Section 1
Chapter 110

Host-Pathogen Interactions: VIII. Isolation of a Pathogen-synthesized Fraction Rich in Glucan That Elicits a Defense Response in the Pathogen's Host

Anderson-Prouty, A.J.; Albersheim, P.

Plant Physiology 56(2): 286-291


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-0889
PMID: 16659289
DOI: 10.1104/pp.56.2.286
Accession: 000109634

A polysaccharide from the fungal pathogen Colletotrichum lindemuthianum caused browning and phytoalexin production when applied to the cut surfaces of Phaseolus vulgaris cotyledons and hypocotyls. The application of an amount of polysaccharide equivalent to less than 100 ng of glucose elicited this response in the bean tissues.

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