Lipid metabolism in the cow during starvation-induced ketosis

Brumby, P.E.; Anderson, M.; Tuckley, B.; Storry, J.E.; Hibbit, K.G.

Biochemical Journal 146(3): 609-615


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
PMID: 1170844
DOI: 10.1042/bj1460609
Accession: 000129978

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Concentrations and compositions of liver, serum and milk lipids of cows were measured during six days' starvation and serum lipids during 60 days' re-feeding. The concentration of free fatty acid in serum increased fivefold during starvation. The content of total lipid in liver (g/100 g of liver dry matter) doubled owing to a 20-fold increase in triglyceride, an eightfold increase in cholesterol ester, a threefold increase in free fatty acid and a 20% increase in cholesterol. There were no changes in the content of composition of liver phospholipids. Starvation lowered the concentrations of total lipid, phospholipid and cholesterol ester concentrations in lipoproteins of d>1.055 and in lipoproteins not precipitable by dextran sulphate decreased from day 4 of the starvation period and during the first 20 days' re-feeding. During starvation there were decreases in percentages of stearic acid and increases in oleic acid in serum free fatty acids and triglycerides and in liver neutral lipid. Throughout starvation total milk lipid yield decreased, yields and percentages of C4-14 fatty acids decreased and percentages of C18 fatty acids increased. It is suggested that accumulation of triglyceride in liver may be caused by increased uptake of plasma free fatty acids without corresponding increase in lipoprotein secretion.