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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 134

Chapter 134 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1973:
Manual on larval control operations in malaria programmes

Kalnin' sh, A.Ya, 1971:
Manual on the preservation and protection of timber

Kolobolotskii, G.V., 1974:
Manual on veterinary and sanitary inspection of products at meat/milk and food control stations

Vatassery, G.T.; Mortenson, G.A., 1972:
Manual spectrophotometric and fluorometric determination of tocopherol in cerebrospinal fluid

Werth, K., 1973:
Manual work in fruit growing

Nikolova, M.; Vulchev, V.; Draganova, R.; Khristova, E., 1971:
Manufacture and bleaching of viscose-grade pulp from Poplar wood

Chojnowski, W.; Smietana, Z.; Poznanski, S.; Jakubowski, J.; Rymaszewski, J., 1973:
Manufacture and composition of dried soluble milk proteins

Sood, V.C.; Srinivasan, M.R., 1975:
Manufacture and freezing characteristics of spray dried ice cream mix

Popielowa, Z.; Glowacki, J., 1974:
Manufacture and keeping quality of butter made from cream heated above 100 deg C

Jensen, G.K., 1973:
Manufacture and vitamin-supplementation of low-fat milk

Kieseker, F.G.; Eustace, I.J., 1975:
Manufacture by conventional churning of butter high in linoleic acid: technology, physical properties and sensory evaluation

Kozhev, A., 1971:
Manufacture of 'Rodina' cheese

Vyshemirskii, F.Y.; Ob' edkov, K.V.; Tereshin, G.P., 1974:
Manufacture of 'krest'yanskoe' butter

Henderson, J.O.; Buchanan, R.A., 1973:
Manufacture of CF1: a sterilized dairy-based carbohydrate-free infant food

Woodward, G.J.; Kosikowski, F.V., 1975:
Manufacture of Cheddar cheese from milk with added glucose and from hydrolyzed lactose milk

Carbone, E.; Emaldi, G.C., 1971:
Manufacture of Grana cheese from milk of cows fed maize silage

Carbone, E.; Emaldi, G.C., 1974:
Manufacture of Grana cheese from milk of cows fed maize silage

Szabo, G.; Szalay, L., 1974:
Manufacture of Kachkaval cheese from cows' milk

Pesetskas, D.B.; Ramanuskas, R.I., 1973:
Manufacture of Klaipedskii and Kaunasskii cheese

Nebert, V.K.; Sakharov, S.D., 1975:
Manufacture of Litovskii cheese utilizing denatured whey proteins

Micketts, R.; Olson, N.F., 1974:
Manufacture of Mozzarella cheese by direct acidification with reduced amounts of rennet and pepsin

Aarnes, G.; Kvakkestad, A.O.E.; Strand, A.H., 1972:
Manufacture of Norwegian Saint-Paulin cheese

Lyubinskas, V.P.; Vaitkus, V.V., 1973:
Manufacture of Nyamunas cheese using cheese milk with homogenized cream

Asatryan, E.D., 1972:
Manufacture of Pyatigorsk cheese

Carswell, D.R., 1973:
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese

Schmidt, H.G.; Strauss, K.G.; Schmidt, W., 1972:
Manufacture of Ricotta-type fresh cheese

Romans' ka, N.M.; Verbyak, L.O.; Kalmysh, V.S., 1972:
Manufacture of a beverage from whey

Fekete, K.; Buchi, W., 1972:
Manufacture of a fermented milk product

Damerow, G., 1975:
Manufacture of anhydrous butterfat and its processing

Ivanova, I.S.; Gugnin, Y.A.; Dolinko, V.V., 1972:
Manufacture of bleachable kraft pulp from Far-Eastern hardwoods

Aarnes, G., 1973:
Manufacture of blue-veined cheeses

Buchanan, R.A.; Rogers, W.P., 1973:
Manufacture of butter high in linoleic acid

Sozina, L.V., 1975:
Manufacture of butter in retail packages in the USSR

Anonymous, 1972:
Manufacture of cheese

Goujard, M.P., 1972:
Manufacture of cheese curd

Czulak, J.; Hammond, L.A., 1974:
Manufacture of cheese from recombined milk

Gram, H., 1972:
Manufacture of cones or cups containing frozen ice cream

Roiner, F., 1973:
Manufacture of cultured milk products using a very acid aromatic culture concentrate

Klupsch, H.J., 1972:
Manufacture of cultured milks of long storage life

Buchanan, R.A.; Czulak, J.; Kieseker, F.G.; Hammond, L.A.; Rogers, W.P.; Zadow, J.G., 1974:
Manufacture of dairy products high in linoleic acid

Anonymous, 1974:
Manufacture of dried milk products. Proceedings of a conference held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, 30th October-2nd November 1972

Yudin, L.P., 1973:
Manufacture of dried processed cheese

Khramtsov, A.G.; Zaets, N.E.; Martynenko, Y.S.; Zinov' eva, V.I., 1975:
Manufacture of dried whey in roller driers

Rasmussen, F., 1975:
Manufacture of dried whey protein using membrane filtration

Kozhev, A.; Rachev, R., 1971:
Manufacture of edible caseinates

Henningsen, D., 1973:
Manufacture of fat-reduced UHT cream

Dordevic, J.; Caric, M.; Anojcic Birovljev, V., 1973:
Manufacture of foamed cultured milks with the addition of fruit

Meis, K., 1973:
Manufacture of fresh cheese by centrifugation

Andris, M., 1972:
Manufacture of fresh milk concentrate

Lacroix, A., 1974:
Manufacture of hardboards with four species from Mediterranean countries

Senczek, D., 1972:
Manufacture of instantaneously soluble dried whole milk

Razzaque, M.A., 1969:
Manufacture of insulation-type boards from Golpata and rice-stalk

Todoric, R.; Savadinovic, H., 1973:
Manufacture of jellified milk with regard to packaging and keeping quality

Chao, S.C.; Pan, T.T., 1972:
Manufacture of kraft pulp from Taiwan Bamboos

Anonymous, 1972:
Manufacture of light desserts

Stojanov, S., 1972:
Manufacture of long-life cultured milks, tvaroh and tvaroh products

Moor, H. de; Huyghebaert, A.; Hendrickx, H., 1974:
Manufacture of low-calorie butter

Antila, V.; Kankare, V., 1974:
Manufacture of low-fat dairy spreads

Sun, Z.L., 1971:
Manufacture of lumber-core plywood with Paulownia kawakamii as the face veneer

Todoric, R.; Savadinovic, H., 1973:
Manufacture of milk jellies with regard to packaging possibilities and keeping quality of product

Mogilevskii, S.E.; Zobkova, Z.S.; Kochergina, I.I., 1974:
Manufacture of milk products with continuous concentration of milk

Sakulina, E.A.; Kiselev, G.F.; Martynova, K.G., 1973:
Manufacture of milk products with increased protein content

Namiki, N., 1973:
Manufacture of newsprint with intense utilization of hardwood and other wood resources

Anonymous, 1973:
Manufacture of non-caking dried whey

Roetman, K.; Mol, J.J., 1974:
Manufacture of non-caking whey powder

Hadnagy, J.; Nyars, J., 1971:
Manufacture of particle boards and panels for use in the building industry from Hungarian-grown timber species

Lacroix, A., 1974:
Manufacture of particle boards with four species from Mediterranean countries

Roffael, E.; Rauch, W., 1974:
Manufacture of phenol-resin-bonded particle boards (6). The influence of temperature in the middle layer of particle boards on changes in strength properties during weathering

Djarrahbachi Razawi, A., 1974:
Manufacture of pickled cheeses in Iran

Thomas, M.A.; Hyde, K.A., 1972:
Manufacture of processed cheese - a working manual

Bullock, D.H.; Lynch, A.G., 1973:
Manufacture of recombined frozen whipped dairy cream

Schrijver, R. de; Martens, R.; Weckx, M., 1972:
Manufacture of rindless Cheddar cheese with single-strain starters

Klimscha, V., 1972:
Manufacture of rindless film-ripened cheese in Wolfpassing

Protsenko, A.L.; Kudryavtsev, S.I.; Tislichenko, P.V., 1973:
Manufacture of ripened-cream butter in a continuous buttermaking machine

Reinbold, G.W.; Hammond, E.G., 1974:
Manufacture of salted cheese

Dorenbeck, D., 1972:
Manufacture of sealed deep-drawn plastics packages with an inner cover for reclosing the package

Lin, C.W.; Wu, S.Y., 1973:
Manufacture of semisoft cheese (Camembert type) by microbial rennet. I. Factors influencing curd tension

Wu, S.Y.; Lin, C.W., 1973:
Manufacture of semisoft cheese (Camembert type) by microbial rennet. II. Manufacture and ripening of semisoft cheese

Ruseishvili, T.Sh, 1975:
Manufacture of smetana from reconstituted milk and butter

Miller, J.G., 1974:
Manufacture of sulphuric acid casein

Chintescu, G.; Grisaru, R.; Palincas, T., 1972:
Manufacture of sweet cream butter

Delaney, R.A.M.; Donnelly, J.K.; O.S.llivan, A.C., 1972:
Manufacture of undenatured whey protein concentrates by ultrafiltration and spray drying. 1. Low-protein powders

Delaney, R.A.M.; Donelly, J.K.; O.S.llivan, A.C., 1973:
Manufacture of undenatured whey protein concentrates by ultrafiltration and spray drying. II. Medium-protein powders

Lutz, J.F., 1975:
Manufacture of veneer and plywood from United States hardwoods with special reference to the South

Deane, D.D.; Dolan, E.T., 1975:
Manufacture of washed curd cheese from milk with a reduced fat content

May, H.A., 1974:
Manufacture of wood particle boards with oriented chips and different types of formation

Klupsch, H.J., 1974:
Manufacture of yoghurt and other cultured milk products

Wranghede, L., 1972:
Manufacture of yoghurt using modern procedures

Anonymous, 1972:
Manufacture of yoghurts sweetened with unrefined cane sugar

Hadorn, H.; Zurcher, K., 1973:
Manufacture, analysis and evaluation of whey vinegar

Harder, H., 1973:
Manufacture, properties and testing of plastic-laminated particle boards. III

Haygreen, J.; Turkia, K., 1972:
Manufactured housing systems and their relation to the use of wood products

Waite, R., 1973:
Manufactured milk

Hedrick, T.I., 1974:
Manufacturing Rozano cheese

Kawase, K.; Hayakawa, K., 1974:
Manufacturing of a wood-plastic combination by irradiation of microwave. Polymerization of impregnated monomer in wood with microwave irridation

Poznanski, S.; Bednarski, W.; Chojnowski, W.; Leman, J.; Reps, A., 1975:
Manufacturing procedure and use of special Swietokrzyski cheese

Pyatnitsyna, I.N., 1974:
Manufacturing value of Str. lactis cultures assessed by statistical characteristics of their population

Aggarwal, M.L., 1974:
Manufacturing yogurt from goat milk

Bjorklund, N.E.; Hogsved, O.; Lindahl, O.; Sallvik, K., 1972:
Manure gas poisoning in a herd of calves

Veeraraghavan, P.G., 1972:
Manurial cum liming experiment on Nendran banana

Veeraswamy, R.; Rathnaswamy, R., 1974:
Manurial experiment on soybean (Glycine max (L) Merrill)

Isoda, R., 1972:
Manurial experiment with grape vines in soils derived from granite. X. Effect of deep tillage and fertilizer application on root developments

Anonymous, 1974:
Manurial experiments on potatoes

Said, H.M.; Qureshi, B.H.; Inayatullah, 1971:
Manurial investigations on apricot variety Trevatt

Vernidubova, E., 1973:
Manurial response of cucurbit varieties

Khan, M.S.; Haq, F.; Ali, S., 1973:
Manurial trial on apple variety, Tropical Beauty

Pivot, D., 1975:
Manurial trials with begonia cv. Gloire de Lorraine

Fazale Haq; Hussain, A.; Mian Said, 1972:
Manurial-cum-irrigational experiment on two leading varieties of potato of Peshawar region

Fregoni, M.; Scienza, A.; Visai, C., 1973:
Manuring Regina grapevines trained by the curtain system

Ziv, D., 1970:
Manuring and fertilizing banana plantations

Dimitrov, G.; Rankov, V., 1973:
Manuring cabbage on an alluvial meadow soil

Ramanandan, P.L.; Mathew, A.S., 1974:
Manuring coconut in Kerala

Dimitrov, G.; Rankov, V., 1973:
Manuring early tomatoes on an alluvial-meadow soil

Nederpel, W.C., 1971:
Manuring freesias

Tokunaga, Y.; Hayami, A., 1974:
Manuring management practices of the paddy field highly utilized with introduced vegetables

Anonymous, 1974:
Manuring of Hevea under Ethrel stimulation

Hulle, J.V.n; Blomme, R., 1973:
Manuring of Juniperus

Uexkull, H.R. von, 1972:
Manuring of coconuts

Davies, G.R., 1972:
Manuring of grass cut for hay on an upland farm in Derbyshire

Bastelaere, H.Van, 1974:
Manuring of lettuce

Misra, G.N.; Dutta, R.; Nath, S., 1972:
Manuring of paddy- trend in the response to nitrogenous fertilization and its economics

Kneale, W.A.; Johnson, J., 1972:
Manuring of permanent meadows 1962-70

Berryman, C.; Batey, T.; Caldwell, T.H.; Boyd, D.A., 1973:
Manuring of potatoes on fen silt soils in Holland, Lincolnshire

Meneve, I.; Gabriels, R., 1973:
Manuring of roses grown in peat moss

Silva, C.G.; Bellis, E., 1972:
Manuring of rubber

Nandra, S.S., 1973:
Manuring of sisal in Tanzania - a review of field trials

D.S.K., 1970:
Manuring of tea seed and V.P.nurseries

Anonymous, 1973:
Manuring of tea: present recommendations

Rodriguez, J.M.; Lobo, A.M., 1972:
Manuring vegetable crops in volcanic soils in Antioquie and Caldas

Blomme, R.; Roels, G., 1974:
Manuring year-round chrysanthemums - I

Grinenko, P.P., 1972:
Manuring, cultivar and yield in winter wheat

Larsen, O.N., 1974:
Many bush roses are suited to propagation by cuttings

Mallet, J.B.; Rutherfoord, R.J.; Mould, R.D., 1973:
Many stemshigh yields

Papalashvili, G.M., 1973:
Many-stemmed and many-eared maize for varied use

Czarnowski, M.S., 1973:
Map and model of productive site capacity of the Earth

Anonymous, 1966:
Map of Rotorua Conservancy

Anonymous, 1973:
Map of parent rocks of New Zealand soils. 1:1 000 000

Anonymous, 1972:
Map of structural changes affecting the standard mouse karyotype

Anonymous, 1975:
Map of structural changes affecting the standard mouse karyotype

Mobayen, S.; Tregubov, V., 1970:
Map of the natural vegetation of Iran

Anonymous, 1970:
Map of Forest land tenure in Quebec.

Ruth, R.H.; Underwood, J.C.; Smith, C.E.; Yang, H.Y., 1972:
Maple sirup production from Bigleaf Maple

Barker, P.A.; Salunkhe, D.K., 1974:
Maple syrup from Bigtooth Maple

Scheibenreiter, S.; Thalhammer, O., 1973:
Maple syrup urine disease. Successful treatment for two years after early diagnosis

Midriak, R.; Petras, J., 1972:
Mapping and investigating soil destruction and protection above the forest limit by means of photogrammetric methods

Gessaman, P.H.; Hardy, E.E., 1972:
Mapping land use changes in the Southern tier, 1938-68

Thomson, A.J.; Davies, D.M., 1974:
Mapping methods for studying soil factors and earthworm distribution

Reed, D.E.; Fipps, G.W., 1972:
Mapping mosquito production areas in irrigated pastures as an aid to source reduction

Deitschman, G.H., 1973:
Mapping of habitat types throughout a national forest

Nishikawa, K.; Mori, T.; Takami, N.; Furuta, Y., 1974:
Mapping of progressive necroses genes, Ne 1 and Ne 2 of common wheat by the telocentric method

Prabhakara Rao, M.V., 1972:
Mapping of the compactum gene C on chromosome 2D of wheat

Santos, M.W. dos, 1970:
Mapping of the flora and appraisal of the beekeeping potential of the IPEACS area

Chang, T.D., 1975:
Mapping of the gene for hairy peduncle (Hp) on rye chromosome 5R

Dessureault, M.; Rich, A.E.; Shigo, A.L., 1973:
Mapping of total nitrogen in decayed wood associated with Fomes connatus and Polyporus glomeratus in Acer rubrum

Dunham, E.K.; Dorf, M.E.; Shreffler, D.C.; Benacerraf, B., 1973:
Mapping the H-2-linked genes governing, respectively, the immune responses to a glucamic acid-alanine-tyrosine copolymer and to limiting doses of ovalbumin

Belzile, M.J., 1973:
Mapping the forestry potential of Quebec

Prabhakara Rao, M.V., 1973:
Mapping the gene R1 for red seed colour on chromosome 3D of wheat

Zhuchenko, A.A.; Andryushchenko, V.K.; Korol' , A.B.; Korochkina, S.K., 1975:
Mapping the genetic factors controlling quantitative characters in tomatoes

Wallentinus, H.G.; Jonson, L., 1972:
Mapping vegetation of a Baltic sea-shore meadow by colour infrared photography. The sea-shore meadows of the Tullgarnsnaset. 2

Clauss, C., 1973:
Maps of the opening up of an area to traffic from the point of view of agriculture and the food industry

Keen, E.A., 1973:
Maps, models, and East Asian intensive subsistence agriculture

Ribeiro, J.D.R., 1971:
Maranhao and its vegetation

Fondu, P.; Kabeya Mudiay, S.; Maertelaere Laurent, E. de; Denolin Reubens, R., 1973:
Marasmic kwashiorkor anemia. 1. Main characteristics of the anemia observed in Kivu

Fondu, P., 1973:
Marasmic kwashiorkor anemia. 2. Kinetic patterns

Smith, J.D., 1972:
Marasmius fairy rings: lawn age and incidence

Bygrave, A.C.; Pattison, M., 1973:
Marble spleen disease in pheasants (Phasianus colchicus)

Wyand, D.S.; Jakowski, R.M.; Burke, C.N., 1972:
Marble spleen disease in ring-necked pheasants: histology and ultrastructure

Carlson, H.C.; Pettit, J.R.; Hemsley, R.V.; Mitchell, W.R., 1973:
Marble spleen disease of pheasants in Ontario

Thornton, R.F.; Shaw, F.D.; Hood, R.L., 1974:
Marbling in feedlot cattle

Kauffman, R.G.; Van Ess, M.E.; Long, R.A.; Schaefer, D.M., 1975:
Marbling: its use in predicting beef carcass composition

Best, R., 1972:
March of the concrete jungle

Magoon, M.L., 1972:
March towards self-sufficiency in animal food

Anonymous, 1973:
Mare suckles calf

Biggs, P.M., 1973:
Marek's disease

Dorn, P.; Schindler, P., 1971:
Marek's disease and its control by vaccination

Zanella, A.; Granelli, G., 1974:
Marek's disease control: comparative efficacy of cell-associated and cell-free lyophilized HVT vaccine

Frazier, J.A.; Biggs, P.M., 1972:
Marek's disease herpesvirus particles in tissues from chickens free of precipitating antibodies

Esposito, J.; Lukert, P.D.; Eidson, C.S., 1972:
Marek's disease herpesvirus: growth and detection in vivo and in vitro

Long, P.A.; Kaveh-Yamini, P.; Velicer, L.F., 1975:
Marek's Disease Herpesviruses I. Production and Preliminary Characterization of Marek's Disease Herpesvirus A Antigen

Long, P.A.; Clark, J.L.; Velicer, L.F., 1975:
Marek's Disease Herpesviruses II. Purification and Further Characterization of Marek's Disease Herpesvirus A Antigen

Zander, D.V.; Hill, R.W.; Raymond, R.G.; Balch, R.K.; Mitchell, R.W.; Dunsing, J.W., 1971:
Marek's disease immunization procedures

Samberg, Y., 1973:
Marek's disease in Israel

Cotter, P.F.; Jakowski, R.M.; Fredrickson, T.N.; Schierman, L.W.; McBride, R.A., 1975:
Marek's disease in immunosuppressed chickens: growth of a transplantable lymphoma and development of the disease by natural exposure

Dutton, R.L.; Kenzy, S.G.; Becker, W.A., 1973:
Marek's disease in the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Kilgore, R.L.; Brokken, E.S., 1973:
Marek's disease vaccine: prophylactic efficacy of a lyophilized turkey herpesvirus of chick cell-culture origin

Purchase, H.G., 1974:
Marek's disease virus and the herpesvirus of turkeys

Willemart, J.P., 1972:
Marek's disease. Field trial of three vaccines

Willemart, J.P., 1973 :
Marek's disease. Long term results from three vaccines

Willemart, J.P.; Schricke, E., 1972:
Marek's disease. Occurrence in France of the cutaneous form of the disease in broilers

Coudert, F.; Cauchy, L., 1974:
Marek's disease. Virus production by cultured lymphocytes, and their transformation

Bloom, S.E., 1970:
Marek's disease: chromosome studies of resistant and susceptible strains

Zanella, A.; Granelli, G.; Bettoni, V., 1973:
Marek's disease: experimental and field research on the lyophilized HVT vaccine

Mason, R.J.; Jensen, K.E., 1971:
Marek's disease: resistance of Turkey herpesvirus-infected chicks against lethal JM-V agent

Cauchy, L., 1974:
Marek's disease: virulence of enveloped herpesvirus particles, after isolation and purification

Jones, H., 1973:
Margarine or butter dish

Triggiani, O., 1971:
Margaronia unionalis Hb. (olive Pyralid)

Seuster, H.; Gabr, M., 1973:
Marginal agricultural land and marginal farms from a dynamic point of view

Drews, M., 1974:
Marginal costing as a tool in decision-making in dairy factories

Melen, A., 1974:
Marginal costing of milk production

Patel, A.R., 1974:
Marginal farmers' problems and prospects

Schneeberger, K.C.; West, J.G., 1972:
Marginal farms - a micro development opportunity

Nagaich, B.B.; Giri, B.K., 1971:
Marginal flavescence - A leaf-hopper transmitted disease of potatoes

Anonymous, 1974:
Marginal land: integration or competition?

Foster, B.B., 1972:
Marginal logs and profitability of low investment sawmills

Joergensen, A.; Reenberg, H., 1972:
Marginal products in agricultural production

Norden, D.; Chaibva, N., 1972:
Marginal protein malnutrition in some Rhodesian African school children. Assessment from plasma amino acid imbalance

Nieuwoudt, W.L., 1973:
Marginal rate of substitution between land and fertiliser

Mishra, B.L.; Marothia, D.K., 1974:
Marginal rates of fertilizer substitution for land derived from experimental production functions of wheat for Jabalpur district (Madhya Pradesh)

Palenius, I., 1974 :
Marginal raw materials in pulp manufacture

Chen, J.T.; Baker, C.B., 1974:
Marginal risk constraint linear program for activity analysis

Newberne, P.M.; Young, V.R., 1973:
Marginal vitamin B12 intake during gestation in the rat has long term effects on offspring

Magers, H., 1973:
Marginal yield locations. Definition and criteria and practical investigations and mapping based on those in the Rhineland-Palatinate

Rudra, A.; Bandopadhyaya, B., 1973:
Marginalist explanation for more intense labour input in small farms: empirical verification

Smith, S.R.E., 1974:
Margins from milk

Mishra, M.M.; Neelakantan, S.; Khandelwal, K.C.; Bhardwaj, S.K.; Vyas, S.R., 1975:
Margosa (neem) seed cake as an inhibitor of nitrification

Johansson, J., 1973:
Marguerite, Chrysanthemum frutescens hybrida, as a pot and bedding plant

Gruneberg, J., 1970:
Maribo Extra Poly and Maribo Monova, quality varieties for Austrian sugar-beet production

Hackney, R.W.; Dickerson, O.J., 1975:
Marigold, Castor Bean, and Chrysanthemum as Controls of Meloidogyne incognita and Pratylenchus alleni

Flatlandsmo, K., 1973:
Marine fat fed to young calves. 1. Content and distribution of fatty acids in ingested and excreted fat

Flatlandsmo, K., 1973:
Marine fat fed to young calves. 2. Experiments with re-entrant duodenal fistulated calves

Flatlandsmo, K., 1973:
Marine fat fed to young calves. Deposition in subcutaneous tissue

Flatlandsmo, K., 1972:
Marine fat. Digestibility of its fatty acids in young calves

So, B.K., 1972:
Marine fish haematozoa from Newfoundland waters

Bilqees, F.M.; Khanum, Z., 1971:
Marine fish nematodes of West Pakistan. IV. A new species of the genus Kathlania Lane, 1914

Bilqees, F.M., 1973:
Marine fish trematodes of Pakistan. XIII. Three new species (Allocreadiidae and Hemiuridae), including a new genus Karachitrema gen.n

Bilqees, F.M., 1972:
Marine fish trematodes of W. Pakistan IX. Two new species Plagioporus (Caudotestis) mujibi and Notoporus hystrix (Digenea: Allocreadiidae)

Bilqees, F.M., 1972:
Marine fish trematodes of W. Pakistan. XI. Helicometrina otolithi sp.n. (Allocreadiidae) and Sterrhurus stromatei sp.n. (Hemiuridae) from Otolithus argenteus (C.V.) and Stromateus sinensis (Euph.)

Bilqees, F.M., 1972:
Marine fish trematodes of W. Pakistan. XII. A new genus, Paradiplobulbus including two species, P. isorchis and P. hetrorchis

Bilqees, F.M., 1972 :
Marine fish trematodes of West Pakistan VIII. Description of thirteen new species including a new genus Pseudocoitocaecum from fishes of Karachi coast

Bilqees, F.M., 1971:
Marine fish trematodes of West Pakistan. Part VII. Ectenurus crenidensis n.sp. from Crenidens indicus Day, from the Karachi coast

Schroeder, R.J.; Delli Quadri, C.A.; McIntyre, R.W.; Walker, W.A., 1973:
Marine mammal disease surveillance program in Los Angeles County

Akojima, I.; Suyari, K., 1971:
Marine terrace chronology with the key of the mode of red weathering of the terrace deposits in the Muroto and the Kii Peninsula, Southwestern Japan

Bunting, E.S.; Gunn, R.E., 1972:
Maris Carmine (ARC 1)

Anonymous, 1972:
Maris Leda, broad red clover

Forbes, R.S.; Underwood, G.R.; Sickle, G.A.V.n, 1972:
Maritimes region

Szijarto, L.; Biggs, D.A.; Irvine, D.M.; Stanley, D.W., 1973:
Mark II Pro-Milk Tester for estimation of protein percentage in plant milk supplies

Sonleitner, F.J., 1973:
Mark-recapture estimates of overwintering survival of the Queensland fruit fly, Dacus tryoni, in field cages

Lim, B.L., 1973:
Mark-release and recapture studies of the tick, Dermacentor auratus, in West Malaysia

Anonymous, 1971 :
Marked variety effect with strawberry herbicides

Sadykov, P.T.; Ibragimov, S.I.; Avtonomov, A.A.; Akhmedov, E.A., 1974:
Marker characters in hybrids

Philouze, J., 1974:
Marker genes linked to the male-sterility genes ms32 and ms35 in the tomato (Lycopersicon)

Bertoni, G. : Suttle, N.F., 1973:
Markers for the liquid phase (51CrEDTA) and the solid phase (103Ru complex)

Longuet, D., 1972:
Market analysis of different types of packages used for market milk in the German Federal Republic

Longuet, D., 1974:
Market analysis of packaging of pasteurized and UHT milk in the German Federal Republic in 1973

Longuet, D., 1973:
Market analysis of various types of liquid milk packages in the German Federal Republic in 1972

Pasour, E.C.J.; Danielson, L.E.; Liner, H.L., 1974:
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Marking insects with rubidium; imported cabbageworm marked in the field

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Mashua, Tropaeolum tuberosum R. & P

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Masoten for the control of ectoparasites of fish

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Mass mobilization as a strategy of economic development: the case of Chinese agriculture in Yenan period (1936-45) and post 1949 period

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Mass occurrence of an artificially produced udder condition at a dairy farm

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Mass propagation of conidia from several Aspergillus and Penicillium species

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Mass rearing of Hylemyia brassicae (Anthomyiidae) in the laboratory

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Mass rearing of Parasierola nigrifemur (Ash.), (Hym., Bethylidae). - First releases in Calamuchita, Cordoba, Argentina

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Mass rearing of Plagiohammus spinipennis (Thoms.) (Col.: Cerambycidae) for the biological control of Lantana camara L. (Verbenaceae)

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Mass rearing of radioisotope-tagged larval ticks for ecological investigations

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Mass rearing of rice stem borers

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Mass rearing of the black cutworm Agrotis ipsilon (Hufnagel) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on a meridic diet

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Mass rearing of the carrot weevil, Listronotus oregonensis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), under controlled environmental conditions

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Mass rearing of the green lacewing (Chrysopa carnea Steph.)

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Mass rearing of the rice stem borer, Chilo suppressalis Walker - rearing on rice seedlings

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Mass rearing of the sorghum shoot fly and screening for host plant resistance under greenhouse conditions

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Mass rearing the apple maggot

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Mass recreation endangers recreational forests

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Mass reproduction of Scolytus kirschi on Ulmus pumila var. arborea

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Mass respiratory and intestinal disease of lambs caused by a reovirus

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Mass selection and mating systems in cereals

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Mass selection by specific gravity for oil and protein in groundnut

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Mass selection for low oxidation in sweetpotato

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Mass selection in maize composites by means of selection indices

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Mass selection in the maize variety Veneuela 1. Preliminary results

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Mass selection versus maternal-line selection in Russian wildrye

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Mass sowing of seeds and individual selection frost-resistant forms in introduction

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Mass spectral analysis of some carbanilate herbicides and their aryl hydroxylated metabolites

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Mass spectrometric determination of vitamins D in a mixture

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Mass spectrometric identification of a kaempferol tetraglycoside from Solanum seed

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Mass spectrometric identification of the hepta- and octa-chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in technical pentachlorophenol

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Mass spectrometry of suspected s-triazine herbicide metabolites

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Mass spectrometry of three furanic compounds containing two or three furan nuclei

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Mass sterilization of laboratory-reared Drosophila melanogaster with residues of tepa

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Mass treatment in the control of filariasis

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Mass treatment of filarial diseases

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Mass treatment of filariasis with diethylcarbamazine in endemic areas in Kagoshima Prefecture

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Mass-culturing and utilisation of Chrysopa spp. (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) in the control of insect pests

Anonymous, 1972:
Mass-produced nematodes down mosquitoes

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Mass-spectroscopy of aflatoxins

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Massalongia betulifolia sp. n. (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) described from leaf galls on Betula pendula Roth and B. pubescens Ehrhart

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Massive accumulation of alveolar lattice formations and lamellar bodies in experimental phycomycotic pneumonitis

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Massive and single cell necrosis in the rat liver induced by aflatoxin B1 and sterigmatocystin

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Massive cerebral Aspergillus abscess in a leukemic child. Case report

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Massive liver cell necrosis induced in the pig with carbon tetrachloride

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Massive liver infestation by Ascaris in a lamb

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Massive recovery in maize production

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Mast cell increase in the duodenum and kidney of magnesium-deficient rats

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Mast cell reaction in sheep experimentally infected with Trichocephalus (Trichuris)

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Mast cells and elimination of T. spiralis adults in experimental rats

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Mast cells and gastric secretion in the rat

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Mast cells in cyst-wall of hydatid cyst of Taenia taeniaeformis (Batsch)

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Mast production in scrub Oak

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Mast-cell neoplasms of the domestic cat

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Mastaerozol' for treatment of bovine mastitis

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Mastication, food, and nutrition

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Mates foil with plastic

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Mathematical models of stands

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Mathematical studies on the curve of disease increase - a technique for forecasting epidemic development

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Mathematical study of the mechanics of seedling emergence

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Mavrud 3

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Maxillae of an aphid carry sap transmissible virus

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Maximum effective lumen and pit pore sizes of the earlywood and the latewood of never dried Loblolly Pine sapwood

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Maximum effective vessel diameters of hardwoods

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Maximum vs. minimum tillage effects on barley and wheat in Imperial Valley

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Maximum yield study

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May and September are the most optimum time for fertilizer application to cardamom

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Mayak, Russian wild ryegrass

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Mayonnaise preparation and method of producing it

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Maziwa lala - a fermented milk

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Mazurka, a new spring barley variety

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McFee and Parungao orthogonal lead vectorcardiography in normal dogs

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McIntosh spur types appear very promising

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Meadow types in the People' Republic of Bulgaria

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Meadow-grass (Poa pratensis) for lawns in the arid regions of the USSR

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Meadows of N. Spain

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Meal of banana leaves in the feeding of ruminants

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Meal patterns of women students

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Meal size in nymphs of Locusta migratoria

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Mealybug wilt of pineapple

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Mealybugs on apples and pears

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Mean and top height of Norway Spruce stands in Czechoslovakia

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Mean annual erosion losses of the principal components of grey forest soils in orchards

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Mean precipitation-hours for the conterminous United States

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Meaningful farm management work - a view

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Means for insect regulation: fungi

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Means of control

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Means of controlling the error variance in experiments on semen production of White Leghorn cocks

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Means of creating genetic heterogenicity and some questions of breeding by heterosis in cross-pollinating and self-pollinating plants. I. Effect of balanced heterozygosity on the frequency of chromosome aberrations in rye

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Means of evaluating irrigation projects

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Means of increasing the efficiency of the haploid method of producing homozygous lines in maize

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Means of promoting trade in fats and oils between developing countries

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Means of solving problems in the diagnosis and control of avian leucosis.

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Means to improve field germination and to increase yield of industrial sugar beet and the possibilities of cultivation techniques with reduced hand labour requirement

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Measure of water stress in citrus

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Measured and modelled effects of microclimate modification on evapotranspiration by irrigated crops in a region of strong sensible heat advection

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Measured total factor productivity in United States agriculture

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Measurement and analysis of aggregate marketing margins

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Measurement and comparison of primary production of semi-natural grasslands - Zoysia type

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Measurement and control of dose equivalent to patients undergoing whole-body neutron irradiation for in vivo activation analysis

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Measurement and control of water potential in a soil-plant system

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Measurement and dispatch of industrial stumpwood

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Measurement and evaluation of pod opening force for Vigna sinensis Endl

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Measurement and evaluation of the interactions between paint systems, wood species and climate

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Measurement and prediction of picloram disappearance rates from soil

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Measurement and spectral characteristics of fluorescent pigments in tissues of rats as a function of dietary polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E

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Measurement and treatment of mammary carcinoma in bitches

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Measurement and validation of nonsteady turnover rates with applications to the inulin and glucose systems

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Measurement methods in Finnish forestry

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Measurement of Radiata Pine by Barr and Stroud dendrometer in South Australia

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Measurement of a gradient of oxygen partial pressure across the intact root

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Measurement of a mixture of chlortetracycline and oxytetracycline in skim-milk containing tallow

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Measurement of aeration, respiration rate and oxygen diffusion in soil during the growth of cotton in a rhizotron

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Measurement of and correlations between fever, changes in the packed cell volume and parasitaemia in the evaluation of the susceptibility of cattle to infection with Babesia argentina

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Measurement of atmospheric nitrogen fixation in legume-based pasture turfs using the acetylene reduction assay

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Measurement of available phosphate content of some Spanish soils

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Measurement of available water and root development on an irrigated sugar cane crop in the Ivory Coast

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Measurement of bacterial and fungal contributions to respiration of selected agricultural and forest soils

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Measurement of bark % in sawmill chips

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Measurement of biochemical changes caused by streptococci

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Measurement Of Blood Loss Using (51)Cr In Heavy Infection Cases Of Trichocephalus Trichiurus

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Measurement of boar taint in the fat of pigs by radioimmune assay. Part 1. The development of boar taint in relation to age