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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 133

Chapter 133 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Smittle, R.B.; Gilliland, S.E.; Speck, M.L., 1972:
Maintaining viability of frozen Lactobacillus bulgaricus

McCaffery, K.R.; Johnson, F.L.; Martoglio, L.D., 1974:
Maintaining wildlife openings with pellets containing picloram

Barbour, G.R., 1973:
Maintenance against milk-share rents; the importance of high cash-flow looking for new ways to do old jobs means progress

Melikov, Y.F., 1973:
Maintenance and culture of the intermediate hosts of Fasciola for experimental purposes

Obrenovic, D.; Kalozi, M., 1974:
Maintenance and exploitation costs for horse teams on smallholdings in Yugoslavia

Emeis, C.C., 1973:
Maintenance and treatment of technically important microorganisms

Kingsford, E.J., 1971:
Maintenance and use of a mosquito colony by a local agency

Downing, F., 1973:
Maintenance control of hydrilla

Tarakanov, V.I., 1971:
Maintenance of Ditylenchus destructor in balanced salt solutions

Stoffolano, J.G., 1973:
Maintenance of Heterotylenchus autumnalis, a nematode parasite of the face fly, in the laboratory

Tamariz, L.C.; Velazquez, E.A.; Cunha, R.G., 1972:
Maintenance of Newcastle disease virus on filter paper at different temperatures.

Wilson, A.J.; Paris, J.; Dar, F.K., 1975:
Maintenance of a herd of breeding cattle in an area of high trypanosome challenge

Saif, Y.M., 1974:
Maintenance of a specific pathogen free turkey flock

Domanskii, V.; Pockalev, A., 1975:
Maintenance of agricultural machinery in collective and state farms

Keh, B., 1971:
Maintenance of captured workers of Vespula pensylvanica (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in the laboratory

Longenecker, D.E.; Day, B.N., 1972:
Maintenance of corpora lutea and pregnancy in unilaterally pregnant gilts by intrauterine infusion of embryonic tissue

Segal, D.H.; Baker, R.D., 1973:
Maintenance of corpora lutea in prepuberal gilts

Trucchi, G., 1973:
Maintenance of general anaesthesia in various forms of thoracic surgery in dogs: report of ten cases

Hedrick, P.W., 1973:
Maintenance of genetic variation by temporal variation in fitness

Hedrick, P.W., 1972:
Maintenance of genetic variation with a frequency-dependent selection model as compared to the overdominant model

Shul' ts, I., 1974:
Maintenance of healthy udders on large dairy farms of the German Democratic Republic

Zarrow, M.X.; Johnson, N.P.; Denenberg, V.H.; Bryant, L.P., 1973:
Maintenance of lactational diestrum in the postpartum rat through tactile stimulation in the absence of suckling

Rubenstein, D.; Baker, M.R.; Stott, E.J.; Tavill, A.S., 1974:
Maintenance of liver cells in vitro for virological and other studies

Eastwood, K.C.; McDonald, M.F., 1975:
Maintenance of oestrus synchronisation in two-year-old ewes at second heat after progestagen sponge treatment

Ishibashi, T., 1972:
Maintenance of positive nitrogen balance in the adult rooster on the phenylalanine-free diet

Ellicott, A.R.; Dziuk, P.J.; Polge, C., 1973:
Maintenance of pregnancy in prepuberal gilts

Villemin, M., 1972:
Maintenance of rabies virus in the quail after intracerebral inoculation. Preliminary note

Ahmad, N.; Haltmeyer, G.C.; Eik-nes, K.B., 1975:
Maintenance of spermatogenesis with testosterone or dihydrotestosterone in hypophysectomized rats

Sleesman, J.P.; Larsen, P.O.; Safford, J., 1974:
Maintenance of stock cultures of Helminthosporium maydis (races T and O)

Ginther, O.J.; First, N.L., 1971:
Maintenance of the corpus luteum in hysterectomized mares

Guss, P.L.; Krysan, J.L., 1973:
Maintenance of the southern corn rootworm on a dry diet

Schulz, J.; Beuche, W.; Bergmann, A., 1974:
Maintenance of udder health in the dry period

Skrivan, M., 1973:
Maintenance requirement of nitrogen for growing mink

Bunting, E.S.; Gunn, R.E., 1972:

Ormandy, A.; Sedlak, A., 1973:
Maize - a new source of high-quality protein

Ormandy, A.; Sedlak, A., 1973:
Maize - a new source of quality protein

Perici, A., 1974:
Maize - the position in 1973 and the prospects for 1974

Anonymous, 1973:
Maize and all its products

Wilkes, H.G., 1972:
Maize and its wild relatives

Frans, R.E.; Blythe, T.O., 1974:
Maize and sorghum

Zweifler, E., 1971:
Maize and sorghum

Ruth Goh Pek Ean, 1970:
Maize and sorghum - prospective intercrops in Malaysian plantations

Celidonio, C., 1972:
Maize and sorghum for feeding cattle

Sultanov, I.S., 1973:
Maize and sorghum in the Golodnaya steppe

Dinechin, B.D. de, 1972:
Maize and the search for new improved varieties

Biteau, C., 1973:
Maize as a factor in the intensification of fodder production and the increase in animal production in Basse-Normandie

Tatum, L.A., 1971:
Maize as a grain crop in the northern states of Nigeria

Martinez, C.A.; Bruni, O., 1972:
Maize blight caused by Helminthosporium maydis. I. Presence of race T in Argentina

Martinez, C.A.; Bruni, O., 1972:
Maize blight caused by Helminthosporium maydis. II. Reaction of genotypes and cytoplasm to race T

Brawn, R.I.; Gendron, G., 1972:
Maize breeding

Finlay, R.C., 1973:
Maize breeding at Ilonga

Lisunov, I.K., 1971:
Maize breeding for yield

Conte, J.Le, 1973:
Maize breeding glossary

Kovacs, I., 1973:
Maize breeding in Martonvasar

Tardieu, M.; Praquin, J.Y., 1972:
Maize breeding in the high altitude areas of Cameroon

Pivovarci, A.; Vidovic, J.; Pokorny, V., 1972:
Maize breeding, with two or three generations obtained in a single year

Scohier, P., 1973:
Maize breeding: the basis of the intensification of this crop in eastern Kasai and in Shaba (Zaire)

Penteado, M.D.V.C.; Zucas, S.M.; Furlanetto, S.M.P., 1973:
Maize cobs as source of fibre in diets for alimentary balance

Manrique C.A., 1971:
Maize composites with a broad genetic base

Conte, J.Le, 1971:
Maize culture in French-speaking West Africa

Obregon, P., 1971:
Maize culture in Venezuela

Kruger, W., 1973:
Maize diseases. A brochure for the consultant and practician

Leon, C. de, 1974:
Maize diseases. A guide for field identification

Baudouin, M., 1974:
Maize drying

Findley, W.R.; Dollinger, E.J.; Louie, R.; Knoke, J.K.; Ritter, R.M., 1972:
Maize dwarf mosaic ratings of corn strains grown near Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1970 and 1971

Bergquist, R.R.; Ishii, M., 1974:
Maize dwarf mosaic virus in Hawaii

Beniwal, S.P.S.; Gudauskas, R.T., 1974:
Maize dwarf mosaic virus increases susceptibility of sorghum and corn to Helminthosporium maydis race T

Dale, J.L.; York, J.O., 1971:
Maize dwarf mosaic virus ratings of corn hybrids and inbreds tested in Arkansas in 1971

Dale, J.L.; York, J.O., 1972:
Maize dwarf mosaic virus ratings of corn hybrids and inbreds tested in Arkansas in 1972

Dale, J.L.; York, J.O., 1973:
Maize dwarf mosaic virus ratings of corn hybrids and inbreds tested in Arkansas in 1973

Mayhew, D.E.; Ford, R.E.; Robertson, D.S., 1973:
Maize dwarf mosaic virus replication in pigment-deficient mutants of corn

Gillaspie, A.G.J.; Koike, H., 1973:
Maize dwarf mosaic virus susceptibility in parental lines of sugarcane

Succi, G.; Pialorsi, S.; Daza, J.F., 1974:
Maize ear silage for feeding meat rabbits

Bonsembiante, M.; Rioni, M.; Parigi Bini, R.; Chiericato, G.M., 1974:
Maize ears in the production of young fat cattle

Okigbo, B.N., 1972:
Maize experiments in the Nsukka plain (Nigeria). II. Effects of spacing plant density and method of cultivation on the yield and general performance of several synthetic and open-pollinated varieties of maize

Okigbo, B.N., 1973:
Maize experiments on the Nsukka Plains (Nigeria). 6. Effect of fertilizer placement on maize development and yield

Okigbo, B.N., 1972:
Maize experiments on the Nsukka Plains. 1. Variety trials

Okigbo, B.N., 1972:
Maize experiments on the Nsukka Plains. 3. The effects of different kinds of mulch on the yield of maize in the humid tropics

Okigbo, B.N., 1973:
Maize experiments on the Nsukka plain. V. Effect of pre-planting cultivations, mulching and weeding frequency on the yield and general performance of maize

Okigbo, B.N., 1972:
Maize experiments on the Nsukka plains. 2. Effects of spacings, plant populations and cultivations on the yield and general performance of several synthetics and open-pollinated varieties of maize

Okigbo, B.N., 1972:
Maize experiments on the Nsukka plains. 4. An experiment to test the manurial value of silage waste

Jagusch, K.T.; Hollard, M.G., 1974 :
Maize feeding studies with town-supply cows. 2. Effect of variety on the production of maize grown for silage or grain

Bartlett, K.R.; Jagusch, K.T.; Hollard, M.G., 1974:
Maize feeding studies with town-supply cows. I. Effect of feeding greenfeed maize

Marten, G.C.; Westerberg, P.M., 1972:
Maize fodder - influence of barrenness on yield and quality

Ciarrocchi, L.; Pialorsi, S.; Trahlen, J.D.V.n; Berizzi, G.M., 1973:
Maize for feeding meat chickens. Comparison of whole Plata maize, whole national maize and partly degermed Plata and national maize

Mathias, C.H., 1972:
Maize for grain

Milbourn, G.M., 1971:
Maize for grain. A grower's handbook

Anonymous, 1972:
Maize for silage

Bolton, W.; Dewar, W.A.; Teague, P.; Pettigrew, R.; Blackshaw, A., 1972:
Maize germ meal as a food for market ducklings

Camara Hernandez, J., 1973:
Maize germplasm in Argentina

Pereira, O.G., 1971:
Maize growing in the Amazon region

Kasseba, A.; Uriyo, A.P., 1973:
Maize growth in Tanzania - responses of Ilonga Composite maize to NPK fertilizers on an oxisol

Yanchenko, A.A.; Nemolovskaya, T.B., 1972:
Maize hybrids and varieties under irrigation in the south Ukraine

Anonymous, 1972:
Maize hybrids for Natal

Scheuch, F., 1971:
Maize improvement and production in Peru

Loynet, G., 1971:
Maize improvement in Reunion

Shehata, A.H., 1971:
Maize improvement on a world basis through CIMMYT

Dhawan, N.L., 1971:
Maize improvement programs in the Middle East

Alvarado D.A., .:
Maize improvement. Project M-403-71: evaluation of commercial cultivars and hybrids and experimental material

Candia Z.J.D., 1971:
Maize in Bolivia

Anonymous, 1974:
Maize in Brescia province. Trials and observations in 1973

Bunting, E.S.; Gunn, R.E., 1974:
Maize in Britain - a survey of research and breeding

Sarria, D., 1971:
Maize in Colombia

Hourmant, J.; Miossec, Y., 1973:
Maize in Finistere

Mikoshiba, H., 1971:
Maize in India, a review of literatures

Sehgal, S.M., 1969:
Maize in Jamaica: present status and future possibilities

Lymar' , A.; Ushkarenko, V., 1973:
Maize in Kherson province

Anonymous, 1970:
Maize in Rhodesia

Klushina, E.; Titov, V., 1973:
Maize in monoculture

Moore, C.L.; Renfro, B.L., 1971:
Maize in the Asian region

Combe, P., 1973:
Maize in the changes in agricultural development in Eure-et-Loir, Sarthe and Mayenne

Cordova P. ' F., 1973:
Maize irrigation

Pring, D.R., 1975:
Maize Mitochondria: Cytochromes of Fertile and Cytoplasmic Male-sterile Lines

Georgiev, D., 1974:
Maize monoculture under irrigation

Diakonu, P., 1972:
Maize mutants induced by radiation

Sinclair, D.P.; Douglas, J.A., 1974:
Maize on the Gisborne Plain

Anonymous, 1974:
Maize photosynthesis. Characteristics of structure and functions of the photosynthetic apparatus

Pfahler, P.L.; Linskens, H.F., 1973:
Maize pollen genetics

Wolf, P., 1974:
Maize production in Bavaria

Paterniani, E., 1971:
Maize production in Brazil

Ampol Senanarong, 1971:
Maize production in Thailand

Francis, C.A., 1971:
Maize production in the Andean zone

Carangal, V.R., 1971:
Maize production in the Philippines

Sokolov, Yu; Tishchenko, A.; Lapushkov, A., 1973:
Maize pulp for fattening cattle

Covor, A., 1972:
Maize races in Romania

Joginder Singh, 1971:
Maize research and prospects in India

Rouanet, G.; Belayneh, H., 1973:
Maize research in Ethiopia

Judy, W.H., 1973:
Maize research in Tanzania

Degras, L.; Derieux, M.; Suard, C., 1969:
Maize research in the French West Indies

Tircomnicu, M.; Cosmin, O., 1974:
Maize resistance to Helminthosporium attack

Singh, R.P.; Moolani, M.K., 1971:
Maize response to simazine dosage

Valdivia Minaya, G.; Salas Galdos, N., 1974:
Maize root rot (Drechslera pedicellata) in Peru

Grancini, P.; Corte, A., 1969:
Maize rough dwarf - present state of knowledge of the disease and control tests against the vectors

Doupnik, B.Jr, 1972:
Maize seed predisposed to fungal invasion and aflatoxin contamination by Helminthosporium maydis ear rot

Zhukov, Y.P.; Bagaev, V.B.; Chechetkina, L.V., 1973:
Maize sensitivity to 1,3,5-triazine derivatives at different levels of fertilizer

Yanchilin, L.V.; Serykh, V.A.; Ogui, V.G., 1974:
Maize silage preserved with sodium bisulphite in feeds for lactating cows

Velloso, L., 1972:
Maize silage supplemented with a mixture of urea and molasses or cottonseed oilmeal for zebu cattle in confinement

Schultz, G.; Reupke, B., 1973:
Maize silage with a low carotene content in untypical regions for maize cultivation

Schultz, G.; Reupke, B., 1973:
Maize silage with low carotene content from untypical regions of maize cultivation

Nikitin, B.N.; Simbinov, S.Z.; Il' ina, K.A., 1973:
Maize silage with propionic acid in animal husbandry

Lucci, C. de S.; Freitas, E.A.N.; Melotti, L., 1972:
Maize silage with urea as a bulky feed for lactating cows

Lucci, C. de S.; Freitas, E.A.N.; Melotti, L., 1972:
Maize silage with urea for lactating cows

Boucque, C.V.; Cottyn, B.G.; Buysse, F.X., 1975:
Maize silages and dehydrated whole-maize-plant pellets of various qualities and high moisture corn for intensive beef production

Riczko, J., 1974:
Maize storage under plastic sheets with carbon dioxide

Malaguti B.G.; Ordosgoitty F.A., 1969:
Maize stunt in Venezuela

Lee, S.Y., 1972:
Maize trade and production in the ECAFE region

Okigbo, B.N., 1972:
Maize trials on the Nsukka plain (Nigeria) I. Variety trials

Bertin, C.; Chesneau, J.C.; Cotte, A.; Derieux, M.; Laborde, A.; Pollacsek, M.; Rautou, S., 1971:
Maize varieties

Anonymous, 1974:
Maize varieties for the new season

Anonymous, .:
Maize witchweed

Wolf, M.J.; Cutler, H.C.; Zuber, M.S.; Khoo, U., 1972:
Maize with multilayer aleurone of high protein content

Rondini, M.A.S. de; Dovol, H.G.C. de, 1972:
Maize yields as a function of soil contents of mineralized P and N

Ormandy, A.; Sedlak, A., 1973:
Maize, a new source of good protein

Bacvanski, S.; Cobic, T.; Vucetic, S., 1972:
Maize, maize cob and dried sugar beet pulp as sources of energy in concentrate rations for fattening cattle

Vidal Aponte, G.; Gigli, A., 1972:
Maize, sorghum and sunflower in the Monte area; costs of production and returns per hectare

Mal' tsev, A.L., 1974:
Maize, sunflower and sweetclover silage in rations of lactating cows

Badinand, B.; Dupont de Dinechin, B., 1972 :
Maize, third in importance among world cereals

Anonymous, 1971:
Maize. A handbook on production technique and economics

Stryckers, J.; Himme, M. van, 1973:
Maize. Comparison of pre-emergence applied soil and contact herbicides

Stryckers, J.; Himme, M. van, 1973:
Maize. Comparison of pre-emergence applied soil herbicides

Anonymous, .:
Maize. NPK factorial experiment. Spacing experiment

Zscheisler, J., 1971:
Maize. Nitrogen increase, nitrogen form and plant density

Anonymous, 1973:
Maize. Physiology

Lepiz I.R., 1971:
Maize/bean mixtures

Akposoe, M.K., 1970:
Maize: breeding and improvement programme (south)

Anonymous, 1974:
Maize: grain acreage levelling off in the EEC while forage acreage continues to expand

Anonymous, 1973:
Maize: prospects on the world market

Thai Cong Tung, 1972:
Major Soil Groups in South Viet-nam and Their Management

Jeska, E.L., 1973:
Major advances in immunoparasitology since 1947, with comments on the future prospects

Hoffmann, F., 1972:
Major and minor nutrients in the nutrition of Spruce and Pine seedlings, and the effect thereon of differences in N supply

Muller, H.L.; Kirchgessner, M., 1972:
Major and trace element contents of dandelions and their dependence on growth stage

Voigtlander, G.; Lang, V., 1973:
Major and trace elements in fodder as affected by the management of fodder areas

Mladinov, S., 1968:
Major and trace elements in honey and their significance for humans

Trushechkin, V.G., 1971:
Major aspects of soft fruit growing in the central zone of the USSR

Rymal, K.S.; Nakayama, T.O.M., 1974:
Major carotenoids of the seeds of three cultivars of the tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum L

Huiber, L., 1972:
Major characteristics of the (Hungarian) extensive coverage livestock insurance system, and possible trends in its further development

Longenecker, J.; Kistler, B.R.; Merrill, W., 1975:
Major conifer disease occurrences and new records for Pennsylvania

Tolgyesi, G.; Gellert, K., 1971:
Major constituent elements of the ash of seeds of red pepper and tomato

Kasbekar, M.G.; Talekar, R.R.; Bringi, N.V., 1972:
Major cyanolipid of kusum oil (Schleichera trijuga)

Abu Yaman, I.K.; Abu Blan, H.A., 1972:
Major diseases of cultivated crops in the Central Province of Saudi Arabia. 2. Diseases of vegetables

Abu Yaman, I.K.; Abu Blan, H.A., 1973:
Major diseases of cultivated crops in the Central Province of Saudi Arabia. 3. Diseases of field crops

Espinosa, R.G.; Adam, A.V., 1972:
Major diseases of pineapple in Oaxaca, Mexico, and their control

Jung, H.F.; Yamada, Y., 1972:
Major diseases of tropical and subtropical rice and their control

Szlameniczky, I., 1973:
Major economic aspects of veterinary services

Willmer, C.M.; Pallas, J.E.J.; Jackson, W.A., 1974:
Major element composition of epidermal and mesophyll tissues of Commelina communis L. and Vicia faba L.: some further considerations of the role of ions in stomatal functioning

Lowry, W.T., 1971:
Major extractive constituents of Astragalus cibarius sect. malaci and Astragalus curvicarpus var. curvicarpus

Feeley, R.M.; Criner, P.E.; Slover, H.T., 1975:
Major fatty acids and proximate composition of dairy products

Schneidau, R.E.; Candler, W., 1973:
Major functions of the pork marketing systems with special reference to teleauctions

Kobayashi, T.; Hasegawa, T.; Kegasawa, K., 1972:
Major insect pests of leguminous crops in Japan

Feeley, R.M.; Criner, P.E.; Murphy, E.W.; Toepfer, E.W., 1972:
Major mineral elements in dairy products

Wickman, B.E.; Mason, R.R.; Thompson, C.G., 1973:
Major outbreaks of the Douglas-Fir tussock moth in Oregon and California

Hofi, A.A.; Mahran, G.A.; Asker, A.A., 1974:
Major phospholipid fractions of buffaloes' milk

Holdsworth, R.P., 1972:
Major predators of the European red mite on apple in Ohio

Elias, A., 1972:
Major problems in (Hungarian) foreign trade in agricultural and food products

Rheenen, H.A. van, 1973:
Major problems of growing sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Nigeria

Zavoi I.; Burcea, A.; Diaconu, E.; Fransua, V.; Marin, M.; Taut, V., 1971:
Major productivity indices in Jersey X Romanian Brown crossbred cows of the backcross (Romanian Brown) generation raised under subalpine conditions in the Arges region

Shebanin, P.V., 1973:
Major quantum-optical phenomena found during autoxidation of liquid butterfat

Takkar, P.N.; Mann, M.S.; Randhawa, N.S., 1973:
Major rabi and kharif crops respond to zinc

Tittel, G., 1974:
Major themes and the politico-ideological function of bourgeois agricultural sociology in the Federal Republic of Germany

Carter, J.C., 1975:
Major tree diseases of the century

Roche, L., 1974:
Major trends and issues in forestry education in Africa

Potter, M.; Finlayson, J.S.; Bailey, D.W.; Mushinski, E.B.; Reamer, B.L.; Walters, J.L., 1973:
Major urinary protein and immunoglobulin allotypes of recombinant inbred mouse strains

Frey, H.T., 1973:
Major uses of land in the United States summary for 1969

Kato, H.; Hayase, F.; Fujimaki, M., 1972:
Major volatile components formed from casein during roasting

Anonymous, 1971:
Make a success of farm mechanization in hilly and mountainous regions

Liu, T., 1974:
Make a success of socialist commerce in rural areas

Relwani, L.L., 1971:
Make berseem hay the easier way

Kripal Singh, G., S.C.; Gill, S.S.; Hibbs, J.W., 1971:
Make berseem hay without loss of leaves

Kronit, Y.Ya, 1973:
Make bolder use of counterfire

Weir, C.C., 1972:
Make citrus fertilizers more effective

Nonnecke, I.L., 1974:
Make precision seeding work for you

Alberini, B.; Nizzola, I., 1974:
Making Grana cheese using Noury rennet from Mucor pusillus

Bond, J.H.; Winks, L.; Cordingly, B.J., 1972:
Making Townsville stylo pay

Brissot, M., 1973:
Making a bet on the future: an arboretum for the year 2000, at the foot of the Levezou

Hicks, F., 1972:
Making a living during the dead season in sugar producing regions of the Caribbean

Molina Camacho, A.; Moncayo Ruiz, F., 1972:
Making aerial photo mosaics

Grogan, V., 1974:
Making beet-top silage

Fomicev, J., 1973:
Making better use of the working time of those working with machinery

Solms Baruth, H.Graf zu, 1973:
Making cows' milk proteins similar to those of human milk. Technological possibilities

Schmidt, H., 1973:
Making financial risks apparent. Address to the Institute for the study of international policy in Milan

Hale, M.B., 1972:
Making fish protein concentrates by enzymatic hydrolysis

York, F.A., 1970:
Making good hay

McIlmoyle, W.A., 1975:
Making good silage

Lesinski, T.; Humiecki, 1974:
Making haylage in polyethylene sacks

Rohde, G., 1974:
Making land available for capital developments and other construction measures

Steiner, K., 1974:
Making particle-board blockboard

Connolly, J.F., 1974:
Making polyunsaturated foods

Crowhurst, B., 1974:
Making soft-serve ice cream

Anonymous, 1974:
Making the best use of available clones

Preston, A.P., 1974:
Making the choice of rootstock for Bramley tree size and planting density

Krajan, A., 1971:
Making the cuts for forest earth roads, leaving a vertical wall

Gwin, R.E.J.; Bidwell, O.W.; Angell, R.C.; Muilenburg, G., 1974:
Making the most of soil, water, climate in west-central Kansas through research at Tribune Branch Experiment Station

Duncan, M.; Pfost, H.B., 1973:
Making the most of your protein dollar

Zhitlova, N., 1972:
Making use of a wild potato species in hybridization

Szelenyi, E.; Barabas, E.; Czako, J.; Regius, J., 1971:
Making use of poultry litter in fattening cattle

Marek, M.; Kadlec, J., 1974:
Making-up constructional veneers for plywood manufacture with the aid of synthetic fibres

Pozdena, H., 1975:
Makran - the remotest region of Iran

Chapot, H., .:
Mal secco of citrus

Rivals, P.; Mansour, A.H., 1974:
Malabar cardamoms

Moshal, M.G.; Hift, W.; Kallichurum, S.; Pillay, K., 1973:
Malabsorption and its causes in Natal

Cook, G.C., 1974:
Malabsorption in Africa

Karney, W.W.; Tong, M.J., 1972:
Malabsorption in Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Desai, H.G.; Merchant, P.C.; Antia, F.P., 1973:
Malabsorption in cirrhosis of liver: relationship of faecal fat and vitamin B12 excretion

Hill, F.W., 1972:
Malabsorption in dogs induced with oral colchicine

Staley, T.E.; Corley, L.D.; Jones, E.W., 1972:
Malabsorption in neonatal pigs monocontaminated with Escherichia coli (O55B5)

Keeton, G.R., 1972:
Malabsorption in the Bantu

Weber, A.M.; Roy, C.C.; Morin, C.L.; Lasalle, R., 1973:
Malabsorption of bile acids in children with cystic fibrosis

Howard, L.; Wagner, C.; Schenker, S., 1974:
Malabsorption of thiamin in folate-deficient rats

Tripathy, K.; Duque, E.; Bolaños, O.; Lotero, H.; Mayoral, L.G., 1972:
Malabsorption syndrome in ascariasis

Bochenek, W.; Bem, Z.; Sośnik, H., 1972:
Malabsorption syndrome in jejunal diverticulosis

Bettarello, A.; Magaldi, C.; Amato Netto, V., 1972:
Malabsorption syndrome in paracoccidioidomycosis. Report of a case

Mandahl Barth, G.; Malaisse, F.; Ripert, C., 1972:
Malacological studies in the Lufira (Katanga) artificial lake area. Distribution and ecology of aquatic molluscs. Epidemiological role of intestinal and urinary bilharziasis vectors

Gretillat, S., 1974:
Malacological survey in Niger

Anonymous, 1972:
Malagasy Republic

D.Zulueta, J., 1973:
Malaria and Mediterranean history

Partono, F.; Cross, J.H.; Borahima; Lien, J.C.; Oemijati, S., 1973:
Malaria and filariasis in a transmigration village eight and twenty-two months after establishment

Motabar, M.; Tabibzadeh, I.; Manouchehri, A.V., 1975:
Malaria and its control in Iran

Montabar, M., 1974:
Malaria and the nomadic tribes of southern Iran

Anonymous, 1974:
Malaria control in countries where time-limited eradication is impracticable at present. Report of a WHO Interregional Conference

Hansford, C.F., 1974:
Malaria control in the northern Transvaal

McMahon, J.E., 1973:
Malaria endemicity among the semi-nomadic people of the Karimui area of Papua New Guinea

Turner, R.L., 1972:
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Man can carry extra 50 ft (15 m) of new hose to fight fire

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Management and medical care of goldfish

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Management and more intensive specialization in state farms

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Management and planning in branches of the agro-industrial sector of the economy in CMEA member countries

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Management and protection of Blowering foreshores

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Management and the computer

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Management and use of herbicides in the intensive apple growing farm

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Management and weed control in surface waters in the Netherlands

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Management in a socialist agricultural system

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Management in cooperative farming

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Management in cooperative farming: its importance for agricultural development, with a comparative study

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Management information systems in retail food firms

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Management of British Columbia's forest lands

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Management of Cicadulina leaf hopper populations to reduce streak disease in maize crops in the highveld in Rhodesia

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Management of Contorta Pine regeneration in Karioi forest for production

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Management of Fir forests throughout the century

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Management of Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum, Hochst ex Chiov) pasture for increased animal production in the wet-montane zone of Ceylon

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Management of Lodgepole Pine to reduce losses from the mountain Pine beetle

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Management of Lutana cicer milkvetch for hay, pasture, seed, and conservation uses

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Management of Sessile Oak forests

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Management of Stylosanthes gracilis

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Management of a typic Paleudult (Orangeberg) in North Florida. 2. Major plant nutrient requirements for general crops

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Management of a typic Paleudult (Orangeburg) in North Florida 3. Lime requirements for general crops

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Management of aphid-borne legume viruses

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Management of aquatic vegetation

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Management of beef cattle under ranch grazing conditions

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Management of clovers on California annual grasslands

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Management of common meadows and pastures

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Management of famine relief

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Management of forests for recreational purposes in Bangladesh

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Management of gastrointestinal fistulas with parenteral hyperalimentation

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Management of grape pests in central California vineyards: toxicity of some commonly used chemicals to Tetranychus pacificus and its predator, Metaseiulus occidentalis

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Management of habitats for wild bees

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Management of hydro-agricultural projects in Niger

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Management of juvenile diabetes mellitus: usefulness of 24-hour fractional quantitative urine glucose

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Management of live pigs intended for slaughter in abattoirs. Results of an inquiry

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Management of lucerne for sheep grazing on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales

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Management of nematode populations in Great Britain

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Management of orchard mite populations with particular reference to citrus mites

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Management of patients with refractory obesity

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Management of perennial weeds in industrial situations

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Management of phreatophyte and riparian vegetation for maximum multiple use values

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Management of phytophagous and predatory mites in Illinois orchards

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Management of pinniped diseases

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Management of plant parasitic nematode populations

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Management of postoperative alkaline reflux gastritis

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Management of ravine forests

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Management of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) in small deciduous woods in England

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Management of salt marshes

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Management of scorpion sting in children

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Management of soils under hevea in peninsular Malaysia

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Management of sprout Red Maple to minimize defects

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Management of stands for the improvement of agriculture

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Management of state farms

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Management of stocks and forecasting of problems in food distribution

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Management of stocks of perishable products

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Management of stored stocks of raw material in the production of sawn timber

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Management of the Arles Merino

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Management of the Bialowieza Forest in the last 50 years

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Management of the Trinidad Mora forests wth special reference to the Matura forest reserve

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Management of the alfalfa leaf-cutter bee in Colorado

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Management of the cereal leaf beetle pest ecosystem

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Management of the environment and insect pest control

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Management of the greenbug on grain sorghum. 1. Testing foliar treatments of insecticides against greenbugs and corn leaf aphids

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Management of the greenbug on grain sorghum. 2. Testing seed and soil treatment for greenbug and corn leaf aphid control

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Management of the resources of the agricultural population: long term problems

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Management of the rubber soils for maximum yields

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Management of two farms in an area with unfavourable production conditions

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Management of ultisols and oxisols

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Management of undesirable native plant species

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Management of undesirable plants in ornamental containers and ground covers

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Management of weaner sheep in western Victoria. 2. The effects of supplements of oat grain or pasture hay or the periodic grazing of a green fodder crop upon current and subsequent production

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Management of wet savanna forest soils for pine production

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Management plan - basis for the planning of agricultural buildings

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Management policy in the non-state forests of Poland

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Management practices affecting efficiency of the honey bee, Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

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Management practices and helminthosis in the lamb

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Management practices and insecticide poisoning of Nomia melanderi Ckll. and Megachile rotundata (Fab.), two valuable pollinators of alfalfa grown for seed in Washington State

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Management problems affecting the utilization of high-producing pastures and fodder crops

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Management problems in commercial pig enterprises

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Management problems in phreatophyte and riparian zones

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Management problems of silvicultural systems in montane forests

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Management science in developing countries. A comparative approach to irrigation feasibility

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Management strategies for increasing reproduction rate of sheep in far western New South Wales

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Management systems and productivity of hill and upland sheep

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Management systems of state farms in the RSFSR

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Management to control helminth parasitism: infectiousness of pastures that have been rested or grazed by resistant cattle

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Management's role in motivating plant personnel

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Managerial conclusions from the investments in industrial type pig production on co-operative farms

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Managerial information and data systems

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Managerial staff structure of the Aranykalasz farm

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Managerial tasks in state farms

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Managerial work in an agricultural enterprise

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Managing Pines in the ice-storm belt

Anonymous, 1973:
Managing Poa tussocks

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Managing dairy waste holding ponds in the Central Valley

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Managing deer habitat in Loblolly-Shortleaf Pine forest

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Managing for quail and timber in Longleaf Pine forests

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Managing forest lands for water: Proceedings of Research-Management Seminar held at Edmonton, Alberta, January 1970

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Managing plant diseases-an overview

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Managing rural development

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Managing steep land

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Managing steep land. 1. Stability of steep land

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Managing steep land. 4. Soil inventory for steep land

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Managing the farm operator's capital: I. share investments

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Managing the farm operator's capital: II. real estate and syndicated investments

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Managing tropical pastures on Atherton Tableland

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Mancha mantecosa of coffee caused by Colletotrichum spp

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Manchego cheese

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Mancozeb - 36 hours after the start of rain

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Mandarin varieties native to Colombia

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Mandarins and mandarin hybrids

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Mandibulofacial defects in lambs from two flocks

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Manganese and zinc values of the blood of pigs, and their relevance in reproduction

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Manganese: Vital trace element

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Mange and lice

Anonymous, 1974:

Anonymous, 1971:

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Mango anthracnose control

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Mango culture in Florida

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Mango decline in Mali (Katibougou area)

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Mango rootstock transplanting

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Mango varieties suitable for dessert

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Manifestation of oestrus and fertilisation in the sow

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Manifestation of the effect of trace elements on respiration, activity of respiratory enzymes and yield of barley in the first seed generation

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Manila elemi

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Manipulation of crossing over with intrinsic and extrinsic factors

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Manipulation procedures in the technique of instrumental insemination of the queen honeybee Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera : Apidae)

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Mansonil, Okside and phenasal trials in Anoplocephalata infections of sheep and calves, their efficacy and the pathological changes caused in the cestodes

Beier, M., 1972:

Mikac Devic, D.; Stankovic, H.; Wurth, G., 1972:
Manual and automated determination of glucose in blood with glucose oxidase and molybdate/iodide as redox catalyst

Hahn, J.; Aehnelt, E.; Adrich, S., 1972:
Manual and instrumental measurements of testis consistency and their significance for fertility evaluation in bulls

Ivankovich, A.S.; Volosova, R.I.; Kotlyar, V.I., 1972:
Manual for foremen in charge of roads and roadbuilding in a lespromkhoz

Anonymous, 1969:
Manual for health inspections concerned with meat and meat-processing establishments. Parts I-IV

Lizana, J.; Hellsing, K., 1974:
Manual immunonephelometric assay of proteins, with use of polymer enhancement

Zander, E.; Bottcher, F.K., 1971:
Manual of Beekeeping Vol.V : Keeping and rearing bees

Anonymous, 1972:
Manual of beekeeping

Letouzey, R., 1972:
Manual of forest botany : tropical Africa. Volume 2B : families (part 2)

Clements, R.W.; Gurgel Filho, O.A., 1970:
Manual of modern resin-tapping methods

Anonymous, 1968:
Manual of poultry farming

Anonymous, 1972:
Manual of silviculture, Sabah, for use in the productive forest estate

Hitchcock, A.S., 1971:
Manual of the grasses of the United States. Second edition revised by Agnes Chase

Anonymous, 1973:
Manual of weeds in Peru, common in sugar-cane

Cameron, M.; Hofvander, Y., 1971:
Manual on feeding infants and young children. For application in the developing areas of the world, with special reference to home-made weaning foods

Frisk, T., 1971:
Manual on forest roads

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