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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 97

Chapter 97 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Kaminogawa, S.; Dosako, S.; Yamauchi, K.; Kinoshita, K., 1975:
Fluorescence polarization of alpha -s1-, kappa -caseins and alpha s1- kappa -casein complex

Sundqvist, C.; Klockare, B., 1975:
Fluorescence properties of protochlorophyllide in flash irradiated dark grown wheat leaves, treated with delta -aminolevulinic acid

Pini, A.; Lund, L.J.; Davies, F.G., 1973:
Fluorescent and neutralizing antibody response to infection by Rift Valley fever virus

Lalic, R.; Jovanovic, B.; Misic, S.; Movesesijan, M., 1973:
Fluorescent and radioactive labelling of antibodies in the diagnosis of echinococcosis

Podlewska, D., 1972:
Fluorescent antibodies in the detection of pullorum disease in fowls

Palmiter, R.D.; Gutman, G.A., 1972:
Fluorescent antibody localization of ovalbumin, ovomucoid, and lysozyme in chick oviduct magnum

Fantasia, L.D.; Schrade, J.P.; Yager, J.F.; Debler, D., 1975:
Fluorescent antibody method for the detection of Salmonella: development, evaluation, and collaborative study

Hornok, L.; Jagicza, A., 1974:
Fluorescent antibody staining of Fusarium culmorum

Saunders, C.N.; Hunter, D., 1974:
Fluorescent antibody staining technique for the diagnosis of swine dysentery

Borojevic, D.; Janovic, B.; Movsesijan, M., 1973:
Fluorescent antibody studies of Fasciola hepatica infections

Tojo, H.; Koga, O., 1971:
Fluorescent antibody studies on the antigenicity of coccidia in the fowl

Sass, B.; Mohanty, S.B.; Hetrick, F.M., 1974:
Fluorescent antibody study of a new bovine herpesvirus (strain DN-599)

Bohm, R.; Strauch, D., 1973:
Fluorescent antibody technique for identification of microcultures of Bacillus anthracis on membrane filters, as a rapid method of detecting spores

Fales, W.H.; Teresa, G.W., 1972:
Fluorescent antibody technique for identifying isolates of Sphaerophorus necrophorus of bovine hepatic acess origin

Shimizu, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Kawakami, Y., 1971:
Fluorescent antibody technique for the detection of equine rhinopneumonitis infection in horses

Watanabe, H., 1971:
Fluorescent antibody technique in cultured cells infected with porcine enteroviruses

Movsesijan, M.; Lalic, R., 1971:
Fluorescent antibody technique in the serological diagnosis of Dicytocaulus filaria infection of sheep.

Schmidt, E.L., 1973:
Fluorescent antibody techniques for the study of microbial ecology

Butko, M.P.; Stepaneko, V.F., 1971:
Fluorescent antibody test for Salmonella in the meat of emergency slaughtered cattle.

Sabanshiev, M., 1972:
Fluorescent antibody test for Trypanosoma ninae kohljakimovi infection in camels.

Kumar, D.; Ghosh, S.K.; Raychaudhuri, S.P.; Nariani, T.K., 1975:
Fluorescent antibody test for detection of citrus greening mycoplasma

Diesfeld, H.J.; Kirsten, C., 1973:
Fluorescent antibody test for filariasis with a new embedding technique for the antigen

Sabanshiev, M.S., 1973:
Fluorescent antibody test in Trypanosoma ninaekohljakimovae infection

Goldman, M.; Pipano, E.; Rosenberg, A.S., 1972:
Fluorescent antibody tests for Babesia bigemina and B. berbera

Baumann, G., 1974:
Fluorescent histological demonstration of experimental Bedsonia (Chlamydia) infections in the calf

Stone, S.S.; Tessler, J., 1974:
Fluorescent labeling of antibody for identifying mycoplasma colonies by incident ultraviolet light

Hansen, A.P.; Turner, L.G.; Aurand, L.W., 1975:
Fluorescent light-activated flavor in milk

Payne, R.N.; Moon, R.E.; Morrison, R.D., 1972:
Fluorescent lighting studies with chrysanthemum, poinsettia and hydrangea pot plants

Yurchak, A.M.; Butler, J.E.; Tomasi, T.B., 1971:
Fluorescent localization of immunoglobulins in the tissues of the cow

Timonov, E.V.; Patsenko, L.A., 1972:
Fluorescent microscope study of cuticular permeability in Passalurus ambiguus (Rud. 1819)

Timonov, E.V., 1972:
Fluorescent microscope study of morphogenesis, migration and feeding in Trichinella

Khailenko, N.A., 1972:
Fluorescent microscopy in observations of the development of pollen tubes in interspecific wheat hybrids

Voigt, M.N.; Eitenmiller, R.R., 1974:
Fluorescent quantitation of biologically active amines in foods with 7-chloro-4-nitrobenzofurazan (NBD-C1)

Gitzelmann, R.; Schneller, I., 1973:
Fluorescent spot screening test for galactosemia: increased sensitivity

Kwack, B.H., 1970:
Fluorescent staining of pollen tubes of certain ornamental plants

Rist, T.E.; Caves, J.M., 1973:
Fluorescent technique for identification of Candida albicans from skin scrapings

Wallace, W.R.; Dimopoullos, G.T., 1974:
Fluorescent-antibody cross reactions between four blood parasites

Staub, T.; Williams, P.H., 1972:
Fluorescing materials associated with vein blackening and necrosis in leaves of black rot-resistant cabbage

Tóth, K., 1973:
Fluoridation of domestic salt after three years

Schmidt, H.J., 1972:
Fluoridation of milk for the prevention of dental caries

Restrepo, G.D.; Gillespie, G.M.; Velez, H., 1972:
Fluoridation of salt

Restrepo, G.D.; Velee, A.H.; Espinal, T.F.; Hernandez, A.N., 1972:
Fluoridation of salt. 1. Population survey and selection of the sample

MacLean, D.C.; Schneider, R.E., 1973:
Fluoride accumulation by forage: continuous vs. intermittent exposures to hydrogen fluoride

Shen, Y.W.; Taves, D.R., 1974:
Fluoride concentrations in the human placenta and maternal and cord blood

Nanda, R.S., 1972:
Fluoride content of North Indian foods

Lakdawala, D.R.; Punekar, B.D., 1973:
Fluoride content of water and commonly consumed foods in Bombay and a study of the dietary fluoride intake

Rhoads, A.F.; Brennan, E., 1975:
Fluoride damage to woody vegetation in New Jersey in 1974

Karunanayake, E.H.; Mahadeva, K.; Weerakoon, S.N.; Wickremasinghe, R.L., 1972:
Fluoride in black tea

Poole, R.T.; Conover, C.A., 1973 :
Fluoride induced necrosis of Cordyline terminalis Kunth 'Baby Doll' as influenced by medium and pH

Ballantyne, D.J., 1972:
Fluoride inhibition of the Hill reaction in bean chloroplasts

Mascola, J.J.; Barth, K.M.; McLaren, J.B., 1974:
Fluoride intake of cattle grazing fluoride-contaminated forage, as determined by esophageal-fistulated steers

Vohra, P., 1973:
Fluoride tolerance of Japanese quail

Grahnén, H.; Lysell, L.; Myrberg, N.; Ollinen, P., 1974:
Fluoride, mineralisation defects of the enamel, and tooth width

Jokl, P.; Skinner, H.C., 1973:
Fluoride-induced changes in ashed bone mineral of growing sheep. An X-ray diffraction analysis

Davis, J.G., 1975:
Fluoridised milk for children

Roth, M.; Jeanneret, L., 1972:
Fluorimetric determination of lysine

Stepanova, E.N.; Grigor' eva, M.P.; Konovalova, L.V., 1974:
Fluorimetric estimation of folacin in liver

Waliszewski, K.; Skupin, J., 1974:
Fluorimetric estimation of selenium in biological material

Truppe, W.; Mlekusch, W.; Paletta, B., 1972:
Fluorimetric estimation of triglycerides on thin-layer chromatograms

Barel, O.A.; Prieels, J.P., 1974:
Fluorimetric study of conformational changes of various alpha -lactalbumins on agarose carriers

Bovay, E.; Zuber, R., 1974:
Fluorine accumulation in the bones and urine of dairy cows, in farm-grown fodder as well as in the soil and the air in the vicinity of an aluminium works

Systema, W., 1972:
Fluorine and cut flowers. Parts I, II and III

Becker, G., 1973:
Fluorine compounds for wood preservation

Bervenmark, H.; Hamberg, L., 1974:
Fluorine concentrations in deciduous human teeth after oral administration of sodium fluoride in vitamin solution

Oelschlager, W.; Feyler, L.; Schwarz, E., 1972:
Fluorine content in the soft tissues, blood and milk of ruminants outside and within fluorine emission areas

Gladenko, I.M.; Shulyak, V.D.; Malinin, O.O., 1974:
Fluorine content of blood and milk of cows given a phosphorus supplement containing fluorides

Oelschlager, W.; Feyler, L.; Schwarz, E., 1972:
Fluorine content of soft tissues, blood and milk of ruminants outside and within fluorine-emission areas

Etchegaray, M.L., 1969:
Fluorine content of some Chilean seafoods

Mil' china, M.G., 1973:
Fluorine determination in diets and foods using the thorium-eriochromecyanine-R complex

Vior, E., 1972:
Fluorine estimation in the diagnosis of fluorosis.

Ostrovskaya, T.I.; Kolesnikov, A.S.; Perskaya, I.M.; Grushevskaya, A.S., 1973:
Fluorine in drinking water in Voroshilovgrad and its effect on the incidence of caries in children

Biffoli, R.; Cambi, S.; Banti, M., 1973:
Fluorine in drinking water: situation in the province of Florence

Kahl, S.; Klewska, A., 1974:
Fluorine in milk of cows near an aluminium smelting plant

Roorda van Eijsinga, J.P.N.L., 1972:
Fluorine in soil and water

Bruyn, J.W. de; Hulsman, A.N., 1972:
Fluorine injury in cut flowers of gerbera

Bogdanov, G.O.; Vlasova, K.A., 1971:
Fluorine metabolism in high yielding cows given feed phosphates

Eysinga, J.P.N.L.R.Van, 1972:
Fluorine uptake from the soil by plants. A literature review

Madsen, P.S., 1975:
Fluoro-opto-electronic cell-counting on milk

Bozkov, D.K.; Dokov, V.K., 1971:
Fluorochrom labelling of helminths in the host's body

Tillmann, H.; Czernicki, B.; Ogaa, J.S., 1972 :
Fluorochrome staining of the milk in the udder with tetracyclines with reference to mastitis diagnosis.

Buxton, T.; Guilbault, G.G., 1974:
Fluorometric analysis for N'-formylkynurenine in plasma and urine

Domeki, I.; Nakahara, T.; Yamauchi, M.; Kanbegawa, A., 1972:
Fluorometric determination of blood plasma free estrogens during estrous cycle in the cow

Domeki, I.; Nakahara, T.; Yamauchi, M.; Kanbegawa, A., 1972:
Fluorometric determination of blood plasma progesterone during estrous cycle in the cow

Ihnat, M., 1974:
Fluorometric determination of selenium in foods

Noble, R.M., 1974:
Fluorometric determination of vitamin A in stockfood concentrates and premixes

Mlekusch, W.; Truppe, W.; Paletta, B., 1973:
Fluorometric estimation of cholesterol on thin-layer chromatograms

Velasco, J., 1975:
Fluorometric measurement of aflatoxin adsorbed on florisil in minicolumns

Ambrose, J.A., 1974:
Fluorometric measurement of tyrosine in serum and plasma

Ratliff, C.R.; Hall, F.F., 1973:
Fluorometric measurement of urinary free hydrocortisone (cortisol)

Mollay, C.; Kreil, G., 1973:
Fluorometric measurements on the interaction of melittin with lecithin

Maeda, M.; Tsuji, A.; Ganno, S.; Onishi, Y., 1973:
Fluorophotometric assay of amino acids by using automated ligand-exchange chromatography and pyridoxal-zinc (II) reagent

Jones, W.G., 1972:
Fluorosis in a dairy herd

Gentile, G.; Trenti, F.; Benazzi, P.; Giordani, L.; Ballardini, L., 1972:
Fluorosis in cattle: fluorine content of the bones of animals from a pottery manufacturing area in Modena Province, Italy

Sendil, C.; Baysu, N., 1973:
Fluorosis in man and animals in villages of the district of Dogubayazit, province of Agri and the first report of the disorder in villages of the district of Muradiye, province of Van

Milhaud, G.; Godfrain, J.C., 1975:
Fluorosis of industrial origin in cattle

Georgsson, G.; Petursson, G., 1972:
Fluorosis of sheep caused by the Hekla eruption in 1970

Alsager, D.E.; Longenecker, B.M.; Breitenbach, R.P.; Ruth, R.F., 1971:
Fluothane gas anesthesia for newly-hatched chicks

Reck, S., 1972:
Flushing behaviour and growth characters of Norway Spruce in a crossing trial

Moulalis, D., 1973:
Flushing behaviour of Norway Spruce in Bavaria and breeding for resistance to late frost

Torell, D.T.; Hume, I.D.; Weir, W.C., 1972:
Flushing of range ewes by supplementation, drylot feeding, or grazing of improved pasture

Pallauf, J., 1974:
Flushing of sows

Lewis, A.B.; Lines, R., 1973:
Flushing time for Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.). A comparison between assessments in the nursery and forest stages

Nofziger, D.L.; Ahuja, L.R.; Swartzendruber, D., 1974:
Flux-gradient relationships and soil-water diffusivity from curves of water content versus time

Glinka, Z., 1974:
Fluxes of a nonelectrolyte and compartmentation in cells of carrot root tissue

Kinerson, R.S., 1973:
Fluxes of visible and net radiation within a forest canopy

Sherman, M.; Herrick, R.B., 1973:
Fly control and chronic toxicity from feeding Dursban (O,O-diethyl O-3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridyl phosphorothioate) to laying hens

Sherman, M.; Herrick, R.B., 1973:
Fly control and chronic toxicity from feeding two chlorinated organophosphorus insecticides to laying hens

Treece, R.E.; Molineros, J.A., 1971:
Fly control in dairy barns

Sherman, M.; Herrick, R.B., 1971:
Fly control, chronic toxicity, and residues from feeding Rabon to laying hens

Teotia, J.S.; Miller, B.F., 1973:
Fly pupae as a dietary ingredient for starting chicks

Hammad, S.M.; Ismail, I.A.H.; Gaaboub, I.A., 1969:
Fly species collected in Alexandria (Diptera)

Fels, H.E., 1971:
Flystrike control programmes

Janes, M.J., 1974:
Foam application of methomyl to sweet corn and leafy vegetables

Colbert, D.R.; Olson, P.D.; Appleby, A.P., 1972:
Foam applications of 2,4-D amine and dicamba combinations in sweet corn

Lorberbaum, V.G.; Smirnova, K.V., 1973:
Foam for forest fire control

Siminovitch, D.; Rheaume, B.; Lyall, L.H.; Butler, J., 1972:
Foam for frost protection of crops

Hield, H., 1972:
Foam sprays of Alar increase growth-retarding effects on oleander

Kozhev, A.; Rachev, R.; Panova, V., 1971:
Foaming agent production by alkaline hydrolysis of milk protein

Bertelsen, E.; Sven Nilsson, E., 1971:
Foaming of milk

Eriksson, G.; Bockelmann, I. von, 1974:
Foaming properties of cows' milk before and after dairy treatment

Wit, J.N. de, 1975:
Foaming properties of whey protein concentrates

Swerczek, T.W.; Crowe, M.W.; Prickett, M.E.; Bryans, J.T., 1973:
Focal bacterial hepatitis in foals: preliminary report

Wong, V.G.; Kwon Chung, K.J.; Green, W.R.; Anderson, R.R.; Collins, E.M.; Hill, W.B., 1973:
Focal choroidopathy in experimental ocular histoplasmosis

Rao, S.; Biddle, M.; Balchum, O.J.; Robinson, J.L., 1972:
Focal endemic coccidioidomycosis in Los Angeles County

Hosen, H., 1971:
Focal fungal infections treated by immunological therapy with emphasis on vaginal moniliasis

Jang, S.S.; Demartini, J.C.; Henrickson, R.V.; Enright, F.M., 1973:
Focal necrotizing pneumonia in cats associated with a gram negative eugonic fermenting bacterium

Timofeeva, A.A.; Pogrebenko, A.G.; Gromashevskii, V.L.; Shcherbina, R.D.; Evseeva, T.I.; L' vov, D.K.; Sazonov, A.A., 1974:
Focal patterns of natural infections on Iona Island in the sea of Okhotsk

Sutaria, M.K.; Polk, J.W.; Reddy, P., 1972:
Focalized pulmonary histoplasmosis (coin lesion): a report of 58 cases

Anonymous, 1972:
Focus on Ghana: outline of economic policy

Christensen, P., 1973:
Focus on a new concept in forestry - Fauna Priority Areas

Anonymous, 1974:
Focus on dairy rationalization

Shea, S.R., 1975:
Focus on jarrah dieback - a threat to W.A.'s unique jarrah forests

Pereira, A.J.C., 1975:
Focus on rice cultivation

Pomares, C.J.; Candau, P.C.; Oppelt, G.J., 1974:
Fodder and meadow crops in Seville. A pioneer province

Sergeev, N.; Shikhova, R., 1973:
Fodder antibiotics to increase production

Yastrebov, I., 1974:
Fodder beans in the Issyk Kul area

Malusha, K.V.; Leonova, M.S., 1971:
Fodder broad beans in the western districts of the Ukraine

Bochniarz, M.; Bochniarz, J., 1974:
Fodder cabbage, a valuable fodder plant

Cianci, D.; Celi, R.; Ciruzzi, B.; Martemucci, G., 1973:
Fodder cereals in animal feeding. 1. The feeding value of oat herbage

Cianci, D.; Martemucci, G.; Celi, R.; Ciruzzi, B., 1973:
Fodder cereals in animal feeding. 2. The feeding value of wheat herbage

Zimmer, E., 1971:
Fodder conservation as an agronomic and biotechnical problem

Hutchinson, K.J., 1973 :
Fodder conservation in grazing systems

Barrault, J., 1973:
Fodder crop research in N. Cameroon. Yield and feeding value of some local fodders. (Work carried out by IRAT in 1965-1971)

Anonymous, 1972:
Fodder crops

Mannikar, N.D.; Shukla, N.P., 1974:
Fodder crops and cropping patterns

Anonymous, 1973:
Fodder crops and cultivation techniques for them

Livanov, K.V.; Zhevak, N.G.; Ustinov, V.I.; Makeev, M.A., 1973:
Fodder crops for fresh fodder in the dry Volga steppe

Dolgopolov, M.A., 1971:
Fodder crops in flood-plain valleys

Ovezmuradov, S.O., 1972:
Fodder crops of Turkmenistan

Petrov, L.N.; Belikova, S.V.; Strashnov, A.K., 1974:
Fodder crops on solonetz soils

Loginychev, A.I.; Gryazeva, Z.I., 1971:
Fodder crops suitable for growing after harvesting other crops

Brandkamp, F.; Wachhorst ; Gnilka, I., 1973:
Fodder economy in the Federal German Republic for the 1971/72 year

Handa, D.P.; Rekib, A., 1974:
Fodder impact on the economics of milk production

Avdonin, N.S.; Sampat, T.V., 1972:
Fodder lupin yield increase and quality improvement

Anonymous, 1974:
Fodder maize

Steg, A.; Rijpkema, Y.S.; Hamm, G.G.H., 1974:
Fodder maize silage as sole roughage for dairy cows

Mandy, G., 1974:
Fodder pea Iregi Sarga

Petkov, S.; Sedlakova, J., 1973:
Fodder peas with a supplement of methionine for fattening broilers

Venediktov, A.M.; Vorob' eva, P.V., 1974:
Fodder phosphates from Karatau and other phosphorites for rearing young cattle

Bogdanov, G.A.; Vlasova, K.A., 1973:
Fodder phosphates with different contents of fluoride in feeds for highly productive cows

Forti, M.; Levi, Y., 1971:
Fodder plants

Emnonov, Yu, 1972:
Fodder plants on solonets soils

Nosberger, J., 1974:
Fodder production and protein requirements of farm animals

Bachmann, F.; Lehmann, J., 1974:
Fodder production and quality of various ley mixtures

Willigen, A.H.A. de, 1973:
Fodder production from potato wastes as a problem of environmental protection and nutrition

Orsi, S., 1974:
Fodder production in Italy

Ballatore, G.P., 1972:
Fodder production in semi-arid conditions with particular reference to Sicily

Haussmann, G., 1971:
Fodder production in the south of Continental Europe

Burak, Y.K., 1973:
Fodder production on peat soils in seasonally-flooded valley of Yakhroma

OEstgard, O., 1973:
Fodder rape. The effect of sowing methods and nitrogen fertilization on yield and chemical composition at different times of harvesting

Jahn, W.; Jeewe, E.; Schulz, U., 1974:
Fodder reserves - basis for continuous livestock production

Raay, H.G.T. van; Leeuw, P.N. de, 1974:
Fodder resources and grazing management in a savanna environment: an ecosystem approach

Sat' ko, A., 1974:
Fodder resources in the optimum plan of the rayon

Grimshaw, P.; Ockwell, T.; Daybell, H.; Parry, J., 1975:
Fodder roots

Anonymous, 1974:
Fodder sorghum

Bugdol, G.; Steinbruck, H., 1972:
Fodder sugar for fattening pigs

Anonymous, 1974:
Fodder sunflower

Kirchgessner, M.; Roth, F.X., 1972:
Fodder supply and fodder intake by dairy cows on pasture

Blazek, J., 1973:
Fodder supply lines with mobile transport means in cowsheds

Vil' ner, A.M., 1974:
Fodder toxicity

Kalashnik, N.S., 1970:
Fodder value of sorghum - Sudan grass hybrids

Lobin, N.V.; Salagina, V.S., 1973:
Fodder yeast (BVK) in broiler rations

Sarbasov, T.; Kusainov, K.; Esenbaev, A., 1974:
Fodder yeast and lucerne meal in cow rations

Acharyya, N., 1973:
Fodder yield of berseem as affected by sulphur fertilization

Singh, S.P.; Singh, R.R.; Singh, S.P.; Maurya, R.A., 1972:
Fodder yield response of oats (Avena sativa L.) to nitrogen levels in relation to the time of application with and without phosphorus

Hegde, D.M.; Kulkarni, G.N., 1975:
Fodder yielding ability of maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes under varying levels of nitrogen and population. 1. Green fodder yield

Tyutyunnik, M., 1974:
Fodders from reclaimed swamp lands

Meisner, A.F., 1972:
Fodders, their production, utilization and economics in the central European territory of the northern forest-steppe zone

Bognar, K., 1973:
Foetal active immunization of calves following inoculation of the dam with a bovine viral diarrhoea vaccine (Vedevac)

Green, J.; Vince, M.A., 1973:
Foetal development in quail during the final stages of incubation

Benyeda, J.; Meszaros, J.; Reibling, J., 1973:
Foetal disease caused by swine enteroviruses. (Occurrences of 'SMEDI' disease in Hungary)

Schmid, D.O.; Kunz, H., 1974:
Foetal goat haemoglobin and its persistence in the first weeks after birth

Benson, G.K.; Morris, L.R., 1971:
Foetal growth and lactation in rats exposed to high temperatures during pregnancy

Sedloev, N.; Mechev, R., 1972:
Foetal haemoglobin in piglets and adult pigs of the Bulgarian white breed

Boddy, K.; Dawes, G.S.; Fisher, R.; Pinter, S.; Robinson, J.S., 1974 :
Foetal respiratory movements, electrocortical and cardiovascular responses to hypoxaemia and hypercapnia in sheep

Barnes, R.J.; Comline, R.S.; Silver, M., 1973:
Foetal urine production in the sheep

Breeze, R.G.; Pirie, H.M.; Selman, I.E.; Wiseman, A., 1974:
Fog fever and Dictyocaulus viviparus

Pirie, H.M.; Dawson, C.O.; Breeze, R.G.; Selman, I.E.; Wiseman, A., 1971:
Fog fever and precipitins to micro-organisms of mouldy hay

Selman, I.E.; Wiseman, A.; Pirie, H.M.; Breeze, R.G., 1974:
Fog fever in cattle: clinical and epidemiological features

Pirie, H.M.; Breeze, R.G.; Selman, I.E.; Wiseman, A., 1974:
Fog fever in cattle: pathology

Azevedo, J.; Morgan, D.L., 1974:
Fog precipitation in coastal California forests

Rethman, N.F.G.; Gouws, C.I., 1973:
Foggage value of Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum Hochst. ex Chiov.)

Steenken, F., 1973:
Fogging experiments on cultivated plants with lead salts from automobile exhaust gas

Korner, H., 1972:
Foil package for cheese and other foodstuffs

Wegner, K.; Behnke, U., 1972:
Foil ripening of Tollense cheese as compared with conventional technology. I. Microbiological studies

Behnke, U.; Wegner, K., 1972:
Foil ripening of Tollense cheese as compared with conventional technology. II. Biochemical studies

Anonymous, 1973:
Foiling Eurasian watermilfoil

Hoppner, K.; Lampi, B.; Perrin, D.E., 1973:
Folacin activity of frozen convenience foods

Hadnagy, C.; Schmidt, D.; Zsigmondovics, I.; Markus, T.; Szurkos, I., 1973:
Folacin content of the serum in newborn infants

Flury, R.; Angehrn, W., 1972:
Folacin deficiency anaemia after taking an oral contraceptive

Balmelli, G.P.; Huser, H.J., 1974:
Folacin deficiency in pregnant women in Switzerland

Butterfield, S.; Calloway, D.H., 1972:
Folacin in wheat and selected foods

Ellegaard, J.; Esmann, V., 1973:
Folate activity of human lymphocytes determined by measurement of serine synthesis

Mantzos, J.D.; Alevizou-Terzaki, V.; Gyftaki, E., 1974:
Folate binding in animal plasma

Buehring, K.U.; Tamura, T.; Stokstad, E.L., 1974:
Folate coenzymes of Lactobacillus casei and Streptococcus faecalis

Moscovitch, L.F.; Cooper, B.A., 1973:
Folate content of diets in pregnancy: comparison of diets collected at home and diets prepared from dietary records

Poirier, L.A.; Whitehead, V.M., 1973:
Folate deficiency and formiminoglutamic acid excretion during chronic diethylnitrosamine administration to rats

Lui, Y.K., 1974:
Folate deficiency in children with sickle cell anemia. Lack of relationship between folate deficiency and growth retardation in sickle cell anemia

Ellegaard, J.; Esmann, V., 1973:
Folate deficiency in pernicious anaemia measured by determination of decreased serine synthesis in lymphocytes

Poirier, L.A., 1973:
Folate deficiency in rats bearing the Walker tumor 256 and the Novikoff hepatoma

Klipstein, F.A.; Lipton, S.D.; Schenk, E.A., 1973:
Folate deficiency of the intestinal mucosa

Dong, F.M.; Oace, S.M., 1973:
Folate distribution in fruit juices

Shaw, W., 1974:
Folate radioassay

Waslien, C.I.; Kamel, K.; E.R.mly, Z.; Carter, J.P.; Mourad, K.A.; Khattab, A.K.; Darby, W.J., 1972:
Folate requirements of children. I. A formula diet low in folic acid for study of folate deficiency in protein-calorie malnutrition

Sneath, P.; Chanarin, I.; Hodkinson, H.M.; McPherson, C.K.; Reynolds, E.H., 1973:
Folate status in a geriatric population and its relation to dementia

Leary, P.M., 1973:
Folate studies in underprivileged children with epilepsy

Petersen, H.B.; Detzel, J., 1974:
Folding box for ice cream

Wolfensberger, O., 1974:
Folding container

Gerikhanov, S.K., 1972:
Folds-normal is the most suitable type of Merino sheep for submountainous regions

Schacher, J.F.; Crans, W.J., 1973:
Foleyella flexicauda sp.n. (Nematoda: Filarioidea) from Rana catesbeiana in New Jersey, with a review of the genus and erection of two new subgenera

Moir, W.H.; Francis, R., 1972:
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Foliar fertilizing of strawberries

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Fomes annosus

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Food additives

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Food additives and vitamins

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Food additives. Antioxidants and/or stabilizers for polymers

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Food additives. Molecular sieve resins

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Food additives. Polysorbate 80

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Food consumption of households in the West, seasons and year 1965-66

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Food crops. Potato

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Food product with a melted cheese base and process for its preparation

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Food reserves of swarms

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Food situation in China

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Food size selection among copepods

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Food standard for consumer milk products according to the Swedish Food Law

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Food staples as vehicles for protein concentrates

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Food supply (Poland)

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Food technology

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Food Uptake by the Insect-Parasitic Nematode, Sphaerularia bombi (Tylenchida)

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Food uses for whole whey products

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Food uses of soluble whey protein

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Food utilisation of purebred and crossbred pigs

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Food value of bream infected with Ligula intestinalis

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Food; nutrition labeling

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Foods can be given nutritional boost by high-protein powder from whey

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Foolproof timer measures rate of fire spread costs $10

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For gentlemen farmers, life's a bowl of loopholes

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For better malting quality, a 2-row barley

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For controlling wilt on cotton

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For higher yields grow rice without land submergence

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For or against the Departmental order of 18 March 1948 prohibiting the import of unbarked softwood timber

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For paddy in alkali soil seedling age and planting date vital

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For peaches: mechanical, chemical or manual thinning?

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For protection against bee stings: a beekeeper's beret

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For rainfed areas - improved velvet beans for increased forage production

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For the destruction of seedling rot of tobacco

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For the revival of the cultivation and processing of the canning tomato

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Forage crops committee report

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Forage dewatering. Under-exploited source of protein for the EEC

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Forage grasses

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Forage husbandry for the new cattle programme

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Forage plants for tropical Bolivia. 2. Pennisetum purpureum var. merkeri lecke

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Forage plants for tropical Bolivia. 6. Paspalum notatum

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Forage potentialities and nitrogen fertilization of grasslands. An example: Calvados

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Forage preferences of tame deer in a northwest Pennsylvania clear-cutting

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Forage production after hardwood control in a southern pine-hardwood stand

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Forage production and botanical composition of mixed prairie as influenced by nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization

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Forage production and utilization practices in Michigan cow-calf operations

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Forage production and utilization systems for cow-calf operations in the Brown Loam Area of Mississippi

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Forage production and weight gains per unit area and per animal on Pangola grass pastures under continuous grazing with hoggets

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Forage production for cutting and conservation

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Forage production from original and multiplied seed of Trifolium alexandrinum L

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Forage production from shrubs on saline land

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Forage production in Italy

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Forage production in pecan orchards

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Forage production in the Republic of Mali with particular reference to field forage production. 2. Field forage production in Mali and its plant production problems

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Forage production of lucerne and berseem clover during the dry season in Cuba

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Forage production on Bermudagrass sods overseeded with tall fescue and winter annual grasses

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Forage productivity of maize populations and hybrids

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Forage quality and morphological relationships among individual orchardgrass plants

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Forage rape

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Forage research in North Cameroon. Yield and nutritive value of some local forage crops

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Forage resources of Bombus agrorum and possibilities of increasing its numbers

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Forage resources of Leon

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Forage selectivity by goats on lightly and heavily grazed ranges

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Forage sorghum digestibility as influenced by ration supplementation

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Forage sorghums-poor feed value for young sheep

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Forage species for the northern Intermountain region. A summary of seeding trials

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