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Chapter 90

Experimentally induced Mycoplasma hyorhinis arthritis of swine: immune response to 26th postinoculation week

Ross, R.F.; Dale, S.E.; Duncan, J.R.

American Journal of Veterinary Research 34(3): 367-372


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9645
PMID: 4691485
Accession: 000089894

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Complement-fixing (CF) antibody appeared in the serum within 2 weeks, rose to maximum titres 8 weeks after inoculation, and declined within 26 weeks. Metabolic-inhibiting antibody was first detected at 6 weeks, attained maximum titres by the 12th week, and declined within 26 weeks. Two pigs had moderate concentrations of CF and MI antibodies in their serums at the end of one year. Both the antibodies were detected in synovia and shown to be principally IgG. At post-mortem, only those pigs having lesions of arthritis had antiglobulin activity in their serums. Agglutinins for sensitized (Ripley) human type O, Rh-positive red blood cells (RBC), and globulin-sensitized latex particles were not detected in the serums. Agglutinins for globulin-sensitized latex particles were found in synovia from arthritic joints.

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