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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 86

Chapter 86 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Maronpot, R.R., 1972:
Erythrocyte glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and glutathione deficiency in sheep

Kalla, S.D.; Ghosh, P.K., 1973:
Erythrocyte glutathione level in relation to haemoglobin type in Rajasthan desert sheep

Emerson, P.M.; Mason, D.Y.; Cuthbert, J.E., 1972:
Erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase content and serum tocopherol levels in newborn infants

Agar, N.S.; Roberts, J.; Evans, J.V., 1972:
Erythrocyte glutathione polymorphism in sheep

Cooperman, J.M.; Cole, H.S.; Gordon, M.; Lopez, R., 1973:
Erythrocyte glutathione reductase as a measure of riboflavin nutritional status of pregnant women and newborns

Ramachandran, M.; Iyer, G.Y.N., 1974:
Erythrocyte glutathione reductase in iron deficiency anaemia

Madej, E., 1972:
Erythrocyte indices and serum Fe, Cu, total iron-binding capacity and ceruloplasmin in calves with congenital goitre

Fiori, R.M.; Scanlon, J.W., 1971:
Erythrocyte levels of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in the syndrome of fetal malnutrition

Reddy, P.R.; Van Krey, H.P.; Gross, W.B.; Siegel, P.B., 1975 :
Erythrocyte lifespan in dwarf and normal pullets from growth selected lines of chickens

O.R.gan, S.; Malhorn, D.K.; Newman, A.J.; Graham, R.C., 1974:
Erythrocyte lipids and vitamin E in type II congenital dyserythropoietic anemia

Neerhout, R.C., 1972:
Erythrocyte lipids in childhood

Beer, R.J.; Sansom, B.F.; Taylor, P.J., 1974:
Erythrocyte losses from pigs with experimental Trichuris suis infections measured with a whole-body counter

Agar, N.S.; Smith, J.E., 1974:
Erythrocyte metabolism in the goat

Harrison, G.G.; Verburg, C., 1973:
Erythrocyte osmotic fragility in hyperthermia-susceptible swine

Kaneko, J.J.; Zinkl, J.G.; Keeton, K.S., 1971:
Erythrocyte porphyrin and erythrocyte survival in bovine erythropoietic porphyria

Abbasova, B.A.; Brovko, I.A.; Mekhtiev, N.K.; Ni, G.V.; Rish, M.A., 1973:
Erythrocyte potassium concentration in Karakul sheep and its inheritance

Vacca, C.; Persechino, A.; Montemagno, F.; Pizzuti, G.P., 1974:
Erythrocyte sedimentation in cattle and buffaloes. A general hypothesis

Osbaldiston, G.W., 1971:
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate studies in sheep, dog, and horse

Elin, R.J., 1973:
Erythrocyte survival in magnesium-deficient rats

Chong, Y.H.; Ho, G.S., 1973:
Erythrocyte transketolase activity and anaemia

Peng, C.L.; Heitman, H., 1973:
Erythrocyte transketolase activity and the percentage stimulation by thiamin pyrophosphate as criteria of thiamin status in the pig

Stamatovic, S.M.; Jovanovic, M.J.; Sofrenovic, D., 1973:
Erythrocyte values and sedimentation rate in pigs

Harrison, R.J., 1972:
Erythrocyte vitamin B12 levels in pregnancy

Albini, B.; Wick, G., 1971:
Erythrocyte-specific anti-nuclear factors in chickens of the obese strain (OS)

Frischer, H.; Bowman, J.E.; Carson, P.E.; Rieckmann, K.H.; Willerson, D.; Colwell, E.J., 1973:
Erythrocytic glutathione reductase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and 6-phosphogluconic dehydrogenase deficiencies in populations of the United States, South Vietnam, Iran, and Ethiopia

Erickson, R.P., 1974:
Erythrocytic nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate levels and the genetic regulation of erythrocytic glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in the inbred mouse

Hoover, E.A.; Kociba, G.J.; Hardy, W.D.; Yohn, D.S., 1974:
Erythroid hypoplasia in cats inoculated with feline leukemia virus

Gillis, D.B.; Mitchell, R.A., 1974:
Erythrokinetics in normal cats

McClure, H.M.; Keeling, M.E.; Custer, R.P.; Marshak, R.R.; Abt, D.A.; Ferrer, J.F., 1974 :
Erythroleukemia in two infant chimpanzees fed milk from cows naturally infected with the bovine C-type virus

Aggio, M.C.; Bruzzo, M.T.; Fernandez, L.M., 1974:
Erythropoiesis in normal and anemic mice with exclusion of the splenic circulation

Sharabrin, I.O., 1971:
Erythropoiesis in piglets immunized against swine fever by the simultaneous inoculation of virus and serum.

Keyhani, M.; Giuliani, D.; Giuliani, E.R.; Morse, B.S., 1974:
Erythropoiesis in pyridoxine deficient mice

Bushmeleva, L.P.; Kovalevskaya, R.A., 1973:
Erythropoietic activity of blood serum in nutritional and nutritional infectious anaemia in children

Bloch, M., 1972:
Erythropoietin and iron deficiency. Erythropoietin levels in hookworm anemia

Bielecki, M.; Przala, F.; Lazewska, M., 1972:
Erythropoietin in human milk

Hansard, S.L.; McDonald, T.P.; Foote, L.E., 1972:
Erythropoietin levels and hemopoesis in bovine anaplasmosis

Vought, R.L.; Brown, F.A.; Wolff, J., 1972:
Erythrosine: an adventitious source of iodide

Martin, J.E.; Petras, M.L., 1971:
Es-3 esterases in erythrocytes of Mus musculus

Janzen, D.H., 1972:
Escape in space by Sterculia apetala seeds from the bug Dysdercus fasciatus in a Costa Rican deciduous forest

Gwadz, R.W.; Chernin, E., 1973:
Escape of infective larvae of Brugia pahangi from Aedes aegypti into water

Hoch, R., 1970:
Escherichia coli I as an indicator of fresh faecal contamination in foods

Glantz, P.J.; Simpson, M.; Wilson, L.L.; Straley, E.J., 1972:
Escherichia coli O73:K.:H18 in colibacillosis of calves

Glantz, P.J.; Kradel, D.C.; Seward, S.A., 1974:
Escherichia coli and Salmonella newport in calves: efficacy of prophylactic and therapeutic treatment

Porter, P.; Kenworthy, R.; Holme, D.W.; Horsfield, S., 1973:
Escherichia coli antigens as dietary additives for oral immunisation of pigs: trials with pig creep feeds

Gilbert, D.N.; Barnett, J.A.; Sanford, J.P., 1973:
Escherichia coli bacteremia in the squirrel monkey. I. Effect of cobra venom factor treatment

Stirm, S.; Freund-Mölbert, E., 1971:
Escherichia coli capsule bacteriophages. II. Morphology

Reece, W.O.; Wahlstrom, J.D., 1973:
Escherichia coli endotoxemia in conscious calves

Sweeney, E.J., 1974:
Escherichia coli enterotoxaemia of swine: a bacteriological study of Irish cases during 1972-73

Sweeney, E.J., 1972:
Escherichia coli enterotoxaemia of swine: a bacteriological study of Irish outbreaks during 1971

Sweeney, E.J., 1973:
Escherichia coli enterotoxaemia of swine: some aspects of herd resistance

Gupta, R.N.; Singh, C.M., 1972:
Escherichia coli in pigs from some parts of India

Jones, A.M., 1971:
Escherichia coli in retail samples of milk and their resistance to antibiotics

Rutter, J.M., 1975:
Escherichia coli infections in piglets: pathogenesis, virulence and vaccination

Ojo, M.O.; Moomaw, C., 1972:
Escherichia coli of pigs: OK groups and antibiotic resistance-preliminary report

Beuchat, L.R., 1973:
Escherichia coli on pecans: survival under various storage conditions and disinfection with propylene oxide

Ward, A.C.; Waldhalm, D.G.; Frank, F.W.; Meinershagen, W.A.; DuBose, D.A., 1974:
Escherichia coli populations at various intestinal levels of steers

Awad, F.I.; Bassiouni, A.A.; Awaad, M.H., 1973:
Escherichia coli septicaemia in ducklings

OErskov, F.; Soerensen, K.B., 1975:
Escherichia coli serogroups in breast-fed and bottle-fed infants

Glantz, P.J., 1973:
Escherichia coli serogroups isolated from streams in Pennsylvania, 1965 to 1972

Bettelheim, K.A.; Bushrod, F.M.; Chandler, M.E.; Cooke, E.M.; O'Farrell, S.; Shooter, R.A., 1974:
Escherichia coli serotype distribution in man and animals

Saran Rosenzuaig, A.; Cohen, R., 1972:
Escherichia coli serotypes isolated from cases of acute bovine mastitis in two Israeli dairy herds

Sato, S.; Nonomura, I.; Hashimoto, K., 1972:
Escherichia coli serotypes isolated from chickens infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Garg, D.N.; Sethi, M.S., 1971:
Escherichia coli serotypes isolated from the avian respiratory tract

Casas, E.D. las; Harein, P.K.; York, M.D.; Pomeroy, B.S., 1974:
Escherichia coli serotypes isolated from within the lesser mealworm and evaluated for virulence

Ulsen, F.W. van, 1972:
Escherichia coli, salmonellae and antibiotics.

Anonymous, 1972:
Escherichiae. Proceedings of the 5th National Congress on Bacteriology, Athens (Greece) March 31-April 2, 1972

Mattox, J.E., 1972:
Esophageal fistula sampling as a means of determining botanical composition of forage consumed by grazing cattle and sheep

Hartong, W.A.; Moeller, D.D.; Laing, R.R., 1972:
Esophageal moniliasis. Radiographic, endoscopic, and pathologic criteria for diagnosis

Tavora, L., 1973:
Espanhol 12 T1, a new wheat variety

Kostrowicki, J.; Tyszkiewicz, W., 1970:
Essays on agricultural typology and land utilization

Jackson, R.T., 1972:
Essays on rural marketing in West Nile District

Ruozi, R., 1972:
Essays on the financing of agriculture

Fedorov, V.P., 1973:
Essence and ways of equalizing the level of economic development of different farms

Warnick, R.E.; Anderson, J.O., 1973:
Essential amino acid levels for starting turkey poults

Wellers, G.; Galent, N.; Chevan, J., 1972:
Essential amino acid pools in rats deprived of thiamin

Wellers, G.; Chevan, J., 1973:
Essential amino acid pools in tissues of adult rats deprived of lysine

Srinivasan, K.S.; Moorjani, M.N., 1974:
Essential amino acids content of goat meat in comparison with other meats

D' yachenko, O.V.; Klyam, N.F., 1974:
Essential amino acids in foetal fluids during pregnancy in the ewe

Metzner, R., 1972:
Essential cultivars for profitable currant growing

Tena Andreu, S. de, 1975 :
Essential elements of climate in relation to cattle breeding. I. General considerations

Pijanowski, E., 1974:
Essential factors in the technology of production of high quality butter

Cmelik, S.H.; Bullock, M.R.; Ley, H.E., 1972:
Essential fatty acid content of dietary fats and fat rich foods used in Rhodesia

Caldwell, M.D.; Jonsson, H.T.; Othersen, H.B.J., 1972:
Essential fatty acid deficiency in an infant receiving prolonged parenteral alimentation

Paulsrud, J.R.; Pensler, L.; Whitten, C.F.; Stewart, S.; Holman, R.T., 1972:
Essential fatty acid deficiency in infants induced by fat-free intravenous feeding

Helmkamp, G.M.; Wilmore, D.W.; Johnson, A.A.; Pruitt, B.A., 1973:
Essential fatty acid deficiency in red cells after thermal injury: correction with intravenous fat therapy

Galli, C.; Spagnuolo, C., 1974:
Essential fatty acids in maternal diet and in rat milk phospholipids

Bush, B.M., 1971:
Essential features of the treatment of chronic renal failure in the dog

Orlando, G., 1972:
Essential information for a short-term marketing policy

Scora, R.W., 1973:
Essential leaf oil variability in green, variegated and albino foliage of Myrtus communis

Halim, A.F.; Collins, R.P., 1973 :
Essential oil analysis of the Myricaceae of the eastern United States

Sokol, V.A., 1973:
Essential oil biosynthesis in the Crimean Red rose flowers

Rao, J.T.; Nigam, S.S., 1974:
Essential oil from the rhizomes of Curcuma aromatica Salisb

K"seva Mladenova, N.; Dyakov, G.; Astadzhov, N., 1974:
Essential oil in the seed of the Kazanluk oil bearing rose (Rosa damascena)

Kasturi, T.R.; Thomas, M.; Abraham, E.M., 1973:
Essential oil of Ageratum conyzoides: isolation and structure of two new constituents

Dennis, R., 1973:
Essential oil of Psiadia salviifolia

Tutupalli, L.V.; Brown, J.K.; Chaubal, M.G., 1975:
Essential oil of Saururus cernuus

Bakhtadze, T.K.; Dembitskii, A.D., 1971:
Essential oil of honeycombs

Krishnamurthy, N.; Mathew, A.G.; Nambudiri, E.S.; Lewis, Y.S., 1974:
Essential oils and oleoresins from major spices of India

Guenther, E.; Gilbertson, G.; Koenig, R.T., 1973:
Essential oils and related products

Guenther, E.; Gilbertson, G.; Koenig, R.T., 1975:
Essential oils and related products

Komae, H.; Hayshi, N.; Kosela, S., 1971:
Essential oils and their constituents from the leaves of the Lauraceae family. III Lindera citriodora Sieb. et Zucc. Hemsl

Hogg, J.W.; Lawrence, B.M., 1972:
Essential oils and their constituents. VIII. A new bicyclic monoterpene from Mentha x cardiaca Ger

Lawrence, B.M.; Hogg, J.W.; Terhune, S.J., 1972:
Essential oils and their constituents. X. Some new trace constituents in the oil of Mentha piperita L

Lawrence, B.M.; Hogg, J.W.; Harney, P.M., 1975:
Essential oils and their constituents. XIII. The chemical composition of some Pelargonium species

Chaco, M.C.; Quartey, J.A.K., 1973:
Essential oils from West African plants: ishwarane from Bixa orellana

Araujo, V.C. de; Correa, G.C.; Maia, J.G.S.; Silva, M.L. da; Gottlieb, O.R.; Marx, M.C.; Magalhaes, M.T., 1971:
Essential oils of Amazonia containing linalool

Silva, M.L. da; Maia, J.G.S.; Mourao, J.C.; Pedreira, G.; Marx, M.C.; Gottlieb, O.R.; Magalhaes, M.T., 1973:
Essential oils of Amazonia. VI

Alencar, R. de; Lima, R.A. de; Correa, R.G.C.; Gottlieb, O.R.; Marx, M.C.; Silva, M.L. da; Maia, J.G.S.; Magalhaes, M.T.; Assumpcao, R.M.V., 1971:
Essential oils of Brazilian plants

Correa, R.G.C.; Silva, M.L. da; Maia, J.G.S.; Gottlieb, O.R.; Mourao, J.C.; Marx, M.C.; Moraes, A.A. de; Koketsu, M.; Moura, L.L.; Magalhaes, M.T., 1972:
Essential oils of Calyptranthes spp

Morais, A.A. de; Mata Rezende, C.M.A. da; Bulow, M.V. von; Mourao, J.C.; Gottlieb, O.R.; Marx, M.C.; Rocha, A.I. da; Magalhaes, M.T., 1972:
Essential oils of species of the genus Aniba

Lagraulet, J., 1970:
Essential points in the treatment of onchocerciasis

Bowen, J.E., 1972:
Essentiality of chlorine for optimum growth of sugarcane

Giddens, J.; Perkins, H.F., 1972:
Essentiality of molybdenum for alfalfa on highly oxidized Piedmont soils

Lovell, R.T., 1973:
Essentiality of vitamin C in feeds for intensively fed caged channel catfish

Kulp, E., 1975:
Essentials of basic agricultural programs

Kirby, J., 1973:
Essequibo Islands: analysis of land use patterns

Anonymous, 1973:
Essequibo Islands: land tenure and land use

Smirnov, N.A.; Kornienko, P.P., 1972:
Established Norway Spruce plantations on felled areas with moist soils

Soressi, G.P.; Borghi, B.; Lorenzoni, C.; Maggiore, T.; Mariani, B.M.; Salamini, F., 1973:
Established tomato hybrids. II. Evaluation of the combining ability of 106 varieties

Campbell, M.M., 1975:
Establishing Aphytis melinus in citrus orchards by a new simple method

Tarasenko, V.P.; Tarasenko, I.A., 1971:
Establishing Spruce plantations with large planting stock

King, J.W.; Collins, F.C.; Troutman, B.C., 1974:
Establishing a bermudagrass lawn in a cool season species cover

Thomas, D.; Bennett, A.J., 1975:
Establishing a mixed pasture under maize in Malawi. 1. Time of sowing

Thomas, D.; Bennett, A.J., 1975:
Establishing a mixed pasture under maize in Malawi. 2. Method of sowing

Frost, I.A., 1971:
Establishing a woodlot

Sklenar, L., 1973:
Establishing agrochemical enterprises in CSSR

Mustea, D.; Tataru, V.; Perju, T., 1971:
Establishing an index of plant response in the study of resistance to maize borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.)

Anonymous, 1973:
Establishing an objective classification system for French farms

Popescu, M.; Padureanu, T.; Voica, E., 1971:
Establishing apricot varieties suitable for growing on the sandy soil of southern Oltenia

Linscott, D.L.; Hagin, R.D., 1971:
Establishing crownvetch (Coronilla varia L.) for seed production (1970)

Godman, R.M.; Tubbs, C.H., 1973:
Establishing even-age northern hardwood regeneration by the shelterwood method - a preliminary guide

Zhukov, A.V., 1973:
Establishing generalized schemes for calculating the vibrations of logging and timber-transport machines

Hamilton, D.F.; McNiel, R.E.; Carpenter, P.L., 1973:
Establishing highway slopes with woody plants propagated by root cuttings

Delchev, L., 1972:
Establishing irrigation rates for lucerne and changes in its growth in relation to the irrigation rates

Savova, G., 1973:
Establishing norms for numbers of tractors and labour required for 100 ha. of cotton

Cull, J.K., 1974:
Establishing pasture on Eastern Downs

Bogdanov, B.P.; Maslakov, E.L.; Tuchin, V.V., 1974:
Establishing plantations with balled planting stock

Boggiatto, A.J.; Andrada, A.B., 1971:
Establishing pollen viability

Derco, M., 1975:
Establishing precise criteria for controlling the irrigation regime of potatoes

Malcolm, C.V., 1972:
Establishing shrubs in saline environments

Oakes, J.Y.; Rabb, J.L., 1974:
Establishing stands of Alicia Bermuda from green forage

Vangelov, A., 1972:
Establishing the biological curves of moisture discharge in irrigated maize areas

Marinescu, I.; Mihai, D.; Pescrus, P., 1972:
Establishing the coefficients of moisture movement and conductivity for Beech wood

Dobrescu, Z., 1972:
Establishing the correlation between seed germination and seedling emergence of Picea abies, Pinus sylvestris and Pinus nigra

Gallardo Zerpa, A.; Castillo Martinez, J., 1970:
Establishing the dormancy period and viability of the seeds of ten Cenchrus ciliaris (buffel grass) varieties

Croitoru, M., 1974:
Establishing the dynamics of some indices of quality as criteria for evaluating the response of inbred maize lines to specified pedoclimatic factors

Hundtoft, E.B.; Akamine, E.K., 1971:
Establishing the effects of post-harvest treatment on fresh market papayas by response surface methodology

Mujdaba, F.; Jurubita, J.; Babes, S., 1970:
Establishing the influence of the wine used as raw material and the influence of the maceration in obtaining specially flavoured wines

Pavlov, P., 1971:
Establishing the interdependence among the separate tillers in wheat with the aid of 14C

Teodorescu, S.; Alexiu, A., 1972:
Establishing the malvin content of Rumanian red wines using Bieber's fluorometric method

Aleksiev, A.; Iovchev, N.; Krusteva, E., 1972:
Establishing the most effective trace element mixtures for poultry. 1. Trials with broiler chickens

Aleksiev, A.; Krusteva, E.; Iovchev, N., 1972:
Establishing the most effective trace element mixtures for poultry. 2. Trials with laying hens

Monzon Paiva, D., 1970:
Establishing the number of replications in comparative variety trials of the most common Venezuelan crops, using previous results

Stancu, E.; Rizescu, S.; Visarion, M.; Tatu, C.; Geafar, B., 1970:
Establishing the nutritive value of some high-yielding varieties of egg plant

Stoll, K., 1973:
Establishing the organoleptic quality of dessert apples

Pribyl, J., 1973:
Establishing the rate of energy consumption of workers in the production of potatoes, forage crops and cereals

Huguenin, B.; Jacques, R., 1973:
Establishing the spectrum activity of light on sporogenesis and oogenesis of strains of Phytophthora palmivora Butl

Robertson, J.S., 1972:
Establishing vegetable crops - mechanization aspects

Eklund, E.; Sinda, E., 1971:
Establishment and disappearance of introduced pseudomonads in the rhizosphere of peat grown cucumber plants

Stubbendieck, J.; Koshi, P.T.; McCully, W.G., 1973:
Establishment and growth of selected grasses

Hodgkinson, K.C., 1973:
Establishment and growth of shoots following low and high cutting of lucerne in relation to the pattern of nutrient uptake

Vaclav, E., 1969:
Establishment and height growth of international progeny trial of Pinus patula Schlecht. et Cham. in Lushoto, Tanzania, East Africa

Anonymous, 1973:
Establishment and maintenance of nursery for raising planting materials in polybags to an advanced stage

Stubbings, B.J.J., 1972:
Establishment and management of nucleus estates in developing countries

Delgadillo, G.; Rossiter, J., 1972:
Establishment and management of tropical pastures

Meese, G.B.; Ewbank, R., 1973:
Establishment and nature of the dominance hierarchy in the domesticated pig

Chatel, D.L.; Shipton, W.A.; Parker, C.A., 1973:
Establishment and persistence of Rhizobium trifolii in Western Australian soils

Williams, R.T., 1973:
Establishment and seasonal variation in abundance of the European rabbit flea, Spilopsyllus cuniculi (Dale), on wild rabbits in Australia

Evans, D., 1973:
Establishment and survival of European Pine shoot moth on container-grown 1-0 Lodgepole Pine

Carrow, J.R., 1973:
Establishment and survival of balsam woolly aphid on second growth amabilis fir at intermediate elevations

Siebert, H., 1973:
Establishment and tending of woody-browse plantations for deer

Constantinescu, G.; Motoc, M., 1974:
Establishment and training of terraced vineyards

Cherkasova, V.A., 1974:
Establishment and utilization of sloping land

Dimitrov, S.; Minev, P.; Kanev, S.; Dobrev, D.; Stoimenov, B., 1970:
Establishment and utilization of sown irrigated pastures

Anonymous, 1972:
Establishment and utilization of sown pastures in the Russian Soviet Federated SR

Hutchings, R.J.; Hicks, J.S., 1972:
Establishment and yield of wheat sown on conventional and minimal tillage seed beds

Nobunaga, T., 1973:
Establishment by selective inbreeding of the IVCS strain and related sister strains of the mouse, demonstrating regularly repeated 4-day estrous cycles

Stehr, F.W.; Gage, P.S.; Burger, T.L.; Montgomery, V.E., 1974:
Establishment in the United States of Lemophagus curtus, a larval parasitoid of the cereal leaf beetle

Shigina, N.G., 1972:
Establishment in the definitive host of Diplostomum spathaceum metacercariae infected with microsporidia

Krueger, C.R.; Hansen, L.H., 1974:
Establishment method, variety, and seeding rate affect quality and production of alfalfa under dryland and irrigation

Nordquist, P.T.; Wicks, G.A., 1974:
Establishment methods for alfalfa in irrigated corn

Denton, R.E., 1972:
Establishment of Agathis pumila (Ratz.) for control of Larch casebearer, and notes on native parasitism and predation in Idaho

Clatworthy, J.N.; Thomas, P.I., 1972:
Establishment of Stylosanthes guyanensis in Marandellas sandveld

Cochereau, P., 1969:
Establishment of Tetrastichus brontispae Ferr. (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae), parasite of Brontispa longissima Gestro, var. froggatti Sharp (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae, Hispinae) in the Noumean peninsula

Malmquist, W.A.; Brown, C.G., 1974:
Establishment of Theileria parva-infected lymphoblastoid cell lines using homologous feeder layers

Anonymous, 1975:
Establishment of a German-Dutch potato department at the Gene Bank in the Institute of Crop Science and Seed Research of the Federal Agricultural Research Center, Braunschweig-Voelkenrode

Anonymous, 1974:
Establishment of a German-Dutch potato section of the gene bank of the Institute of Plant Production and Crop-plant Research of the Agricultural Research Centre at Braunschweig-Volkenrode, Germany

Piesch, R.F., 1974:
Establishment of a Western Hemlock tree improvement program in coastal British Columbia

Unger, W., 1973:
Establishment of a breeding stock of Hylotrupes bajulus for the testing of wood preservatives

Cooper, J.E., 1973 :
Establishment of a colony of mice free from lymphocytic choriomeningitis in Kenya

Capretta, P.J.; Rawls, L.H., 1974:
Establishment of a flavor preference in rats: importance of nursing and weaning experience

Seidewitz, L., 1972:
Establishment of a gene bank for the German Federal Republic

Feldman, D.B.; Self, J.L., 1973:
Establishment of a helminth-free opossum colony

Yatsenko, A.E.; Baida, V.I.; Yashchenko, V.N., 1974:
Establishment of a high-milk-fat Lebedin line by introduction of Jersey blood

Kalucy, E.C., 1972:
Establishment of a laboratory colony of Anopheles (Myzomyia) annulipes Walker, 1856

Mann, S.O.; Stewart, C.S., 1974:
Establishment of a limited rumen flora in gnotobiotic lambs fed on a roughage diet

Lysons, R.J.; Alexander, T.J.; Hobson, P.N.; Mann, S.O.; Stewart, C.S., 1971:
Establishment of a limited rumen microflora in gnotobiotic lambs

Gomis, H.D., 1973:
Establishment of a plantation of Pinus contorta var. latifolia in the southern cordillera of Rio Negro, Argentina

Gomis, H., 1974:
Establishment of a plantation of Pseudotsuga menziesii var. viridis in the southern Cordillera of Rio Negro territory, Argentina

Merkt, H.; Klug, E.; Heinze, H., 1974 :
Establishment of an experimental station for horse AI at a private stud

Meneley, J.C.; Stanghellini, M.E., 1975:
Establishment of an inactive population of Erwinia carotovora in healthy cucumber fruit

Alexandrescu, S.; Grigorescu, R.; Peteanu, S.; Sandru, I., 1971:
Establishment of an index of resistance to p,p'DDT and lindane for different populations of the Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say), and their control

Scott, B.J.; Brownlee, H., 1974:
Establishment of barrel medic under wheat, oats, barley and linseed in central western New South Wales

Prodanski, P.; Bogdanova, M., 1974:
Establishment of best technological conditions for Kachkaval cheese manufacture. I

Mitsuhashi, J., 1973:
Establishment of cell lines from the pupal ovaries of the swallow tail, Papilio xuthus Linne (Lepidoptera:Papilionidae)

Johnson, B.J., 1973:
Establishment of centipedegrass and St. Augustine grass with the aid of chemicals

Watanabe, Y., 1971:
Establishment of cytoplasmic and genetic-male-sterile lines by means of indica-japonica cross

Krishnan, R.G.; Rao, K.R.A., 1973:
Establishment of dadaps on the Shevaroys

Vergara, B.S.; Visperas, R.M.; Mazaredo, A.M., 1972:
Establishment of dapog rice seedlings and grain yield

Anonymous, 1972:
Establishment of dapog seedlings

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Establishment of early successional plant populations on forest and prairie soil

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Establishment of freshness standards and control methods for hard cheeses

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Establishment of grass on waste from iron smelting

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Establishment of green panic as influenced by type, amount, and placement of vegetative mulch

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Establishment of invertebrate communities on log substrates in the Kaskaskia River, Illinois

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Establishment of legume-based pastures in the medium altitudes of Kenya

Anonymous, .:
Establishment of legumes in veld

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Establishment of lucerne with cover crops under different soil moisture conditions

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Establishment of microfungi in the root region of Andrographis paniculata Nees

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Establishment of microorganisms isolated from chickens in the digestive tract of germ-free chickens

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Establishment of nine forage legumes in the Central Great Plains

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Establishment of norms for planning veterinary services and determining the need for veterinary specialists. III. Status of veterinary services in selected parts of Bulgaria

Kalupov, I., 1972:
Establishment of norms for planning veterinary services with reference to the requirements of intensified farming. II. Analysis of statistics for Bulgaria as a whole and individual regions

Rachev, R.; K"ltseva, I., 1973:
Establishment of optimal conditions for gas chromatographic determination of chlorinated pesticides

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Establishment of optimum technological parameters in Kachkaval production

Ovchinnikov, I., 1974:
Establishment of pastures on gully-ravine lands

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Establishment of perennial wheatgrasses in relation to atrazine residue in the seedbed

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Establishment of rot fungi in root injuries

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Establishment of seedlings in a changeable environment

Mishin, F.A., 1974:
Establishment of some characteristics of paired milking machine for cows

Prodanski, P.; Simov, Z., 1974:
Establishment of suitable technological parameters for production of high-protein Kachkaval cheese from cows' and ewes' milk

Prodanski, P., 1969:
Establishment of suitable technology for separating total protein and suspending it in raw milk to obtain a new type of White pickled cheese

Abo Elghar, M.R.; Zaki, M.M.; Hassan, S.M.; Hanna, M.A., 1968:
Establishment of susceptibility level of the cotton leaf-worm, Prodenia litura (F.), to toxaphene

Rao, V.R.; Sopory, S.; Rao, N.S.S., 1974:
Establishment of symbiosis in vitro, between Rhizobium and pea (Pisum sativum) root callus

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Establishment of tall fescue and koleagrass with rye as a companion forage crop

Rossi, C.R.; Kiesel, G.K., 1973:
Establishment of the AU-BEK cell line and comparison with two other bovine cell lines

McConnell, J.L., 1973:
Establishment of the United States Forest Tree Seed Centre

Brown, G.S., 1968:
Establishment of the gypsy moth, Porthetria dispar L., in Canada

Kamat, K.L.; Ramachandrannair, K.; Pradhan, S.K., 1972:
Establishment of the sugarcane borer egg-parasite Telenomus alecto (Crawford) (Hym. : Scelionidae) in India

Bolton, W.E.; Bozarth, G.A., 1974:
Establishment of tissue cultures from mature axenic lettuce plants

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Establishment of tropical forage legumes

Hihara, H.; Shimizu, T.; Yamamoto, H., 1974:
Establishment of tumour cell lines cultured from chickens with avian lymphoid leukosis

Scott, W.R., 1974:
Establishment of undersown white clover as affected by wheat sowing rate, time of white clover introduction, and irrigation

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Establishment of various ground covers with herbicides and shredded hardwood bark

Speshilov, M.D.; Surovtsev, A.V.; Mastakov, N.N., 1972:
Establishment of working regime for a straight flow spray-drier

Murray, D.B.; Fordham, R., 1974:
Establishment with irrigation

Raininko, K., 1972:
Establishment, fertilization and care of turf in Finland

Atanda, O.A., 1973:
Establishment, growth and yield of cacao selections tolerant of swollen shoot virus

Cooper, C.S., 1972:
Establishment, hay yield, and persistence of two sainfoin growth types seeded alone and with low-growing grasses and legumes

Campbell, M.H., 1974:
Establishment, persistence and production of lucerne-perennial grass pastures surface-sown on hill country

Kasza, L.; Shadduck, J.A.; Christofinis, G.J., 1972:
Establishment, viral susceptibility and biological characteristics of a swine kidney cell line SK-6

Wilson, J., 1972:
Estate duty planning

Voss, E.G., 1973:
Estate planning: its use and importance to New York farmers

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Esterase activity and types in the blood serum of Karakul sheep

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Esterase activity associated with uredospores of Hemileia vastatrix

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Esterase activity in birds with different feeding habits

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Esterase activity in the tropical cattle tick, Boophilus microplus (Acarina: Ixodidae)

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Esterase activity of neoplastic tissue in pulmonary adenomatosis in sheep

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Esterase and galloyl carboxylase from Eugenia jambolana (Lam.) leaves

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Esterase inhibitors as synergists for (+)-trans-chrysanthemate insecticide chemicals

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Esterase isozyme patterns in Glycine max exposed to gamma radiation

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Esterase isozymes in Canadian barley cultivars

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Esterase polymorphism in a natural population of Anopheles punctipennis, genetic analysis of the esterase E system

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Esterase polymorphism in a natural population of Anopheles punctipennis. II. Analysis of the Est-C system

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Esterase-8 (Es-8): characterization, polymorphism, and linkage of an erythrocyte esterase locus on chromosome 7 of Mus musculus

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Esterase-inhibiting photo-oxidation products from the organophosphorus insecticide pyrimithate

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Esterases from the midgut and gastric caecum of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana (L.) isolation and characterization

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Esterases in Triticum and some related species

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Esterification and spectral shifts of chlorophyll(ide) in wildtype and mutant seedlings developed in darkness

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Esterification of geraniol by homogenates of boll weevil

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Esters of 3-hydroxy-2-arylindones, a new class of acaricide

Naveau, P.; Petit, P., 1975:
Estimate in monetary terms of the surplus in food consumption of different social classes

Anderson, D.B.; Kauffman, R.G.; Benevenga, N.J., 1972:
Estimate of fatty acid turnover in porcine adipose tissue

Pinthus, M.J., 1973:
Estimate of genotypic value:a proposed method

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Estimate of grain yields in early generations using a Seedmatic 6 drill

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Estimate of high and low volume spraying costs for coffee rust control

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Estimate of the damage caused by Thaumetopoea pityocampa Schiff. in replantings of Pinus radiata D. Don

Krotil, V., 1973:
Estimate of the development of farm production costs taking account of cost structure and possible factor substitution

Singh, D.; Tyagi, B.N.; Khosla, R.K.; Avasthy, K.P., 1971:
Estimate of the incidence of pests and diseases, and consequent field losses in the yield of maize (Zea mays L.)

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Estimate of the loss of floral forms in cotton

Schneeberger, W.; Silvestri, R., 1973:
Estimate of the number of milk suppliers in 1980, based on Markov chains

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Estimated Florida orange, temple and grapefruit production, 1972-1973 to 1979-1980

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Estimated and measured roughness parameters for a Pine forest

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Estimated costs and production for selected forage crops for Southwest Arkansas

Grant, W.R.; Hottel, J.B.; Mullins, T., 1973:
Estimated costs and returns per acre of rice in the major U.S. rice area, 1972 season

Anonymous, 1974:
Estimated daily intake of radionuclides in California diets July 1971-December 1972

Short, H.L.; Blair, R.M.; Epps, E.A.J., 1973:
Estimated digestibility of some southern browse tissues

Folwell, R.J., 1972:
Estimated fryer consumption and feed and chick placement production costs: regionally and for Washington

Anonymous, 1974:
Estimated household food expenditure in Great Britain: analysis by income of head of household and by composition of household

Casey, J.; Lacewell, D.D., 1973:
Estimated impact of withdrawing specified pesticides from cotton production

Anonymous, 1972:
Estimated losses and production cost attributed to insects and related arthropods - 1971

Anonymous, 1973:
Estimated losses and production costs attributed to insects and related arthropods - 1972

Anonymous, 1974:
Estimated losses and production costs attributed to insects and related arthropods - 1973

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Estimated mortalities of the immature stages of Aedes cantans (Mg.) (Diptera, Culicidae) in a natural habitat

Casey, J.E.; Lacewell, R.D., 1973:
Estimated regional per acre cotton yield and production cost response caused by withdrawal of alternative pesticides: 1971-72

Sappington, C., 1974:
Estimated returns from feeding out purchased feeder pigs in Tennessee with and without using the futures market

Anonymous, 1972:
Estimated world fertilizer production capacity as related to future demand

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Estimates of Black Spruce and peatland areas in Ontario

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Estimates of a dairy cow milk production function

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Estimates of a mean speed of translocation in leaves of Oryza sativa L

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Estimates of above-ground biomass and primary productivity in a Missouri forest

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Estimates of age effects on milk production in Hereford cows

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Estimates of biomass and fixed nitrogen of epiphytes from old-growth Douglas-fir

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Estimates of carrying capacity and production from herbage yields and grazing days

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Estimates of coefficients of heritability and the genetic control of organogenesis and callogenesis in Brassica oleracea L

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Estimates of combining ability of maize lines having different intensities of selfing

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Estimates of correlation, heritability and discriminant function in jute (Corchorus olitorius, L.)

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Estimates of direct, maternal and grandmaternal genetic variances for weights and gains of swine weaned at four weeks of age

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Estimates of dry matter digestibility differences in grain of some Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench varieties

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Estimates of evapotranspiration rates at Guelph, Canada, by Penman and Thornthwaite methods

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Estimates of feedstuffs fed and costs of feeding beef

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Estimates of fluid and energy balances of Apollo 17

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Estimates of gene effects for ear length and ear diameter among generation means of corn, Zea mays L

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Estimates of genecological parameters for certain quantitative characters of Benguet Pine

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Estimates of general and specific combining ability for height and rust resistance from single-crosses of slash pine

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Estimates of genetic and environmental variability in sesame

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Estimates of genetic effects of heading date, plant height, and grain yield in durum wheat

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Estimates of genetic parameters of growth rate and live weight up to weaning in Arles Merinos

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Estimates of genetic variability and correlation coefficients of some biometric characters in rain-fed wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Estimates of genetic variability, correlation and path coefficients in urd and their importance in selection

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Estimates of genetic, environmental and phenotypic parameters in the Canadian Record of Performance beef cattle population

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Estimates of genetical parameters on the basis of series of experiments

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Estimates of genotype-environment interactions in production and carcass traits in swine

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Estimates of genotypic and phenotypic variability in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Estimates of grassland production in 1970, 1971 and 1972

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Estimates of heritabilities and genetic gains for populations of Virginia Pine

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Estimates of heritability in sugar cane

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Estimates of heritability of body weight at 205 days of age in Guzerat calves

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Estimates of incidence of diseases and consequent field losses in yield of paddy crop

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Estimates of leaf area in bunch type of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Estimates of number of genes conditioning plant height in spring wheat, Triticum aestivum L

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Estimates of optimum plot size and shape from uniformity data in Burley tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

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Estimates of performance of cotton varieties in southeast Missouri 1968-1970

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Estimates of performance of cotton varieties in southeast Missouri 1969-71

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Estimates of phenotypic, genetic and environmental parameters in a herd of Angus cows

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Estimates of potentially mineralizable soil nitrogen based on short-term incubations

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Estimates of prairie provincial wheat yields based on precipitation and potential evapotranspiration

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Estimates of quantitative genetic properties of walnut and their implications for cultivar improvement

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Estimates of response to selection in populations of White Leghorns under reciprocal recurrent selection

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Estimates of selection parameters associated with harvest index in oat lines derived from a bulk population

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Estimates of the incidence of pests and diseases and consequent field losses in the yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Estimates of the percentage of self- and cross-pollination in sainfoin (Onobrychis viciaefolia Scop.)

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Estimates of the resistance of Citrus X Poncirus hybrids to feeder root infection by Phytophthora spp., by a greenhouse seedling test

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Estimates of variation and heritability of some quantitative characters in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)

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Estimates of variation and heritability of some quantitative characters in rice

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Estimating Dunning's site index from plant indicators

Simmons, G.A.; Chen, C.W., 1974:
Estimating a mortality proportion when it is impossible to count the host insect and the mortality factor at the same time

Baldwin, E.D.; Hill, L.D., 1975:
Estimating a theoretical contract curve between vertical stages in the Illinois grain industry

Appleberry, M., 1974:
Estimating age of cotton bolls from seed coat color and embryo development

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Estimating agricultural investment functions for a state-problems, procedures and findings

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Estimating and forecasting the fruit yield of rowan in the Middle-Volga region

Wass, E.F.; Szabo, T., 1973:
Estimating annual height growth by the internode method

Kajihara, M., 1974:
Estimating both total and merchantable volumes of a stand by relative stem curve

Wolf, R.; Gravert, H.O., 1973:
Estimating breeding value for length of milking time

Clayton, G.A.; Foxton, R.N.; Nott, H.; Powell, J.C., 1974:
Estimating carcass composition in the duck (Anas platyrhynchos)

Foguet, J.L.; Campo, S.A., 1973:
Estimating citrus water requirements in Tucuman

Smith, B.J., 1974:
Estimating comparative costs of producing milk among the southern states

Arveda, A., 1974:
Estimating compensation for the destruction of part of a coniferous high forest

Lovering, J.; MacMinn, D., 1973:
Estimating costs of beef production

Heldal, B., 1972 :
Estimating daily sums of diffuse radiation

Burleigh, J.R.; Roelfs, A.P.; Eversmeyer, M.G., 1972:
Estimating damage to wheat caused by Puccinia recondita tritici

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Estimating educational production functions for rural high schools: some findings

Karst, H., 1974:
Estimating energy exchange in man - measurement of gaseous exchange or heart rate?

Smith, J.E.; Lee, M., 1971:
Estimating erythrocyte 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase by a new method

Stone, L.R.; Horton, M.L., 1974:
Estimating evapotranspiration using canopy temperatures: field evaluation

Loomis, R.M., 1973:
Estimating fire-caused mortality and injury in Oak/Hickory forests

Crawford, H.S.; Whelan, J.B., 1973:
Estimating food intake by observing mastications by tractable deer

Davis, J.B.; Tueller, P.T.; Bruner, A.D., 1972:
Estimating forage production from shrub ring widths in Hot Creek Valley, Nevada

Arola, R.A., 1972:
Estimating force and power requirements for crosscut shearing of roundwood

Zurek, E., 1972:
Estimating foreseeable demand for agricultural land 1975, 1980 and 1985 to secure Federal German supplies of home produced food with alternative levels of self sufficiency

Lenselink, K.J.; Weert, R. van der, 1973:
Estimating free water evaporation in Surinam

Khanduja, S.D.; Abbas, S., 1973:
Estimating fruitfulness of grape-vine buds by forced bursting in summer in the tropics of India

Cole, D.M.; Stage, A.R., 1972:
Estimating future diameters of Lodgepole Pine trees

Milliken, G.A.; Bush, H.L.; Ericksen, A.W.; Suzuki, A., 1970:
Estimating general combining ability from an incomplete crossing system

Tai, G.C.C.; Hodgson, W.A., 1975:
Estimating general combining ability of potato parents for field resistance to late blight

Syrstad, O., 1972:
Estimating genetic change in dairy cattle populations

Benyshek, L.L.; Marlowe, T.J., 1973:
Estimating heritability of Hereford cow weights

Rao, M.R.; Harbers, L.H.; Smith, E.F., 1974:
Estimating intake and digestibility of native Flint Hills hay

Schreiner, D.; Muncrief, G.; Davis, B., 1972:
Estimating intercounty employment linkages in a multi-county development district

Miller, R.K., 1973:
Estimating logging equipment replacement costs. Some guidelines on when to trade-in that used equipment, and when to hold-on

Ramsey, C.B.; Lidvall, E.R.; Conger, J.R.J., 1972:
Estimating loin eye area in swine with a single ultrasonic measurement

Pollmer, W.G.; Fromberg, H.K., 1973:
Estimating lysine content of maize (Zea mays L.) by means of alcoholic extraction

Neindre, P.Le, 1973:
Estimating milk production of nursing cows by weighing the calf before and after suckling

James, N.I.; Miller, J.D., 1973:
Estimating millability of sugarcane from small samples

Nelson, D.L.; Jay, S.C., 1972:
Estimating numbers of adult honey bees on Langstroth frames

Sieber, R., 1972:
Estimating on the basis of measurements - capacity to estimate can be learned and checked

Miskovic, M.; Sijacki, N.; Mitic, N.; Dukic, D.; Jovic, M., 1974:
Estimating ovulation time in gilts by examining the stages of development of fertilized egg cells

Smith, V.G., 1973:
Estimating performance in skidding timber

Golovin, V.I., 1973:
Estimating personnel requirements for fire suppression

Foster, J.E.; Taylor, P.L., 1974:
Estimating populations of the Hessian fly

Couvillion, W.C.S.; Dubov, I., 1973:
Estimating pork carcass values

Heldal, B., 1973:
Estimating potential evapotranspiration by pans or empirical equations

Cooper, P.A.; Bramhall, G.; Ross, N.A., 1974:
Estimating preservative treatability of wood from its air-flow properties

Maclean, C.D.; Bolsinger, C.L., 1973:
Estimating productivity on sites with a low stocking capacity

Obrigewitsch, R.P.; Rolston, D.E.; Nielsen, D.R.; Nakayama, F.S., 1975:
Estimating relative leaf water content with a simple beta gauge calibration

Pierpoint, G., 1974:
Estimating relative water content of leaves without oven drying

Tokmanoglu, T., 1971:
Estimating road construction costs from topographic maps with the aid of mathematical statistics

Clark, C.J.; Turton, J.A., 1973:
Estimating roundworm burdens and group sizes in anthelmintic trials with sheep and cattle

Singh, I.; Day, R.H., 1974:
Estimating single nutrient response surfaces for new varieties with limited data

Powers, R.F., 1972:
Estimating site index of Ponderosa Pine in northern California: standard curves, soil series, stem analysis

Roussopoulos, P.J.; Johnson, V.J., 1973:
Estimating slash fuel loading for several Lake States tree species

Golding, D.L.; Harlan, R.L., 1972:
Estimating snow-water equivalent from point-density measurements of forest stands

Ritchie, J.C.; Spraberry, J.A.; McHenry, J.R., 1974:
Estimating soil erosion from the redistribution of fallout 137Cs

Jensen, M.E.; Wright, J.L.; Pratt, B.J., 1971:
Estimating soil moisture depletion from climate, crop and soil data

Swift, L.W.J.; Knoerr, K.R., 1973:
Estimating solar radiation on mountain slopes

Butcher, K.R., 1974:
Estimating son's progeny test for milk yield from information on his sire, dam and maternal grandsire

Nelson, E.E.; Hartman, T., 1975:
Estimating spread of Poria weirii in a high-elevation, mixed conifer stand

Sepahi, A., 1974:
Estimating stability and selection index

Oni, S.A., 1972:
Estimating supply responses via producer panel approach - a case study of Western Nigerian cocoa farmers

Pearson, A.M.; Biggs, D.A., 1974:
Estimating sweeteners in frozen desserts

Carrier, J.M., 1974:
Estimating the Highlander population affected by herbicides

Ditrikh, V.I., 1971:
Estimating the age of Larix sibirica from external characters

Isakov, I.P., 1974:
Estimating the amount of moisture transpired by stands of Pinus sibirica

Mayaudow, J., 1973:
Estimating the biological fertility of agricultural soils

Arapovic, M., 1973:
Estimating the breeding value of Oberinntal Grey bulls on growth of their sons at identical ages and fattened under identical conditions in the mountains

Friedel, K.; Gabel, M.; Poppe, S., 1973:
Estimating the calcium and phosphorus supply in pigs. 2. Studies on sows

Elisei, F., 1973:
Estimating the capital value of a forest in the case of a very young stand

Robelin, J.; Geay, Y.; Beranger, C., 1975:
Estimating the chemical composition of carcasses of young male cattle from the proportion of depot fat in a single rib cut taken at the 11th rib

Olawoye, O., 1972:
Estimating the cost of a fixed target structural change in Nigerian economy

Danso, S.K.A.; Habte, M.; Alexander, M., 1973:
Estimating the density of individual bacterial populations introduced into natural ecosystems

Cubbin, J.S., 1973:
Estimating the elasticities of demand for sugar

Middleton, K.R.; Smith, G.S., 1974:
Estimating the fertiliser rate for maintaining permanent pasture

Soares, E.R., 1972:
Estimating the frequency of induced dominant lethal mutations in mice. II. The evaluation of a new method

Soares, E.R., 1972:
Estimating the frequency of induced dominant lethals in mice by uterine dissection after weaning progeny

Miller, T.A., 1974:
Estimating the income supplement in farm program payments

Trevena, B.J.; Keller, L.H., 1974:
Estimating the investment behaviour of farm firms using the concept of rational distributed lag functions

Trevena, B.J., 1972:
Estimating the investment hehavior of farm firms using the concept of rational distributed lag functions

Terry, D.L.; McCants, C.B., 1973:
Estimating the leaching of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen, potassium and magnesium in certain North Carolina soils

Hein, E., 1973:
Estimating the nitrate and nitrite contents of green fodders and silages

Adamczyk, K.; Walkowa, W., 1974:
Estimating the number of newborn animals in enclosed populations of laboratory mice

Llanos Llanos, R.; Mariotti, J.A., 1972:
Estimating the optimum plot size for sugar cane yield trials

Cox, P.G., 1973:
Estimating the percentage of farms in the Republic of Ireland obtaining comparable incomes in 1973

Keipert, K., 1972:
Estimating the pome fruit harvest in the North Rhine region

Rankine, L.B.; Davidson, J.R.; Hogg, H.C., 1972:
Estimating the productivity of irrigation water for sugarcane production in Hawaii

Dunnet, G.M.; Harvie, A.E.; Smit, T.J., 1973:
Estimating the proportions of various leaves in the diet of the opossum, Trichosurus vulpecula Kerr, by faecal analysis

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Estimating the quantity of flowers on Pine trees

Serat, W.F.; Bailey, J.B., 1974:
Estimating the relative toxicologic potential of each pesticide in a mixture of residues on foliage

Debertin, D.L.; Harrison, G.A.; Rades, R.J.; Bohl, L.P., 1975:
Estimating the returns to information: a gaming approach

Roumasset, J., 1974:
Estimating the risk of alternate techniques: nitrogenous fertilization of rice in the Philippines

Nath, S.K., 1974:
Estimating the seasonal marginal products of labour in agriculture

Heger, K., 1973:
Estimating the storm risk to grain harvested by a combine harvester using an agro-meteorological model

Pabst, H., 1975:
Estimating the value of non-economic forest functions

Grut, M., 1971:
Estimating the yields from Pinus radiata stands

Brun, L.J.; Kanemasu, E.T.; Powers, W.L., 1973:
Estimating transpiration resistance

Morris, M.J., 1973:
Estimating understory plant cover with rated microplots

Bennett, F.A.; Swindel, B.F.; Schroder, J.G., 1974:
Estimating veneer and residual pulpwood volumes for planted Slash Pine trees

Thompson, G.D.; Boyce, J.P., 1972:
Estimating water use by sugarcane from meteorological and crop parameters

Munro, D.S.; Oke, T.R., 1973:
Estimating wind profile parameters for tall dense crops

Pollard, D.F.W., 1972:
Estimating woody dry matter loss resulting from defoliation

Gilbey, D.J., 1974:
Estimating yield losses in wheat resulting from infestation by doublegee (Emex australis)

Axelsson, R., 1972:
Estimating yield. Comparing circular-plot and relascope methods of sampling

Krause, M.; Bock, W., 1973:
Estimation and characterization of the pectins in fruit and vegetables

Nestorov, N.; Tomov, T.; Popov, V., 1973:
Estimation and content of nucleic acids in the mammary gland of ruminants

Randall, G.W., 1972:
Estimation and correction of Mn deficiency in Wisconsin soils

Havez, R.; Boersma, A.; Dubois, B.; Degand, P., 1971:
Estimation and identification of mucopolysaccharides in urine

Mantel, N.; Li, C.C., 1974:
Estimation and testing of a measure of non-random mating

Smouse, P., 1973:
Estimation and testing of multiple-locus gametic disequilibrium

Sergyeyev, V.O.; Sergyeyeva, V.D.; Boiko, E.M., 1972:
Estimation by diallelic crossing of combining abilities of egg-producing lines of domestic fowls

Ranfft, K., 1973:
Estimation by gas chromatography of added and naturally occurring vitamin E

Fardeau, J.C.; Guiraud, G.; Sqalli, A., 1974:
Estimation by means of 32P, 35S, 45Ca of the phosphorus, sulphur and calcium uptake by rye-grass from superphosphate

Deschreider, A.R.; Meaux, R., 1973:
Estimation by specific ionic electrode of total nitrogen in wines and ammonium ion in natural mineral waters

Piotrowski, J.; Krzyzewski, J., 1972:
Estimation in vitro of the digestibility of the dry matter of feeds for ruminants. Study of methods

Wierzchowski, J.; Gajewska, R., 1972:
Estimation of 3,4-benzopyrene in smoked fish

Ombach, A.; Koralewicz, J., 1973:
Estimation of Cu, Mn, Co and Fe in mineral mixtures by two methods of spectral analysis

Schmidt, W.; Pihan, W.; Schone, D.; Laue, R., 1974:
Estimation of D-xylose with phloroglucin-sulphuric acid. 1

Jayaprakash, R.K.; Paroda, R.S.; Singh, V.P., 1974:
Estimation of Mahalnobis' generalized distance between cowpea cultivars

Thomasow, J.; Mrowetz, G., 1972:
Estimation of N in milk, milk products and feedstuffs by the Dumas method using the Mikro-Rapid-N instrument

Payandeh, B., 1973:
Estimation of Pielou's nonrandomness index in conjunction with large-scale aerial photo cruising

Griffin, R.A.; Jurinak, J.J., 1973:
Estimation of activity coefficients from the electrical conductivity of natural aquatic systems and soil extracts

Taneja, V.K.; Bhat, P.N., 1974:
Estimation of additive and non-additive effects in Sahiwal X Friesian crossbreds

Altenkirk, B.A.; Purchase, I.F.; Van Rensburg, S.J., 1974:
Estimation of aflatoxin in peanut butter

Singh, R.D.; Singh, D.; Rao, P.R., 1974:
Estimation of agricultural acreage response relationship: some methodological issues

Shimizu, R., 1974:
Estimation of agricultural labour force with reference to the increase in fringe labour

Loock, H.H. van; Hafley, W.L.; King, R.A., 1973:
Estimation of agriculture - forestry transition matrices from aerial photographs

Takano, T., 1974:
Estimation of allethrin in mosquito coils

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Estimation of aluminium in serum by flameless atomic absorption

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Estimation of amino acid digestibility in germfree and conventionally housed chickens. 1

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Estimation of amino nitrogen in apple juices and wines

Ozkan, K.; Deger, T.; Konyahoglu, M.; Almac, A., 1972:
Estimation of ammonia in blood by ion-exchange column chromatography

Garrido, M.D.; Gil, M.L.; Llaguno, C., 1974:
Estimation of arsenic in wines and vinegars

Pfaendler, H.R.; Stohler, W.; Schaub, H., 1973:
Estimation of aureomycin residues in egg white

Acquaye, D.K.; Ankomah, A.B.; Kanabo, I., 1972:
Estimation of available copper, iron, manganese and zinc in soils using cation-exchange resin

Pieniaźek, D.; Rakowska, M.; Szkilladziowa, W.; Grabarek, Z., 1975:
Estimation of available methionine and cysteine in proteins of food products by in vivo and in vitro methods

Novak, B.; Pkorna Kozoya, J.; Apfelthaler, R., 1974:
Estimation of available nitrogen in soil from respiration data

Anande, S., 1972:
Estimation of available phosphorus in soils by extraction with sodium bicarbonate

Dalal, R.C., 1973:
Estimation of available phosphorus in soils by extraction with sodium hydroxide-sodium carbonate solution

Stewart, J.W.B.; Tahir, M., 1971:
Estimation of available zinc in Prairie soils

Sharma, K.N.S.; Singh, S., 1974:
Estimation of average productive life of cattle on a modern dairy farm

Jotwani, M.G.; Chandra, D.; Young, W.R.; Sukhani, T.R.; Saxena, P.N., 1971:
Estimation of avoidable losses caused by the insect complex on sorghum hybrid CSH 1 and percentage increase in yield over untreated control

Capel, R.E.; Pandey, R.K., 1972:
Estimation of benefits from deer and moose hunting in Manitoba

Hayano, K.; Shiojima, M., 1974:
Estimation of beta -glucosidase activity in soil

Jones, L.L.; Sporleder, T.L.; Mustafa, G., 1972:
Estimation of bias in regional input-output models using secondary data

Kline, J.R.; Stewart, M.L.; Jordan, C.F., 1972:
Estimation of biomass and transpiration in coniferous forests using tritiated water

Wille, L.; Obladen, M.; Appel, S., 1973:
Estimation of blood sugar in the newborn with Dextrostix and reflectance meter

Marstein, S., 1973:
Estimation of blood sugar with Dextrostix and the Ames reflectometer

Samuelsen, A., 1973:
Estimation of blood sugar with Dextrostix. Experience during one year

McComish, T.S.; Anderson, R.O.; Goff, F.G., 1974:
Estimation of bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) proximate composition with regression models

Wang, W.C.; Kou, D.H., 1974:
Estimation of body fat in Chinese young men

Flores, J.; Gil, E.A.; Verde, L.S., 1973:
Estimation of body water and fat contents of Aberdeen-Angus bullocks reared on different planes of nutrition, by colorimetric dilution of N-acetyl-4-aminoantipyrine

Tilakaratne, N.; Matsukawa, T., 1974:
Estimation of body weight in pure and crossbred Sinhala cattle using body measurements

Mickwitz, G. von; Bobeth, K., 1972:
Estimation of bodyweight from body measurements in pigs

Utno, L.Ya, 1972:
Estimation of bound pantothenic acid in animal tissues

Vangelov, K.; Machev, M.; Beremski, S.; Zhelev, A.; Angelov, I., 1972:
Estimation of breeding quality in live pigs for some production characters. I. Longissimus dorsi thickness estimated ultrasonically and its relationship with the meatiness of the carcass

Vangelov, K.; Machev, M.; Beremski, S.; Zhelev, A.; Angelov, I., 1972:
Estimation of breeding quality in live pigs for some production characters. II. Thickness of fat over the longissimus dorsi estimated ultrasonically and its relationship with fat in the carcass

Wolf, H.R., 1973:
Estimation of breeding value for milking time in cattle as a model case of multiple regression

Fewson, D., 1974:
Estimation of breeding value in cattle - an international comparison

Hallgren, A., 1975:
Estimation of breeding value in respect of mental traits in the dog

Glodek, P., 1974:
Estimation of breeding value in the pig - an international comparison

Wolf, H.R., 1973:
Estimation of breeding value of dairy cows from the duration of daily milking as a model case of multiple regression

Weiser, M.; Lottermoser, A.; Weingarten, H.; Krocza, W.E., 1975:
Estimation of cadmium in fish from Carinthian lakes

Hozumi, K.; Kirita, H.; Nishioka, M., 1972:
Estimation of canopy photosynthesis and its seasonal change in a warm-temperature evergreen oak forest at Minamata (Japan)

Deshmukh, S.N.; Saramma, P.U., 1971:
Estimation of carbaryl residues in maize and cauliflower

Kopecky, A., 1974:
Estimation of carbonyl compounds in dried whole milk

Prud' hon, M.; Reyne, Y.; Garambois, X., 1972:
Estimation of carcass composition of Arles Merino lambs slaughtered at various stages of growth between birth and 1 yr of age

Kalra, D.S.; Helwig, J.H., 1971:
Estimation of catalase activity in milk by titration with potassium permanganate

Kalra, D.S.; Helwig, J.H., 1973:
Estimation of catalase activity in milk. I. Use of hydrogen peroxide as a substrate in the catalase test

Kalra, D.S.; Helwig, J.H., 1973:
Estimation of catalase activity in milk. II. Use of sodium perborate as a substrate in the catalase test

Womack, M.; Bodwell, C.E.; Vaughan, D.A., 1974:
Estimation of changes in the availability of each individual essential amino acid in food proteins

Quarfordt, S.H.; Greenfield, M.F., 1973:
Estimation of cholesterol and bile acid turnover in man by kinetic analysis

Stavinoha, W.B.; Weintraub, S.T., 1974:
Estimation of choline and acetylcholine in tissue by pyrolysis gas chromatography

Heller, H., 1973 :
Estimation of cholinesterase and cholesterol in diabetes mellitus

Nowak, E.; Laskowski, K., 1972:
Estimation of citric acid in milk products

Huet, R., 1972:
Estimation of citrus essential oil content

Katrush, K.M.; Vyatchina, E.A., 1971:
Estimation of cobalt and iron in a single batch of biological material

Nassar, R.F.; Cook, R.D., 1974:
Estimation of codon and base frequencies from the amino acid composition of proteins

Ohm, H.W.; Patterson, F.L., 1973:
Estimation of combining ability, hybrid vigor, and gene action for protein in Avena spp. L

Ingraham, R.H., 1973:
Estimation of conception rate depression of Holstein cows due to adverse temperature and humidity in tropical and subtropical climates

Shaner, G., 1973:
Estimation of conidia production by individual pustules of Erysiphe graminis f.sp. tritici

Olszewski, J.L., 1972:
Estimation of cooling power in a deciduous forest stand

Timmen, H.; Bluthgen, J., 1973:
Estimation of copper and iron in butterfat from one digest. I. Photometric method

Mrowetz, G.; Klostermeyer, H., 1973:
Estimation of copper and iron in butterfat from one digest. II. Combined inverse polarographic-photometric method

Gross, E.R.; Rust, R.H., 1972:
Estimation of corn and soybean yields utilizing multiple curvilinear regression methods

Johnson, J.B.; Halter, A.N., 1973:
Estimation of cost functions of Northwest beef feedlots from expected marginal revenue observations

Kirklewska, A.; Imbs, B., 1973:
Estimation of cost of incomplete utilization of production capacity in dairy industry undertakings

Wauters, J.P.; Reichert, H.; Busset, R.; Favre, H., 1972:
Estimation of creatinine-14C by liquid scintillation. Study of its elimination in the rat

Gangwar, M.S.; Chandra, S.K., 1975:
Estimation of critical limit for zinc in rice soils

Johansen, B.R., 1971:
Estimation of crossing and tripping percentages in lucerne on the basis of seed set after hand and bee pollination

Lengerken, J. v; Unger, M.; Wetterau, H., 1974:
Estimation of crude fibre in routine analysis of feedingstuffs

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Estimation of cysteine with ninhydrin

Leitgeb, R.; Lettner, F., 1975:
Estimation of daily meat increment in pigs

Tiwari, P.N., 1972:
Estimation of degree of unsaturation of oil in single seeds by pulsed NMR technique

Fassbender, C.P., 1974:
Estimation of delta-aminolaevulinic acid dehydratase for diagnosis of subclinical lead poisoning in sheep

Sidhu, D.S.; Gupta, M.P.; Sirohi, A.S., 1972:
Estimation of demand functions for eggs in Punjab - an econometric study

Shmeleva, L.I.; Yakovlev, D.A.; Ibragimova, A.Z., 1974:
Estimation of diacetyl in cultures

Courtot, D.; Delatour, P.; Lorgue, G.; Pitois, M., 1974:
Estimation of dichlorvos residues in piglets

Thimm, H.F.; Belcher, R.S.; Briner, G.P., 1972:
Estimation of dieldrin in cured tobacco

Beljean, M.; Pays, M., 1973:
Estimation of different forms of bilirubin. New method of standarization and estimation

Naqvi, S.M.; Ansari, R., 1974:
Estimation of diffusible auxin under saline growth conditions

Malossini, F.; Martillotti, F.; Ferrari, P.; Rauzi, G.M., 1973:
Estimation of digestibility and feeding value of mixed hay by different methods, particularly that of Van Soest

Canonne, C.; Hatzfeld, C., 1974:
Estimation of dissolved blood nitrogen by gas chromatography

Rajakannu, K.; Ali, K.A.; Raguraj, R.; Thirumurthi, S.; Subramaniam, T.R.; Krishnamoorthy, K.K., 1973:
Estimation of disulfoton residues in bhendi fruits by chemical and bioassay methods and dissipation of disulfoton in soil

Raimondi, R.; Auxilia, M.T., 1973:
Estimation of dressing percentage and carcass composition in fattened Piedmont heifers

Harcourt, D.G.; Mukerji, M.K.; Guppy, J.C., 1974:
Estimation of egg populations of the alfalfa weevil, Hypera postica (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Mukerji, M.K.; Randell, R.L., 1975:
Estimation of embryonic development in populations of Melanoplus sanguinipes (Fabr.) (Orthoptera : Acrididae) in the fall

Singh, S.; Sareen, V.K.; Marwaha, S.R.; Sekhon, B.; Bhatia, I.S., 1973:
Estimation of endogenous faecal calcium in buffalo (Bos bubalis) by isotope-dilution technique

Lubaszewska, S.; Pastuszewska, B., 1972:
Estimation of endogenous nitrogen from the amount of nitrogen excreted when different amounts and types of protein were given in the diet

Bhalla, J.S.; Krueger, H.R.; Bindra, O.S.; Deshmukh, S.N., 1970:
Estimation of endrin residues in/on bhindi fruits by gas-chromatography

Hamada, T.; Okubo, T.; Hayakawa, H.; Kameoka, K., 1974:
Estimation of energy and crude protein digestibilities of growing lucerne, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue by the continuous digestion method

Bemis, D.A.; Georgi, J.R., 1972:
Estimation of erythrocyte loss in domestic rabbits with Obeliscoides cuniculi infection

Hradilik, J., 1975:
Estimation of ethylene produced by pea (Pisum sativum L.) pests inhibited with auxin and treated with cytokinin

Sangal, B.P., 1973:
Estimation of evaporation and evapotranspiration: a comparative study of the Budyko approach with special reference to southern Ontario

Maity, S.P.; Pandya, A.C., 1975:
Estimation of evapotranspiration for the potato crop from soil moisture suction and climatological variables

Johnson, W., 1881:
Estimation of Fat in Milk

Moneib, A., 1971:
Estimation of fat of cows and buffaloes milk by Milko-Tester and Gerber methods

Szucs, E.; Keresztes, M.; Boda, I.; Tildy, I., 1972:
Estimation of feeding value of feeds by partial analysis on the basis of the correlations of their crude nutrient composition

Kuszelewski, L.; Garscia, A., 1973:
Estimation of fertilizing value of slurry from large-scale pig fattening farms

Nelson, R.E., 1975:
Estimation of fiteen-bar percentage by desorption of soil on hectorite

Sahi, R.K.; Craddock, W.J., 1974:
Estimation of flexibility coefficients for recursive programming models - alternative approaches

Deschreider, A.; Meaux, R., 1973:
Estimation of fluorine in wines and natural mineral waters by a specific ion electrode

Stepanova, E.N.; Konovalova, L.V.; Andreichuk, T.V., 1972:
Estimation of folacin in foods by the microbiological method with Lactobacillus casei as test organism

Konovalova, L.V.; Andreichuk, T.V.; Stepanova, E.N., 1974:
Estimation of folacin in potatoes by a microbiological method

Arbeiter, K.; Winding, W., 1973:
Estimation of folate in serum of cattle with special reference to fertility

Engels, E.A.N.; Baard, M.A.; Malan, A., 1974:
Estimation of forage intake on pasture using faecal nitrogen concentration and in vitro digestibility results

Mashimo, Y., 1974:
Estimation of forest stand growth by quantification of soil conditions and environment factors

Chiericato, G.M.; Lanari, D.; Fregonese, C., 1972:
Estimation of free amino acids in blood plasma by chromatography on ion-exchange resin: sources of analytical error in preparation of the sample

Schaller, K.; Wunsch, A., 1973:
Estimation of free amino acids in potatoes and other plant material

Toghrol, F.; Daneshpejouh, H., 1974:
Estimation of free amino acids, protein and amino acid compositions of cumin seed (Cuminum cyminum) of Iran

Kopecky, A., 1974:
Estimation of free fat in dried whole milk

Bancher, E.; Stachelberger, H.; Washuttl, J.; Harrant, G., 1974:
Estimation of free fatty acids in some milling products of Austrian origin by gas chromatography

Rogowski, P.; Siersbaek-Nielsen, K.; Hansen, J.M., 1974:
Estimation of free thyroxine index in the newborn using micro-methods

Pfau, A.; Abadir, F.A., 1973:
Estimation of gastrointestinal fill (solid and liquid phase) in cattle using radioactive markers

Tai, G.C.C., 1972:
Estimation of general and specific combining ability of potato from a set of partial diallel crosses

Basuthakur, A.K., 1974:
Estimation of genetic and environmental parameters of some blood serum components in dairy cattle

Laxman Singh; Sharma, D.; Baghel, S.S.; Tomar, G.S.; Mishra, P.K., 1974:
Estimation of genetic and environmental variability in Bengal gram

Narain, P.; Garg, L.K., 1972:
Estimation of genetic change in Indian herds of cattle

Siler, R.; Sereda, L., 1974:
Estimation of genetic gain in Czech Red Pied cattle

Yamamoto, K., 1975:
Estimation of genetic homogeneity by isozymes from interspecific hybrids of Vicia. I. Amylase isozyme patterns in the hybrid progeneies between Vicia pilosa and V. macrocarpa

Lee, J.; Kaltsikes, P.J., 1973:
Estimation of genetic parameters by fractionating the diallel experiment: A proposed computerized procedure

Olausson, A.; Ronningen, K., 1975:
Estimation of genetic parameters for threshold characters

Castro Gamez, H.; Roman Ponce, H.; Berruecos, D.J.M., 1972:
Estimation of genetic parameters in a herd of housed Holstein-Friesian cattle in a subtropical climate in Central America

MacLachlan, J.B., 1972:
Estimation of genetic parameters in a population of monogerm sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) 3. Analysis of a diallel set of crosses among heterozygous populations

MacLachlan, J.B., 1972:
Estimation of genetic parameters in a population of monogerm sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) I. Sib-analysis of mother-line progenies

MacLachlan, J.B., 1972:
Estimation of genetic parameters in a population of monogerm sugar beet (Beta vulgaris). 2. Offspring/parent regression analysis of mother-line progenies

Ryszkowska, A.; Wezyk, S.; Zglobica, A., 1970:
Estimation of genetic parameters of economic traits in fowls of meat breeds

Casu, S.; Carta, R.; Flamant, J.C., 1974:
Estimation of genetic parameters of milk production in Sardinian ewes according to lactation number

Sharma, T.R.; Gupta, V.P.; Gassi, S.; Kaul, A.K., 1973:
Estimation of genetic parameters of some quality characters in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and bengal gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

Lederer, J.; Averdunk, G., 1973:
Estimation of genetic progress by three different methods in Simmental cattle in Bavaria

Langholz, H.J., 1973:
Estimation of genetic progress in an AI breeding programme with dual-purpose cattle

Arapovic, M.; Nadazdin, M.; Dzinic, M., 1971:
Estimation of genetic value of Oberinntal Grey bulls by testing performance and genetic parameters of their offspring by contemporary comparison. II. Growth changes and development of body measurements in the offspring of tested bulls

Bagrecha, L.R. : Nathawat, K.S.; Joshi, P., 1972:
Estimation of genetic variance and heritability in Indian colza (Brassica campestris (L) var. sarson Prain)

Ukai, Y., 1973:
Estimation of genetic variance parameters in the presence of epistasis in populations derived from two inbred pure lines

Anand, I.J.; Rana, B.S.; Jain, O.P., 1972:
Estimation of genetic variances by full-sib and half-sib analysis in linseed

DiGiacomo, R.F.; Shaughnessy, P.W., 1972:
Estimation of gestational age and birth weight in the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)

Singer, B.; Wolfsdorf, J., 1973:
Estimation of gestational age of African newborn infants by a scoring system

Schreiber, J.; Lachenicht, R., 1973:
Estimation of glucose by the GOD-Perid method with the Technicon SMA 6/60

Rava, R.; Pietra, G.D.lla; Carteni, M.; Cedrangolo, F., 1971:
Estimation of glucuronic acid and glucuronides in urine

Nowicki, W., 1973:
Estimation of grain quality in spring wheat with low germination capacity

Ignatov, S.; Rokhova, L.; P"rvanova, V., 1972:
Estimation of heritabilities of egg characters in line 6E White Leghorn hens

Hill, W.G.; Nicholas, F.W., 1974:
Estimation of heritability by both regression of offspring on parent and intra-class correlation of sibs in one experiment

Przyborska, H., 1971:
Estimation of heritability coefficients of utility characters in fowls with reference to hatching time

Fujishima, T., 1972:
Estimation of heritability from analysis of variance in a population with related parents

Fujishima, T., 1972:
Estimation of heritability from parent-offspring regression in a population with related parents

Urbakh, V.Yu, 1974:
Estimation of heritability from the results of a sampling experiment

Gaillard, C.; Schwab, W., 1974:
Estimation of heritability of conformation characters in Simmental cattle

Ragab, M.T.; Abdel Aziz, A.S.; Fahmy, S.K., 1970:
Estimation of heritability of milk yield in the presence of farm and year effects

Kubacki, S.J.; Kasprowicz, W.; Jamiolkowska, M.; Piskorz, T., 1973:
Estimation of higher fatty acids in edible vegetable fats

Mohler, K.; Niermann, F., 1974:
Estimation of hydroxyproline in foods. 1. The Ehrlich pyrrole reaction

Mohler, K.; Niermann, F., 1974:
Estimation of hydroxyproline in foods. 2. Colour formation of extracted hydroxyproline oxidation products in isobutanol

Alamgir, M.; Berlage, L.J.J.B., 1973:
Estimation of income elasticity of demand for foodgrain in Bangladesh from cross-section data: a skeptical view

Casey, A.C.; Myers, P.; Lee, A., 1972:
Estimation of individual coenzyme Q homologues in a coenzyme Q mixture by densitometry

Lantzsch, H.J.; Menke, K.H., 1974:
Estimation of intestinal secretion and absorption of zinc in the growing rat

Murata, A.; Soeda, E.; Saruno, R., 1970:
Estimation of intracellular phage growth in Lactobacillus casei infected with phage J1 by premature lysis with streptomycin

Yaygin, H., 1973:
Estimation of iodine value of milk fat using weigh-glass according to Heidbrink

Bogdanova, V.; Dolgova Korubin, V., 1972:
Estimation of iron absorption by the double radioisotope method

Parvin, D.W.Jr, 1973:
Estimation of irrigation response from time-series data on nonirrigated crops

Haenlein, G.F.W.; Zikakis, J.P.; Tung, S., 1975:
Estimation of lactation percentages of protein and solids-not-fat

Krishnamurthy, K.; Jagannath, M.K.; Rajashekara, B.G.; Raghunatha, G., 1974:
Estimation of leaf area in grain sorghum from single leaf measurements

Karikari, S.K., 1973:
Estimation of leaf area in papaya (Carica papaya) from leaf measurements

Hartana, I., 1974:
Estimation of leaf area of Besuki tobacco by means of length and breadth measurements

Ezedinma, F.O.C., 1971:
Estimation of leaf area of cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) from linear measurements on the terminal leaflet

Fordham, R.; Holgate, M.E., 1972:
Estimation of leaf area of tea (Camellia sinensis, L.) from linear measurements

Ndawula Senyimba, M.S., 1972:
Estimation of leaf area of trifoliolate legumes using non-destructive linear measurements

Giovanardi, R., 1972:
Estimation of leaf area using biometric measurements and its application to the study of growth dynamics in maize

Axelsson, B.; Gardefors, D.; Hytteborn, H.; Lohm, U.; Persson, T.; Tenow, O., 1972:
Estimation of leaf number and leaf biomass of Hazel (Corylus avellana) by two methods

Wiersma, J.V.; Bailey, T.B., 1975:
Estimation of leaflet, trifoliate, and total leaf areas of soybeans

Anderson, L.E.; Jenkin, H.M., 1972:
Estimation of leptospiral viability with agar pour plates

Srivastava, O.S., 1972:
Estimation of loss in T-21 variety of arhar (Cajanus cajan Linn.) due to tur pod fly (Melanagromyza obtusa Malloch)

Chattopadhyay, S.B.; Chakrabarti, N.K.; Ghosh, A.K., 1975:
Estimation of loss in yield of rice due to infection of brown spot incited by Helminthosporium oryzae

Hacke, E.E., 1974:
Estimation of losses due to wheat rusts in Chile

Kira, M.T.; E.S.erif, H., 1973:
Estimation of losses in cane and sugar yields caused by Chilo agamemnon Blesz. infestation (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)

Kira, M.T.; Sherif, H.E., 1972:
Estimation of losses in cane and sugar yields caused by infestations of Chilo agamemnon Bles

Shukla, B.N.; Singh, B.P.; Sharma, Y.K., 1973:
Estimation of losses in chemical constituents of diseased seeds of soyabean (Glycine max.)

Cupertino, F.P.; Botelho, J.; Costa, A.S., 1973:
Estimation of losses in potato production caused by viruses. II. Virus A

Singhvi, S.M.; Verma, N.D.; Yadava, T.P., 1973:
Estimation of losses in rapeseed (Brassica campestris L. var. toria) and mustard (Brassica juncea Coss.) due to mustard aphid (Lipaphis erysimi Kalt.)

Sokhi, S.S.; Joshi, L.M., 1974:
Estimation of losses in yield due to leaf blight disease of wheat caused by Alternaria triticina

Srivastava, O.S.; Malik, D.S.; Thakur, R.C., 1971:
Estimation of losses in yield due to the attack of arthropod pests in soybean

Bacon, W.L.; Musser, M.A., 1974:
Estimation of low density lipoprotein fraction concentration in blood plasma of laying turkey hens using density gradient centrifugation

Andreev, L.V.; Finkel' shtein, Z.I.; Belyaev, S.S., 1974:
Estimation of lower fatty acids in natural materials by microthin-layer chromatography

Qadri, S.S.H., 1971 :
Estimation of malathion residues on paddy, husk and dehusked rice by bioassay using housefly, flour beetle and pulse beetle

Granett, J., 1974:
Estimation of male mating potential of gypsy moths with disparlure baited traps

Sharma, P.S., 1972:
Estimation of marketable surplus of foodgrains by size classes of holdings in rural cultivating households-a physical approach

McDonald, R.P.; Turner, J.W., 1972:
Estimation of maternal heterosis in preweaning traits of beef cattle

McDonald, R.P., 1972:
Estimation of maternal heterosis on preweaning traits and prediction of rotational crossbreeding performance in beef cattle

O.F.aherty, T.; Cochran, R., 1973:
Estimation of maximum heat demand of glasshouses

Coelho, D.T.; Sediyama, G.; Vieira, M., 1973:
Estimation of mean monthly and annual temperatures for Minas Gerais State

Zebrowski, Z., 1972:
Estimation of meat and fat content in the carcass of fattening meat pigs

Lien, S., 1973:
Estimation of meatiness in broilers by means of body weight, breast angle and other carcass characters

Olafsen, J.A.; Losnegard, N.; Bakken, K., 1973:
Estimation of mercury in cod by flameless atomic absorption

Boek, K., 1974:
Estimation of mercury in fish and fish products and use of the Schoniger flask combustion method

Datta, S.C., 1974:
Estimation of methionine and cystine in compounded poultry rations

Kapoor, H.C.; Srivastava, V.K.; Gupta, Y.P., 1972:
Estimation of methionine in black-gram (Phaseolus mungo Roxb.), green-gram (P. aureus Roxb.) and soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)

Yashphe, J., 1973:
Estimation of micro amounts of urea and carbamyl derivatives

Vinnichuk, D.T., 1974:
Estimation of milk production of animals from their pedigrees

Neindre, P.L.; Petit, M., 1975:
Estimation of milk production of suckling cows at the start of lactation

Kaplanas, R., 1973:
Estimation of milk proteins by orange D dye binding using a spectrophotometer (modification of Jebrovsky method)

Caput, P., 1973:
Estimation of milk yield for a standard lactation (305 days) from the milk yield in the first 100 days

Ouellet, C.E., 1973:
Estimation of monthly soil temperatures from climatic data

Lohrke, B.; Lenschow, J., 1972:
Estimation of muscle growth on live cattle - a review

Naude, R.T., 1972:
Estimation of muscle, fat and bone in carcasses and cuts of young bullocks

Moles, D.J., 1974:
Estimation of national cereal yields

Mitchell, R.G., 1974:
Estimation of needle populations on young, open-grown Douglas-Fir by regression and life table analysis

Fontaine, M.P., 1972:
Estimation of neutralizing antibodies (to influenza virus) in nasal mucus of the horse.

Kreimer, S.E.; Rakhlina, M.L.; Stogova, A.V., 1973:
Estimation of nickel in urine

Kowalsi, B., 1973:
Estimation of nitrates and nitrites in plant material

Laskowski, K.; Bierska, J., 1974:
Estimation of nitrite in milk

Markiewicz, Z.; Smigielska, J., 1975:
Estimation of nitrites in serum

Montag, A., 1974:
Estimation of nitrogen by the Kjeldahl method with the Kjel-Foss automatic analyser

Buckee, G.K., 1974:
Estimation of nitrogen with an ammonia probe

Karpova, K.A.; Garnetskii, V.A., 1972:
Estimation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in extracts of feeds with an autoanalyser

Lora, S.R.; Ospina, G.E.; Zandstra, H., 1973:
Estimation of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium in plant samples using a single digestion

LaRue, T.A.; Kurz, W.G., 1973:
Estimation of nitrogenase in intact legumes

Larue, T.A.; Kurz, W.G., 1973:
Estimation of nitrogenase using a colorimetric determination for ethylene

Damario, E.A.; Pascale, A.J., 1971:
Estimation of normal heat sums for agroclimatic studies

Antoniewicz, A., 1971:
Estimation of nucleic acids in rumen contents

Farris, J.S., 1973:
Estimation of number of amino acid substitutions when back mutations can occur

Felsenstein, J., 1973:
Estimation of number of loci controlling variation in a quantitative character

Menke, K.H.; Ehrensvard, U., 1974:
Estimation of nutrient balance and calculation of stoichiometry and energy balance in the fermentation of rumen fluid in vitro

Galal, H.E.; Abou, E.F.ttouh, H.A., 1971:
Estimation of optimum plot size and shape for Egyptian cotton yield trials

Narayanan, R., 1974:
Estimation of optimum plot size for clone trials in hevea

Page, N.R., 1974:
Estimation of organic matter in Atlantic Coastal Plain soils with a colour-difference meter

Gajos, E.; Krezlewicz, H., 1974:
Estimation of orotic acid in milk and milk products

Gibbs, K.C.; McGuire, J.F., 1973:
Estimation of outdoor recreation values

Cohen, A., 1972:
Estimation of peel thickness and fruit shape from the specific gravity of grapefruits

Trappmann, W.; Luke, F.; Schmitten, F., 1974:
Estimation of phenotypic and genetic parameters of fattening performance and carcass characters to construct selection indexes in Blackheaded Mutton sheep

Cole, D.M., 1973:
Estimation of phloem thickness in Lodgepole Pine

Vyncke, W.; Lagrou, F., 1973:
Estimation of phospholipids in fish by thin-layer chromatography

Jones, H.G., 1973:
Estimation of plant water status with the beta-gauge

Mori, T.; Sakagami, Y., 1972:
Estimation of plant water stress in forest trees by pressure chamber

Balbo, T.; Abate, O.; Canella, F., 1973:
Estimation of plasmatic and erythrocytic cholinesterase activity in dogs repeatedly treated with fenthion

Rausser, G.C.; Freebairn, J.W., 1974:
Estimation of policy preference functions: an application to U.S. beef import quotas

Reichel, H.U.; Reichel, M.; Berschneider, F.; Wiesner, E., 1972:
Estimation of potassium and sodium in the parotid saliva as an indication of a dietary deficiency of sodium

Kaldy, M.S.; Malewski, W.; Markakis, P., 1972:
Estimation of potato protein content by dye binding

Hargreaves, G.H., 1974:
Estimation of potential and crop evapotranspiration

Sly, W.K.; Robertson, G.W.; Coligado, M.C., 1971:
Estimation of probable dates of temperatures near freezing from monthly temperature normals, station elevation, and astronomical data

Evans, J.A.; Lambert, M.B., 1974:
Estimation of procaine in urine of horses

Neveu, A., 1973:
Estimation of production in larval populations of the genus Simulium (Diptera, Nematocera)

Lin, T.Y., 1974:
Estimation of productivity and yield of Luchu Pine woodland

Gupta, B.K.; Ray, D.; Sengupta, K., 1973:
Estimation of protein in mulberry leaf by ion-binding methods

Ihl, M.; Tagle, M.A., 1974:
Estimation of protein in yeast

Elias, L.G.; Bressani, R.; Antolin del Busto, J., 1974:
Estimation of protein quality in foods with low protein content

Palov, V.; Tomankova, V., 1971:
Estimation of proteolysis of dairy products by means of a spot test

Rymaszewski, J.; Poznanski, S.; Reps, A.; Ichilczyk, J., 1973:
Estimation of proteolytic activity of milk coagulating enzymes

Cuzzoni, M.T.; Gazzani, G., 1971:
Estimation of purine mononucleotides in foods. 2

Sergeeva, A.M., 1974:
Estimation of quality in duck eggs

Ateshian, J.K.H., 1974:
Estimation of rainfall erosion index

Terry, N.; Mortimer, D.C., 1972:
Estimation of rates of mass carbon transfer by leaves of sugar beet

Habib, M.S.; Court, W.E., 1973:
Estimation of rauwolfia alkaloids by quantitative thin-layer chromatography

Harrison, A.F., 1975:
Estimation of readily-available phosphate in some English Lake District woodland soils

Hill, W.G., 1972:
Estimation of realised heritabilities from selection experiments. I. Divergent selection

Wright, H.F.; Wilmore, J.H., 1974:
Estimation of relative body fat and lean body weight in a United States Marine Corps population

Mlodecki, H.; Wieckowska, E.; Janowska, T.; Kawalska, I., 1973:
Estimation of riboflavin in mushrooms by a microbiological method

Babinska, J., 1972:
Estimation of rodent consumption in a meadow ecosystem belonging to the community of Molinietalia order

Gerwitz, A.; Page, E.R., 1973:
Estimation of root distribution in soil by labelling with rubidium-86 and counting with commercially available equipment

Srinivasan, C.S., 1972:
Estimation of sample size for stem girth, leaf, fruit and bean measurements in coffee

Archibald, E.L.; Mincey, E.K.; Morrison, R.T., 1972:
Estimation of serum folate levels by competitive protein binding assay

Neumann, G.; Wegner, H., 1972:
Estimation of serum iron and total iron-binding capacity in blood donors

Keyser, J.W.; Watkins, G.L., 1972:
Estimation of serum proteins by electrophoresis on cellulose acetate

Woodman, D.D.; Price, C.P., 1972:
Estimation of serum total lipids

Park, Y.I., 1971:
Estimation of sex-linked effect on the growth rate of chickens

Huni, K.; Uebersax, P., 1973:
Estimation of short-chain fatty acids in silage by gas chromatography

Franzke, C.; Hollstein, E.; Brandt, P.; Zietze, H., 1973:
Estimation of small amounts of phosphate in biological material

Ishikawa, M.; Takahashi, K., 1972:
Estimation of snow depth by the height of moss attached to the trunk of Beech trees

Lopes, N.F.; Gomes, A. da S.; Mota, F.S. da; Garcez, J.R.B.; Goedert, C.O.; Boing, J., 1971:
Estimation of solar radiation during the vegetative growth of cereals in Rio Grande do Sul

Salewski, A.; Seibold, C.; Froschle, H., 1974:
Estimation of soluble carbohydrates and cell wall substances in one operation

Ward, G.E.; Schultz, L.H., 1973:
Estimation of somatic cells in milk by filter-deoxyribonucleic acid method with indole

Wituszynska, B., 1973:
Estimation of some B vitamins in fresh fish and in canned fish produced from them

Bondarenko, A., 1972:
Estimation of sperm concentration in turkeys

Bondarenko, A.; Degtyar' , I., 1973:
Estimation of sperm concentration in turkeys and domestic fowls

Crosby, N.T.; Foreman, J.K.; Palframan, J.F.; Sawyer, R., 1972:
Estimation of steam-volatile N-nitrosamines in foods at the 1 mu g/kg level

Gomez, K.A.; Bernardo, R.C., 1974:
Estimation of stem borer damage in rice fields

Skulmowski, J.; Wiercinski, J., 1972:
Estimation of structural substances in feeds

Fahnenstich, R.; Tanner, H., 1974:
Estimation of supplementary amino acids in feedingstuffs and mixed feeds

Boyd, R.J.; McDonald, S.; Mason, L.L., 1972:
Estimation of survival and growth potentials of nursery stock by using a 'variable-moisture-stress-plot' technique

Pruss, H.D.; Ney, K.H., 1972:
Estimation of the available lysine in whey powder, whey protein and rennet-precipitated casein with the reagent Remazol Brilliant Blue R

Goring, H.; Ehwald, R.; Sammler, P., 1974:
Estimation of the 'free space' of plant tissues and its significance for nutrient uptake

Zuk, B.; Szyszkowski, L.; Filistowicz, A., 1974:
Estimation of the accuracy of milk recording Polish Red-and-White cows with different frequencies of test milkings

Elizondo, S.A.; Herrera, B.H., 1971:
Estimation of the actual evapotranspiration of annual crops using evaporimeters and pyrometers at Apodaca, Nueva Leon

Matessi, C.; Jayakar, S.D., 1973:
Estimation of the amount of inbreeding due to subdivision of a population

Lim, T.M.; Narayanan, R., 1972:
Estimation of the area of rubber leaves (Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg.) using two leaflet parameters

E.K.oli, A.F.; Ghattas, N.K.; Hamdy, A., 1972:
Estimation of the available manganese in alkaline calcareous soils by the radioisotope tracer technique

Krauze, A.; Bartnik, W., 1972:
Estimation of the available-manganese content of soil on the basis of the iron-manganese ratio in plants

Forkel, H.; Schirach, F., 1975:
Estimation of the benefits of sprinkler irrigation, excluding yield increases

Muller Wecker, H.; Kofranyi, E., 1973:
Estimation of the biological value of food proteins. 17. The biological value of some amino acid solutions given by mouth or parenterally

Muller Wecker, H.; Kofranyi, E., 1973:
Estimation of the biological value of food proteins. 18. Unicellular organisms as a supplementary source of food

Vorisek, K.; Leitgeb, S., 1973:
Estimation of the biological value of protein with the protozoon Tetrahymena piriformis W. 1. Culture requirements of Tetrahymena piriformis W

Hamilton, B.A.; Hall, D.G., 1975:
Estimation of the botanical composition of oesophageal extrusa samples. 1. A modified microscope point technique

Novostavskii, V.N.; Dolgobrod, N.A., 1975:
Estimation of the breeding value of bulls based on pedigree, using a multiple regression model

Jasiorowski, H.; Jankowski, W.; Reklewski, Z.; Zielinski, W., 1971:
Estimation of the breeding value of bulls in respect of fattening and carcass quality by the station method. I. Preliminary investigations

Reklewski, Z.; Zielinski, W.; Burakowski, Z.; Jankowski, W.; Galka, E., 1971:
Estimation of the breeding value of bulls in respect of fattening and carcass quality by the station method. II. Results of testing further bulls

Labusca, I.; Plamadeala, C.; Labusca, S., 1971:
Estimation of the breeding value of rams by different methods of testing

Hori, T., 1974:
Estimation of the cable tension and the load deflection of the skyline cable with an inclined load

Parvaneh Sayyar, B., 1973:
Estimation of the carcass value of lambs

Arveda, A., 1975:
Estimation of the compensation due for expropriation of a forest estate composed largely of young plantations

Strobbe, R.; Debecq, J.; Leunen, J.; Charlier, G., 1971:
Estimation of the concentrations and quantities of foot and mouth disease antigens at various stages of vaccine preparation.

Buryska, J.; Brezina, J., 1972:
Estimation of the connective tissue in meat from Czech Pied bulls in relation to body weight

Zebrowski, Z., 1971:
Estimation of the content of lean and fat in pig carcasses

Velasco Molina, H.A.; Aguirre Luna, O., 1972:
Estimation of the cost of water catchment and storage in arid and semi-arid regions of north Mexico

Akiyama, T.; Ohashi, T., 1973:
Estimation of the curd tension of medium curd milk

Bultot, F.; Dupriez, G.L., 1974:
Estimation of the daily potential evapotranspiration values of a hydrographic basin

Dymnicki, E., 1973:
Estimation of the dairy performance of F1 crosses between Danish Red and Polish Red cattle

Antongiovanni, M.; Gualtieri, M.; Giorgetti, A., 1972:
Estimation of the digestible fraction of fat in feeds by means of enzymic treatment in vitro and use of the results for calculating nutritive value

McIntyre, I.S., 1972:
Estimation of the distortion of wood-based panels - particularly doors subject to a climatic differential

Ellis, F.B.; Barnes, B.T., 1973:
Estimation of the distribution of living roots of plants under field conditions

Jones, P.; Jackson, H., 1972:
Estimation of the duration of spermatogenesis in japanese quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica, using antispermatogonial chemicals

Thorell, J.I.; Nosslin, B.; Sterky, G., 1973:
Estimation of the early insulin response to intravenous glucose injection

Kiwuwa, G.H., 1973:
Estimation of the effects of season and parity on cumulative and part-lactation milk yield of dairy cattle in East Africa

Precsenyi, I., 1974:
Estimation of the efficiency (light energy conversion) of some cultivated plants

Obradovic, M., 1973:
Estimation of the efficiency of non-protein nitrogen fixation in carob meal and barley straw treated with ammonia solution

Brett, D.J.; Corbett, J.L.; Inskip, M.W., 1972:
Estimation of the energy value of ewe milk

Geissler, B., 1974:
Estimation of the expected production of milk constituents

Geissler, B., 1974:
Estimation of the fat content in the expected production of cows in their first lactation

Kuszelewski, L.; Jagiela, Z., 1973:
Estimation of the fertilizer value of slurry from pig industrial fattening farms. 2. Field experiments

Galvez, J.F.; Blas, J.C. de, 1972:
Estimation of the gross energy of lucerne

O.Flaherty, T., 1974:
Estimation of the heat saved by using a removable internal lining in a glasshouse

Miksik, J.; Dufek, J.; Kralik, O., 1971:
Estimation of the heritability of pregnancy duration in cattle

Nitoiu, I.; Stanca, M.; Edu, E.; Gheorghiu, I., 1971:
Estimation of the immunogenicity of rabies vaccines by the median protective dose

Bolghari, H.; Vezina, P.E., 1974:
Estimation of the increment and yield of Abies balsamea stands at different densities

Kallis, A.; Tooming, H., 1974:
Estimation of the influence of leaf photosynthetic parameters, specific leaf weight and growth functions on yield

Tsypandin, I.P.; Romanov, P.A.; Kharitonova, Z.N., 1973:
Estimation of the inheritance of traits in bulls in Yakutia

Bennejean, G.; Meurier, C.; Mevel, M.; Foure, N., 1972:
Estimation of the level of Capillaria obsignata infestation in fowls by quantitative faecal examination

Hilton, P.J.; Ellis, R.T., 1972:
Estimation of the market value of Central African tea by Theaflavin analysis

Lepaiye, G., 1971:
Estimation of the meat productivity of hens on the basis of their content of edible meat, protein, fat and carbohydrate in the carcass

Ciudad, B.C.; Bravo, Z.E., 1972:
Estimation of the metabolisable energy of the fatty acids of soapstocks from grape seeds and rape for boilers

Brzeski, E.; Sosnowski, A., 1970:
Estimation of the milk yield of mares

Maryushin, V.D., 1971:
Estimation of the morphological and biological value of superovulated ova in heifers

Arveda, A., 1974:
Estimation of the most probable market value of a forest estate

Faust, C.H.; Diggelmann, B.; Mach, B., 1974:
Estimation of the number of genes coding for the constant part of the mouse immunoglobulin kappa light chain

Sasaki, T.; Kinoshita, T.; Takahashi, M., 1974:
Estimation of the number of genes in the germination ability at low temperature in rice. Genetical studies in rice plant. LVII

Levin, G., 1973:
Estimation of the nutritive value of amino acid mixtures of different composition

Gheorghe, V.; Manea, M., 1974:
Estimation of the nutritive value of prepared meat products with added collagen-rich tissue

Velarde, E., 1971:
Estimation of the nutritive value of the protein of fish meal

Schutzbar, W. von; Werhahn, E., 1972:
Estimation of the percentage of valuable cuts in the carcass from ultrasonic back and ham measurements on live pigs

Sugimoto, T.; Matumoto, S.; Maruyama, T., 1969:
Estimation of the population density of the leaf-miner, Phytomyza ranunculi and of the surface area of leaves of the garden ranunculus, Ranunculus asiaticus, as its host plant

Danilov, S.S.; Vladimirov, I.V., 1973:
Estimation of the productivity of different perennial legumes and grasses

Campagnac, N., 1971:
Estimation of the proportion and nature of genetic variability in the F2 populations derived from crosses between biotypes resistant to angular spot and wilt

Indruch, I., 1973:
Estimation of the proportion of ballast components in grasses

Lourdes Branco, C. de, 1971:
Estimation of the serum content of vitamin B12 in normal cattle

Freitas, M.G.; Costa, H.M.A.; Lima, J.D., 1973:
Estimation of the severity of helminth infection in cattle, using regression analysis

Heiskanen, V., 1973:
Estimation of the share of waste bolts in stack measurement

Papierok, B.; Croset, H.; Rioux, J.A., 1973 :
Estimation of the size of larval populations of Aedes (O.) cataphylla Dyar, 1916 (Diptera-Culicidae). I. 'Capture-marking-recapture' method

Rogowski, A.S., 1972:
Estimation of the soil moisture characteristic and hydraulic conductivity : comparison of models

Watanabe, K., 1973:
Estimation of the suitable cutting stage of orchardgrass sward using cubic regression curves

Wersuhn, G.; Nicklisch, A., 1974:
Estimation of the time of the cell cycle and the rate of cell propagation in root tip meristems of Zea mays

Kirita, H.; Hozumi, K., 1973:
Estimation of the total chlorophyll amount and its seasonal change in a warm-temperate evergreen Oak forest at Minimata, Japan

Judson, G.J.; Leng, R.A., 1972:
Estimation of the total entry rate and resynthesis of glucose in sheep using glucoses uniformly labelled with 14C and variously labelled with 3H

Jones, H.G.; Slatyer, R.O., 1972:
Estimation of the transport and carboxylation components of the intracellular limitation to leaf photosynthesis

Schotman, A.J.H.; Wensing, T.; Ockels, J.; Bruyne, J.J.D.; Hendriks, H.J., 1975:
Estimation of the urea concentration in the blood of horses, cattle, goats and dogs using a paper strip test, compared with an enzymatic, photometric method

Obraczka, R., 1972:
Estimation of the value of legal measures in protection of soil against erosion using the catchment area of the river Zolkiewka as an example

Tarutina, L.A.; Khotyleva, L.V., 1973:
Estimation of the variance of combining ability on the basis of additive and non-additive components of genetic variation of a populaton

Kaplan, M.A.; Tomashevskii, I.O.; Gabuniya, R.I.; Bogolyubov, V.M., 1973:
Estimation of the volume of extracellular fluid by whole-body radiometry with 82Br

MacDowall, F.D.H.; Buchanan, G.W., 1974:
Estimation of the water of hydration in wintering wheat leaves by proton magnetic resonance

Hyzy, J., 1974:
Estimation of the yield and composition of colostrum and milk of Polish Longwool sheep

Fedeli, E.; Camurati, F.; Jacini, G., 1971:
Estimation of tocopherols in vegetable oils.

Szokolay, A.; Uhnak, J., 1974:
Estimation of tolerances for DDT and BHC residues in milk fat

Novak, L.P.; Tauxe, W.N.; Orvis, A.L., 1973:
Estimation of total body potassium in normal adolescents by whole-body counting: age and sex differences

Kalantarov, K.D.; Popova, Y.P., 1972:
Estimation of total body water in obesity using tritium

Bindal, M.P.; Jain, M.K., 1973:
Estimation of total cholesterol in ghee prepared from milk of cows and buffaloes

Tascenco, V., 1972:
Estimation of total fat in feeds and some biological products

Palatucci, F.; Prencipe, L., 1971:
Estimation of total globulins in serum. Comparison of a microelectrophoretic and a chemical method

Stolbova, E.P.; Lazeeva, G.S.; Pankratova, E.M.; Vakhrushev, A.S., 1972:
Estimation of total nitrogen and 15N in native samples by a spectral-isotope method

Arroyo, M.; Palenque, E., 1972:
Estimation of total serum iron-binding capacity by atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Postel, W.; Drawert, F.; Guvenc, U., 1972:
Estimation of trace elements in foods by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. 2. Copper in beer

Spirichev, V.B.; Blazheevich, N.V.; Isaeva, V.A.; D' yachkova, L.V.; Skolova, S.K.; Cheremisina, G.L.; Gushchin, A.N., 1973:
Estimation of transketolase activity and the TDP effect as indices of thiamin status

Simova, O., 1972:
Estimation of tryptophan in feeds and foods

Grover, H.L.; Gupta, Y.P., 1972:
Estimation of trytophan in cereals and pulses

Holtz, M., 1972:
Estimation of unesterified fatty acids with a trivalent cobalt compound

Obilana, A.T.; Hallauer, A.R., 1974:
Estimation of variability of quantitative traits in BSSS by using unselected maize inbred lines

Fandrejewski, H.; Fandrejewska, M., 1973:
Estimation of variation in the content of intramuscular fat in different parts of the longissimus dorsi muscle of pigs

Wakimoto, S., 1971 :
Estimation of virulence of Xanthomonas oryzae and resistance of rice varieties

Pead, P.J.; Holley, A., 1973:
Estimation of virus-neutralizing antibody in microplates

Artamonova, A.A., 1972:
Estimation of vitamin A in biological materials by thin-layer chromatography

Grigor' eva, M.P.; Smirnova, E.V.; Stepanov, E.N., 1973:
Estimation of vitamin C in canned food products

Stepanova, E.N.; Grigor' eva, M.P.; Smirnova, E.V., 1973:
Estimation of vitamin C in fresh vegetables

Petrova, E.A.; Ulanova, N.A., 1974:
Estimation of vitamin D in foods

Lengerken, J. v; Muller, V.; Wetterau, H., 1972:
Estimation of vitamin E in Feedingstuffs

Strozha, I.K.; Vevere, L.K., 1972:
Estimation of vitamin E in biological samples

Vamos Vigyazo, L.; Kiss Kutz, N., 1974:
Estimation of volatile acids in Emmental cheese by gas-liquid chromatography

Hartman, M., 1973:
Estimation of volatile fatty acids and lactic acid in silages and haylages by gas chromatography

Piovano, N.M., 1972:
Estimation of volatile fatty acids in rumen fluid

Szebiotko, K.; Slominska, L.; Wasowicz, E., 1973:
Estimation of volatile fatty acids in silage by gas chromatography

Huttel, C., 1972:
Estimation of water balance in an evergreen forest in the lower Ivory Coast

Wheeler, B., 1974:
Estimation of water-soluble carbohydrates in grasses by refractometer

Patel, R.M.; Patel, H.K.; Patel, V.C., 1970:
Estimation of whitefly (Dialeurodes citri R. and H.) population in citrus

Hacke, E.E., 1974:
Estimation of yield losses caused by rusts to wheat in Chile

Fritsen, H., 1973:
Estimation of yields of herbage crops using electronic evaluation

Samokhvalov, S.G.; Lakalina, O.I., 1973:
Estimation of zinc in feeds and plants

Yaron, D.; Bielorai, H.; Shalhevet, J.; Gavish, Y., 1972:
Estimation procedures for response functions of crops to soil water content and salinity

Bonnor, G.M., 1974:
Estimation versus measurement of tree heights in forest inventories

Schwammenhoferova, K.; Landa, Z., 1974:
Estimations of heritability coefficients in relation to the increment of hybrid vigour in Brassica oleracea L. var. medullosa X var. acephala

Smith, G.C.; Carpenter, Z.L., 1973:
Estimations of lamb carcass cutability within narrow ranges of weight and fat thickness

Wensel, L.C., 1974:
Estimators for use in weight scaling of sawlogs

Powell, R.L.; Freeman, A.E., 1974:
Estimators of sire merit

Litsinger, J.A.; Apple, J.W., 1973:
Estival diapause of the alfalfa weevil in Wisconsin

Osin, N., 1974:
Estonian Bacon pigs

Valk, U., 1974:
Estonian forests in the postglacial period

Wettemann, R.P.; Hafs, H.D.; Edgerton, L.A.; Swanson, L.V., 1972:
Estradiol and progesterone in blood serum during the bovine estrous cycle

Redick, J.H.; Nussbaum, A.I.; Mook, D.G., 1973:
Estradiol induced suppression of feeding in the female rat: dependence on body weight

Miyazaki, T.; Peric-Golia, L.; Slaunwhite, W.R.; Sandberg, A.A., 1972:
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