Section 1
Chapter 79

Effects of arsenicals on alkaline phosphatase activity in the midgut of Periplaneta americana (L.)

Chaudhuri, B.D.; Chaudhuri, D.N.

Folia Biologica 21(4): 425-427


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-5497
PMID: 4771363
Accession: 000078371

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Adult males of Periplaneta americana (L.) that had been starved for 24 h were allowed to feed for 20 min on banana paste to which 1% by weight of sodium arsenate or sodium arsenite had been added. In tests 20 h later, more alkaline phosphatase was detected in the mid-gut epithelial cells of these cockroaches than in those of others that had been fed on banana paste alone.

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