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Influence of CA storage on carbohydrate changes in carrots

Acta Horticulturae (38): 339-344

Influence of CA storage on carbohydrate changes in carrots

Several late-maturing carrot cvs were stored at 1.5 deg C in 2.5-21.0% O2 in the absence of CO2, and their glucose, fructose and sucrose contents were determined after 56, 112 and 168 days. Changes in total carbohydrates were not related to the storage atmosphere.

Accession: 000116324

Related references

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Hasselbring, H., 1927: Carbohydrate Transformations In Carrots During Storage. Carrots stored at 39-40[degree] C. lost about 26% of their wt., and stored at 32-35[degree] C. about 7%. This loss is mainly water, as the loss in solids is only about 1% for the 22 weeks of storage. The 2 main transformations in the carbohydrates...

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