Floral biology, meiosis, pollen cytology and cause of seed setting in Allium tuberosum Rottl

Sen, S.

Caryologia 27(1): 7-16


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-7114
DOI: 10.1080/00087114.1974.10796557
Accession: 000095687

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Meiosis was studied in the cells of plants raised from mature bulbs. Eight quadrivalents occurred in 50% of the cells, 32 univalents in 14% and 16 bivalents in 20%. In studies at 20 deg C and 28 deg C, a rise in the frequency of univalents and decrease of quadrivalents were observed at the lower temperature. A total of 33% of the pollen grains from the same plants had chromosome counts of 16, a considerably higher percentage than expected from observations on bivalent formation. Seed set was also high and plants raised from seeds contained 32 chromosomes in spite of the occurrence of pollen with variable numbers of chromosomes. This may be due to the duplication or deficiency of some chromosomes; pollen sterility has been observed to be high in plants raised from seeds.