Effect of chlorinated insecticides on plant growth and uptake of nutrients by wheat and maize

Thakre, S.K.; Saxena, S.N.

Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 20(1): 45-48


Accession: 000068823

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In pot trials, wheat cv. NP 718 and maize cv. Malan were grown in soil containing 0, 10, 20 or 30 ppm a.i. of DDT, aldrin, endrin or lindane. DM yield of 90-day-old wheat plants was reduced by all rates of DDT, endrin and lindane, but was increased by application of 10 ppm aldrin, compared with that of untreated controls. DM yield of 50-day-old maize plants was increased by application of 30 ppm DDT, 20 and 30 ppm endrin and 10 ppm lindane, but was reduced by 30 ppm aldrin and 20 and 30 ppm lindane. 10 ppm DDT, 10 and 20 ppm aldrin and 10 ppm lindane increased the uptake of N by both wheat and maize. Endrin at 30 ppm and 10 or 20 ppm increased N uptake by wheat and maize, respectively. 30 ppm lindane considerably reduced uptake of N, P and K by both wheat and maize. All rates of DDT reduced the uptake of P by wheat and maize. 10 ppm aldrin increased the uptake of P by wheat, but had the reverse effect on maize. Uptake of K by wheat was reduced by all insecticides except aldrin. Endrin at 20 or 30 ppm, lindane at 10 ppm and DDT at 30 ppm gave the greatest increases in uptake of K by maize.