Intraspecific variation shown by cytological and electrophoretic studies in two diploid species of Aegilops

Coucoli, H.; Karataglis, S.

Sears, E R; Sears, L M S EDITORS Proceedings of the fourth international wheat genetics symposium Evolution and specification: 71-72


Accession: 000122502

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It is suggested, from chromosome morphology of root-tip cells and starch-gel electrophoresis of carboxyl esterase isoenzymes, that (1) in Ae. caudata the varieties typica and polyanthera show a high degree of phylogenic resemblance, var. typica representing a more advanced type derived by chromosomal and genic changes from var. polyanthera, the primitive carrier of the C genome; (2) in Ae. comosa, var. subventricosa appears to be more primitive than var. biaristata, while var. thessalica possibly represents a residual link between the subgroups heldreichii and eucomosa; and (3) Ae. caudata and Ae. comosa are quite distinct.