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Chapter 90

Experimentally induced Mycoplasma hyorhinis arthritis of swine: pathologic response to 26th postinoculation week

Duncan, J.R.; Ross, R.F.

American Journal of Veterinary Research 34(3): 363-366


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9645
PMID: 4691484
Accession: 000089895

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Intraperitoneal inoculation of Mycoplasma hyorhinis produced chronic arthritis in 3-10 week old pigs. The lesions in the joint consisted of villous hypertrophy of the synovial membrane and accumulations of lymphocytes and plasma cells. The articular cartilage was ulcerated in some pigs with fibroplasia appearing in subchrondral regions. M. hyorhinis was isolated from only 3 of 16 arthritic joints. The gamma-globulin concentrations reached a maximum 2 weeks after inoculation and returned to control values within 14 weeks. Total protein content, gamma-globulin content, and percentage of gamma-globulin were increased in synovia of arthritic pigs.

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