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Chapter 136

Metabolic fate and mechanism of action of chloroethylthiamine. II. Movement and fate of chloroethylthiamine along intestinal lumen after oral administration to chick

Shindo, H.; Komai, T.; Nakajima, E.

Journal of Vitaminology 18(1): 48-54


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-5398
PMID: 5035351
Accession: 000135430

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2. The route of arrival of chloroethylthiamin at the caecal site after oral administration to chicks was examined, as the drug is particularly active against Eimeria tenella which is parasitic in the caecal tissue. Macroautoradiography of chick whole gastrointestinal tract and the assay of radioactivity of various parts of the tract periodically after oral administration of 35S-chloroethylthiamin indicated that chloroethylthiamin arrives and accumulates at the caecal site mainly by the passage through the digestive tract, in the highest concentration at about 8 h after administration. When it was administered into a ligated duodenal loop only slight radioactivity was distributed in the caecal tissue. In addition, most of radioactivity given by mouth was excreted into the urine during the first 5 h with the maximum rate between 2 and 4 h, indicating that urinary backflow is not participating in its accumulation in the caeca.

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