Effect of ammonium nitrate and urea on the growth and nitrate nitrogen content of perennial ryegrass on a mineral soil

Goralski, J.; Kaminska Dudek, J.

Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych, A 99(2): 61-72


Accession: 000068052

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In field trials in 1970-1, perennial ryegrass was given 150, 300 or 450 kg N/ha as urea or ammonium nitrate applied in 3 equal split dressings during the growing season. At 450 kg N/ha the effect of urea was 5-10% less than that of ammonium nitrate. Plant NO3-N contents were higher in the 1st year than in the 2nd year due to poorer development and less sunshine. In all cases where NO3-N contents exceeded the content considered to be harmful for animals, the content was lower with urea than with ammonium nitrate. F.en s.