Section 1
Chapter 82

Effects of three different growth rates on empty body weight, carcass weight and dissected carcass composition of cattle

Murray, D.M.; Tulloh, N.M.; Winter, W.H.

Journal of Agricultural Science, UK 82(3): 535-547


DOI: 10.1017/s0021859600051431
Accession: 000081158

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Of each of 3 groups of 11 Aberdeen-Angus bullocks of 300 kg liveweight 2 were killed at the start. For the others complete pelleted feed was rationed so that they gained 0.8 kg (H), 0.4 kg (L) or 0.8 kg daily then were given maintenance only (HM). In each group some were killed at 330, 363, 400 or 440 kg. As a proportion of empty bodyweight, hot carcass was greater in HM and L bullocks than in H bullocks. Proportions of fore- and hindquarters were similar in all groups, and there was no difference in loss of dressed carcass weight during cold storage for 24 h. In weight of dissected side HM and L cattle had a higher proportion of bone, but proportions of muscle and total fat were similar. Internal and subcutaneous fat were more for H.