Effect of pelleted feeds of roughage and silage on growth and development of young cattle and milk yield of first-calf heifers

Vasilev, I.

Zhivotnovudni Nauki 11(4): 3-8


ISSN/ISBN: 0514-7441
Accession: 000073630

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The trial was with 2 groups of 9 female twin Bulgarian Simmental calves from 6 months old to the end of the first lactation. Both groups were fed on high-energy rations to bring about conception at an early age and show their full milk potential. Pelleted mixtures of roughages based on dried whole maize plant in full maturity and supplying about 33% of the energy requirements by maize silage at an early age increased mean daily weight gain of heifers by 15 to 17%, reduced feed units/kg gain by 12 to 14%, advanced conception and calving by about 1 month and saved 20% of forage between 6 months of age and the end of first lactation if the heifers were reared indoors. There was no significant effect on milk production or feed/kg 4% fat-corrected milk, but fat content of milk was reduced by 0.22 percentage unit.