Investigation of the costs of production of white cabbage species, red cabbage species, carrot species, and cucumbers under glass as a contribution to scientific price formation in the vegetable sector

Schade, G.; Melzer, G.

Untersuchungen zu den Selbstkosyen bei Weisskohl, sp Rotkohl, sp, Mohren, sp und Gurken unter Glas als Beitrag zur wissenschaftlichen Preisgestaltung in der Gemusewirtschaft: 50


Accession: 000123069

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The present position as regards the study of the problems of price formation in the GDR is evaluated. Data are collected from farms with 4 years' costing records of the area under cultivation, yields, returns, overall costs, and individual types of cost, for each type of vegetable. For all four types of vegetable about 8-10 per cent. of HDR production was covered. The relation between individual types of cost and overall cost was quantified using regression analysis. A method is developed of using the results derived from the primary data to determine the socially necessary costs for a 2-5 year planning period. The most important basis for assessing overall costs of vegetables grown in the open air is considered to be direct basic costs, and for cucumbers under glass the square meters per month. As vegetables have a lower level of labour productivity than field crops a higher rate of profitability should be allowed to stimulate production.