Section 1
Chapter 96

Flight control in the tiger beetle (Cicindela) and the cockchafer (Melolontha)

Schneider, P.; Kramer, B.

Journal of Comparative Physiology 91(4): 377-386


ISSN/ISBN: 0302-9824
Accession: 000095563

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The control of flight speed and direction was studied in adults of Cicindela and Melolontha during stationary flight. With increasing airstream speed the wing-beat amplitude of the wings increased up to speed values of about 3 m/s for Melolontha and about 8 m/s for Cicindela. No such increase was observed in the amplitude of the movement of the elytra in Melolontha. The elytra of Cicindela are held like airfoils and do not oscillate. Most individuals of both species shifted the turning points of their wing movement downward when increasing its amplitude. Illumination with daylight and an additional airstream (both from the side) induced a turning behaviour in both species.

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