Section 1
Chapter 69

Effect of chlormequat on the dynamics of soluble carbohydrates in winter wheat stems in relation to its resistance to lodging

Lyaskovskii, M.I.; Krikunov, V.G.

Puti Povysheniya Urozhainosti Zernovykh Tekhnicheskikh i Kormovykh Kul' tur: 45-51


Accession: 000068848

The dynamics of glucose, fructose and sucrose in the bottom and top stem internodes, invertase activity in the stems, pigment contents in the leaves and photosynthetic intensity were studied in plants of winter wheat Mironovskaya 808 treated with chlormequat. Growth retardation early in the season increased the plant contents of soluble carbohydrates, whereas growth intensification increased invertase activity.

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