Effect of proximal gastric, complete gastric, and truncal vagotomy on canine gastric electric activity, motility, and emptying

Wilbur, B.G.; Kelly, K.A.

Annals of Surgery 178(3): 295-303


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4932
PMID: 4729753
DOI: 10.1097/00000658-197309000-00009
Accession: 000074326

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In healthy female dogs after all vagotomies, proximal gastric, complete gastric and truncal, gastric transmural pressure and distension increased and gastric emptying of liquids was more rapid. Gastric emptying of solids was slowed down by complete gastric and truncal vagotomy but was not impaired by proximal vagotomy, attributed to preservation of antral vagal innervation and terminal antral contraction.