Inter-cropped green manure versus green leaf manuring on sugarcane yields

Gowda, B.K.L.; Mariakulandai, A.

Madras Agricultural Journal 59(3): 312-317


Accession: 000120981

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On a clay loam soil, N was supplied to sugar cane as (NH4)2SO4 (control) or partly as sunnhemp or pillepesara (intersown with the sugar cane or obtained from elsewhere) and partly as (NH4)2SO4. Intersowing with sunnhemp slightly reduced the number of germinated buds, but intersowing with pillepesara slightly increased their number and gave significantly higher tiller numbers. There were no significant differences between the treatments as regards number or length of millable canes or juice quality although the percentage of sucrose tended to be higher with a combination of organic and inorganic manure.[361:227.4:224].