin in the conditions of the southern Ukraine

Makarov, P.P., 1971:
Economic and biological characteristics of interspecific hybrids of potato, obtained with dihaploids

Balakin, L.N., 1971:
Economic and biological characteristics of young crossbred cattle

Kriventsov, Y.M., 1972:
Economic and biological characters of Black Pied cattle and their relationship with beta -lactoglobulin types

Sypchenko, R.M., 1970:
Economic and biological characters of Hope mink

Beddington, J.R., 1975:
Economic and ecological analysis of red deer harvesting in Scotland

Blaylock, J.E.; Jones, L.L., 1973:
Economic and ecological input-output model

Anonymous, 1974:
Economic and ecological scope in cultivating the land

Dastane, N.G., 1974:
Economic and efficient use of irrigation water

Jacobs, J.J.; Casler, G.L., 1972:
Economic and environmental considerations in dairy manure management systems

Esslemont, R.J., 1974:
Economic and husbandry aspects of the manifestation and detection of oestrus in cows. I. Economic aspects

Esslemont, R.J., 1974:
Economic and husbandry aspects of the manifestation and detection of oestrus in cows. III. The detection of oestrus

Esslemont, R.J.; Bryant, M.J., 1974:
Economic and husbandry aspects of the manifestation and detection of oestrus in cows. Part 2. The manifestation of oestrus in cattle

Esslemont, R.J., 1974:
Economic and husbandry aspects of the manifestation and detection of oestrus in cows. Part III - the detection of oestrus

Peters, H.W., 1974:
Economic and marketing aspects of sour cherry production

Eorssy, J., 1972:
Economic and material technical preconditions of up-to-date large-scale tobacco production

Kostov, D., 1972:
Economic and mathematical models of winter and summer dairy cow rations

Gee, G.K., 1972:
Economic and operational characteristics of Colorado range cattle businesses

Boykin, C.C.; Forrest, N.K.; Adams, J., 1972:
Economic and operational characteristics of livestock ranches - Rio Grande Plain and Trans-Pecos of Texas

Butler, C.P., 1972:
Economic and operational characteristics of the Southern beef cattle industry

Aulakh, H.S.; Dhar, M.K., 1974:
Economic and operational efficiency in marketing of apples in Kashmir

Mandecki, S., 1975:
Economic and organizational aspects of dairy cattle keeping

Vlcek, K., 1972:
Economic and organizational aspects of the depreciation problem in dairy cow breeding

Trifonov, T.; Dushepeeva, Y.; Meshkov, S.; Belkov, D., 1974:
Economic and parasitological efficacy of anthelmintic treatment of cows with paramphistomatid infections

Dukhnenko, G.S.; Bulochnikov, L.I.; Semenov, V.M., 1973:
Economic and physiological characters of early weaning on a commercial pig farm

Piccinini, A., 1974:
Economic and political effects of the Green Revolution

Vasilescu, N.; Filip, G.; Chirila, I., 1974:
Economic and production results from the activities of the inter-co-operative Council of Ciortesti, in the Iasi district (Rumania)

Lohmann, H., 1975:
Economic and raw-material requirements and influences in the application of technological processes for small-diameter logs in the sawmilling industry

Lugossy, Gy, 1974:
Economic and social changes in the development of the Petofi co-operative farm

Toepfer, H., 1972:
Economic and social geography case study in rural areas of Afghanistan

Broadbent, K.P., 1973:
Economic and social issues of pollution control (1970-1973)

Posvar, Z.; Nevrklova, Z., 1974:
Economic and social problems of women working in co-operatives. Part 2

Sachs, R.E.G., 1972:
Economic and social situation of farmers

Bog, I.; Franz, G.; Kaufhold, K.H.; Kellenbenz, H.; Zorn, W., 1974:
Economic and social structures in secular change. Festschrift for the 70th birthday of Wilhelm Abel. (3 vols)

Hahn, H., 1973:
Economic and socio-geographical structure of Iranian villages after land reform

Villasmil, P.J.J., 1973:
Economic and statistical concepts in experimentation with fertilizers

Segedinac, M.; Mutic, Z., 1972:
Economic and technological conditions for the mechanization of private farms

Sin' ko, L.T., 1974:
Economic and technological evaluation of Zizyphus fruits

Pas, H.T. van der, 1973:
Economic anthropology 1940-1972. An annotated bibliography

Dalton, G., 1971:
Economic anthropology and development. Essays on tribal and peasant economies

Urban, M., 1974:
Economic appraisal of field crop rotation

Makaveev, A., 1973:
Economic appraisal of the effect of plant protection measures on net income

Azhar, L.P., 1974:
Economic appraisal of the manufacture of chemical products from the integrated conversion of hydrolysis lignin and bark of Larix sibirica

Serry, V., 1974:
Economic aspects in the stress grading of sawn timber

Goedegebure, J., 1973:
Economic aspects of Golden Delicious

Ironside, G.E., 1973:
Economic aspects of Radiata bark utilisation

Chapman, D., 1973:
Economic aspects of a nuclear desalination agro-industrial project in the United Arab Republic

Bellia, F., 1972:
Economic aspects of almond growing

Kracht, U., 1972:
Economic aspects of an improvement in protein supply in developing countries through new types of protein foods

Coscia, A., 1973:
Economic aspects of apiculture (market for honey)

Coscia, A., 1973:
Economic aspects of beekeeping (the honey market)

Haggstrom, B., 1972:
Economic aspects of brush control in forest areas

Hagelschuer, P.; Hemm, H., 1971:
Economic aspects of calving interval optimization

Haan, W.G. de; Stein, A., 1972:
Economic aspects of carnation growing

Azzi, G.M., 1972:
Economic aspects of chemical weed control in sugar-cane

Haisch, K.H.; Schebler, A., 1975:
Economic aspects of collection, testing and evaluation of farm milk

Giles, R.A., 1973:
Economic aspects of cucumber production and marketing in Britain (including a survey of the 1969 and 1970 crops in the East Riding of Yorkshire)

Morris, R.S., 1971:
Economic aspects of disease control programmes for dairy cattle

Bichard, M.; Wilson, A., 1974:
Economic aspects of dissemination of genetic improvement throughout a crossbred pig structure

Boguszewski, J., 1974:
Economic aspects of environment protection (in Poland)

Workman, J.P.; Keith, J.E., 1974:
Economic aspects of erosion control practices in the upper Colorado River basin

Coscia, A.A., 1975:
Economic aspects of flax production

Haan, W.G. de, 1973:
Economic aspects of flower growing in the Netherlands

Groenewegen, C.A.M., 1972:
Economic aspects of gerbera growing

Jakacki, A., 1972:
Economic aspects of grain maize cultivation in Poland

Gisser, M.; Mercado, A., 1973:
Economic aspects of ground water resources and replacement flows in semi-arid agricultural areas

Olsder, J.T.; Eikelenboom, C., 1975:
Economic aspects of growing Strelitzia in the nursery

Vroomen, C.O.N.De, 1972:
Economic aspects of growing dahlia tubers

Klenczner, A., 1972:
Economic aspects of helicopter spraying

Lukanov, K.; Konarev, A., 1973:
Economic aspects of mechanization and automation in the food industry

Rosselet, J., 1974:
Economic aspects of milk production

Jurco, V., 1972:
Economic aspects of milkability

Ganney, G.W., 1973:
Economic aspects of mushroom harvesting

Cook, M.G.; Malecky, J.M., 1974:
Economic aspects of pasture improvement: a case study in the New England region of New South Wales

Davidson, A.; Norgaard, R.B., 1973:
Economic aspects of pest control

Southwood, T.R.E.; Norton, G.A., 1973:
Economic aspects of pest management strategies and decisions

Ribeiro, J.C.; Moura, L.M. de; Sousa, A.F. de; Ribon, M., 1973:
Economic aspects of pineapple growing in the mining zone of Minas Gerais

Milaire, H.G., 1974:
Economic aspects of plant protection in French orchards where integrated control is practised

Blaszyk, P., 1972:
Economic aspects of plant protection in intensive cereal cropping under conditions in northwestern Germany

Diercks, R., 1972:
Economic aspects of plant protection in the intensive cultivation of cereals under South German conditions

Diercks, R., 1972:
Economic aspects of plant protection with intensified cereal production under South German conditions

Devisch, N., 1972:
Economic aspects of pork production

Groenewegen, C.A.M., 1973:
Economic aspects of potting machines

Chirinos, D.N., 1970:
Economic aspects of programmes for wood production

Walter, K.; Steinhauser, H., 1974:
Economic aspects of protein supply in pig fattening

Tillack, P.; Bubenik, W., 1974:
Economic aspects of putting industrialized livestock production units into operation

Mortagne, X., 1972:
Economic aspects of rearing calves for slaughter

Groenewegen, C.A.M., 1971:
Economic aspects of rose grading machines

Trojak, T., 1973:
Economic aspects of running power lines through forest areas

Johnson, R.W.M., 1974:
Economic aspects of rural-urban land use

Parisot, R., 1975:
Economic aspects of saintpaulia production

Brascamp, E.W.; Minkema, D., 1972:
Economic aspects of selection based on milk, fat-% and protein-% in a dairy cow AI-population

Bornstein, J.; Fife, C.L., 1973:
Economic aspects of sloping land drainage

Coscia, A., 1972:
Economic aspects of sorghum production

Piot, J.C. (et al ), 1975:
Economic aspects of sugarbeet cultivation in Switzerland

Coscia, A., 1973:
Economic aspects of sunflower production

Valasek, F.; Repka, I.; Grofik, R., 1972:
Economic aspects of technological developments in cattle farming

Withers, R.V., 1973:
Economic aspects of the Idaho dairy industry

Martinez Garza, A., 1972:
Economic aspects of the analysis of sugarcane experiments

Rings, R.W., 1970:
Economic aspects of the biology and control of the oriental fruit moth, Grapholitha molesta Busck, in the United States

Marszalek, T., 1973:
Economic aspects of the choice of the species composition of stands

Luning, H.A., 1972:
Economic aspects of the collectivization of agriculture

Ollmann, H., 1974:
Economic aspects of the competition between wood and other materials

Stein, A., 1975:
Economic aspects of the culture of anthuriums as cut flowers (1)

Stein, A., 1974:
Economic aspects of the culture of asparagus

Vroomen, C.O.N. de; Beelen, M.J.L.M., 1973:
Economic aspects of the culture of iris flowers under glass

Stein, A., 1974:
Economic aspects of the culture of year-round chrysanthmums

Dimeny, I., 1974:
Economic aspects of the development of agriculture in Hungary

Roy, E.P.; Bordelon, F.J., 1974:
Economic aspects of the low income-limited resource problem in Louisiana

Vroomen, C.O.N. de, 1973:
Economic aspects of the planting density in tulip growing

Ruffo, G.; Visconti, G.; Redaelli, G., 1972:
Economic aspects of the prophylaxis of bovine mastitis

Hutnik, F., 1973:
Economic aspects of the scientific-technical development of Czechoslovakian agriculture

Pantolic Rourski, M.; Njegic, Z., 1972:
Economic aspects of the transfers of Yugoslav agricultural population in the post-war period

Campos, H. de; Araujo, P.F.C. de; Arruda, H.V. de, 1973:
Economic aspects of use of fertilizers in maize production

Kreil, W.; Leipnitz, W., 1974:
Economic aspects of use of fresh fodder in commercial dairy farms with particular regard to quality

Zaczek, M., 1973:
Economic aspects of vaccination against dictyocauliasis in cattle

Davidson, B.R., 1974:
Economic aspects of weed control

Davidson, B.R., 1974:
Economic aspects of weed control. Paper at Symposium: Environmental implications of weed control

Stein, A., 1973:
Economic aspects of year-round production of chrysanthemums

Kardell, L., 1973:
Economic assessment of the potential of forestry resources for recreation

Orlovskaya, E.V.; Sefikhanov, S.S., 1974:
Economic assessment of the use of the preparation VIRIN-ENSh

Kambarov, Y.I.; Zhitkov, Y.P.; Kim, A.M., 1975:
Economic bases of farm specialization for milk production

Chinarov, I.I., 1974:
Economic basis of evaluating cattle breeds

Anonymous, 1972:
Economic behavior in the United States sugar market

Bowler, D.J., 1973:
Economic benefits from controlling wild oat

Gray, J.R., 1974:
Economic benefits from small livestock ranches in North-Central New Mexico

Britt, J.S.; Hatchett, D.; Luckett, J., 1973:
Economic benefits of a complete mastitis survey

Bigot, Y., 1972:
Economic benefits of intensified agricultural systems in arid zones of tropical Africa: the example of Senegal

Anonymous, 1973:
Economic building

Dalton, W.G., 1973:
Economic change and political continuity in a Sahara oasis community

Karoly, A.Legradi, I., 1975:
Economic changes in vegetable production on the Beke co-operative farm

Anonymous, 1974:
Economic characteristics of ural research 1962/64 (revised results). 2. Pernambuco, 3. Minas Gerais, 5. Sao Paulo; 6. Santa Catarina

Levina, L.I., 1973:
Economic characters of hybrids from crossing Cornish fowls of English origin with Dutch Plymouth Rocks

Horn, E.; Lorincz, M. ne, 1972:
Economic characters of hybrids of apricot varieties of Iranian and central Asian origin

Bischoff, 1974:
Economic classification of alternative management methods in animal production

Bakalejko, S., 1974:
Economic co-operation between COMECON member countries in agriculture on the way to socialist integration

Lance, G.C.; Griffey, W.A.; Calvert, G.V., 1973:
Economic comparison of cow-calf and stocker calf production systems in the Georgia Piedmont area

Lee, G.A.; Alley, H.P., 1972:
Economic comparison of herbicides for weed control on sugar-beets

Carlow, L.G.; Frey, T.L., 1974:
Economic comparisons of alternative systems of harvesting loose hay

Perry, R.E., 1972:
Economic comparisons of fallowing methods for winter wheat production - chemical vs mechanical

Hagelberg, G.B., 1973:
Economic comparisons: the cautionary case of beet and cane sugar

Hulsemeyer, F., 1975:
Economic concentration and its effect on the working farmer

Wennergren, E.B.; Johnston, W.E., 1974:
Economic concepts relevant to the study of outdoor recreation

Pazur, K., 1972:
Economic conditions for the division of labour in cattle production between socialized and private producers

Osipov, E., 1974:
Economic conditions of farming in kolkhozy and sovkhozy

Ambarcumov, A.A., 1972:
Economic connections between industry and agriculture under socialism

Gilliam, H.C.; Martin, J.R.; Bursch, W.G.; Smith, R.B., 1973:
Economic consequences of banning the use of antibiotics at subtherapeutic levels in livestock production

Restani, R.; Canestri Trotti, G.; Manfredini, M.; Romiti, R., 1971:
Economic consequences of infection of calves with Strongyloides papillosus.

Beattie, B.R.; Castle, E.N.; Brown, W.G.; Griffin, W., 1971:
Economic consequences of interbasin water transfer

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Economic considerations in crop insurance

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Economic development, its conceptual meaning and measure

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Economic effect of packaging in fruit and vegetable marketing

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Economic effectiveness of aerosol treatment for cattle ticks.

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Economic effectiveness of biological reclamation of spoil mounds of the KMA

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Economic effectiveness of brucellosis control measures

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Economic effectiveness of cheese manufacture

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Economic effectiveness of combined fertilizers as related to the chemical form of their phosphorous content when used on acid soils

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Economic effectiveness of concentration and specialization in the Polish Co-operative dairy industry

Kubik, S., 1974:
Economic effectiveness of concentration and specialization in the Polish dairy industry. II. Economic effectiveness of product specialization in dairy enterprises

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Economic effectiveness of control measures against paramphistomatidosis (in cattle)

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Economic effectiveness of different methods of tending young stands

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Economic effectiveness of different types of milking installations in relation to herd management

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Economic effectiveness of furidin (thiofuradene) in fattening cockerels infested with Ascardia galli

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Economic effectiveness of grapevine growing in respect of manuring

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Economic effectiveness of increasing butter output

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Economic effectiveness of irrigating and fertilizing sunflowers

Penev, T.; Vitkov, M., 1972:
Economic effectiveness of irrigation and fertilization of beans in the region of the Obrazcov ciflik Agricultural Research Institute, Ruse

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Economic effectiveness of medicinal plant cultivation

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Economic effectiveness of mineral fertilizers applied to sown pasture

Murashkin, N.V., 1973:
Economic effectiveness of new systems of logging machines

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Economic effectiveness of optimizing the water and nutrient regime of cotton in connection with the introduction of new technologies

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Economic effectiveness of packaging dried milk products in different containers

Danchenkov, M.B.; Davidyan, G.G., 1972:
Economic effectiveness of production and utilization of cartonboard packaging at dried milk plants

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Economic effectiveness of selective fellings in uneven-aged Spruce stands

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Economic effectiveness of supplementary light in mink

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Economic effectiveness of the distribution of cattle farming among different zones of the Kharkov region

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Economic effectiveness of tomato growing in constructions of polyethylene sheeting

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Economic effectiveness of two-stage shelterwood fellings in Scots Pine stands

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Economic effectiveness of use of polymer materials in ripening of cheeses

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Economic effectiveness of using ditetracycline (benzathine tetracycline) in diseases of pigs.

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Economic effectiveness of veterinary measures against bronchopneumonia in calves, piglets, lambs

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Economic effectiveness of veterinary measures against infectious epidymitis or rams

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Economic effectiveness of wheat and barley cultivated after cotton

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Economic effects of a total farm nitrogen balance approach to reduction of potential nitrate pollution

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Economic effects of an exhaustable irrigation water supply: Texas High Plains

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Economic effects of feed grain alternatives on selected farms in Georgia

Anonymous, 1972:
Economic effects of improvements of forest structure

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Economic effects of intercounty transfer of flue-cured tobacco quota

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Economic effects of intersectoral income transfers

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Economic effects of land reforms in Taiwan, Japan and Mainland China: a comparative study

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Economic effects of nematode infections and of their control

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Economic effects of pear decline in a bearing orchard of the Elbaue cooperative farm at Rogatz

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Economic effects of tenancy: some further negative results

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Economic effects of tenancy: some negative results

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Economic effects of the elimination of inferior hop plants

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Economic effects of the law of description of origin of wines

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Economic effects of the removal of government programs on agriculture in Georgia

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Economic efficacy of measures against ringworm (using 'preparation TF-130').

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Economic efficacy of veterinary measures against avian pasteurellosis

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Economic efficiency and economies of scale in wine co-operatives of the Veneto-Emilia region: contributions to methodology and practical considerations

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Economic efficiency and mechanical strength of the granules produced with granulator G-6

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Economic efficiency in the allocation of irrigation water over time

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Economic efficiency in the production of milk

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Economic efficiency of grazing systems

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Economic efficiency of investments on the specialized horticultural co-operative Sinnicolau-Mare

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Economic efficiency of land improvement

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Economic efficiency of measures for the control of Aujeszky's disease in pigs

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Economic efficiency of milk production in agricultural co-operatives of different sizes in the plain of Jijia-Bahlui (Rumania)

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Economic efficiency of procedures for spraying vineyards

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Economic efficiency of remuneration by overall wage rate agreement in the agricultural producer co-operatives of the Jassy district

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Economic efficiency of techniques applied to the main grain legume crops in agricultural co-operatives

Varbanov, C., 1972:
Economic efficiency of the joint application of chemical and mechanical means of weed control in maize growing

Johnson, W.W., 1973:
Economic efficiency of the particleboard industry of Oregon

Anonymous, 1973:
Economic evaluation

Reisch, E., 1974:
Economic evaluation and ranking of hot air drying - a summing up report

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Economic evaluation of 3-breed crossing of cattle within the framework of vertical integration

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Economic evaluation of Danish Red and Bulgarian Red cows

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Economic evaluation of agricultural production in the schemes of the Northern Province Agricultural Corporation, Sudan

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Economic evaluation of alternative farm water sources in the Claypan area of Illinois

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Economic evaluation of anthelmintics under commercial feedlot conditions

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Economic evaluation of co-operative sheds for dairy cows based on experience in Niedersachsen

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Economic evaluation of damage to forests caused by air pollution

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Economic evaluation of differences in planting densities

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Economic evaluation of different methods of fertilizer application in hop gardens

Danchenkov, M.B.; Osokina, E.I., 1973:
Economic evaluation of effectiveness of manufacture of tvorog-type cheeses

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Economic evaluation of efficiency of group and individual methods of therapeutic-prophylactic treatment of poultry with infectious laryngotracheitis.

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Economic evaluation of farming systems

Meszaros, S., 1974:
Economic evaluation of fertilizer trials with winter wheat

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Economic evaluation of fodder crops

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Economic evaluation of fodder-crop cultivars

Nabiev, A.N.; Hamraev, N., 1974:
Economic evaluation of land and choice of criteria

Ceremuskin, S.D.; Morozova, A.I., 1973:
Economic evaluation of land withdrawn from agricultural use

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Economic evaluation of liver-goose production in small and in large-scale units

Szederkenyi, E., 1971:
Economic evaluation of maize hybrids

Tarjan, Z., 1974:
Economic evaluation of maize production systems

Dragoev, P.; Polikhronov, D., 1970:
Economic evaluation of milk from Bulgarian and Murrah buffaloes

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Economic evaluation of new peach varieties and forms in the Crimean steppe

Ruban, R.V., 1972:
Economic evaluation of peach varieties with male sterility

Kalnozols, A.E., 1973:
Economic evaluation of potato varieties, resistant to potato cyst nematode

Fanta, B., 1973:
Economic evaluation of red deer management in mountain, hill and flood-plain regions

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Economic evaluation of results from experiments with different levels of feeding and quantities of roughage to dairy cows

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Economic evaluation of some goat breeds in Egypt

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Economic evaluation of spice capsicum seedling and crop production

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Economic evaluation of sugar beet production systems

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Economic evaluation of tapping systems

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Economic evaluation of technological processes in forestry

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Economic evaluation of the butterfly orchard design for mechanical harvesting

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Economic evaluation of the effect of selected crop practices on nonagricultural uses of water

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Economic evaluation of the impact of selected crop practices on water quality and productivity - an application of linear programming

Bongiorno, A., 1972:
Economic evaluation of three apple tree training methods

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Economic evaluation of varieties: apple

Sevast' yanova, L.A., 1975:
Economic evaluation of varieties: sour cherry

Meszaros, S., 1974:
Economic evaluation of winter wheat fertilization trials

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Economic examination of feeding of dairy cows and possibility of cheaper production of milk

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Economic experience of modernized (Hungarian) pig production units

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Economic factors affecting cattle production in Yugoslavia

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Economic factors affecting milk production costs and prices in Georgia

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Economic factors as a guide in selection of dairy cattle

Kindibal, D., 1972:
Economic factors in beef and milk production on state farms

Evenson, R., 1973:
Economic factors in research and extension investment policy

Daberkow, S., 1972:
Economic factors influencing the level of economic development of multicounty areas

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Economic feasibility of a hog slaughtering-processing plant in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina and Georgia

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Economic feasibility of an integrated Cottonwood plantation utilizing a nuclear power reactor

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Economic feasibility of establishing a soybean processing plant in Puerto Rico

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Economic feasibility of grain sorghum production in Hawaii

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Economic feasibility of irrigated fodder crops versus high yielding crops in Gujarat

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Economic feasibility of partial replacement of cereal grains by sweet potatoes (Ipomea batatas) and molasses in growing chick ration

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Economic feasibility of scouting soybean insects in late summer in Virginia

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Economic features of the groundnut

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Economic fluctuations in PRC 1949-1972

Cheng, C.Y., 1974:
Economic fluctuations on the Chinese Mainland 1949-72

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Economic forecasting - possibilities and limits at the present stage of knowledge

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Economic foundation of the ultrafiltration of milk

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Economic growth - how much and where to?

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Economic growth and agricultural development. Four types of agricultural systems

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Economic growth and agriculture: a two-sector analysis

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Economic growth and agriculture: an evaluation of the compensation principle

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Economic growth and development in rural Indiana communities: 1960-1970

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Economic growth and food problems

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Economic growth and population: perspectives of the new home economics

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Economic growth and the contribution of the forest sector in India

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Economic growth in China and India, 1952-1970. A comparative appraisal

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Economic growth in the developing countries and capital transfer from agriculture

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Economic guidelines to reforestation for different forest ownerships. A case study for the Coast Range of western Oregon

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Economic impact of agricultural production in Texas Part I. Major production regions (TAEX Districts)

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Economic impact of air pollution on vegetation in New Jersey and an interpretation of its annual variability

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Economic impact of air pollution to greenhouse crop production in southeastern Pennsylvania

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Economic impact of brush encroachment in Texas

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Economic impact of controlling surface water runoff from U.S. dairy farms

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Economic impact of discontinuing farm use of Lindane and BHC

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Economic impact of discontinuing farm use of chlordane

Delvo, H.W.; Fox, A.S.; Jenkins, R.P., 1973:
Economic impact of discontinuing farm uses of heptachlor

Taylor, C.R.; Swanson, E.R., 1974:
Economic impact of imposing per acre restrictions on use of nitrogen fertilizer in Illinois

Rogers, C.E., 1972:
Economic impact of midges on guar seed production in the Texas Rolling Plains

Ritter, M., 1973:
Economic impact of nematodes on agricultural production

Fox, A.S., 1972:
Economic impact of resitricting herbicide use

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Economic impact of selected property taxation methods on Michigan dairy farms

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Economic impacts of applying selected pollution control measures on Michigan dairy farms

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Economic implications of conflict and inconsistency in the beef marketing system: the feeder-packer subsector

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Economic implications of conflict and inconsistency in the beef marketing system: the producer-feeder subsector

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Economic implications of discontinuing the Texas High Plains boll weevil suppression program

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Economic implications of soil conservation

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Economic implications of subirrigation and trickle irrigation in Texas

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Economic implications of the Green Revolution and the strategy of agricultural development in West Pakistan

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Economic implications of the 1973 farm program on wheat and beef production - Southern High Plains winter wheat area

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Economic implications of the beef tape worm (T. saginata)

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Economic implications of the effects of climatic stress on shelter alternatives for finishing cattle

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Economic implications of the withdrawal of diethylstilbestrol from cattle feeds

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Economic implications of unemployment insurance for agriculture

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Economic implications of water pollution abatement in family farm livestock production

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Economic importance and epidemiology of cotton phyllody

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Economic importance and productivity of peanut cultivation in the area of Horteron and Kamaroton, Serres, Greece

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Economic importance and selection value of some production characteristics of cattle. II. Economic coefficients and total breeding value

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Economic importance and spread of pea leaf-roll virus in field bean crops and the chemical control of vectors

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Economic importance of anthelmintic treatment in subclinical infestation with gastro-intestinal nematodes in sheep

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Economic importance of cotton

Cadou, J., 1970:
Economic importance of cotton pests in the central region of the Central African Republic

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Economic importance of fertility in cows

Pilchard, E.I., 1972:
Economic importance of mastitis research in the United States

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Economic importance of mosaic disease on cane sugar production in Indonesia

Jimenez Jimenez, E., 1970:
Economic importance of the biological control of the Citrus blackfly in Mexico

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Economic importance of the ectoparasites in poultry

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Economic importance of the plantain banana in Cameroon

Hung, F.C., 1974:
Economic incentives and ideological purification

Lacewell, R.D.; Masch, W.R., 1972:
Economic incentives to reduce the quantity of chemicals used in commercial agriculture

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Economic indices for the manufacture of chlorophyll/carotene paste from conifers

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Economic information about Haute-Normandie : bibliographical and documentary guide 1962-72

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Economic injury levels of the Egyptian alfalfa weevil or the alfalfa weevil

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Economic injury levels of the alfalfa weevil (Coleoptera:Curculionidae)

Koehler, P.G., 1972:
Economic injury levels of the alfalfa weevil on alfalfa in New York State

Warmbrunn, K.; Steiner, H., 1970:
Economic injury thresholds in orchards

Horn, N.L.; Newsom, L.D.; Jensen, R.L., 1973:
Economic injury thresholds of bean pod mottle and tobacco ringspot virus infection of soybeans

Kalcev, V., 1973:
Economic integration and several questions involved in the complex solution of raw material supply problems in CMEA countries

Malassis, L., 1973:
Economic integration and territorial specialization

Marillai, V., 1975:
Economic integration in agricultural economic research

Lin, W.L., 1973:
Economic interactions in Taiwan: a study of sectoral flows and linkages

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Economic interests and social development of the kolkhoz peasantry

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Economic interrelationships in a rural community in Louisiana: West Carroll parish

Olawoye, O.O., 1973:
Economic investigation of silage Sycamore production

Yasinskaya, M.A., 1974:
Economic investigation of the wood balance during re-sawing

Yasinskaya, M.A., 1973:
Economic investigation of the wood balance in sawmilling

Deat, M., 1973:
Economic investigation of two herbicides used in cotton crops in the Ivory Coast

Jullian, P., 1972:
Economic investigations of harvesting sequences of fodders

Grue, P.H., 1972:
Economic investment in milk production under ecological equilibrium. The influence of a resource conservation objective analyzed by linear programming models

Barbasin, A.I., 1973:
Economic justification and organization of specialization in agriculture

Zhebrovskii, L.; Snopova, A., 1974:
Economic justification of direct selection by milk protein content

Anonymous, 1973:
Economic knowledge for every worker in the village

Rogacev, S.V., 1973:
Economic laws and development of agriculture

Bayoglu, S., 1972 :
Economic layout of road networks in mountainous regions where extraction has not been mechanized

Rastogi, B.K.; Singh, B.; Reddy, Y.V., 1973:
Economic level of milk production

Yano, T., 1971:
Economic life of rural villages in Southern Thailand - an observation in a Thai-Islam community

Milev, G., 1974:
Economic links and relationships in the formation of capital investments and the movement of basic funds

Meremins' kii, A.I., 1972:
Economic loss and the efficacy of prophylactic measures in paramphistomatid infections in cattle

Oripov, A.O., 1971:
Economic loss due to Marshallagia infections in sheep

Mermerski, K., 1971:
Economic losses attributable to porcine atrophic rhinitis in Bulgaria

Kuczynski, J., 1972:
Economic losses caused by Trichinella spiralis in pigs inspected at the Lodz abattoir in 1965-1969

Antonenkov, I.P., 1974:
Economic losses caused by fascioliasis

Nepoklonov, A.A.; Bryushinin, P.P., 1970:
Economic losses caused by the reindeer warble fly

Adesiyan, S.O.; Odihirin, R.A.; Adeniji, M.O., 1975:
Economic losses caused by the yam nematode, Scutellonema bradys, in Nigeria

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Economic losses due to reproductive problems. II. Effect of age at first calving on subsequent calving intervals in Holstein-Friesian cattle

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Economic losses due to reproductive problems: 1. Effect of number of lactations and dry period

Pronin, B.G., 1971:
Economic losses due to sterility of cows

Citu, D., 1973:
Economic management in the crop production farms of the Inainte agricultural co-operative in Poiana Mare, Dolj district, Rumania

Meszaros, S., 1973:
Economic mathematical models and possibilities of using them in horticulture

Wos, A., 1975:
Economic measures for controlling the food industry

Dodds, T.E., 1974:
Economic milk production in Britain in 1975

Looney, Z.M.; Wilmot, C.A., 1971:
Economic models for cotton ginning

Holder, S.H.J.; Morrison, W.R.; Traylor, H.D., 1974:
Economic models for rice mills in the South

Sharma, R.K., 1972:
Economic of tractor versus bullock cultivation (a polot study in Haryana)

Beumer, J., 1972:
Economic opportunities for a dairy farm in the Oldambt region

Kalinke, H., 1972:
Economic opportunities for special crops in Hesse

Petersen, P.H.; Christensen, L.G.; Andersen, B.B.; Ovesen, E., 1974:
Economic optimisation of the breeding structure within a dual-purpose cattle population

Prantilla, E.B., 1972:
Economic optimization models of multiple cropping system: applied to the Philippines

Rouveroux, P., 1972:
Economic organization of agricultural producers

Wong, J., 1971:
Economic organization of the collectives in China

Odero Ogwel, L.A., 1974:
Economic planning for peasant agricultural development under risk constraints

McFarlane, B., 1971:
Economic policy and economic growth in communist China: some comments and a note on Chinese real output 1950-1970

Willis, K.G., 1973:
Economic policy determination and evaluation in the North Pennines

Hinton, W.L., 1972:
Economic policy for British horticulture and the Common Market

Carlin, T.A., 1973 :
Economic position of farm families when money income and net worth are combined

Bilgin, Y., 1974:
Economic possibilities for sowing rates in sugar beet cultivation

Bejtulahu, Z., 1972:
Economic possibilities of utilizing the potential of hilly and mountainous regions of the province of Kosovo

Williams, J.L.; Harter, W.G.; Brannen, S.J., 1974:
Economic potential for a processing grape industry in Georgia

Lapaseotes, G., 1971:
Economic potential of weed control programs in the 1970's

Stout, T.T.; Berg, J.F., 1972:
Economic potentials for Ohio cattle feeding

Stepura, A., 1974:
Economic preconditions for accumulation in collective farms

Anonymous, 1972:
Economic principles for increased beef production from butterfat dairy farms

Lukinov, I., 1973:
Economic principles of management in socialist agriculture

Todorov, T., 1974:
Economic problems concerning the automation of state irrigation systems and irrigated farming

Hansel, H., 1972:
Economic problems in adopting new methods: mineral fertilizers in Ghana

Anonymous, 1972:
Economic problems in fruitgrowing (production, marketing, profitability). A. Plums, damsons and Syrian plums (1967-1971)

Leslie, A.J., 1971:
Economic problems in tropical forestry

Katsarov, G., 1974:
Economic problems of beekeeping in Tolbuhin district

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Economic problems of cotton growing in Bulgaria

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Economics of agricultural research

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