Immobilization and mineralization of nitrogen compounds in paddy soils. 3. Immobilization of added inorganic nitrogen and mineralization of soil organic nitrogen in paddy soil incubated under submerged or upland conditions

Asami, T.

Journal of the Science of Soil and Manure 42(2): 74-80


Accession: 000111717

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[116.17:145.911].In incubation tests the mineralization of soil organic N was greater under submerged conditions than under upland conditions whereas the immobilization of added NH4 was greater under upland conditions. The differences between the amount of mineralization and immobilization were greater after glucose was added. Under upland conditions the immobilization of added NO3 was much less than that of added NH4 but when glucose was added the immobilization of added NO3 was fairly great. Changing from upland to submerged conditions caused a disappearance of NO3 and increased the mineralization of soil organic N. Differences in the microflora may explain these results.