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Chapter 102

Genetic effects of gametophyte irradiation in barley II. Frequency and types of mutations induced

Devreux, M.; Donini, B.; Mugnozza, G.T.S.

Radiation Botany 12(2): 87-98


DOI: 10.1016/s0033-7560(72)80073-5
Accession: 000101415

Spikes were gamma irradiated at different stages of gametophyte development. M1 plants were raised following irradation of (1) male gametophytes, (2) female gametophytes and (3) both male and female gametophytes. Analysis of induced mutations in the M2 indicated that the mutation frequency was highest (27%) when both male and female gametophytes were irradiated, and lowest when only female gametophytes were irradiated (8%).

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