Intensive cultural practices increase growth of juvenile Slash Pine in Florida sandhills

Baker, J.B.

Forest Science 19(3): 197-202


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-749X
Accession: 000120902

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[Cf. FA 34, 3975] Reports an investigation of the relative importance of nutrients, soil moisture, and competing vegetation, on the growth of 1 + 0 seedlings of Pinus elliottii planted out, at a spacing of 1.2 X 1.2 m, on a disk-harrowed site in Jan. 1966. Treatments, applied singly or in factorial combination, consisted of: (a) addition of fertilizer (an application of superphosphate before planting, at a rate of 291 kg P/ha, followed during the first three years after planting by NH4NO3 at 112 kg N/ha/year); (b) irrigation, or (c) weed control. Height growth was measured at the beginning and end of each growing season until 1970, and height increment was shown to be almost directly proportional to the number of treatments applied. The effects of the treatments on the foliar nutrient content of the trees, and on the soil moisture content, are discussed.