Fundamental studies on weed control in orchards. Effect of herbicides on weed vegetation

Ueki, K.; Ito, M.; Ito, K.

Weed Research, Japan 17: 38-45


Accession: 000099155

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Repeated applications in summer and in the spring of the year following of DCPA or diuron + aminotriazole increased the grass weeds: clover ratio in a peach orchard while paraquat decreased it; asulam increased the cover of both grass weeds and clover. Herbicides except asulam left bare patches of soil about 1 month after the summer application; weeds killed by asulam covered the soil surface for more than 2 months, discouraging the regrowth or emergence of weeds, keeping the soil temp. low and the soil m.c. high. Weeds killed by spring treatments provided temporary mulches in all the herbicide-treated areas. Applications of asulam twice a year changed the weed flora of a commercial citrus orchard to annual species only. From summary.