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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 132

Chapter 132 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

OEstergaard, V.; Andersen, E.B.; Hindhede, J.; Toft, O., 1974:
Long-term trials with cattle. XIV. Technical and economic results of milk and meat production in different production systems 1973-74

Kick, H.; Poletschny, H., 1974:
Long-term trials with continual straw application

Alekseev, V.A.; Lovelius, N.V., 1973:
Long-term variations in the supply of photosynthetically active radiation and wood increment in southern taiga stands

Trowbridge, R.S., 1975:
Long-term Visna virus infection of sheep choroid plexus cells: initiation and preliminary characterization of the carrier cultures

Stott, K.G.; Jefferies, C.J., 1973:
Long-term weed control

Fisinin, V.I.; Konopleva, V.I.; Andreyeva, A.A.; Bezusov, Y.A., 1974:
Longer use of meat-type hens through forced feeding

Kalcheva, I., 1970:
Longevity and depreciation of cows

Hukusima, S.; Komada, N., 1972:
Longevity and fecundity of overwintered adults of Propylaea japonica Thunberg (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Larrivee, J.M.; Sharma, M.L., 1969 :
Longevity and fecundity of the fundatrices and virginoparae of Schizolachnus piniradiatae (Davidson) (Aphididae-Homoptera)

Maeda, Y.; Hashiguchi, T.; Taketomi, M.; Okamoto, S., 1974:
Longevity and lifetime egg production of female quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica

Woodard, A.E.; Abplanalp, H., 1971:
Longevity and reproduction in Japanese quail maintained under stimulatory lighting

Stoller, E.W.; Wax, L.M., 1971:
Longevity and seasonal sprouting characteristics of yellow nutsedge tubers

Casey, A.E.; Casey, J.G.; Downey, E.L.; Gravlee, J.F., 1972:
Longevity from non-mechanized farm labor and dairy food in upland Irish bog

Marsden, S.J.; Olsen, M.W., 1974:
Longevity in domestic turkeys

Edwards, K., 1974:
Longevity of Atriplex nummularia Lindl seeds

Wendel, G.W., 1972:
Longevity of Black Cherry seed in the forest floor

Skelly, J.M.; Wood, F.A., 1974:
Longevity of Ceratocystis fagacearum in ammate treated and nontreated root systems

Amos, T.G.; Morley, G.E., 1971:
Longevity of Dermestes frischii (Kug) (Col., Dermestidae)

Mishakov, N.E., 1971:
Longevity of Nanophyetus in cats and mice

Ficke, W.; Naumann, K.; Skadow, K.; Muller, H.J.; Zielke, R., 1973:
Longevity of Pectobacterium carotovorum var. atrosepticum (van Hall) Dowson on seed material and in the soil

Dorworth, C.E., 1972:
Longevity of Scleroderris lagerbergii Gremmen in Pine slash

Nichols, L.P.; Jodon, M.H.; Scarborough, B., 1974:
Longevity of Xanthomonas begoniae, the cause of bacterial leafspot of Rieger begonias

Watanabe, Y.; Hirokawa, F., 1971:
Longevity of buried weed seeds

Holdaway, B.F.; Tsao, P.H., 1972:
Longevity of chlamydospores of Phytophthora parasitica in water

Gupta, R.N., 1973:
Longevity of chlamydospores of coriander-gall fungus

Alley, H.P.; Lee, G.A., 1972:
Longevity of control and residual vegetation response following utilization of picloram + 2,4-D for the control of Geyer larkspur (Delphinium geyeri greene)

Yarmola, M., 1975:
Longevity of cows

Hartman, P.A.; Hartman, P.S.; Frey, K.T., 1975:
Longevity of dehydrated violet red bile agar

Zuska, J., 1973:
Longevity of gamma-irradiated adults of Piophila casei (Diptera, Piophilidae)

Mandloi, K.C., 1973:
Longevity of guava pollen

Erb, K.; Gallegly, M.E.; Leach, J.G., 1973:
Longevity of mycelium of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in hypocotyl tissue of resistant and susceptible bean cultivars

Jenkins, D.C.; Phillipson, R.F., 1972:
Longevity of nematode parasites under various experimental conditions

Treshow, M.; Harper, K., 1974:
Longevity of perennial forbs and grasses

Ahmed, N.; Morrison, F.O., 1972:
Longevity of residues of four organophosphate insecticides in soil

Cunningham, J.L., 1973:
Longevity of rust spores in liquid nitrogen

Andersen, S.; Andersen, K., 1972:
Longevity of seeds of cereals and flax

Hill, D.E.; Frink, C.R., 1974:
Longevity of septic systems in Connecticut soils

Burgert, K.L.; Burnside, O.C.; Wicks, G.A.; Fenster, C.R., 1971:
Longevity of shattercane and downy brome seed buried at three locations across Nebraska

Fursa, T.V., 1974:
Longevity of water-melon seeds in open storage

Stinner, R.E.; Ridgway, R.L.; Morrison, R.K., 1974 :
Longevity, fecundity, and searching ability of Trichogramma pretiosum reared by three methods

Criswell, J.T.; Boethel, D.J.; Morrison, R.D.; Eikenbary, R.D., 1975:
Longevity, puncturing of nuts, and ovipositional activities by the pecan weevil on three cultivars of pecans

Gupta, N.K.; Gupta, K., 1970:
Longicollum indicum n.sp. - an acanthocephalan parasite of a marine fish, Tylosurus strongylarus, from Ernakulam (South India)

Cohn, E.; Ausher, R., 1973:
Longidorus cohni and Heterodera latipons, economic nematode pests of oats in Israel

Khan, E.; Chawla, M.L.; Seshadri, A.R., 1971:
Longidorus mirus sp. nov. (Nematoda: Longidoridae) from soil around the roots of maize from Delhi, India

Sharpilo, L.D., 1973:
Longistriata spalacis n.sp. (Nematoda, Heligmosomatidae), a new nematode species from Spalax spp

Atanasova, B., 1975:
Longistyly in tomato

Frick, K.E.; Johnson, G.R., 1973:
Longitarsus jacobaeae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a flea beetle for the biological control of tansy ragwort. 4. Life history and adult aestivation of an Italian biotype

Keith, C.T., 1974:
Longitudinal compressive creep and failure development in White Spruce compression wood

Lewis, T.L.; Martin, D., 1973:
Longitudinal distribution of applied calcium, and of naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, and potassium, in Merton apple fruits

Ginsburg, H.; Laties, G.G., 1973:
Longitudinal electrical resistance of maize roots

Espenas, L.D., 1974:
Longitudinal shrinkage of Western Redcedar, Western Hemlock, and True Fir

McLaughlin, M.; Linch, A.L.; Snee, R.D., 1973:
Longitudinal studies of lead levels in a US population

Barrett, J.D., 1972:
Longitudinal swelling of glued-laminated wood staves

Lush, W.M.; Evans, L.T., 1974:
Longitudinal translocation of 14C-labelled assimilates in leaf blades of Lolium temulentum

Heger, L., 1974:
Longitudinal variation of specific gravity in stems of Black Spruce, Balsam Fir, and Lodgepole Pine

Lin, R.T.; Lancaster, E.P.; Krahmer, R.L., 1973:
Longitudinal water permeability of Western Hemlock I. Steady-state permeability

Croker, T.C.Jr, 1973:
Longleaf Pine cone production in relation to site index, stand age, and stand density

Boyer, W.D., 1974:
Longleaf Pine seedling mortality related to year of overstory removal

Slade, W.L., 1971:
Longleaf grafting techniques

Draycott, A.P.; Durrant, M.J.; Webb, D.J., 1971 :
Longterm effects of fertilizers at Broom's Barn, 1965-70

Wilkinson, T.L., 1973:
Longtime performance of trussed rafters with different connection systems : 5-year evaluation

Wright, D.E.; Reid, C.S.W., 1974:
Looking at bloat prevention

Thomas, W.J., 1973:
Looking at the future of agriculture

Buitelaar, K., 1972:
Looking for new melon varieties

Perkins, D.H., 1973:
Looking inside China. An economic reappraisal

Cruz, R.A., 1974:
Looking into the possibilities of fertilizer and fuel conservation

Williams, J.L.; Ross, M.A.; Bauman, T.T., 1973:
Looks can be deceiving - herbicide injury?

Francis, R.E.; Driscoll, R.S.; Reppert, J.N., 1972:
Loop-frequency as related to plant cover, herbage production, and plant density

Pogrebnyak, M.P., 1971:
Loose housing of cows

Ishpaikina, E.I.; Pushkareva, V.M.; Zhiembaev, Z.T., 1972:
Loose smut of wheat

Djerbi, M.; Hafsa, M., 1972:
Loose smut of wheat: results of fungicide trials in the cereal campaign 1971-1972

Dimov, A., 1971:
Loose smut on wheat (Ustilago tritici (Pers.) Jensen).I.Resistance of certain wheat varieties to the groups of physiological races established in Bulgaria

Ziller, W.G., 1972:
Lophodermium needle cast of Pines in nurseries and plantations

Nicholls, T.H.Skilling, D.D., 1972:
Lophodermium needlecast disease of Scotch Pine Christmas trees

Silverberg, B.A.; Morgan Jones, J.F., 1974:
Lophodermium pinastri: certain fine structural features of ascocarp morphology

Komisaruk, B.R.; Diakow, C., 1973:
Lordosis reflex intensity in rats in relation to the estrous cycle, ovariectomy, estrogen administration and mating behavior

Ward, E.W.B.; Unwin, C.H.; Stoessl, A., 1975:
Loroglossol: an orchid phytoalexin

Jungbauer, J., 1975:
Lorraine begonias from seed

Allaby, M.; Blythe, C.; Hines, C.; Wardle, C., 1975:
Losing ground. The first of three discussion papers on United Kingdom food prospects

Ansari, M.A., 1972:
Loss and reversion of Sevin resistance in Musca domestica nebulo Fabr

Khare, B.P.; Sengar, C.S.; Singh, K.N.; Agrawal, R.K.; Singh, H.N., 1972 :
Loss in grain due to insect feeding. 1. Wheat

Kamel, A.H.; Zewar, M.M., 1973:
Loss in weight in stored corn and millet due to Sitophilus oryzae and Rhizopertha dominica infestations

Tripathi, R.L.; Ram, S., 1972:
Loss in yield due to damage by larvae of jute semilooper, Anomis sabulifera (Guen.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Geh, S.L.; Ting, W.P., 1973:
Loss in yield of groundnuts affected by groundnut mosaic virus disease

Kageyama, M.E.; Rawlins, W.A.; Getzin, L.W., 1972:
Loss of activity of diazinon for onion maggot control in marl-containing muck soil

Tkaczewski, W.; Stempien, R.; Niedzielska, H.; Kuydowicz, J., 1974:
Loss of albumin-51Cr into the digestive tract of patients with ulcerative colitis

Walton, J.R., 1972:
Loss of antibiotic resistance from bacteria exposed to anthelmintic agents

Alderman, G.G.; Marth, E.H., 1974:
Loss of ascorbic acid from grapefruit juice when cultured with Aspergillus parasiticus

Pursel, V.G.; Johnson, L.A.; Schulman, L.L., 1972:
Loss of boar sperm fertilizing capacity associated with altered acrosome morphology during in vitro storage

Adams, C.E., 1973:
Loss of eggs associated with tubal insemination in the rabbit

Meyer, F.; Meyer, H., 1972 :
Loss of fatty acid biosynthesis in flatworms

Dailey, R.A.; Clark, J.R.; First, N.L.; Chapman, A.B.; Casida, L.E., 1975:
Loss of follicles during the follicular phase of the estrous cycle of swine as affected by genetic group and level of feed intake

Agrawal, P.K., 1972:
Loss of germination in Padma rough rice during storage

Salehuddin, A.B.M., 1972:
Loss of hygroscopicity due to heating of cellulose and cellulosic materials

Echenique, L.; Garcia Vidal, W., 1970:
Loss of infectivity of hydatid cysts

Madrid Vicente, A., 1972:
Loss of lactose during in-bottle sterilization of milk. Comparison of reduction and polarimetric methods

Cords, B.R., 1974:
Loss of lactose metabolism in group N streptococci

McKay, L.L.; Baldwin, K.A.; Zottola, E.A., 1972:
Loss of lactose metabolism in lactic streptococci

Varis, A.L., 1972:
Loss of lindane, dimethoate, and methyl parathion residues from seedlings of sugar beet as influenced by plant growth

Rifaat, M.A.; Mahdi, A.H.; Wassif, S.F.; Morsy, T.A., 1971:
Loss of mature larvae of Wuchereria bancrofti in relation to certain culicine mosquitoes

Amar, L.; Reinhold, L., 1973:
Loss of membrane transport ability in leaf cells and release of protein as a result of osmotic shock

Newton, D.W.; Ellis, R.J., 1974:
Loss of mercury (II) from solution

Turner, D.W.; Barkus, B., 1973:
Loss of mineral nutrients from banana pseudostems after harvest

Suarez, J.J.; Pozuelo, J.M., 1972:
Loss of minerals from vegetables

Koval' , I.P., 1973:
Loss of moisture in transpiration and evaporation from the soil in Beech stands

Henzell, E.F., 1972:
Loss of nitrogen from a nitrogen-fertilized pasture

Watson, E.R.; Lapins, P., 1972:
Loss of nitrogen from plant residues on the soil surface

Ghosh, S.K., 1972:
Loss of nitrogen in soil on the application of different forms of nitrogenous fertilizers

Jackson, D.; Murray, J., 1972:
Loss of permanent teeth in dentate persons from fluoride and non-fluoride populations: practitioner and survey data compared

Theloe, G., 1975:
Loss of pigs during transport and at slaughterhouses

Roberts, E.H., 1973:
Loss of seed viability : chromosomal and genetical aspects

Smith, D.W.; Bowes, G.C., 1974:
Loss of some elements in fly-ash during old-field burns in Southern Ontario

Rodrigues, M.A.L.R.; Castro, M.P. de, 1972:
Loss of susceptibility to foot and mouth disease virus in IB-RS-2 cells grown in the presence of bovine serum

Roberts, E.H., 1973:
Loss of viability : ultrastructural and physiological aspects

Christenen, C.M., 1973:
Loss of viability in storage: microflora

Eshuys, W.A., 1974:
Loss of viability of citrus and Poncirus trifoliata seed during storage

Howe, R.W., 1973:
Loss of viability of seed in storage attributable to infestations of insects and mites

Petit, A.; Tourneur, J., 1972:
Loss of virulence associated with loss of enzymatic activity in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Pandya, M.P.; Patel, B.M., 1971:
Loss of vitamin A potency in preparation of ghee

Allen, W.M.; Bradley, R.; Swannack, K.; Barton, C.R.; Tyler, R., 1974:
Loss of vitamin E in stored cereals in relation to a myopathy of yearling cattle

Abushama, F.T., 1970:
Loss of water from the grasshopper Poecilocerus hieroglyphicus (Klug), compared with the tree locust Anacridium melanorhodon melanorhodon (Walker)

Eiker, W.M., 1974:
Loss patterns of bensulide, nitralin and trifluralin in sandy soil

Lehmann, D., 1971:
Loss processes and mould formation in the drying and storage of fodder

Davies, B.E., 1974:
Loss-on-ignition as an estimate of soil organic matter

Mogk, M.; Hindorf, H., 1975:
Losses caused by coffee berry disease (Colletotrichum coffeanum) in different stages of berry development

Escanole, A.; Fernandez, H.; Radtke, W., 1973:
Losses caused by rot in stored potatoes

Rai, B.K., 1974:
Losses caused by the paddy bug and 'red rice' in Guyana

Hartog, J.D.n; Lendfers, L.; Logtestijn, J. van, 1974:
Losses caused by transport of slaughter pigs in the Netherlands in 1971-1972

Stone, E.G.; Freyre, R.H., 1972:
Losses caused to seed of Tephrosia vogelii Hook F. by the lima-bean pod borer

Walkowiak, E.; Wityk, A.; Watychowicz, I.; Aleksandrowska, I., 1973:
Losses due to Trichinella spiralis infections in pigs

Debreczeni, I.; Borda, I., 1972:
Losses due to fusariotoxicosis on a pig-fattening farm

Kuczynski, J., 1974:
Losses due to invasive diseases

Steib, R.J.; Chilton, S.J.P., 1974:
Losses due to sugarcane mosaic reduced by use of a greater amount of seed cane

Susidko, P.I., 1969:
Losses due to the Hessian fly

Kozlowski, M., 1973:
Losses during ensiling of steamed potatoes

Fraiman, I.A.; Solov' eva, N.A., 1973:
Losses during storage of stone fruits

Hagborg, W.A.F.; Chiko, A.W.; Fleischmann, G.; Gill, C.C.; Green, G.J.; Martens, J.W.; Nielsen, J.J.; Samborski, D.J., 1972:
Losses from cereal diseases in Manitoba in 1971

Berkenkamp, B., 1972:
Losses from foliage diseases of forage crops in central and northern Alberta in 1971

Berkenkamp, B., 1974:
Losses from foliage diseases of forage crops in central and northern Alberta, 1973

Gherghi, A.; Millim, K.; Bogdan, M.; Burzo, I.; Giurea, M., 1972:
Losses in apples under different storage conditions

Ristevski, B.; Cvetkovik, D.; Sivakov, L., 1972:
Losses in cold-stored pear cultivars

Wallis, G.W.; Godfrey, J.N.; Richmond, H.A., 1974:
Losses in fire-killed timber

Patel, L.G.; Dave, A.D., 1972:
Losses in making silage and hay from jowar

Lever, R.J.A.W., 1971:
Losses in rice and coconuts due to insect pests

Isa, A.L.; Awadallah, W.H.; E.T.ntawy, A.M., 1971:
Losses in rice yield due to the attack of the rice stem borer, Chilo agamemnon Bles., in U.A.R

Terekhov, I.I., 1973:
Losses in vineyards

Hosford, R.M.J.; Busch, R.H., 1974:
Losses in wheat caused by Pyrenophora trichostoma and Leptosphaeria avenaria f.sp. triticea

Staples, G.E.; Haugse, C.N., 1974:
Losses in young calves after transportation

Uhorskai, O., 1974:
Losses of Picea abies seed and seedlings in polythene greenhouses

Nekrasova, T.P., 1974:
Losses of crops in coniferous species

Ali Gauhar; Ajab Khan; Mohammad Jawaid, 1973:
Losses of ascorbic acid in different varieties of sweet corn during processing

Hall, J.K.; Pawlus, M.; Higgins, E.R., 1972:
Losses of atrazine in runoff water and soil sediment

Zhivkova, A., 1974:
Losses of calcium and phosphorus in industrial processing of ewes' milk to White pickled cheese

Terpstra, K.; Hart, N.D., 1971:
Losses of carbon and nitrogen in freeze-drying of poultry droppings and animal organs

Costoya, A.; Ferrer, F.; Pantoja, A.M.; Boado, A., 1974:
Losses of carotene and vitamin A in stored industrial mixtures. Effect of stabilisers

Hennig, A.; Guther, G., 1972:
Losses of carotene during storage of dried green feed. 1. Amounts of carotene lost from different feeds

Pastrana, M.T.; Valdes F.; Ferrer, F.; Boado, A.; Reyes, L., 1974:
Losses of carotene from coastcross Bermuda grass in natural and artificial rumina

Silva, R.L. de; Saravanapavan, T.V.; Murugiah, S., 1974:
Losses of crop caused by Exobasidium vexans Massee. 2. Losses on unshaded high-yielding clonal tea

Willis, G.H.; Rogers, R.L.; Southwick, L.M., 1975:
Losses of diuron, linuron, fenac and trifluralin in surface drainage water

Terman, G.L.; Allen, S.E., 1974:
Losses of nitrogen and mineral nutrients from corn grown in greenhouse pot experiments

Garwood, E.A.; Tyson, K.C., 1973:
Losses of nitrogen and other plant nutrients to drainage from soil under grass

Brinkmann, W.L.F., 1972:
Losses of nutrients in the forest of the Amazonas region through the export of Brazil nuts

Semenov, P.Y.; Alieva, E.I.; Efremova, L.I., 1973:
Losses of organic matter and nitrogen during storage of manure produced without litter

Ogunmodede, B.K., 1972:
Losses of protein and B-vitamins in grains during traditional Nigerian processing

Urbaniak, Z.; Doruch, S.; Bartkowiak, A., 1972:
Losses of seed weight in several winter and spring wheat varieties during drying under laboratory conditions

Makarov, A.; Moschenko, Yu, 1975:
Losses of soil moisture can be reduced

Silva, R.L. de; Murugiah, S.; Saravanapavan, T.V., 1972:
Losses of tea crops caused by Exobasidium vexans Massee on tea. 1. Losses on unshaded seedling tea

Maslov, V.A.; Kolobov, Y.V.; Sabantseva, L.A.; Lichutina, T.F., 1974:
Losses of wood constituents during storage of chips in piles in the open

Bondarev, V.A., 1974:
Losses reduction and fodder quality increase

Fels, H.E.; Malcolm, B., 1973:
Lot feeding sheep in sheds

Betts, J.E., 1972:
Lotononis, a productive legume in Clarence Valley beef areas

Anonymous, 1973:

Paxton, K.W., 1975:
Louisiana agriculture in foreign trade

Anonymous, 1974:
Louisiana peaches

Williams, C.; Marshall, J.G.; Rabb, J.L.; Davis, J.H.; Sloane, L.W.; Phillips, S.A.; Trahan, G.J., 1972:
Louisiana soybean variety trials, 1968-1971

Lenard, J.Jr, 1974:
Louisiana's response Pesticide Control Act of 197u.Control Act of 1972

Timoney, P.J.; Donnelly, W.C.; Clements, C.; Fenlon, M., 1974:
Louping ill infection in the horse

MacKenzie, C.P.; Lewis, N.D.; Smith, S.T.; Muir, R.W., 1973:
Louping-ill in a working collie

Smith, A.; Obudho, W.O.; Esozed, S.; Myamba, J., 1973:
Louvre-trap hut assessments of mosquito coils, with a high pyrethrin I/pyrethrin II ratio, against Anopheles gambiae Giles, Culex fatigans Wied. and Mansonia uniformis (Theo.)

Anonymous, 1973:
Low Cost Production milk recording: results and analysis 1971/72

Yoshida, S., 1971:
Low Mg levels of blood serum of dairy cows producing so-called low-acidity 2nd grade milk

Stefl, B.; Kubistovà, J., 1972:
Low actomyosin content in the body-wall muscle of Ascaris lumbricoides

Vogtmann, H.; Clandinin, D.R.; Robblee, A.R., 1973:
Low and high erucic acid rapeseed oils in rations for laying hens

Hudson, W.B.; Retan, A.H., 1971:
Low and high volume sprays compare well

Matthee, F.N.; Thomas, A.C.; Nel, E.W., 1974:
Low and ultra-low volume spraying of deciduous fruits

Davies, J.D.; Newson, J., 1974:
Low ascorbate status in the Masai of Kenya

Toohey, C.L.; Kirby, L.K., 1973:
Low c.c.s. at Gin Gin mill - a preliminary survey

Gabby, J.L.; Corbin, D.D.; Lowe, J.B., 1974:
Low calorie topping, spread and frozen dessert

Harada, N.; Sato, T., 1974:
Low casein diet and free fatty acid occurrence from rat liver heavy mitochondria

Bhatt, J.G., 1972:
Low concentration sprays of napthalene acetic acid for more cotton

Venator, C.R., 1974:
Low cone yields of Honduras Pine in Puerto Rico not due to pollen abortion

McCown, R.L.; Tolson, D.J.; Clay, H.J., 1973:
Low cost aerial photography for agricultural research

Trebeck, D.B., 1972:
Low cost pasture improvement in the Mallanganee district

Muckle, T.B.; Crossley, C.P.; Kilgour, J., 1973:
Low cost primary cultivations. A proposed system for developing countries

Oscarsson, G., 1974:
Low cost production milk recording: results and analysis 1972/73

Bush, A., 1973:
Low cost protein from cottonseed

Hume, A., 1975:
Low cost sheep housing

Bacon, W.L.; Brown, K.I.; Musser, M.A., 1973:
Low density lipoproteins of chicken, turkey and quail egg yolk

Cognie, Y.; Hernandez Barreto, M.; Saumande, J., 1975:
Low fertility in nursing ewes during the non-breeding season

Mullen, M.A., 1973:
Low frequency sound affecting the development of the Indian meal moth

Marinov, I.; Petkov, C., 1972:
Low greenhouses for seedling production

Thornbury, J.R.; Denton, R.E., 1972:
Low kilovoltage radiography in the detection of parasites of the western Spruce budworm, Choristoneura occidentalis

Putnam, E.M.; Brewer, R.N.; Cottier, G.J., 1974:
Low level pesticide contamination of soil and feed and its effect on broiler tissue residue

Snijders, A.J.; Stapelberg, J.H.; Muller, G.L., 1971:
Low level thiabendazole administration to sheep. I. Susceptibility of medicated sheep to natural infestations at Outeniqua

Cappa, V.; Bertoni, G.; Galimberti, A., 1974:
Low levels of vitamin A in milking stock

Pepper, G.E.; Prine, G.M., 1972:
Low light intensity effects on grain sorghum at different stages of growth

Hebb, R.S., 1974:
Low maintenance perennials. Part I

Pehrson, B.; Widell, S., 1975:
Low milk fat syndrome in dairy cows. Field trial with potential fat content increasing substances

Storry, J.E.; Brumby, P.E.; Cheeseman, G.C., 1974:
Low milkfat syndrome alleviated by feeding protected fat supplements

Manibhushanrao, K.; Day, P.R., 1972:
Low night temperature and blast disease development on rice

Peterson, M.L.; Lin, S.S.; Jones, D.; Rutger, J.N., 1974:
Low night temperature induced sterility in rice

McKenzie, R.; Hsieh, S.C., 1973:
Low outcrossing in mutagen-treated cereals

Gitelson, S.; Ayalon, N.; Weissenberg, E., 1973:
Low pH beverages as a potential aid in the prophylaxis of cholera

Cuyper, M. de; Preaux, G.; Lontie, R., 1973:
Low partial specific volumes of beta -lactoglobulin B with covalently linked subunits

Göransson, G.; Nord'en, A.; Akesson, B., 1973:
Low plasma tocopherol levels in patients with gastrointestinal disorders

Williams, J.B., 1972:
Low polythene tunnels could be answer to advancing early lettuce harvesting dates without restricting rotation

Nolan, S.; Stephan, T.; Khurana, K.C.; Morgan, C.R.; Danowski, T.S., 1972:
Low profile (flat) glucose tolerances

Sell, J.L.; Johnson, R.L., 1974:
Low protein rations based on wheat and soybean meal or corn and soybean meal for laying hens

Summers, J.D.; Pepper, W.F.; Moran, E.T.J., 1972:
Low protein starting diets and their effects on subsequent pullet performance

McKinnell, F.H., 1974:
Low pruning Radiata Pine

Labanauskas, C.W.; Jones, W.W.; Embleton, T.W., 1972:
Low residue micronutrient sprays for citrus

Urbach, G.; Stark, W.; Nobuhara, A., 1972:
Low resolution mass spectra of some unsaturated delta -lactones

Baranyay, J.A.; Smith, R.B., 1974:
Low temperature damage to dwarf mistletoe fruit

McCarter, S.M.; Roncadori, R.W., 1972:
Low temperature damages germinating cotton seed and increases disease susceptibility

George, M.F.; Burke, M.J.; Pellett, H.M.; Johnson, A.G., 1974:
Low temperature exotherms and woody plant distribution

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Lowering pear crowns

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Lowering the night temperature for growing pelargoniums

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Lowland forestry and wildlife conservation

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Lucky Stores ice cream plant in California

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Lucky builds a high efficiency ice cream plant

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Lymphocytic thyroiditis in canines

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Lymphoglandular complexes in the large intestine of the dog

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Lymphographic changes in regional lymphatics of cats infected with Brugia malayi

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Lymphography in Bancroftian filariasis

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Lymphography in chyluria due to filariasis. Report of 8 cases

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Lymphography in experimental filariasis

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Lymphography in the horse

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Lymphoid cell adherence in Protostrongylus (Nematoda: Metastrongyloidea) infections of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep

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Lymphoid depletion and immunosuppression after thymectomy in the young pig

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Lymphoid pneumonia in buffaloes

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Lymphoma in the Beagle dog

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Lymphomatosis in the sheep

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Lymphoreticular lesions of canine neorickettsiosis

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Lymphoreticular proliferative disease in mink homozygous for the Aleutian gene

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Lymphosarcoma in a mare and review of cases at the Ontario Veterinary College

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Lymphostatic encephalopathy and vitamins

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Lymphovenous anastomosis for prolonged collection of lymph from the thoracic duct in sheep and calf

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Lyophilised, combined rinderpest-CBPP vaccine for use in the field without refrigeration. II. Use in the field

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Lyophilization of Bulgarian yoghurt

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Lyophilized bovine colostrum in the treatment of prolonged infantile diarrhea

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Lyophilized rearing medium for bioassays

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Lyophization of potato pollen and its viability

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Lyperosomum intermedium sp.n. (Digenea: Dicrocoeliidae) from the rice rat, Oryzomys palustris, from southeastern salt marshes

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Lysimeter investigations for irrigation in Manitoba

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Lysimeter investigations on nitrogen leaching after manuring with straw and on the use of different forms of N

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Lysimeter studies on losses of nitrogen from soils

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Lysimeter study of water use of maize and beans in East Africa

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Lysimeters for fertilizer trials with fruit trees

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Lysimetric and chemical investigations of pedological changes. Part 2. Equilibration of profile samples with aqueous solutions

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Lysimetric and chemical investigations of pedological changes: Part I. Lysimeters and their drainage waters

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Lysimetric and energy balance determinations of slat-fence and tree windbreak effects on water use efficiency under irrigated and dryland conditions

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Lysimetric calibration of the Bowen ratio-energy balance method for evapotranspiration estimation in the central Great Plains

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Lysimetric determination of citrus tree evapotranspiration

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Lysimetric determination of nitrate leaching in wheat, maize, soyabeans and sugar beet

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Lysimetric studies on the effect of soil moisture tension on growth and yield of maize (Zea mays L.)

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Lysine and acetate participation in the alkaloid biosynthesis of Anabasis aphylla

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Lysine and methionine requirements of pigs fattening on complete mixed feeds

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Lysine and methionine requirements of the semi-heavy laying hen

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Lysine and protein contents of some Chilean sweet corns (Zea mays)

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Lysine and protein evaluation of commercially grown opaque-2 and normal corns

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Lysine and tryptophan increases during germination of maize seed

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Lysine and tryptophan variability in normal, opaque-2 and floury-2 maize

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Lysine and vitamins in feeds for fattening pigs

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Lysine availability of opaque-2 corn for rats

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Lysine Biosynthesis in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Lysine deficiency in the rat: concomitant impairment in carnitine biosynthesis

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Lysine distribution in the barley caryopsis

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Lysine fortification of commercial bulgur

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Lysine infusion in cystinuria: theoretical renal thresholds for lysine

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Lysine levels in dried milk produced by different systems

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Lysine requirement of fattening ducklings

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Lysine requirement of pregnant gilts

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Lysine requirement of the finishing pig for maximum carcass leanness

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Lysine requirement of the finishing pig for maximum rate of gain and efficiency

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Lysine requirement of the lactating sow

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Lysine requirements of starting and growing turkeys

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Lysine supplementation of feed mixtures with wheat for fattening pigs, effect of bedding and alternative supplements of soya

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Lysine supplementation of turkey grower diets

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Lysine supplementation of wheat gluten at adequate and restricted energy intakes in young men

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Lysine, threonine, methionine and isoleucine supplementation of Peace River barley for growing pigs

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Lysine-enriched cereal rations for fattening pigs. 2. Enrichment of barley-yeast rations with synthetic lysine

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Lysine-enriched cereal rations for fattening pigs. 3. N balance studies with cereal-lysine rations

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Lysine-enriched cereal rations for fattening pigs. 4. Effect of lysine supplements to barley and yeast rations on carcass composition of pigs

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Lysine-enriched wheat and whole sugar beet pulp rations for fattening pigs

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Lysine-lactose browning products. I. Properties of the reaction products

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Lysis and lysogenization of groups A, C, and G streptococci by a transducing bacteriophage induced from a group G Streptococcus

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Lysis of hepatic recticulin: an unusual lesion in laying fowls possibly associated with rapeseed meal

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Lysis of photographic emulsions by mammalian and chicken spermatozoa

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Lysis of the cell wall of Armillaria mellea by enzymes from forest trees

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Lysis of zoospores of Phytophthora palmivora induced by concanavalin A

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Lysogenic conversion of Pasteurella by Escherichia coli bacteriophage P1 CM

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Lysogenic strains of group N lactic streptococci

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Lysogenic variants of Brucella abortus. II. Variants obtained in vivo

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Lysogenization of Xanthomonas phaseoli and X. begoniae by temperate X. citri bacteriophages: effects on virulence, phage sensitivity, and other biological properties

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Lysogeny and colicinogeny in Escherichia coli, with special reference to strains isolated from diarrhoea cases of sheep

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Lysogeny in Bacillus anthracis. II. Experimental induction of lysogen with type A bacteriophage. III. Experimental induction of lysogen in atypical strains (strain T) with type AC bacteriophage

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Lysogeny in lactic streptococci producing and not producing nisin

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Lysogeny in lactobacilli

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Lysophosphatides and their significance in the storage of bull and ram semen

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Lysosomal enzyme release from luteinized rat ovaries by prostaglandin F2 alpha

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Lysosomal enzymes in the kidney of dogs with chronic interstitial nephritis and tubular nephrosis

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Lysosomal pigment deposits in the kidney of aged Wistar rats

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Lysosomal stability of different tissues under nutritional stress

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Lysosomal storage diseases

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Lysosomal structures in the stratum corneum of the ruminal epithelium of the sheep

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Lysosomes in the pathogenesis of the renal necrosis of choline-deficient rats

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Lysozyme activity in plasma and leucocytes in malnourished children

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Lysozyme in cartilage and serum of rats during experimental atherosclerosis

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Lysozyme in human colostrum and breast milk

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Lysozyme levels in calves with acute bronchopneumonia and in normal calves.

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Lysozyme (muramidase) activity in canine myelogenous leukemia

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Lysozyme production by staphylococci isolated from animals

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Lysozymes in feces from infants and children

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Lytic activity of vibrio phages on strains of Vibrio fetus isolated from man and animals

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Lytic phenomenon of the hyphae of Rhizoctonia in soil

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Lytic phenomenon of the hyphae of Rhizoctonia in soil. II

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Lytocestus longicollis sp.nov. (Cestoidea: Caryophyllidea) from the catfish Clarias batrachus (L.) in India

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M-21, a short duration induced promising mutant in ragi (Eleusine coracana Gaertn)

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M665-G and M666-G pipeline installations with under-floor ducting

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MA-1/2 automatic control equipment for milking machines

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MAFES agronomists seek answers on soils, crops, pesticides

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MB 8136, a promising apple hybrid

Brasier, C.M.; Gibbs, J.N., 1975:
MBC tolerance in aggressive and non aggressive isolates of Ceratocystis ulmi

Anonymous, 1972:
MC cuts crossbreeding time

Anonymous, 1975:
MC dairy plant in Kalmar - a Swedish model plant

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MES induced dwarf mutants in a pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides Staff & Hubb.)

Anonymous, 1974 :
MMB's Aspatria creamery

Worsham, A.D., 1972:
MON-0468, a potential chemical control for perennial grass weeds in no-tillage crops

Mahadevappa, M., 1973:
MR-272 - a new semi-dwarf rice variety that can replace Halubbulu, Ch. 2, Ch. 45 and S. 705

Mahadevappa, M., 1973:
MR-272-semi-dwarf variety to replace Halubbulu, Ch. 2, Ch. 45 and S. 705

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MSMA and DSMA for removing grass weeds from grass-legume seedlings

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MSMA-surfactant combinations for the control of purple nutsedge

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MTP International Review of Science. Physiology series one. Volume 7. Environmental physiology

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MYC 8005, an antibiotic against spider mites. 1. Description of the producing organism (Streptomyces exfoliatus var. echinosporus var. nov.) and properties of the antibiotic

Anonymous, 1973:

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Macadamia nut selection programme in Kenya

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Macadamia pollination

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Macadamia trunk canker disease

Anonymous, 1974:
Macadamia: a new crop for Costa Rica

Anonymous, 1972:
Machine and method for making a soft ice product formed of frozen air-and-gelatin dispersion

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Machine boring of Southern Pine

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Machine driving of wooden and steel highway guardrail posts under adverse conditions

Anonymous, 1973:
Machine for batchwise production of ice-cream

Ooms, H. (Belgium), 1973:
Machine for depositing doses of cream on biscuits

Garavelli, G., 1974:
Machine for making ice cream

Anonymous, 1973:
Machine for making soft ice cream or gelatin soft ice cream

Aleksandryan, K.V.; Gevorkyan, L.A., 1972:
Machine for making tree-planting trenches and anti-erosion ditches on mountain slopes

Anonymous, 1973:
Machine for moulding and wrapping portions of predetermined quantities of a substance of plastic consistency

Calim, T.F., 1974:
Machine for producing frozen confections

Anonymous, 1973:
Machine for the continuous and instantaneous production of whipped cream

Conz, L., 1974:
Machine for the instantaneous production of ice cream of one or more flavours

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Machine for the packaging of objects

Anonymous, 1975:
Machine for trimming and planing in one operation

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Machine for washing cylindrical cheeses

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Machine for weeding and cleaning fellings in young stands

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Machine harvest of 'Florida MH-1' tomato: effect of harvest method on yield, fruit size and maturity

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Machine harvesting and tomato quality

Anonymous, 1974:
Machine lifeline for dryland sorts

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Machine milking and bovine mastitis

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Machine milking and mastitis

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Machine milking of Maritsa Finewool ewes on the Schrklevo cooperative farm in Ruse district

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Machine milking of buffaloes

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Machine milking of cows without hand stripping

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Machine milking of ewes

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Machine milking of female camels

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Machine milking of sheep and its possible application at Karakul farms

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Machine milking of sheep and their milk production and composition

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Machine repair costs and the mechanization of agriculture

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Machine stress grading - an alternative to visual grading of timber for strength

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Machine stress rating of White Spruce joists

Saal, H., 1975:
Machine stretches and mixes 5000 pounds of Mozzarella an hour

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Machine systems for industrial chip production

Anonymous, 1973:
Machine that restores rangeland

Hofle, H.H., 1972:
Machine trimming, cross-cutting and stacking with the Pika 50

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Machine use and machine requirement planning by new methods

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Machine-hedging of citrus trees and transmission of exocortis and xyloporosis viruses

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Machinery - financial management

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Machinery and equipment for the continuous manufacture of rindless Cheddar cheese

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Machinery costs on parkland grain - cattle farms in Central Alberta

Anonymous, 1973:
Machinery developments in the food packaging sector

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Machinery financing decisions: purchase, lease or custom hire

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Machinery for intensive arid zone forage and animal production at Hofuf, Saudi Arabia

Anonymous, 1973:
Machinery hire undertakings in agriculture, results of a special survey in the agricultural census of 1971

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Machinery leasing: perspective and prospects

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Machines and materials in silage handling

Anonymous, 1974:
Machines for harvesting fruit and horticultural produce

Pospelov, Y.A., 1973:
Machines for mountain agriculture and afforestation

Butenko, N.F., 1974:
Machines for orchard protection

Meriggi, V., 1972:
Machines for producing cups of white coffee

Dallari, F.A., 1974:
Machines for pruning fruit trees and fruit harvesting

Sukharev, E.A.; Skoblyuk, M.P.; Belov, A.I., 1973:
Machines for tying grapevines

Budahn, B.E., 1972:
Machines produce 300 000 lb cheese/day

Pestal, E., 1974:
Machines that safeguard the environment for use in mountain forests

Acedo Villalba, F.J., 1971:
Machines to reduce the costs of harvesting olives

Caviness, C.E.; Riggs, R.D.; Walters, H.J., 1971:
Mack, a new soybean variety resistant to cyst nematode and Phytophthora rot

Anonymous, 1974:
Mackenzie Valley pipeline assessment. Environmental and socio-economic effects of the proposed Canadian Arctic Gas Pipeline on the Northwest Territories and Yukon

Starchenko, I.I., 1972:
Maclura aurantiaca at the Mariupol forest experiment station

Anonymous, 1974:
Macoun durum wheat

Sobey, W.R.; Adams, K.M.; Johnston, G.C.; Gould, L.R.; Simpson, K.N.; Keith, K., 1973:
Macquarie Island: the introduction of the European rabbit flea Spilopsyllus cuniculi (Dale) as a possible vector for myxomatosis

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Macro and micro nutrient content of millable Florida sugar cane

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Macro and micro nutrient requirements of pot plants in peat

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Macro and micromorphology of leaf and seed of Cleome viscosa L

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Macro- and micro-mutations for grain protein content in durum wheat

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Macro- and microeconomic factors in the use of feeding stuffs and the intensification of livestock production

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Macro- and micromorphology of grass mats from three irrigated Australian soils

Barratt, B.C., 1973:
Macro- and micromorphology of soils developed in a region of karst topography near Malham, Yorkshire, England

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Macro- and microscopic studies on the lesions encountered in the pericardium and the heart of sheep and goats

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Macro- and trace element composition of boiled sausages containing supplementary blood plasma and milk

Szymanski, W., 1975:
Macro-economic factors conditioning changes in the level and structure of the labour force in agriculture

de Oliveira Neto, M.P., 1971:
Macrocheilitis in South American blastomycosis

Emberson, R.M., 1973:
Macrochelid mites in N.Z. (Acarina: Mesostigmata: Macrochelidae)

Ouellet, C.E., 1973:
Macroclimatic model for estimating monthly soil temperatures under short-grass cover in Canada

Jenicek, V.; Kraus, J., 1973:
Macroeconomic characteristics of forecasting in agriculture

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Macroelement-deficiency in hays from reclaimed meadows on organic soils in central and northern Poland

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Macroglobulinaemia in the dog, the canine analogue of gamma M monoclonal gammopathy

Roberts, G.P.; Parker, J.M., 1974:
Macromolecular components of the luminal fluid from the bovine uterus

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Macromolecular structure and morphology of native glycogen particles isolated from Candida albicans

Huismans, H., 1970:
Macromolecular synthesis in bluetongue virus infected cells. I. Virus-specific ribonucleic acid synthesis. II. Host cell metabolism

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Macromolecule synthesis and wall extensibility in relation to the mechanism of auxin-induced cell elongation

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Macromorphological study of clay-depleted ferrallitic soils in Gabon

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Macromorphology and micromorphology of a Wisconsin Saprist

Losa Quintana, J.M., 1974:
Macromycetes associated with a Quercus robur forest

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Macronutrient deficiency symptoms in Centrosema pubescens and Phaseolus vulgaris

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Macrophage immunity to vaccina virus: factors affecting macrophage immunity in vitro

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Macrophage migration technique using coccidioidin

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Macrophage-cytophilic antibodies and the functions of macrophage-bound immunoglobulins

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Macrophage-eosinophil interactions in the inflammatory response to Trichinella spiralis

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Macrophages in bovine milk

Watanabe, T., 1972:
Macrophomina phaseoli found in commercial kidney bean seed and in soil, and pathogenicity to kidney bean seedlings

Dzhalagoniya, K.T., 1975:
Macrophomosis of tea (Macrophoma theicola Petch)

Szczepanski, R., 1972:
Macrophotographic documentation of fungal cultures in the mycological laboratory, illustrated by the agent of tinea imbricata. Application and technical problems. I. Survey and methods

Szczepanski, R., 1972:
Macrophotographic documentation of fungal cultures in the mycological laboratory, illustrated by the agent of tinea imbricata. Application and technical problems. II. Mycological investigation results and discussion

Szczepanski, R., 1972:
Macrophotographic documentation of fungal cultures in the mycological laboratory, illustrated by the agent of tinea imbricata. Application and technical problems. IV. Evaluation of results

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Magoye Research Station

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Main principles of the classification of export chips

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Main pulsation device

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Main results of studies on the effectiveness of bacterial fertilizers applied to maize

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Main results of survey of tenant farms

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Main technical and economic problems faced by developing countries in producing and selling natural rubber

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Main trends and results of breeding barley in the Lithuanian SSR

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Main trends in Hungarian agriculture

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Maintaining the biological value of varieties, lines and hybrids in seed production

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Maintaining the environment through land consolidation in the Federal German Republic

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Maintaining the mucus production of yoghurt cultures