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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 84

Chapter 84 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Leidahl, L. C.; Moltz, H., 1975: Emission of the maternal pheromone in the nulliparous female and failure of emission in the adult male

Pickett, E. E.; Pau, J. C. M., 1973: Emission photometric determination of boron in unboronated fertilizers, using the nitrous oxide-hydrogen flame

Shchigel' skii, O. A.; Yashchenko, V. K.; Butenko, R. G.; Vollosovich, A. G., 1974: Emission spectral analysis of the content of some minor nutrients in cultures of isolated tissues and in intact medicinal plants

Vetter, H.; Fruchtenicht, K.; Mahlhop, R., 1973: Emissions and food quality

Anonymous, 1971: Emmental cheese

Masek, J.; Mikova, L.; Teply, M., 1974: Emmental cheese manufactured using in vivo rennet obtained from the contents of stomachs of live calves

Otcenasek, M.; Krivanec, K.; Slais, J., 1975: Emmonsia parva as causal agent of adiaspiromycosis in a fox

Kwon Chung, K. J., 1972: Emmonsiella capsulata: perfect state of Histoplasma capsulatum

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083008

Hartig, F.; Hebold, G., 1971: Emphysematous cystitis in the dog.

Montellano, B. O. de, 1975: Empirical Aztec medicine

Bieri, J.; Janvry, A. de, 1972: Empirical analysis of demand under consumer budgeting

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083012

Daget Bertoletti, L.; Daget, P., 1974: Empirical expressions of the sensitivity of species in a permanent pasture given treatments at different levels

Pernet, F., 1973: Empirical methodological approach to the relationship between agriculture and its environment

Walton, G. S.; DeMars, C. J., 1973: Empirical methods in the evaluation of estimators - a case study based on insect density and survival data

Wada, S., 1973: Empirical studies on the errors arising from tree height measurement (I). Errors of height-diameter curve and their effect upon the estimation of stand volumes

Holmquist, R., 1972: Empirical support for a stochastic model of evolution

Giles, A. K., 1973: Employing farm managers

Dinoor, A.; Peleg, N., 1971: Employing the gene-for-gene hypothesis to estimate the number of resistance genes in the host and virulence genes in the pathogen, and to determine their identity

Singh, I.; Ahn, C. Y., 1972: Employment and capital-labour substitution in South Brazilian agriculture

Sadli, M., 1972: Employment and economic development in Indonesia

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083022

Anonymous, 1973: Employment and income policies for Iran

Alder, G., 1973: Employment and labour productivity in the agriculture of the German Democratic Republic

Addo, N. O., 1972: Employment and labour supply on Ghana's cocoa farms in the pre and post Aliens' Compliance Order era

Islam, N., 1973: Employment and output as objectives of development policy

Lavania, G. S.; Dixit, R. S., 1974: Employment and productivity of human labour in the programme of high yielding varieties

Barker, R.; Meyers, W. H.; Crisostomo, C. M.; Duff, B., 1972: Employment and technological change in Philippine agriculture

Fritsch, C. F.; Lorenz, L. R., 1973: Employment and training needs in Texas agribusiness

Balishter ; Singh, R. K., 1970: Employment and underemployment in agriculture

Parthasarathy, G.; Rao, G.; Dasaradha, R., 1973: Employment and unemployment among rural labour households - a study of West Godavari district

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083032

Parthasarathy, G.; Rao, G.; Dasaradha, R., 1974: Employment and unemployment of rural labour and the crash programme (a study of West Godavari district)

Hansen, B., 1973: Employment and wages in rural Egypt

Moller, B., 1972: Employment approaches to economic planning in developing countries. With special reference to the development planning of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Timmer, C. P., 1972: Employment aspects of investment in rice marketing in Indonesia

McFarquhar, A. M. M.; Evans, G. B. A., 1972: Employment creation in primary production in less developed countries. Case studies of employment potential in the coffee sectors of Brazil and Kenya

Kuehn, J. A., 1974: Employment growth in the Ozarks states 1969-70

Barrows, R. L.; Bromley, D. W., 1975: Employment impacts of the economic development administration's public works program

Anonymous, 1973: Employment in Africa: some critical issues

Anonymous, 1974: Employment in agricultural and agribusiness occupations: Region 1

Klein, D. P.; Whipple, D. S., 1974: Employment in agriculture: a profile

Wyderko, A., 1973: Employment in peasant farming selected problems

Wagstaff, H. R., 1973: Employment multipliers in rural Scotland

Lotzsch, R.; Tauchmann, F.; Meyer, W., 1974: Employment of the 'Stomacher' in mycotoxin analysis

Visaria, P.; Visaria, L., 1973: Employment planning for the weaker sections in rural India

Pollitt, B. H., 1973: Employment plans, performance and future prospects in Cuba

Henley, J. S., 1973: Employment relations and economic development - the Kenyan experience

Sheck, R. C.; Brown, L. A.; Horton, F. E., 1971: Employment structure as an indicator of shifts in the space economy. The case of the Central American Common Market region

Kolbusz, F., 1973: Employment trends in Polish agriculture

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083051

Haren, C. C., 1972: Employment, population and income growth in the South's Metro-Nonmetro areas, 1960-70

Poleman, T. T., 1972: Employment, population, and food: the new hierarchy of development problems

Haque, S. Q.; Parasram, S., 1973: Empoasca stevensi, a new vector of bunchy top disease of papaya

Karetzky, M. S.; Garvey, J. W., 1974: Empyema due to Actinomyces naeslundi

Parent, B.; Pitre, D., 1975: Emulsifiable oils in preventive treatments against the red spider mite of apple, Panonychus ulmi (Koch)

Stute, R.; Woelk, H. U., 1974: Emulsifying agents

Stevens, J. V., 1974: Emulsifying properties of casein in milk systems

Anonymous, 1974: Emulsions

Lancrenon, X.; Sirami, J., 1972: Emulsions in the food industries

Nomura, T.; Akazawa, T., 1974: Emzymic mechanism of starch breakdown in germinating rice seeds. 5. Sucrose phosphate synthetase in the scutellum

Hojny, J.; Hradecky, J., 1973: En, Eo - further new factors in the complex E blood group system of the pig

Grommet, A., 1974: Enactment of the Food and Consumer Protection Act or 1973: a case study in agricultural policy formation in an urban-industrial society

Chang, T. S., 1975: Enactment of the regional planning law in Taiwan to promote rational urbanization

Hevin, M.; Gazeau, J. P.; Leclair, P.; Rives, M., 1973: Enation symptoms found in France

Miller, R. W.; Gordon, C. H., 1972: Encapsulated Rabon for larval house fly control in cow manure

Mowat, D. N.; Deelstra, K., 1972: Encapsulated methionine supplement for growing-finishing lambs

Berezantsev, Yu A., 1972: Encapsulation of Trichinella larvae as a specific host reaction

Streams, F. A., 1971: Encapsulation of insect parasites in superparasitized hosts

Fuglestad, K., 1974: Encarsia formosa - a means of controlling glasshouse white fly

Mielke, L. N., 1973: Encasing undisturbed soil cores in plastic

Guarda, F., 1974: Encephalic aspergillosis in chickens

Blalock, H. G.; Georg, L. K.; Derieux, W. T., 1973: Encephalitis in turkey poults due to Dactylaria (Diplorhinotrichum) gallopava - a case report and its experimental reproduction

Lomba, F.; Bienfet, V.; Wellemans, G., 1974: Encephalitis in young calves and infectious rhinotracheitis virus

Kummeneje, K., 1971: Encephalitis infectiosa vulpis (Hepatitis contagiosa canis) in a bluefox farm.

Moraillon, R.; Joncourt, A.; Lafage, P., 1971: Encephalitis infetiosa vulpis (Hepatitis contagiosa canis) in

Shapira, R.; McKneally, S. S.; Chou, F.; Kibler, R. F., 1971: Encephalitogenic fragment of myelin basic protein. Amino acid sequence of bovine, rabbit, guinea pig, monkey, and human fragments

Shadduck, J. A.; Pakes, S. P., 1971: Encephalitozoonosis (nosematosis) and toxoplasmosis

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083079

Grewal, G. S.; Singh, B., 1972: Encephalomalacia in chicks: a report of twelve field outbreaks

Kummeneje, K., 1974: Encephalomyelitis and neuritis in acute cerebrospinal nematodiasis in reindeer calves

Flir, K., 1973: Encephalomyelitis in large cats

Greig, A. S.; Johnson, C. M.; Bouillant, A. M. P., 1971: Encephalomyelitis of swine caused by a haemagglutinating virus. VI. Morphology of the virus

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083084

Sumner, D.; Tinsley, E. G. F., 1967: Encephalopathy due to visceral larva migrans

Zlotnik, I.; Grant, D. P.; Batter Hatton, D., 1972: Encephalopathy in mice following inapparent Semliki Forest virus (SFV) infection

Seidler, D.; Trautwein, G., 1971: Encephalopathy of mink in thiamin deficiency

Kasprzak, K., 1973: Enchytraeus mariae sp.n., a new species of Enchytraediae (Oligochaeta) found in the National Park of Great Poland

Stephenson, L. W.; Erwin, D. C., 1972: Encirclement of the oogonial stalk by the amphigynous antheridium in Phytophthora capsici

Lawler, A. R.; Lebedev, B. I., 1972: Encotyllabe latridis Lebedev, 1967 and Mediavagina forsteri Lawler and Hargis, 1968 are identical monogeneans

Fasterding, F., 1973: Encouragement of tourism as a way of improving the income position of agriculture

Schmitten, F., 1973: Encouraging beef production

Opeke, L. K.; Williams, J. A., 1972: Encouraging more coffee production processing in Nigeria

Mandloi, K. K.; Tiwari, K. P., 1971: Encouraging residual effect of phosphorus on wheat with one irrigation

Roberts, H. A., 1974: Encouraging work on weed control in runner beans

Baars, S.; Schulte Sienbeck, H., 1974: Encyclopaedia of modern agriculture. I. Animal feeding, breeding, management

Kaiser, C.; Scheffer, K.; Opitz von Boberfeld, W., 1974: Encyclopaedia of modern agriculture. II. Arable farming, grassland farming

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Johnson, A. H.; Peterson, M. S., 1974: Encyclopedia of food technology and food science series. Vol. II. Encyclopedia of food technology

Fried, B.; Grigo, K. L., 1975: Encystment of Philophthalmus hegeneri (Trematoda) cercariae on Artemia salina (Crustacea)

Koval' , V. S., 1973: End checking of hardwood lumber during kiln drying, and ways of preventing it

Hardie, A. D. K.; Mann, A. L., 1973: End degrade assessment system for Eucalyptus poles

Halappa, G.; Gowda, B. N. S.; Nusarath, R., 1973: End of June - most optimum time for planting of Virginia flue-cured tobacco in red soils of Bangalore

Ertl, J.; Heereman, C.; Lardinois, P., 1974: End of the Common Agricultural Market? There is no alternative for Europe. The Common Agricultural Market is not falling to pieces

Anonymous, 1975: End of the road for Cappelle?

Cutting, O., 1975: End of the road for grain maize?

Toole, E. R.; Thompson, W. S., 1973: End-diffusion treated fence posts - after 20 years

Dirar, H.; Collins, E. B., 1972: End-products, fermentation balances and molar growth yields of homofermentative lactobacilli

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083110

Fowler, D. P., 1974: Endangered arboreal germ plasm in Canada

Anonymous, 1975: Endangered breeds. Proceedings of a meeting of the Ethnozootechnical Society at the National Veterinary School, Alfort on 21 November 1974

Mortiss, P. D., 1974: Endeavour stylo strengths and weaknesses

Dirksen, G.; Plank, P.; Simon, U.; Hanichen, T.; Daniel, P.; Spiess, A., 1974: Endemic calcinosis in cattle. 7. Demonstration of the calcinogenic activity of Trisetum flavescens in ruminants

Dirksen, G.; Plank, P.; Hanichen, T.; Spiess, A., 1972: Endemic calcinosis in cattle. V. Experimental studies in rabbits selectively fed cock's-foot (Dactylis glomerata), yellow oat (Trisetum flavescens), and a mixture of grasses.

Dirksen, G.; Simon, U.; Plank, P.; Hanichen, T.; Daniel, P.; Spiess, A., 1975: Endemic calcinosis in cattle. VIII. Investigations on the possible importance of solar radiation (ultraviolet rays) in the development of calcinosis, and demonstration of calcinogenic activity of dried yellow oat grass (Trisetum flavescens)

Delange, F.; Ermans, A. M.; Vis, H. L.; Stanbury, J. B., 1972: Endemic cretinism in Idjwi Island (Kivu Lake, Republic of the Congo)

Anonymous, 1972: Endemic diseases and trace elements. Proceedings of the regional scientific conference of the Volga and Ural scientific conference of the Volga and Ural regions (Kazan', December 1972)

Price, E. W., 1974: Endemic elephantiasis of the lower legs - natural history and clinical study

Ciszewska Olczak, B.; Kociecka, E.; Kozakiewicz, B.; Olczak, S., 1974: Endemic foci of trichinellosis in the Kalisz district in the years 1953-1972

Templeton, G. E., 1974: Endemic fungus disease for control of prickly sida in cotton and soybeans

Koutras, D. A.; Christakis, G.; Trichopoulos, D.; Dakou Voutetaki, A.; Kyriakopoulos, V.; Fontanares, P.; Livadas, D. P.; Gatsios, D.; Malamos, B., 1973: Endemic goiter in Greece: nutritional status, growth, and skeletal development of goitrous and nongoitrous populations

Ogihara, T.; Oki, K.; Iida, Y.; Hayashi, S., 1972: Endemic goiter in Sarawak, Borneo Island; prevalence and pathogenesis

Thilly, C. H.; Delange, F.; Goldstein Golaire, J.; Ermans, A. M., 1973: Endemic goiter prevention by iodized oil: a reassessment

Islambekov, R. K.; Nazarova, L. M.; Babadzhanov, D., 1973: Endemic goitre in Khorezm oblast of Uzbekistan

Escobar del Rey, F.; Ferreiro Alaez, L.; Sanchez Franco, F.; Cacicedo Egues, L., 1973: Endemic goitre in Las Hurdes. 1. Incidence of goitre in school and preschool children

Escobar del Rey, F.; Sanchez Franco, F.; Ferreiro Alaez, L., 1973: Endemic goitre in Las Hurdes. 2. Indications of iodine deficiency

Goldin, D.; King, B.; Barclay, R., 1972: Endemic goitre in rural Zambia

Krishnamachari, K. A. V. R., 1974: Endemic goitre: a public health problem in Maharashtra, India

Romvary, J., 1974: Endemic occurrence of rinderpest on a breeding farm in India

Nwokolo, C., 1972: Endemic paragonimiasis in Eastern Nigeria. Clinical features and epidemiology of the recent outbreak following the Nigerian civil war

De Carneri, I.; Biasin, G., 1972: Endemicity of Necator americanus infection among horticulturalists of Lusia (Rovigo) Italy

Cabrera, B. D.; Vajrasthira, S., 1973: Endemicity of Paragonimus siamensis Miyazaki and Wykoff 1965, the second species of lung fluke found in the Republic of the Philippines

Bramwell, D., 1972: Endemism in the flora of the Canary Islands

Walters, S. M., 1972: Endemism in the genus Alchemilla in Europe

Favarger, C., 1972: Endemism in the montane floras of Europe

Anonymous, 1972: Endive

Anonymous, 1974: Endive

Young, B., 1972: Endless planks with LVL

Vozzo, J. A.; Hacskaylo, E., 1974: Endo- and ectomycorrhizal associations in five Populus species

Fukuda, M.; Matsumura, G., 1975: Endo- beta -galactosidase of Eschericia freundii hydrolysis of pig colonic mucin and milk oligosaccharides by endoglycosidic action

Bertrand, E., 1973: Endo-myocardial fibrosis (or endocardial fibrosis?). VIII. Aetiology

Kaji, A.; Ohsaki, T., 1971: Endo-polygalacturonase from Corticium rolfsii. Stability and activity of the enzyme at low pH values

King, E. E., 1973: Endo-polymethylgalacturonase of boll weevil larvae, Anthonomus grandis: an initiator of cotton flower bud abscission

Chiummariello, A.; Palumbo, U.; D' Amato, G., 1971: Endobronchial aspergilloma masking a bronchogenous carcinoma

Bretzinger, H., 1974: Endocardial calcification in slaughter calves, (Illustrated report)

Chesney, C. F.; Allen, J. R., 1973: Endocardial fibrosis associated with monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertension in nonhuman primates (Macaca arctoides)

Schmidt, R. E., 1970: Endocardiosis in rhesus monkeys

Schneider, P.; Ernst, E.; Trautwein, G., 1972: Endocardiosis of the atrio-ventricular valves of the dog. III. Enzyme histochemistry

Ernst, E.; Schneider, P.; Trautwein, G., 1974: Endocardiosis of the atrioventricular valves of the dog. IV. Electron microscope studies

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083153

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083154

Narucka, U.; Westendorp, J. F., 1973: Endocarditis in slaughter pigs

Popov, K. P., 1973: Endocarp dehiscence in Pistacia vera

Chippendale, G. M.; Yin, C. M., 1973: Endocrine activity retained in diapause insect larvae

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Jones, J. H., 1975: Endocrine aspects of the genetics of mating behaviour in the domestic fowl

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083160

Lencses, G.; Goel, V. K.; Panda, B., 1972: Endocrine behaviour and certain semen characteristics of White Leghorn cocks fed on sal seed cake and damaged wheat

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083162

Lunaas, T., 1974: Endocrine changes during the cycle in the mare

Baldwin, D. M.; Stabenfeldt, G. H., 1975: Endocrine changes in the pig during late pregnancy, parturition and lactation

Leon, M.; Moltz, H., 1973: Endocrine control of the maternal pheromone in the postpartum female rat

Finn, C. A.; Martin, L., 1972: Endocrine control of the timing of endometrial sensitivity to a decidual stimulus

Friedel, T., 1974: Endocrine control of vitellogenesis in the harlequin bug, Dindymus versicolor

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083168

Black, D. L.; Hansel, W., 1972: Endocrine factors affecting reproduction in the bovine female

Cappelli, V.; Ceriani, T.; Panagia, V., 1972: Endocrine factors and thiamin metabolism. 1. Uptake and phosphorylation of thiamin in the liver of rats with alloxan diabetes or after pancreatectomy

Cappelli, V.; Panagia, V.; Ceriani, T., 1972: Endocrine factors and thiamin metabolism. 2. Effect of adrenalectomy on uptake and phosphorylation of thiamin in the liver of rats with or without diabetes (alloxan)

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Riis, P. M., 1972: Endocrine regulation of fatty acid metabolism in hens

Davey, K. G.; Hominick, W. M., 1973: Endocrine relationships between nematodes and their insect hosts - a review

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083177

Prichard, R. K.; Hennessy, D. R.; Griffiths, D. A., 1974: Endocrine responses of sheep to infection with Trichostrongylus colubriformis

Marple, D. N.; Aberle, E. D.; Forrest, J. C.; Blake, W. H.; Judge, M. D., 1972: Endocrine responses of stress susceptible and stress resistant swine to environmental stressors

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Yin, C. N.; Chippendale, G. M., 1973: Endocrine system of mature diapause and nondiapause larvae of the southwestern corn borer, Diatraea grandiosella

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083183

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083184

Dumser, J. B.; Davey, K. G., 1974: Endocrinological and other factors influencing testis development in Rhodnius prolixus

Johnson, D. R.; Hunt, D. M., 1975: Endocrinological findings in sterile pink-eyed mice

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083187

McLaren, A., 1973: Endocrinology of implantation

Gonzalez Padilla, E., 1974: Endocrinology of puberty in heifers

Botella Llusia, J., 1973: Endocrinology of woman

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Naidoff, M. A.; Green, W. R., 1975: Endogenous Aspergillus endophthalmitis occurring after kidney transplant

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083196

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083197

Colquhoun, A. J.; Hillman, J. R., 1975: Endogenous abscicic acid and the senescence of leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris L

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Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083215

Getnick, R. A.; Rodrigues, M. M., 1974: Endogenous fungal endophthalmitis in a drug addict

Zimbaro, G.; Ferrau, O.; Familiari, L.; Consolo, F., 1973: Endogenous gastrin and insulin secretion in man: effect of gastric infusion of sodium bicarbonate

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083218

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083219

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083220

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083221

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083222

Jourdan, M. H., 1974: Endogenous glyceride synthesis rate in baboons fed diets containing sucrose or glucose

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Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083228

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083229

Ames, I. H., 1974: Endogenous levels of auxin and tumorigenesis in a Nicotiana amphiploid

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Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083239

Roy, B. N.; Roychoudhury, N.; Bose, T. K.; Basu, R. N., 1972: Endogenous phenolic compounds as regulators of rooting in cuttings

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083241

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083242

Rudnicki, R.; Hammond, R. K.; Bukovac, M. J., 1973: Endogenous plant growth substances in developing fruit of Prunus cerasus L. II. Levels of extractable para coumaric acid in the pericarp

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Kniazeff, A. J., 1973: Endogenous virus contaminants in fetal bovine serum and their role in tissue culture contamination

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083252

Hartmann, T., 1973: Endogenously and exogenously caused alteration of the isoenzyme pattern of NAD-specific glutamic dehydrogenase in shoots of Pisum sativum

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Schenck, N. C.; Tucker, D. P. H., 1974: Endomycorrhizal fungi and the development of citrus seedlings in Florida fumigated soils

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083259

Section 1, Chapter 84, Accession 000083260

Flick, S. C., 1973: Endoparasites in cats: highlights of the feline parasite survey

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