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Chapter 104

Glucose intolerance in infants of very low birth weight. I. Incidence of hyperglycemia in infants of birth weights 1,100 grams or less

Dweck, H.S.; Cassady, G.

Pediatrics 53(2): 189-195


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-4005
PMID: 4204573
Accession: 000103081

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1. Fifty infants weighing 540 to 1100 g at birth were given glucose by vein and serum glucose values were related to the average rate of glucose infusion in g/kg hourly from birth. Of the infants 43 became hyperglycaemic with serum glucose above 125 mg/100 ml; 36 had more than 300 mg/100 ml. Hyperglycaemia was most frequent during the 24 h after birth and related to high rates of glucose infusion, over 0.4 g/kg hourly from birth, and also to the absence of glucose by mouth.

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