Intensification of forage production through sprinkler irrigation and nitrogen fertilization

Breunig, W.; Henkel, W.; Richter, K.H.; Schalitz, G.

Proceedings of the 12th International Grassland Congress Drainage and irrigation of grasslands: 35-39


Accession: 000120836

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In experiments with pure swards of Medicago media [= M. varia], M. sativa, Trifolium pratense, Festuca pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, Lolium multiflorum var. westerwoldicum and Phalaris arundinacea and 80% M. sativa/20% D. glomerata and 75% T. pratense/25% F. pratensis mixtures, the mixtures and legumes were supplied with 0, 80, 140 or 200 kg N/ha and the grasses with 0, 200, 340-360 and 480 kg N/ha and all were subjected to various irrigation treatments. Yields without irrigation varied with species and were low for T. pratense, the T. pratense/F. pratensis mixture and F. pratensis, but 200 mm sprinkler irrigation was most efficiently used by the grasses and T. pratense. Without irrigation, M. sativa and M. sativa/D. glomerata gave the highest DM yields. It was considered that yield could be maximized by using sprinkler irrigation and high N for grasses, sprinkler irrigation and moderate N for grass/legume mixtures and sprinkler irrigation but no N for legumes.