Section 1
Chapter 111

I. The effect of different light sources and filtering systems on the sensitivity of fluorescent tests for Babesia argentina antibodies in cattle. II. A comparison of indirect, direct inhibition and labelled anticomplement fluorescent antibody tests in the detection of Babesia argentina infection in cattle

Johnston, L.A.Y.; Pearson, R.D.; Leatch, G.

Australian Veterinary Journal 49(9): 418-420, 421-423


ISSN/ISBN: 0005-0423
Accession: 000110992

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Two interference filters were used with, and without, a BG38 (red absorbing exciter filter), and compared to the conventional BG12 plus BG38 exciter filters, using four light sources (60 W, 100 W, 200 W, 250 W) in three fluorescent tests to detect antibodies to Babesia argentina. Both interference filters plus BG38 exciter filter, combined with the appropriate barrier filters, gave similar results with all light sources.