Effect of carboxylation processes on the amino acid composition of cows' milk

Vasilenko, D.Y.; Vertiichuk, A.I.; Kebko, V.G.; Povidz' on, I.V.

Fiziologiya i Biokhimiya Sil' s' kogospodars' kikh Tvarin 14: 7-8


Accession: 000068623

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From each of the 3 groups of cows whose feeding and milk production are described in DSA 33, 2727, 4 cows were selected for determination of amino acids in milk. Differences in milk contents of individual amino acids in favour of the group that received a NaHCO3/Mg/Mn/Zn supplement (believed to stimulate carboxylation processes) in comparison with the group given the basal ration only were (%): 24.2 aspartic acid, 29.1 glutamic acid, 29.1 threonine, 19.9 lysine, 18.3 arginine, 17.3 leucine, 17.3 isoleucine, 23.6 phenylalanine, 50.4 cystine 34.2 and histidine. No differences were found in alanine, proline and tyrosine. Amino acid contents of the milk of the 3rd group, which did not receive the NaHCO3 part of the mineral supplement, were little different from those in milk of cows receiving the basal ration.