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Chapter 91

Experiments to stimulate ovarian function and uterine involution in cows after calving

Cseh, S.

Acta Veterinaria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 21(2): 133-140


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-7205
PMID: 5160663
Accession: 000090198

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In field trials in several brucellosis-infected and brucellosis-free herds, it was found that the service period could be significantly shortened (by 48-58 days) and the number of services to conception reduced (by 0.8-1.45) by intrauterine insertion of a capsule (Neometrin-1) containing 15 g citric acid, 2 g chloramphenicol, 5 g sulphanylamido-4,6-dimethylpyrimidine, 0.18 g pilocarpine HCl and 0.25 mg ethynil oestradiol, for therapy of membrane retention of infectious origin lasting more than 24 hours (52 animals: capsule given every 24 hours until membranes expelled or could be detached); or of a capsule (Neometrin-2) containing 15 g citric acid, 1 g chloramphenicol, 0.2 g pilocarpine HCl and 0.6 mg ethynil oestradiol directly after a normal parturition (74 animals). In both cases an intrauterine infusion of up to 100 ml of a soln (CEJ) containing 40 g citric acid, 0.02 g carbamylcholine chloride, 20 g Lugol's soln and 40 ml distilled water in 10% dilution was administered at first and subsequent oestruses, if the oestral mucus appeared grossly unsatisfactory. Intrauterine infusion of CEJ soln within three months after calving in itself reduced the parturition interval from 14 months (420 untreated cows) to 13 months (101 treated cows), service period by 29 days, and the number of services to conception by 1.4; results were particularly good if the soln was applied as early as 15 days after calving. Combined treatment with Neometrin-2 directly after parturition and infusion of CEJ soln 10-20 days later gave even more favourable results. Cows treated for retention of membranes did not have to be subsequently culled for reproductive disorders. Certain treated animals conceived as early as 9-11 days after parturition, including a cow that had aborted. It was concluded that efforts to prevent conception failure should be centered not only on normalization of uterine function and removal of the afterbirth, but also on the functional state of the ovaries in the calving period.

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