Effect of drainage of peaty soils on the anatomical structure of Scots Pine wood

Blintsov, I.K.; Ipat' ev, V.A.

Lesnoi Zhurnal 16(2): 16-18


Accession: 000070081

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In 1966, drainage ditches were dug 250 m apart in a peaty soil carrying a young Scots Pine stand, in the Minsk region. Ring width and late-wood % were determined for the period 1962-69 for trees sampled 10, 50 and 125 m distant from a drainage ditch. Results showed that drainage caused a considerable increase in the diameters of early- and late-wood tracheids and in the thickness of their walls, this leading to a significant increase in ring width and late-wood %. The effect of drainage decreased with increasing distance from the ditch, and was virtually nil at 110-125 m.