Intensity of the milk-ejection reflex during development of the conditioned reflex to feeding during milking

Krasnoperova, L.G.

Proceedings of the III All Union symposium on physiological principles of machine milking, Borovsk, September 1972: 90-91


Accession: 000120877

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3 Russian Black Pied cows (mean lactation yield, 4500 l.), initially in the 4th-6th months of lactation, were milked for 23 days after udder washing alone, and for 55 days subsequently with offer of concentrates 30 s before udder washing. Observations during the last 29 days of the 2nd period showed that, in comparison with the 1st period, the following occurred: max. milking rate occurred on the 1st vs. the 2nd min of milking; milking time was reduced by 26%; and mammary tissue turgor was increased by 13% immediately after udder washing and reduced by 11% after milking. (See also author index under USSR, VNIIFBPSZh [Symposium].).