Impact of fusiform rust on young Slash Pine plantation

Powers, H.R.J.; Hawes, R.B.

Phytopathology 63(4): 447


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-949X
Accession: 000112566

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Three plantations of Pinus elliottii, aged 14-16 years and infected by Cronartium fusiforme, were surveyed to discover the number of trees with stem infections severe enough (stems > 40% encircled) to justify felling before the end of the normal pulpwood rotation (25-30 years). In two of the plantations, severe stem infections were so prevalent that immediate clear felling was recommended. Felling at this age would represent an annual loss of ca. 1/3 of the expected profit from each acre. In addition, the severely infected trees on two of the study areas had a significantly lower timber volume than trees not marked for felling.