Section 1
Chapter 130

Lipid metabolism in the cow during starvation-induced ketosis

Brumby, P.E.; Anderson, M.; Tuckley, B.; Storry, J.E.; Hibbit, K.G.

Biochemical Journal 146(3): 609-615


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
PMID: 1170844
DOI: 10.1042/bj1460609
Accession: 000129978

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Concentrations and compositions of liver, serum and milk lipids of cows were measured during six days' starvation and serum lipids during 60 days' re-feeding. The concentration of free fatty acid in serum increased fivefold during starvation. The content of total lipid in liver (g/100 g of liver dry matter) doubled owing to a 20-fold increase in triglyceride, an eightfold increase in cholesterol ester, a threefold increase in free fatty acid and a 20% increase in cholesterol.

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